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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> good afternoon. board of supervisors.
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my name is iai and i'm with the student council of the city college of san francisco. i would like to thank supervisor mar who introduced the resolution of steve li and president chiu, supervisor mirkarimi and supervisor avalos for co-sponsoring item number 34. as a student who graduated who has -- to be a nurse.
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and by serving back to the community after his graduation as a nurse. so what's the point of being -- going back to peru where his family cannot take care of him anymore and he cannot be together with his family? so i would like to ask that the board of supervisors pass the resolution, item 34, to bring steve li back home with us, with the community, to give him a chance -- if he's successful to be a nurse. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. board of supervisors. my name is -- i am a city
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college student representative. with the vice president of finance. and first of all i want to say thank you to the board of supervisors for giving us a chance to speak up about steve li on behalf of our students. and i want to say that this simply is one of our city college students. and who came here -- and he's a good person, honor student. just as every student in our school. he speaks fluent english and understands about the american culture. he is -- hung out with american friends. we do not see any reason why we say that he's not -- he's not american enough to stay in this country. that's why as a student representative of city college of san francisco, i would like to say on behalf of our students that we will be -- see
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the san francisco board of supervisors pass the resolution item 54. to support and stop deporting him back to peru. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak in support of mr. li. i'm a staff attorney with asian law caucus. i haven't had the opportunity to meet steve in person since he's been detained in arizona. but today, i've heard his loved ones and friends describe a hard-working young man who's dedicating to serving his community. sadly, we've had far too many tough conversations in that very same detention center with young men and women who are able and eager to serve their community. but can't because their country is trying to deport them. we must take action to stop this injustice. understand that as a country we have disagreements about how to
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fix our broken immigration system. but at the same time, as a compassionate nation, we overwhelmingly agree that steve and thousands of young men and women just like him who find themselves at a status through no fault of their own should begin -- have the chance to legalize their status. despite the overwhelming support, after steve was arrested, the senate fell three votes short of passing the dream act. that failure to act has caused painful consequences for steve and thousands of others in our community. we should pass the dream act because it makes sense and we must pass it because it's the right thing to do. it's simply wrong to punish children for acts of their parents. i urge you to pass item 34 and to urge your senators to take action on behalf of steve li and pass the dream act. thank you.
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president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is alan herrera and i'm a student at city college of san francisco. i'm here in support of my friend, steve li. and item 34. i met steve li at george washington high school in my freshman year and we've been a good friend since. on september 15, my friend's house, in their custody since. held by a criminal which he was not. all he has done is come to this country and look for a better life. please support this and help bring my friend back home. time is of the essence as he could be sent back any day now. thank you very much. president chiu: next speaker. >> yeah, hi. i'm from city college. i would like to thank the supervisors who introduced and are supporting this bill. first and most important thing is i would like you to vote to
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pass this bill, item 34. one thing that's really important is here you have steve li. he's a student going into nursing. and then he's -- his house gets raided and gets treated like a criminal. and there's something different between criminals and nursing students. i mean, there's kind of like a problem here. the other thing is with the dream act, if -- if a youth comes in, and they're less than 16 years old, then, you know, they shouldn't really be punished, you know, for what their parents do. any parent would want the best for their son. but if the parent doesn't know or the less than 16-year-old kid doesn't know how to address their legal status, the clock's ticking. time runs out. i don't think that the student or the -- whatever should be at fault. one thing that i think is really important is when you have a difference between
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regular american citizens, just because you're born here, you're a citizen, versus someone who's really making a difference. you know, nursing, saving lives, saving everybody's life. students' lives. your life, anyone's life here could be saved by a nurse. that could be steve li. in "the merchant of venice" with shakespeare, he was jewish and there was a christian town. and he said, if you pick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? basically steve li, citizens, people are people. what's important here is what he stood for, which is being a nurse, being a good student, doing the right thing. i understand that -- thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is adriana gitar.
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third-year student at san francisco university and i'm here to talk about steve. he's my friend. i met him over the summer. for summer science institute program, sft -- san francisco, students who are interested in becoming medical students or nursing, for underserved population. that's where i met steve. and so i just want to let you guys know that steve is like a normal person. and i don't really think that papers should define a person as legal or illegal alien or all these words. and he was -- he's interested in prenursing as well. him and i went to meet with a person from a nursing school. and he's a really down to earth person and we should consider him as a person, he is, his
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personality, and just as a human being other than it's just another person. and we should also consider the dream act. it gives an opportunity to students to pursue a higher education. and that's all i need to say. so thank you for listening. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is lisa. i'm a community advocate at the asian law caucus and i work directly with asian pacific islander and undocumented -- documented youth students. he want to give a reference about the dream act. 65,000 undocumented students graduate from a u.s. high school every year. these students are our brothers and sisters. they are honor students. they are involved in their local church. they play basketball, football, they do everything that is american. and they are our friends. and more importantly, they are human beings. it would be an injustice to separate these students from their families. we recognize that it's not sustainable for senators to
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sponsor a private bill every single time a dream act eligible student is in deportation proceedings. and that's why the resolution is broadly supported, about -- it's time for us to pass the dream act. the dream act is a broadly supported bill that has failed every year for the past 10 years. every year dreams have been shattered because congress has failed to act on these. our communities are suffering. and we need a solution to our outdated and broken immigration system. and so i urge you to not only pass item 34 but also urge congress to support the dream act in the lame duck session. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. peter warfield, library users association. the library preservation fund which was radically altered by proposition d in 2007 is becoming the library
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destruction fund. or the library construction gravy train fund. the change in 2007 allowed the library's guaranteed funding to be used for construction and bond repayment. instead of just for the operation of libraries. so what has happened? it's not good for patrons or users of the library and service to them. since 2007, relatively recently, the ortega branch was torn down. and instead of being renovated and expanded as planned in 2000, and as was -- for seven years, it was torn down and a new building built at triple the cost. park branch was supposed to be a $1.6 million renovation.
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the smallest of the lot. all of a sudden within the last two years, the library almost doubled that budget adding $1.38 m-to-$1.6 -- adding $1.3 million to nearly double and no money for interim services for $30 knew for a year. north beach, that branch is planned for demolition. and to be replaced by a new building, even though in 2000, a renovation with expansion was considered perfectly adequate and it was considered so for seven years. that new building will also cost triple. all of the retainment for those bond moneys will come out of the library's prop d -- library preservation fund moneys and will hurt for money for books for decades to come. thank you. president chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public
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comment is closed. i understand supervisor dufty wanted to be re-referred for roll call. supervisor dufty: thank you, i wanted to submit a in memoriam. our school superintendent carlos garcia's mother norma garcia passed away just a few days ago. and i understand that she was living in mexico and so i would make a request that the board submit an in memoriam for norma garcia. president chiu: if we could k do that, without objection -- if we could do that, -- if we could do that, without objection from the entire board. supervisor dufty: talked about chief fagan and others who were close and impactful in terms of their in memoriam. but i wanted to take a moment because during our agenda, we didn't have an opportunity to talk about bob patterson who was under consideration to be a member of the small business commission. and i want to state that i've known bob for eight years.
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and i think that he is an individual of sterling character and integrity. he's someone who has done a great deal in our city from -- his work at sky vodka, stars restaurant, and leadership capacities. and then with young's market. and he's someone who loves the city from his beginnings as a bicycle messenger in this town and i simply want to say to bob and to his wife that i am very fortunate to have had their friendship over many years in city government. that i think that he is an incredible individual of deep commitment to this city, deep talent to offer this city and i respect his decision to resign. but i would have been proud to vote to support him, to continue as a commissioner. thank you. president chiu: thank you. colleagues, if we can now move to the adoption without committee reference calendar, items 34 and 35.
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>> these timets will be acted upon by a single roll call vote f a member requests a discussion of an item it will be called separately and the matter considered. president chiu: would anyone like to sever any items, supervisor mar? >> item 34. president chiu: any other items, colleagues? we'll take a roll call vote on item 35, please. actually, with regard to item 35, supervisor avalos, do you have a motion, an amendment, to item 35? supervisor avalos: i'm sorry. thank you for reminding me. president chiu: why don't we take these two items in order starting with item 34. >> item 34 is a resolution denouncing the deportation of shing ma "steve" li a dream act student at the college of san francisco and to grant him deferred action stat us and urge congress to pass the dream act. president chiu: supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you. president chiu and thanks to my colleagues who are co-authors of this and also including
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supervisor bevan dufty who is a co-author now. i want to acknowledge the student organizing at city college and within san francisco state university, and at ucla and many campuses around the country to raise the issue of supporting steve li and stopping his deportation and acknowledging also the campus community connections that are being built with organizations like the asian law caucus and chinese for affirmative action and many other organizations that are building a movement for immigrant rights. not just to free steve li but also for comprehensive, humane immigration reform. and also to pass the dream act that -- at the congressional level to allow a pathway to citizenship for many, many immigrants in this country but also allow a pathway to serving the community that steve li represents as well. we rallied at city college on friday on the 50th day of steve's incarceration or detention. and many of the students, faculty and staff that spoke out were -- very moving,
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including an undocumented student that had graduated from u.c. berkeley. steve li is the perfect example of a so-called illegal alien and i think we should be doing away with the i word and calling them with a more humane term of undocumented immigrants. and i think that that is a debate going on within the media. i think his case serves as one that shows chinese and asian and pacific islanders are also victims of the effort to deport people in this country and my -- i applaud the efforts of the students here in working in the community and on the campuses to free steve li but also to raise the broader issues of immigrant rights and humane treatment of people. so colleagues, i urge you to support the resolution that urges senators feinstein and boxer to take legislative action to help with steve li's -- to stop his deportation. thank you.
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president chiu: colleagues, there's no further discussion, could we take a roll call on this item. >> item 34, supervisor campos, aye, president chiu, aye, supervisor chu, aye, supervisor daly, aye, supervisor dufty, aye, supervisor sbrerned, aye, supervisor mar, aye. supervisor maxwell, aye, supervisor mirkarimi, aye, supervisor alioto-pier, aye, supervisor avalos, aye. there are 11 ayes. president chiu: this resolution is a i adopted. we can now -- if we can move to item 35. >> item 35 is a motion establishing the 2011 board of supervisors regular meeting called by canceling the bored meetings of january 18, february 22, may 31, july 5, october 11, and november 29,
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and by further canceling all board and committee meetings during the summer and winter breaks from august 10 through september 2, 2011 and december 14, through december 30, 2011. president chiu: i understand supervisor avalos you have an amendment. >> yes, i do. president chiu. i do appreciate you're reminding me about the amendment. it's a very important one for i believe supervisors who have children in public schools. i'm open to be able to coincide part of our break in august with a portion of the summer recess for the students in public school here in san francisco. and so my amendment would begin on lines 19 -- actually, 18, on page one. it's adding the line "and whereas the board is con strande by certain administrative deadlines in relation to the passing of the 2011-12 budget and may decide to meet on august 9 solely to
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consider an override vote should the mayor veto the annual budget." so that would be the line i would put in. so we would have a meeting only if there is a mayor veto on the budget. it would be a meeting to solely work on overriding that veto or attempting to override that veto. and last line of the motion, as well, line four, on page two, would further move that in the event of the mayoral veto of the 2011-12 budget the board will conduct a meeting on august 9. this was a bit of a difficulty for me. the current -- the last year, when we were in august, this year, i'm sorry, i had to take -- i was told that we were actually to not have a meeting on august, that first week of august, it turns out we did have a week in august and i had to take a week of absence so i could spend a week with my kids before they started school. i want to make sure we don't
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have that happen again and if we could have your support on that, that would be great, colleagues. president chiu: i understand there's a comment from our deputy city attorney on the amendment. >> deputy city attorney andrew shen through the president. supervisor avalos, i believe that it may not be appropriate for any amendment of this particular resolution to bind what a future board may consider at a future meeting. which i believe to be at least the first part of your amendment. >> well, this is language that we got from the city attorney's office. so could you -- could i show it to you? and -- >> i may have misheard it. if i could quickly look at the language.