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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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international affairs tied to africa, which is a vital point of connecting with this part of the world. dealing with homelessness, as i served as a board member, i know -- she knows how to deal with first class, second class, and no class, which is of vital point of our economy today. we need to support mrs. richardson right away because with the recent election across the nation, that will affect san francisco, we need to move forward as a city for individuals that know how to work on the state, federal, and the local and international levels.
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this will be very critical to fund the the city -- to fund the city and county of san francisco. it is not what you know. it is who you know. "can you pick the phone up and call and be there? thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> mr. chairman, rules committee members, i am a senior pastor in bayview hunters point. i am representing the tabernacle community development group. i am also representing african- americans. there are ministers in bay view -- bayview.
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i am representing today linda richardson and larry del carlo and joe mazzola. these are outstanding personalities. if you notice the people who spoke in reference to linda -- this city is known for its diversity. it is concerned about -- i think that gradualism won't work. these people are qualified. we have no time to waste. we finished a very divisive election in the country. it is time now to move forward. i believe this committee has the ability to do that. i urge you to move forward quickly. ms. richardson stepped up. we dealt with the toxic waste
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situation out there. there were various diseases from the toxic waste. she was a champion in pushing that forward. a variety of things were negative for the community. now we have one of the greatest developments there. linda richardson was part of that. thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is john. i am with the electrical workers local 6. i don't think anyone should be held up. one comment was made about the transition in the mayor's office. if that is the only thing you will say to hold them up on, that is no good. the mayor's office a short they will have a seat for a resident
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of the island. i think that can be dealt with in the full board if it is an issue. lastly, i want to state my support of larry mazzola jr. he brings a skill sets that is not duplicated with the other candidates. comments were made about local hire and those discussions going forward. part of that conversation has to be bought affordable housing stock for working families. you have a spot where you can address that in large numbers. moving forward, that need to be done. working families need someone who will push for them. larry mazzola will be one of those people. his experience working with people from the mission housing corporation, they will be able to help him formulate that argument and move this thing forward.
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i say, move all of these people forward. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is kevin. i am assistant business manager with electrical local 6. i just want to say that i believe with the current list of nominees, there is absolutely everything covered, as far as height, bulk, open space, inclusion rehousing, there are certainly areas of expertise within every candidate that is in front of you today. i nolan richardson. my experience with her has been on the civil service commission. i have known her to be very fair and consistent over the years. i would like to draw your attention to one thing that has yet to be raised, to my
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knowledge. as far as infrastructure on ti, i know as a representative of city employees that the grid is woefully under-sized. the grid -- i know the waste water facilities are out there. there is one tiny sewer plant. this is not an attractive topic. how to get water on and off? open space, a unit counts, unit make up, and larry mazzola jr. is situated on the plumbing side. he has experience as it relates to utilities and infrastructure. i think that is what larry mazzola jr. brings to fully round out the list of candidates. thank you for your time. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good morning. my name is al williams. i am here as a citizen and the president of the san francisco african-american historical and cultural society. i would like to make two brief points. one is that a number of people have referenced the time this process has taken. i would encourage you to move these nominations for work. you have an excellent group here. a number of people have mentioned the time. my good friend in the back stall and i were pointed to the citizens committee on the shipyard by the mayor back in 1988. these things have been going on for 20 years. the second thing i would like to say is i came in initially to speak in support of linda richardson. i certainly do that. she is a wonderful candidate. i discovered when i walked in the room that there are other
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people who are excellent candidates. people not only represent technical diversity, but also ethnic diversity and gender diversity from all of the communities. you have an excellent pool. a final note i would suggest is a number of years ago, someone used the analogy of breakfast to talk about differences between involvement and commitment. the thing about breakfast, the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed. what i think you have here today is you have a number of people who are committed. all of these people are truly committed. they have been at this for a long time and they deserve your support. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm a president of the janitors
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local 87 here in san francisco. i am the secretary treasurer of the labor council. i am here to speak on behalf of larry mazzola and larry del carlo. one of the greatest things about our city is treasure island. our kids are always thinking about peter pan. the new projects will be developed. the community will be changing. my mom as a community organizer in los angeles and that is my background. i agree with the other brother who spoke this morning. there has always been a community there. he is right. with the diversity of the new commissioners that have been proposed, and the perspectives of larry mazzola and larry del carlo, they will bring a different tone to the conversations about how our treasure island will be developed and how important it is. for linda richardson, i have not
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matter until this morning, but i would probably vote for her, given this region given the wonderful references. i am here -- given the wonderful references. i am here to urge your support to approve your support for larry del carlo and larry mazzola. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you. i am here to speak in support of mr. mazzola and del carlo. it is really simple. larry mazzola has been working with the community. he is good friends with everybody. in my opinion, he will be one of the best candidates for this particular thing. mr. del carlo, i have known him
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for a long time. both of them together have quite a bit of experience. we talk about community. you know? they know about community. we are involved in so much community. that is about all i have to say. i support them. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next speaker? if there is any other member of the public who has not spoken, please come forward. >> commissioners, i am the director of anthropology. i was an original member of the treasure wrote island advisor committee, serving from 1991 until 1994. i had the pleasure of suing the navy back in 1995 for cleanup.
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i have had a long time with this process. we funded people working on the project from the very beginning and i am glad to see it moving forward. i am not here to speak on any individual. he. i respect all of them who have been nominated. i am rising to express a general concern about the process, this process, and redevelopment commissions, generally speaking. these commissions wield tremendous power. there is a lack of meaningful competency criteria for selection. these appointments can transcend the administration's that. them. you have no meaningful criteria for judging performance. they are more often popularity parties than they are real performance reviews. with no disrespect to any city
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commissioner or the commissioners themselves, they shield project from accountability. the shield elected officials from the responsibility and accountability that are rightfully theirs. we need policy discussions in the city about the status of the commission, about the purpose of the commission, and about the commissioners themselves. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon. my name is ruth. i have no comments on the individuals before you. as a group, they possess many of the qualifications spelled out in the treasure island development authority board bylaws. that is fantastic. i'm looking toward the future and how we can put together a process where we can select the board as a team that possesses all the qualifications we need
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for a project of this magnitude. the bylaws try to also say -- and other disciplines relevant to the reuse of the base. one thing that gets forgotten is the board has two recent to be. one is to serve as the redevelopment agency under california law. the second one is to serve as the trustee under the trust act. we keep forgetting about the need to have people serve on the board to understand and respect the public trust doctrine, and who are committed to working closely with the commission on the development of this project. that is one thing i see as missing. sustainability. one of the former members of the board had a broad view of the entire range of what constitutes sustainability, including water management, waste water, sewage, as well as climate protection, not just
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energy and those kinds of things. also, we forget the major asset are naturally occurring ecosystems. it would be great to have someone who knows something about ecological restoration. transportation can make or break the project. we need people who know about what to transit -- water transit and the aspects we will have to address. parking policy is a big one. there are other things i would like to see in the future. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. is there any other member of the public would like to speak? public comment is closed. i have a question. just a quick question about the
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appointment of an island resident. my understanding is there has been a request for input or applications from the island. is there a vacancy right now that appointment would go to? my understanding is there is no vacancy. >> correct. there is the understanding that the incumbent would vacate that seat. all of the positions to serve at the pleasure of the mayor. they are term, but they serve at the pleasure of the mayor. supervisor campos: even though there is no vacancy, the commitment from the mayor's office is that you would -- >> we would create a vacancy. supervisor campos: has there been reconsideration to appointing the resident already serving on that seek right now? >> certainly, mr. stevens can apply for that seat and would be considered. he has good experience sitting
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on the title board of these past years. supervisor campos: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: linda richardson is a new appointment. which seat as she replacing? what board member is she replacing? >> i cannot remember. she is a city official as defined in the bylaws. she sat on hrc. she is officially sitting on the board. her appointment took effect immediately. she resigned from hrc. she is a title board member, similar to the other incumbents. that same process -- she would follow the same process as the incumbent title board members. supervisor mar: she would
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continue to serve unless rejected. >> correct. supervisor campos: thank you to the members of the public who have spoken and to all of the applicants for being here. colleagues, we're going to figure out how we should proceed. let me say that, from my perspective, i do wish that this had been done differently, that the mayor's office had, in fact, submitted an entire package that included a resident of the island. i will be honest with you. if we were talking about a major project in my neighborhood, where i live, and there was a body of this type that was providing governments and oversight of that project, and a resident was not to be included on that body, i think there
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would be a lot of problems. i would feel this respected as a resident by that. i don't think that it is enough that, after the fact, after these names have come forward, that somehow they are going to go back and ask for residents to think about being on the body. i don't think that is how we should work. i am disappointed by that. that said, i have to say that i do think that each one of the people that has been nominated brings something unique and something that is very useful. i respect and appreciate the importance of maintaining some continuity. the question for me is, what does that mean in terms of moving forward? we have a request. the supervisor that represents that district said that all nominations should be rejected because of the absence of a resident representation.
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that is the choice we have before us. supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. i just want to say that i think the mayor's office probably could not be more public in the way they have committed to putting a resident on treasure island. doug's position as one that the mayor can move around that will -- at will. it is the position that the mayor can move around. it is a commitment that he is made to us in committee and it is a commitment that has been made outside of committee over the last few weeks. it has been an open seat that people can apply for from treasure island residents. i think we should say publicly that if you are a resident of
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treasure island and you are interested in serving, you should apply for this position. it will be open. the applications will be accepted through november 15. i do think that -- i don't think there is question as to whether or not we will have a resident on the committee. because of that commitment and because of that commitment, i think we should be moving forward with the nominations that have been presented to us and the real appointments -- reappointments. i agree with what the speakers have said. this seems to be a very strong -- it is a very strong group of people that encompasses a lot of different parts of our community and a lot of the different needs. i think the appointment of larry mazzola jr. and larry del carlo are significant and needed.
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i think they will be great appointments to the treasure island development authority. i am ready to make a motion that would be to move forward items 6 -- i'm sorry -- items 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, tabling items 6, 8, 10, and 12. essentially, what that does is it would move forward the appointments of claudine cheng, john elberling, linda richardson, jean-paul samaha, larry del carlo, and larry mazzola jr. supervisor mar: thank you.
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i share some of the concern about the process. if we are talking about a team appointed to the tida authority, it is significant, the redevelopment commission and tida are really critical for the people that live on the island than the new residents that will come. people talk about 18. we need to include a resident on that team. that is critical. the point made that this should be a process of performance reviews, authority board members, not a popularity contest, i totally agree with that. tida is critical for the future of district 6 and for the future of san francisco in terms of jobs, housing, and opportunities. i think the proposal made by
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the mayor's office, the appointees are a diverse group with deep experience in different areas. there is some experience in equity community the element, which is important to me, that balances local hiring with the needs of labor unions. there is tremendous diversity with asian-pacific islanders, latino, african-american, and labour representation with the team proposed to us. i appreciate that. i think the mayor's office has assured us that residents will be appointed as quickly as possible after november 15. i am taking that commitment from their word that it will happen as soon as humanly possible. i wanted to say that some of the applicants i know personally and have had tremendous experience, decades of experience, in communities of color. i give props and respect to community organizing from the
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district larry del carlo represents. there has been a shake up in housing of the last few years. i close friends -- the agency has turned more toward a developer of housing for more middle-class people and away from one that looks out for the interest of renters in low and -- low-income and immigrant communities. mr. del carlo has lots of experience in the school district and would bring tremendous experience on to the board. for mr. mazzola jr., i think labor should choose from among their leadership for bodies like tida or other entities, and we should look carefully at their experiences. mr. mazzola is a good fit for this body with his experience in job creation and negotiating contracts and other efforts,
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especially labor agreements. i think he is a good fit. i will be supportive of him here. with that said, and again, with acknowledgments that this team proposed with the treasure island resident, i think it is a good body of people that will bring treasure island's project forward in a quick way so that we are proud of the development there, that is equitable, and keeps in mind the people that live there. one person mentioned nostalgic connection to treasure island. my connection to treasure island is not a nostalgic, the like the history. it is about the people that live there today and struggle to survive. a lot of them are very low- income people and and this need. my connection is one of my daughter's best friends live there -- lives there. there's often not safe areas for kids to play in. my connection is about the
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everyday life of people there. as the development moves forward, i hope it is equitable and the people who live there are respected. for the board members proposed today, i hope you think about how the bill moves forward not just for economic need for the city, but for the residents who currently live there. i will support supervisor ali oto-pier's motion. supervisor campos: thank you for your comment. if i could just say about the applicants, and number of comments have been made about very diverse nature of these appointments or nominations, and a lot of good things about each one of them. commissioner cheng, we recommended reappointment very recently. i think that was a wise decision.
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p&g has done a good job. -- she has done a good job. john elberling and jean-paul samaha have done a good job. the experience they bring is important. i think it is important for us to have that continuity with respect to -- continuity. with respect to lend the richardson, we have heard a lot of a positive thing she brings. we may not always agree on every issue, but i respect where she is coming from, and i think she will do a good job in terms of the least representing the interests of overall, even if we may not agree on some issues. with respect to the two nominees, larry del carlo and larry mazzola jr., i think it is
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important to have labour representation. i am open to supporting mr. mazzola. mr. del carlo, his involvement and experience is something the project could benefit from. i don't have a problem moving these items for. the question that i have this the context or the form it takes. we do have a recommendation from the supervisor from the district that is a and asking -- that is asking to reject. i am not prepared to reject today. i think the board should take them and act on them quickly. i am prepared to do that. i am wondering, out of deference to the supervisor, if we could not just move the items forward with high recommendation that this point?


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