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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 5:00am-5:30am PST

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of 2009 -- 2010, excuse me. 2009, excuse me. in the process of creating the perfect studio space, we began our application for building permits in september. we hired an architect to complete these for us. they were passed through the building department and passed through the planning counter. we were given the permit on january 22. we started construction the next day. we did not realize a conditional use permit was required. our landlord, ourselves, our architects and contractors believe that we were operating through the proper channels for owning and operating our business. it was never our intention to open a business under false
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pretenses. we apologize for any convenience or controversy and we are requesting permission from the planning department and the commission for the conditional use permit required. as mentioned, the 15 businesses that are considered personal services, there is only one that is another exercise studio and they offer personal training only. we feel that our business complies with the general stance of the city, and more specifically, in the nine months we have been operating we have a part-time staff and over 60 clients a day that enhances the foot traffic for other merchants. we would like to continue to provide our clients with the
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community they helped create and to fulfill the mission that we need to. commissioner miguel: is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioner borden: i have seen this establishment and i appreciate you explain the discrepancy and the permit issued. it is nice to understand what happened. this is improvement as far as neighborhood serving. you're going from an architect office, so it is a much better benefits for the overall community. i don't think as many people visit architects and bailey. dodge they come every day. -- >> they come every day. commissioner antonini: i'm also supportive. i did it once, and i can tell
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you if it is pretty nice. >> the motion before you, commissioners, is for approval. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner miguel: aye. >> that motion passes unanimously. you are now on item number 15. 2016 chestnut street. >> i will make this very brief since we are running -- the request is for a conditional use to establish formula retail for t-mobile. the project is consistent with sections of the code and we are
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not aware of any opposition. i am available for questions. commissioner miguel: project sponsor? >> i am representing t-mobile here. i have a couple co -sponsors that will speak briefly. we did have an extended presentation, but we will have to shorten things up. the space has been vacant for quite some time on chestnut street. through this process, we have worked with the community to adjust our plans to try to make it as accommodating to the community as possible. these things include finishes in the store. we even adjust to the entire floor plan to open up more to
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the street. as part of the process, we have tried to work hand in hand with the city and the community to try to build space here in the future that will fit in well with the neighborhood and be a good neighbor and partner. i have artists here, a local manager who will quickly describe why he has been with us for many years. if he will talk about why it is a great place to work. >> and the marketing manager here in denver and scope. i am a 19-year resident for the city of san francisco. first and foremost, we will be creating jobs.
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our rates are significantly higher than the minimum wage, and we also pay about 30% in edition for commission. we provide full health benefit even for part-time employees, we do this around the country as well. as well as to mission -- tuition reimbursement, there are several benefits we provide. we employ about 180 employees in san francisco threw out the stores that we have. about 95% of all of the employees have been promoted from within. many have been managers for the first time so it is a great opportunity. we are able to promote a lot of people from within. we were named by fortune magazine one of the top 100 places to work and we have received awards for being one of
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the most diverse companies. i think the store will be beneficial because we have about 10,000 customers in the surrounding area. it will be exciting to have a store where they will not have to leave the community to get the service that they need. we have worked with city sponsors and we do a lot of volunteering time and money. in addition to that, we are a very green company. we had one of the very first recyclable phones. we recycle phones in our store and we have been doing it for a long time. we also have applications to reduce our carbon footprint.
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we can definitely provide that benefit. overall, i am excited about the opportunity and i think it will be a great positive impact. it will continue to add value to this great city. i would like to introduce paul to talk about something else. >> i will try to be very brief. we presented you with a book and i have extras here to look at. as you heard, 83% of employees are san francisco residents. we are here because this is formula retail and you have to make a conditional use findings and the staff has done a very good job. we apologize, we missed the deadline because of the holiday
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last week. in any case, you make the finding that is necessary and desirable for the community. in this case, you have a storefront that has been vacant and will now have the vitality of a new store. the store was redesigned and open so that it has a living room type field with seats in the front end tables, and oak floor. we feel it will be very compatible in keeping the neighborhood commercial district. it is not detrimental to the safety and welfare of the committee. in this case, it will have no additional impact. they expect many customers to be walking in from the neighborhood and there are other facilities to get to the store. it will have no more impact than the prior stores that have been there. your staff has done a very good
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job at what the other there is only 16% of penetration so there will not be any overconcentration. as a telecommunications provider, they are not going to displace any other business that would provide t mobil customer -- t-mobile customer service. this will be important for the economy and they want to be negatively affecting the stores, they will be serving both neighbors as well as san francisco residents. also make a general plan findings, i want to go into that to spare time. obviously, it will bring economic vitality. they will be presenting an
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emerging technologies to the community. i want to quickly go through the books, this will just take a moment. the landlord has gone forward and replaced those files that have fallen off. in 1927, he tried to recreate the existing store front as it is today. we have plans that show a living room type feel will be in the store mostly because president comments have concluded pictures will have an availability for other entrepreneurs. there are 20 merchants that have signed on that would like to have the store fronts filled. we have a number of letters from residents. we are very proud of our participation with the city and we include a certificate signed by the supervisor regarding the hubble program for the whitney
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young child development center. the letter came in today from the child development center saying that they support a store in any neighborhood because of the contributions to the community. i would like to submit that. we had a 11 residents ready to come testify, but the earlier presentations were interesting enough. they should have stuck around for the property manager, that was phenomenal. we will submit a little petition along with that. that essentially is our presentation. we want to be a good corporate and community partner. we encourage you to approve this store and we will take any questions you might have. commissioner miguel: i have
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affirmative cards here. i will call the names because they have been submitted, and i have one in opposition. there'll be a maximum of two minutes. you do not have to speak if you are in support. you can stand up and say so. [reads names] >> think you guys for hearing me out. i am a resident of san francisco, and a lot of the fun
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little areas to kind of hang out. i am also a customer and it would be great to get that support. a lot of times i wanted to speak to someone in person and bring some issues to light whether it is the bill or something wrong with my phone and i think it will support the community. i hope you guys are urged to support it. >> i am here to speak in support of the team will store -- t- mobile store. i live here and work here. i graduated from uc-davis, and like many people my age, we need ourself loans. we need somebody write their fixing it and we don't want to deal with someone on the support line. we want someone in person to
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take care of our issues. it took me about five months to find a new job, so i will support any business that creates new jobs. >> i live -- i frequent the neighborhood for entertainment activities. i used to work for an insurance company that is still in business, but not that particular shop. we didn't have an of foot traffic because of a lack of retail abroad. we are looking at a store front that has been empty. if i have a location, it will
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bring people to the marina and bring water business -- walkthrough immigrants. they will be hiring various people, bringing tax income to the city. it has been said even by the head of the marina district residents association, he asked -- or they have been very cooperative to maintain the standards, and we see no reason why they can't move forward with this project. i would urge that the commission approve this project. i do like rock-and-roll. commissioner miguel: there was one card signed "resident" in
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opposition. >> i have been before this commission before. i have a lot of heavy lifting to do, so i will talk really fast. you have my pictures. i will put the first one up. i request that this conditional use permit be denied. t-mobile, a subsidiary of the german multinational with no ties to the community has already demonstrated its indifference to our needs. they are now advertising on npr and are racing against time.
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san francisco has asserted its rights toward the industry by requiring it to follow the law already on the books. bypassing the landmark decision, this is especially helpful to parents. they are fighting back by selling our city. they are actively repressing efforts across the globe, not just here in san francisco to push for protection of the environment and for protection of our most vulnerable citizenry, namely children. these countries are racing the clock rather than seeking middle ground with the community. soft targets like rental units and children are their first priority. it is a familiar story. this current proposal encapsulates the cynical strategy. we have antennas on the roof and
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a store that is all about kids located across the street, and does away from a bus stop the densely populated with children -- [chime] commissioner miguel: thank you. >> there are other pictures. commissioner miguel: thank you. are there additional -- >> i was offered two minutes. thank you. >> i was born and raised in san francisco and the moscow t- formermobile -- and also a former t-mobile employee. people that lived and worked in the marina district, we would have to send them further away. having worked home in san francisco, we have a lot of customers that requested a store
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that is closer to them. we get a lot of requests. have to improve reception, and these are requests we are getting every single day. that is something that they try to accommodate. in respect to how -- the running program that every year, i believe, we would get together and other employees within a certain district. we go to school, repaint, help the kids, and create a program where we donate our time as employees and be able to help the local community. i believe that they are responsible citizen in the community. i believe that they are a great place to work and they provide a lot of benefits for the city.
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>> my name is james bishop, i'm a san francisco native. i think it is a good idea, it would be a destination location and would bring traffic to the area. on top of that, it will not topple any current businesses. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> i am a lifetime resident of san francisco, and i am in favor of this store as well. this being an area for both shopping and eating, i think it would be a great addition that would not only bring traffic into the neighborhood and support the businesses around, but i don't think that having a vacant space is representative of the nature of the neighborhood and i would like to
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see it filled and i like to add, it is not across the street from a school. i completely support this coming into the neighborhood and helping the community. commissioner miguel: is there additional public comment? >> last january, i was laid off from the drought and unfortunately, i did not have a -- i had a 401k i had to cash out. i spent 1/3 of it to cash it out. over 100 resumes i sent out, i got one interview with t- mobile. i have been a resident since 2005, and i like having adequate
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in your coverage. having in your coverage, and no part of my monthly bill echoes to paying -- goes to paying 911 fees. i am committed to people's health, being able to make 9911 calls. commissioner miguel: is there additional public comment? public comment is closed. commissioner borden: this is my neighborhood. i am familiar with the storefront. it was a tragedy to lose the storefront. i want to thank them for the outreach they have done. there was originally some concern and skepticism about the
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project and you were able to get the merchant association, and get a lot of them to sign on. the fact that you have 10,000 customers in the neighborhood is compelling for demonstrating the need. i wish it was a sprint store. i moved to improve with conditions. -- move to approve with conditions. >> the motion before you is for a approval. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner miguel: aye. >> it passes unanimously. you are now on item number 17.
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the streetscape plan. >> the evening, commissioners. we came here before you one month ago to display the final draft document of the plan. as you might remember, it is a comprehensive strategy so that it provides public space. [unintelligible] these workshops were instrumental in the creation of a plan for the project design.
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what you might remember after some of them last month, the plan has undergone ceqa review. many of the projects are moving forward since the funding that has been secured. today, we're here to request the following actions. to start initiation of the amendment of the plan of the general plan. this proposed amendment would incorporate the plan in the general plan and states that the new improvements in the plan area should follow recommendations [unintelligible] the proposal -- the proposed hearing of january 20, 2011.
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future actions has the commission to consider the following actions. the adoption of ceqa findings. the adoption of resuolution amendment policy. that's all. commissioner miguel: thank you. is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioner moore: we have reviewed this in great depth with great presentation. i am supportive. >> that is a motion. thank you. on the motion for approval.
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the adoption of initiation of this plan. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. before you -- is staff planning on doing any additional outreach work? >> we've done several workshops. >> we have additional work -- the process, we had five workshops. the process is being closed because we're in the final draft document. we've undergone ceqa review. it's basically coming back for
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options. >> thank you. commissioner miguel: aye. >> that motion passes unanimously. commissioners, you are ready to start item number 19. staff, do you want 19 -- it has to be separate. the case, executive park are a plan and informational hearing. >> commissioners, today you're having your public hearing on the e