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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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of supervisors simply acknowledging that hpc will be considering this measure as they are required to do. we do not require their approval prior to moving this out, but we do feel that the most appropriate thing would be to recommend and reflect this legislation once these amendments are adopted. supervisor chu: to the city attorney, these are non- substantive in nature? >> correct. supervisor chu: let's take up these items after public comment. are there any other members speaking in terms of preservation? >> i think they are fine. supervisor chu: let's open this item for public comment. are there members of the public that wish to speak? i have a few cards here. [reads names]
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>> hello, super rite -- supervisors. as the supervisor pointed out, for the last five years the neighborhood association has been working hard to complete the survey work on the neighborhood. on march 17 of this year the same company that oversaw the opening of the city hall palace of fine arts and capital building, they did our survey and it was unanimously adopted by the hpc on march 17. we are very pleased about that. by and reference to the supervisors changes in the amendment, we are still very concerned as this is a citywide issue that will create a precedent for banners and no
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matter what kind they are on historic lampposts. yet more than anything we are very concerned that you are considering this issue today without it being considered by the hpc first. what we would ask you to do is not to pass it on to the full board yet and let the hpc have their say. it is just two days away. i do not understand the rush. in reference to the compromise, after word perhaps we can sit down. but for reference we would but not want to have any permanent banners first off. but if there was any compromise the final statement of survey goes to octavia n. sanchez.
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requiring the director to take down any abandoned and illegal sign image. considering they have not been doing it for the last 10 years. in addition to that, until recently they had changed the definition. can i finish my sentence? supervisor chu: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> speaking personally as a resident of the boy and a vis the park neighborhood, the castro is my neighborhood for shopping and dining. i am familiar with the banners on the light poles in the area. i very strongly support putting them on the path of gold fixtures as well all along market street. i know that a number of people
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wonder why they are not there and if the supervisors proposed legislation addresses that and makes it possible, i see no problem with the precedents being set. this is a specific bank in a specific neighborhood and of others wish to come forward, it will provide good groundwork for that. i urge you to consider the legislation to clear the obstacles that have made this a leftover, tattered banner situation. personally i know from work that i've done that new banners can be properly, safely, and appropriately installed with full respect to the historic resources involved. thank you. >> good morning. i am an architect and a longtime neighborhood activist in the upper market. i actually designed harvey milk plaza years ago. i was on the competition board
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that decided on the center. i was also on the mayors of by azeri committee which insisted that the city extend the path of gold market site into the castro district. at the time we felt strongly that market street is a citywide resource. the path of gold was a historic resources. in my opinion this legislation is an attempt to get around proposition j, passed by the majority of voters, as it takes away the decision on how to decorate a historic landmark. if you look around the city, i do not think that they're the ones to say anything about decorating historic landmarks. one neighborhood is allowed to decorate the path of gold, other
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neighborhoods might reasonably feel left out. there are about 10 neighborhoods, market street and the urban design census in the middle of the city, the grades change. that is why it is so important to maintain design continuity in the improvements that we fought so hard for without them being weakened by the clatter of permanent banners. thank you. supervisor chu: next speaker, please. >> ♪ glad you have a banner on the path of gold memories of a dream that you hold and memories of what love would be if you were here with me you have the shelter of bay city home memories of the dream that
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you hold and the memories of what love would be if you were here with me. you took me from the shelter of a city i have always known and it was my happy home. and the memories of what love would be if you were here with me ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. any other members of the public that wish to speak on this item? item number five? seeing no one, public comment is closed. any last comments? supervisor dufty: if we could incorporate the amendments, i would like to announce that there is a facebook page where i get contacted regularly from
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people that would like to see the banners maintained to the quality of 18th street. that is what we are looking to do. given the history of the rainbow flag to san francisco, it is appropriate in the context of the preservation for maintaining the historic context of what a neighborhood should be. supervisor chu: thank you. we have amendments to the legislation that are substantive in nature on pages 1, 4, and five. supervisor chu: move to accept and move forward. let's take that one at a time to accept the amendment. without objection. from my understanding, we are not able to move this item forward with recommendation at this time, but it can be moved out of committee pending analysis, correct?
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all right. let's go ahead and move this out of committee. without objection. madam clerk, next item? >> resolution regarding the benefit district manual report to the city for fiscal year 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 as submitted pursuant to section -- resolution regarding castro/upper market community benefit district annual reports to the city: receiving and approving the district's annual reports for fys 2006-2007, 2007-2008, and 2008-2009, as submitted pursuant to section 36650 of the business property and community benefit act of 1994 (california streets and highways code 36600 et seq.) and section 3.4 of the district's management contract with the city. >> good afternoon. thank you. before you today as the resolution to approve the annual
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report for the castro upper market community district covering fiscal years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. today i also wanted to introduce the executive director of the castro market presenting these services and highlights for you. i will be presenting the staff report that our office has prepared for your consideration that accompanied the financial statements, cpa reviews and annual reports as provided to our office for review. the office of economic workforce development is charged with insuring that they all meet city contract requirements. we are in charge of reviewing these reports as well as helping and assisting with annual hearings.
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the resolution before you is to cover three fiscal years. previously we heard and voted on the annual report for 2005-2006. today we are hearing 2008-2009. this castro upper market community events district was established in 2005 and includes 275 parcels. intended to increase commerce and make the upper market a better place to shop and beautify the neighborhood while developing public spaces and allowing property owners and business owners to have input in the revitalization of the district. with an average annual budget of $450,000 with various services. daily cleaning, graffiti removal, pressure washing, steam cleaning and general landscaping. they work with dpw on the pickup
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of items that are dumped. they do have a dispatch service in the area seven days per week for businesses, property owners, and residence where they can call services if they see something. from 2006 to 2007 -- excuse me, 2006 to 2009, also funded as the patrol special extra safety services in the district. they also do business attraction, an active campaign they have had for several years for bringing new businesses to the area as well as helping existing businesses expand and grow in the district. they have marketing promotion programs with a neighborhood beautification safety plan. detail in the planning process
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with a plan on where to invest capital resources for improvement throughout the district. they have also participated in the payment to parks program and have been one of the main sponsors with the city on the castro plaza. activating it for community benefit. the office of economic and workplace development comptroller's office reviewed the market's reports and financial reviews. cbd has submitted all of the required documents during these three fiscal years that we are reviewing. so, today i will be looking at and discussing with you the budget for 2006-2007. the budget amount for each of
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the service categories should be within 10 percentage points, from the management plan budget. the castro cbd met this for all years provided in the report. between 2007 and 2008 and 2008 and 2009, it produced more than 10 percentage points without allocating funds toward significant reserves in the budget because they allocated all of their funds directly to services. the charge before you as the comparison of the management plan budget for each service category and subsequent years. the cast cbd met the requirement -- castro cbd met required funds
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with 3% on 2006 and 2007 and early on in the adoption. the actual expenses were proportional to actual revenues during the fiscal years of this report with the following explaining large differences that we noticed. in 2006 and 2007 the difference between what they actually spent and what they budgeted had to do with a shortened fiscal year. the approved budget was one year while the actual represented six months of expenses. changing from a calendar to june of the fiscal year.
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in 2007-2008 they did not implement all of the streetscape improvements projects, spending more than budgeted on the cost. 2008-2009 they spent more than the original budget for administrative costs to allocate services. the carryover funds, every year there has been carryover funds the use of these funds for operations occurs within six months of the following year. like many of them, they must carry over six months worth of operating expenses each year to cover july 1 to december 31. so, the board has recently approved spending plans to make sure that they spend down the
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current carryover funds. basically, i have included a detailed and updated page of the staff report, showing the details of how they spend down their contingency over the past years. basically this was originally in contingency for different service categories. this fiscal year they are allocating 172,00340 to their various services. next year they want to have funding set aside for streetscape improvements in their plan. specifically there is an art
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history installment for public art projects in the area. they have funding for the installation of additional public art and other amenities. the budget included $827,000.900 -- $807,000 in revenue with expenses leading to the carry over recommendations on the annual budget include a detailed carry over revenue in the current and subsequent years and
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at the beginning of the year per the management plan allocated towards services throughout the year. with it that i would like to introduce andrea to talk about the highlights. >> good afternoon, supervisors. briefly i would like to highlight some of our achievements over the past couple of years. first, the mission statement is to provide services that improve quality of life in the neighborhood, promoting the area's economic vitality and fostering a unique identity in the district. next we have a map. as you can see it is fairly long and not quite winding but it is a very large district.
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almost 25 blocks. the next slide shows about 25 blocks as well. for the last several years the budget assessment fees of 2007 and 2009 were or around $396,000. in 2008-2009. next is the core with most of our funding going to the planning and maintenance of the district. including graffiti removal and daily sweeping 365 days per year. this is an example of the work that we do. before and after pictures of trash that was dumped. often it is people moving out of
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the neighborhood dumping household garbage outside. we do pick up a lot of meat -- needles and dispose of them safely. next we also alert 311 and the police of hazardous situations that we find on the street. for example we remove graffiti within 24 hours of being notified. a large portion of the budget goes towards graffiti removal. most of it is on public space. green cabinets and mean the property, bus shelters. there are a couple of pictures and there are images of graffiti removal. after that it is just that over the past several years we have developed a good working
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relationships with city services and agencies. notably dtw, homeless outreach, the police department, and college. another large piece of our responsibility is on streetscape improvements. this is the first reiteration of the 17th street plaza. as you can see from this time, it is enjoyed by many people in the neighborhood. this is what is a new and improved plaza. there is a lot more tree an agreement. this is a major funding grant to do that. here we have the old harvey milk plaza. this is what it used to look like before the beautification efforts. currently, this is what it looks like. just east of the flag are those retaining walls. the next picture, this is what
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the base of the flag used to look like. now we see what it currently looks like with our beautification efforts. similar to activation efforts. the idea is to green and make things look pretty. thank you. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you very much for your presentation. any question? supervisor dufty: briefly, i want to say how proud i am of the castro community benefit district. i was very involved as the quarterback for the effort to secure from property owners in the castro. we have had an incredible contractor that has worked with us to provide cleaning services. i think that andrea and her board of directors and all of the leaders from the community that served in that role, individuals involved with
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businesses and property owners have really come together to be a force for good in the community. i am extremely proud and this is one of the things that will reflect on as one of the best things i was able to make happen in my eight years on board. extolling the virtues and good work in the community building. thank you. >> thank you very much -- supervisor chu: thank you very much. let's open this up to public comment. any members of the public democrats -- members of the public? >> ♪ good morning, yesterday. you wake up and another report has come your way. the upper marketplace makes it better for growing. remember, will you remember. the laughter and tears.
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the seasons throughout the years. the good times and the bad are going to get better like a dream remember will you remember the upper marketplace that you love ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisor dufty, with all of your experience with neighborhoods services you were able to give your best to the castro district. i have watched from afar and would like to thank you. i hope that the same happens to the mid market. so, i would say that other experiences like those in the
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upper market are more astute and should be applied to those mid market. talking to those businesses over there, they seem confused. planning is a little bit confused. when we talk about environmental impact reports and all of the plans, i am connecting it to mid market. if you can in some way " to do the out reach over there, if people have learned something from the upper markets it should flow to a better place and help the businesses. thank you very much. supervisor dufty: thank you. supervisor chu: any other members of the public? seeing no one, public comment is
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closed. motion with recommendation and without wreck -- without objection. item number seven, please. >> item number 7. ordinance amending the san francisco environment code by amending sections 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, and 308, adding section 310, and repealing section 307, all to strengthen restrictions on the use of pesticides on city property, and making environmental findings. supervisor chu: thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. i am with the department of the environment and i will be briefly talking about what the amendments before you are covering. so, first of all i just want to say that on behalf of many city departments how proud we are of the idea of integrated pest management programs.
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the program as being in place since 1996 and city agencies have worked hard to reduce the use of toxic chemicals on city property. before you are examples of creativity come up with by city staff as ways to greatly reduce pesticides. everything from the framers used in golden gate park to the compost on golf courses and airports. the list goes on and on. all of those are the results of city staff wishing, in their way, to make a statement that they do not believe those are necessary in a good deal of city property. in the last 14 years we have managed to reduce pesticide use. we do not use pesticides on city playgrounds. every step person in the city thinks about them as a last resort. the department of the
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environment is not the one doing this work. it is our city partners, agencies, and notably here today we have record park areas here to look at these amendments in support of them today. so, what these amendments will do is strengthen the ordinance and bring it up to date. we really want to thank the mayor and the supervisor who are not here today for coming to us and saying -- great job, but how can we make it better? there were concerns about accountability and transparency that we took to heart. therefore you have the amendment before you. falling into three categories. the first category is about improving transparency and accountability. we have added an annual public hearing where we will be discussi


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