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tv   [untitled]    January 23, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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a great many things have changed. we have a whole new world out there and new concerns and issues and new commissioners that we would love to have here. i hear a lot about the political -- in line but i am concerned about the community reality for this process and making sure that our community is heard. >> thank you very much. >> commissioners, good evening. i have been a resident of this county for 42 years. i have seen this before. i don't see what the rush is to get a new police chief. the last one was so incompetent that you made a big mistake.
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-- threw out any job as police chief anywhere and he came back to just get a paycheck. the longer it takes you to pick a police chief, the better off you'll be. i would not rely on some think tank, that is a big waste of time and money. my suggestion is to stick with your rank-and-file police officers and even then have them vote on the new police chief. i think you should think about what you are doing, not just for
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yourselves but for the public at large in the city because so far what i have seen is that the past spectrum of commissioners have been doing an inadequate job. that is not just my opinion. you have seen that it is pretty much stated. you see a lot of political theater going on rather than decision making. i would ask you to spend your time picking someone and let the rank and file click on this. i spoke here a year ago and i was very impressed at the compilation of the document request and that it is given to me in a timely manner. the other -- has not done so.
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on an investigation and a complete against the officers, they botched the whole investigation from day one by losing the documents and resubmitting the request. the third time they came up with an issue or no reason to complain or whatever. then i'd do my own investigation and find that the officer has more problems than jumping jack flash. i would like the office of citizen complaints to comply with my request. >> good evening, commissioner spent soms.
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i have a degree in theology and i fought with the german military. that is beside the point right now. i would like to implore this body to choose a police chief and they do so very cautiously. there is also the unique systems we're like the united nations right here in san francisco. someone who has experience running a big city police department.
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there are many others out there. i am somewhat concerned that their might be a rush to get someone in their. but i think that that might not be as prudent. we don't want to have problems down the road. i think the best way to proceed, i would like to think the commissioner for their time and effort and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i am speaking on the council.
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we have been part of the community for seven years or so. i had a series of questions that we would like to pose to the candidates. this will also come in writing. what safeguards will be used to protect community members? how will the next chief increased transparency. i 8 hope that we are providing for some of these questions.
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how will the next chief work with the board of supervisors to help san francisco opt out of the committee's? how can the next chief say that the rights will be maintained? asking the applicants opinion regarding the counter-terrorism bureau proposal. do you use the u.s. census bureau data, and other demographic information to map muslim community is in it an effort to attend a fine hotbeds of extremism.
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this was a proposal out of los angeles and there are questions about whether or not this promotes the ability of people which may enjoy their freedom of speech and beginning deep racial profiling which is not a good road to go down. how will the training which officers be accomplished? one of the things that i heard earlier was the cost of the training. this is millions. i work in the mental health side chair richard ward in san
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francisco. >> i work in the national security and civil-rights program. we sent you questions in a letter. the issue that we have been trying to convey which is to ask the commission to take away the rights from the middle eastern and south asian community. the way this can about it is following the march 2010 comments that were made when they portrayed as the entire middle east and community as a terrorist threat.
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the civil rights abuses that happened are not as well-known. , neither are the sole rights abuses and degradation and essentially human rights abuses that happened on a daily basis. a lot of this is unconscious bias. stepping back, i can see why there is not a lot of awareness of these issues. one of the main things the coalition has been trying to do is to raise this awareness. we have been successful working
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with the human rights commission. some focus on community concerns around surveillance by law enforcement and civil and religious profiling. the report coming out of that hearing with the official findings and recommendations will be coming out and about two weeks but we showed some of the things that kept coming out and the main concerns and maine encounters and experiences of the committee was that there is a consistent infiltration by law enforcement personnel and also customs and border patrol. this happens in people's homes. this coupled with the comments that were made and we're still dealing with the fallout from
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it. i have been really encouraged hearing the summary of the process that they went through the first time around and i am wondering what the connect is on putting all of this energy into the process and having someone who is able to attack the committee in such an ugly and discriminatory way. but we can do to make sure that this time around, the energy really -- to align >> thank-you. shut u>> the characteristics thu wanted to see, some person that
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was an agent of change. i could deal with that population. i work in san francisco helping arab and muslim students and one of the concerns that we saw was that arabs and muslims were more likely to it to terrorist attacks in the city. this was put on the front page of the chronicle and the examiner. high-school kids were afraid of what was going on the person who said this was the chief of police, a high-ranking law- enforcement officer in the city. we need to make sure that the next chief of police will not make the same mistakes. you said he met with committee
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members, organizations. i want to know if you went to any mosques? did you reach out to the muslim community and see what their concerns were? my main concern is that the next chief of police does not target arabs and moslems. we want someone who will better protect us call the the target test -- better protect us, not target us. >> we did meet with many members of different religious groups. it went well. i encourage you to come to one of our community meetings.
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>> i don't know if any were invited to that meeting. >> we had a meeting which was during the process at st. mary's cathedral and the invitations went out -- we hit everyone, i guarantee you. we had everyone there. >> sometimes it is heart for mosques to go to these events because they are afraid of law enforcement. i would like to have more of a dialogue and have a personal invitation. thank you. >> is there any further public comment? public comment is closed. we have a march 15th date for the time line to get up to three
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names to the mayor and then as we announced tonight, the application is open so we need to set a date from 14 days that the job posting has been sent out. >> we can probably set a date now for 14 days from friday. is that fair. start applying now and sending your cover letter. we will start the process from their. to we have a vote on setting the date? >> this can certainly be
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extended. >> clearly. >> if we get it done before then. that is up to the mayor. >> commissioners, do i have a motion regarding those dates? >> so moved. >> seconded. >> thank you very much. >> members of the public may address the police commission determined by the chair on items with that are within the jurisdiction of the commission but did not appear on the agenda. >> is there any further public comment this evening? >> members of the commission, san francisco open the
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government. i have four complaints against the police commission. i a will be honest with you, the whole person in me has always along the lines that at some point someone would have picked up the phone and called me and said that what happened probably is not right. i will not try to explain what happened and i and stand at the message. -- and i understand the message. what i found is that there is never anyone who was really in to make an admission that perhaps they did not act in the best way or take responsibility for their own behavior. one of the things i have always observed is that you can
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delegate responsibility but you cannot delegate accountability. if i delegate the jobs and it is of their failure and i will have to answer to the fact that i delegated and they failed and what they did. the same thing goes with participating in boards. if it turns out to be a mistake, i think my tendency is simply to a acknowledge that and say i made a mistake and i of learned from the mistake. what i find with the city and the boards is that they force you through the whole process. all you are doing is that you are standing up your rights under the sun shine ordinance. i've met -- i have yet to meet one individual to said that they made a mistake and they will
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take responsibility. i have no desire to sit through months of postpone hearings and so forth. my objective is only to make sure that these things are understood. unfortunately, i have to continue with these complaints for the sold matter and i have to get fifth body to make adjustments and to say that that was wrong so i can at least have that. unfortunately, even in those cases, i found bodies for the individual has said that i don't care that they found me in violation or that they sent this to the ethics commission, i will sit here and pretend like it never happened. >> is there any further public comment?
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a hearing nine, item five. -- hearing none, item five. >> are there any announcements? with reference to scheduling of items identified for consideration for future commission meetings, i spoke with the commissioners regarding the presentation which goes back to what we were talking about earlier and up separating -- and separating tasters. my suggestion is that we move this two weeks and remove the mental health issue discussion and presentation into this slot which is set for february 9th. jetblue -- and
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that is a two-week split. i don't think that this would make a big difference. they're padded together a presentation but i think this is important. some people are not able to do that. let's start with a mental health issues and decide separately and apart from the whole issue on whether or not a taser is an effective tool for officers to deal with my let individuals and people under the influence. do i have an agreement? the very night would be the mental health presentation. than two weeks from there, is there --
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let's stay on our agenda is given that we will be out in that community quite a bit. it is a lot of fun and interesting. if we can switch that to the 23rd. >> i appreciate that and i am glad that we have had a chance to have a conversation about the priorities of the commission. we did agree that of the mental health training and other aspects are the number one priority and we should switch this to that party and really appreciate you listening in and hearing that feedback. that is part of the order and this is for us to show leadership to the apartment and this is what we prioritize. we prioritize using a training rather than other ways of doing it. thank you. bernanke. >> i want to second that.
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we had a discussion about what we wanted from the leadership a couple of weeks ago and i would like to commend the commissioner for listening. this sends a powerful statement. no one solution is to use a taser on someone or shooting them. the issue after we deal with this is whether or not and officers and extreme circumstances should have to available with very tight restrictions and to this says the department and the public that mental-health is a distinct issue an important issue and what comes first. >> i'm not on the committee so i have not had enough to aid and what will be presented. i'm not sure if you're talking about presentation or if we can have speakers come and speak as well. so, i guess we can get some clarity >> i think that that is
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a good time for us to bring in not just the department but people went to memphis and los angeles and saw the different models and those who are versed in this area. certainly we have to be partners and have had for decades and we need to hear from them and those who have expertise in this area. this should be an open meeting for us to do our homework and understand this issue so that we can come up with a set of recommendations and a plan for the department on how to address this properly. >> i want to echo what was said. this is a priority of the department to separate these. people have strong feelings about this. i think the party has to be dealing with the mental health issues as mental health issues
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and a taser as a last resort if necessary. i look forward to the presentation because i have not heard those sides. with respect to the hearing on the ninth, i certainly hope that this is not just a presentation before the department but this is critical that we get presentation from our partners and members of the committee. thank you. hogwarts we had planned on bringing some people from out of town for their presentation. we can bring this back two weeks to accommodate this board. i would like to be able to get some assurances from this board that february 9th will be mental
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illness and mental illness alone and we are not going to mold the taser argument into that. if that is the case, i am prepared to load up with all of my people. >> i think that the people who will be coming to comment about these issues have to be committed to discuss whatever they want to discuss. i expect that the taser issues will likely come up. i don't think that anyone -- i would not expect the -- i still put to the issue on whether to use tasters as one of the weapons for the force as a
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separate issue. that's focused on the best methods to handle mental health issues. i would not be expecting you to do a full-blown response to those types of dishes at that meeting. i will let the other commissioners expressed their own opinions. >> i'm not concerned about public comment, i am concerned about the commission. >> the issue is mental health.
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sometimes people say, i have heard this the 4. i think that it might touch upon it but i agree with the chief that it could be the main focus. we will look at what training they have, what happens in memphis and los angeles and in san jose. that takes over most of the evening. i think they need to explain to the public that when you deal with these individuals, they see you differently. i am hoping to hear from the members of the police department about their experiences. how often they come into contact. how often they come into contact.