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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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who i know has a heart of social justice, but we need a better situation, as supervisor mirkarimi has said. the devastating decision, and i think everybody knows it is a decision of the dominance of the big radio corporations that have split up the airways, and it has taken a valuable resource. when presenting this area and a longtime listener, and i know that there are many people -- representing this area and a long time listener, i know there are many people who support it. i hope we can resolve this issue in a very responsible way with dialogue. i also want to say that i am proud to be co-author in and sponsoring the resolution -- to be co offering -- co-authoring and sponsoring a resolution.
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there is one with supervisor carmen chu, drive by lawsuits that targets small businesses for noncompliance with 88 or the americans with disabilities act. -- with ada. i have legislation in the works that will get the city to explain and of progress reports from the department of building inspection in that we are complying with the state law passed in 2008, that mandates that a sufficient number of building inspectors be trained as " quote-unquote -- as quote- unquote certified inspectors. equal public access to
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individuals with disabilities, but also litigation that does not advance that goal, so we will be working with others to hopefully have a strong hearing and to bring forward different legislative ideas, as well. also, working with a coalition of pedestrian safety groups, i am requesting a hearing concerning the 2010 report and to discuss pedestrian safety issues with the grass-roots safety organizations, and the goal of the report is to provide comprehensive and baseline assessment of the state of pedestrian safety in san francisco and to begin identifying potential barriers for pedestrians. one suggestion that supervisor avalos brought up, curb ramps, i know in my district, the approve something like $35,000, very expensive -- they approved
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something like $35,000. i would like to thank the members of the pedestrian safety advisory committee for their hard work and one from the richmond district and others for their work on the report. i look forward to hearing what they have learned and what their recommendations and goals are, in the short-term and long-term for improving pedestrian safety in san francisco, and i also want to thank supervisor chiu, for supporting financial aid and undocumented immigrants in the city. we heard from one of the students that we helped to give a temporary stay from his deportation hearings, and i think if we look at it, students from latino and other ethnic groups, i think we can understand the importance of supporting the dream act at the state level but also reintroducing it at the federal
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level, as well. i will submit the rest. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: i have one piece of legislation today. currently, there are several vacant storefronts in the film more area, like many of our merchant corridors. this is one of the heart and souls of district two, in particular. this is so they can obtain a conditional use permit from the planning department to locate in that commercial districts. this legislation will help stimulate a lot more economic activity in the street, and i want to thank in particular those members from the merchants association and the pacific heights residents associations, who helped with their input on this matter, and i look forward to work with them as we move through the legislative process. there was legislation initially
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put forward by my predecessor, supervisor michela alaioto-pier. -- alioto-pier. i look forward to working with the community and with the booker t. washington to move this forward. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: i also added my name to pass some legislation. this is very personal to me. not only members of my family, but many people i have worked with have been detrimentally affected by a lack of access for financial aid for higher education opportunities, and it has really stopped the dreams of a lot of young people, not being able to go to college -- college. i am excited to support that. i also want to thank supervisors
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-- supervisor campos. it has been a huge challenge. i think with this new system put in place, it will really allow young people to go back and forth between schools, not just families, but we have many new turn a team while they are attending public schools, and then they have to jump to pay $60 just to go back and forth from school and home -- but we have many who turned 18 while they are attending public school was. i want to close today's meeting in memory of a person who was a member of a task force. this request was put forth by someone who is also on the task force. he lost his battle with cancer last thursday. he was a proud member of the carpenters' union and was
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appointed to this board to represent organized labor on the citizens planning task force in february 2006. he served as the vice chair of the planning principles subcommittee. he was a vietnam war veteran and a highly respected member of the san francisco tennis club. everybody loved to be on his team because of his incredible sense of fairness. he is survived by his devoted wife, juanita. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor cohen? supervisor cohen: i look forward to having a more substantive conversation about this when it appears on our agenda, but today, i want to introduce this regarding the budget proposal as it relates to the redevelopment authority. now, it is no secret that the
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state of california has a budget shortfall of over $25 billion, it and it is in his proposal dated, i think it was january 10, that he proposes among other things to repeal the authority of the local jurisdictions, such as the city and county of san francisco, " and to eliminate the redevelopment agency. -- city and county of san francisco, and to eliminate the redevelopment agency. neighborhoods like the ones in the southeast part of san francisco. it is because of this that i rise to ask for many of my colleagues' support. it is because of these tools that we have been able to create new businesses, new business opportunities, and build, build, and will continue to build thousands upon thousands of units of affordable housing,
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which is something the city really needs, particularly in the disadvantaged neighborhoods. i am particularly concerned about our ability to implement already approved plans of the city if the governor's proposal stays in its corporate form. i am a forward to a more thoughtful review in the coming weeks -- if the governor's proposal stays in its current form. i look forward to a more thoughtful review in the coming weeks. supervisor elsbernd and supervisor kim also join me in this. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor wiener? supervisor wiener: i would like to thank supervisors mar and carmen chu about the ada. we had a similar situation, so i
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would like to work with you on that hearing and any possible proposals growing from that. i would like to request two hearings today. the first relates to the church line. supervisor dufty would refer to it as is a problem child, and i have now inherited the problem child -- referred -- would refer to it as his problem child. it is an important line. and yet, it is a continuing problem. its reliability is poor. it is not, for reasons i do not understand, properly tracked by gps in terms of being able to use next muni, and this is a
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problem that does not seem to and, so i am asking the mta to come and talk about the reliability of the situation and as well as what they are doing to make it more reliable and what future possible changes to the line can be made to make it more usable. i will be meeting with supervisor avalos and look forward to working closely with them and with mta. the second hearing i am requesting has to do with this boards preservation. -- this board's preservation. as i said earlier, i supported prop j, because i think it is important to embrace important parts of our past and to never forget where we have come from.
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in recent years, historic preservation in san francisco has gained more and more momentum and has grown into more and more areas. it used to be that when you thought of historic preservation, you would think of buildings and are beautiful victorians in our architecture is -- and our beautiful victorians and our architec tures. the board emphatically rejected something. we now have seen note to talk about landmarking significant lots of golden gate park -- we are now talking about landmarking significant blocks, even going so far as landmarking trees. we're seeing into laura's park potential efforts to make mark
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significant portions of the park -- in dolores p ark. korea seeing the increased use of surveys, which can be very appropriate, but is balanced, could end up jeopardizing future affordable housing -- but is balanced, -- but if balanced, could end up jeopardizing future affordable housing. parks and recreation opportunities are important. having usable libraries, that is important. it is important that we have smart housing policies to create enough affordable and in-fill housing, and i would like us to talk about embracing historic
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preservation while also supporting these critical policy goals, and too often, we have these conversations in a vacuum without considering other goals, so i and requesting that the following departments, planning, mta, public library, and the mayor's department on housing report on current and possible future impacts of historic preservation on the policy objectives of those departments -- i am requesting that. i am looking forward to having a productive conversation, and i ask that it be assigned to the land use. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor chu? supervisor chu: we had a very successful meeting about muni turnaround. to the extent that we can work
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together and partner in different districts, that would be helpful. you talked a lot about muni not being available. we certainly have the same problem in the district, especially where we have no bus shelter. there is a note -- is no muni next available. as many of you know, many of us were at a press conference about two weeks ago. we have done a number of things to try to get the message out to our small businesses locally about the federal compliance and their responsibility with regard to federal ada laws. there is something to distribute which is available not only in english but also in spanish and also chinese. and also, just so folks are aware, in february, we will have our first mailing to businesses and restaurants, this information about compliance
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with federal pell the -- federal ada laws. i look forward to sitting on the budget committee this year and look forward to working with you, colleagues, and the mayor's office and other entities with the budget. the hearings that i am calling really talk to and speak to what the potential impacts are with regard to the state budget. supervisor cohen talked about the impacts to the redevelopment agencies. i am calling for a hearing on the state impacts, in addition to projections for the budget. those are some of the items. as many of you folks know, our budget process starts to get underway in may and also june. however, this is already a process, -- this is always the process. i am a forward to working with all of you, colleagues, on the budget, and i look forward to
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the information we will get on the hearings. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor chu. seeing no other names on the roster, mr. president, roll call for introductions. president chiu: i actually have one. there is a woman who was born in china and who came to the united states with her husband, where she worked as a seamstress in chinatown for many decades. over the course of for life, she's served as a wonderful mother to two children. over the course of her life, she served as a wonderful mother -- over the course of her life, she served as a wonderful mother to two children and as a grandmother. she had a daily routine and did
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tai chi. she enjoyed going to teahouses with friends and was extremely good in making chinese pastries for others to enjoy. that is it, and that includes roll call. -- concludes roll call. at this time, we have three minutes until 3:30, where we will do quite a few connotations. if there are members of the public to would like to step up and to public comment, we will do two three and then to the special accommodations and then go back to general public comment. madam clerk? clerk calvillo: members of the public can address the board on items that are not on the agenda. speakers using translation will be about twice the amount of
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time. if members of the public would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please states and return in -- please state so in return nitpicky -- and return it when finished. president chiu: safety. first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language] -- thank you. my supervisor, jane kim. [speaking foreign language]
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president chiu: excuse me. if you could go back? >> our supervisors, good afternoon. as you know, my name -- i am here today -- a few minutes the last two weeks. our supervisor campos, and my supervisor, my district, supervisor jane kim. the two minutes you give us. but wake up. give us your hearing. give us your eyes.
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we left our jobs to come here to say something. we need to tell you something. and we need to learn from you something. finally, as you know, 180 people get an injury. 35 people have been killed in moscow. for the last 24 days, 28 young men have been killed in san jose in san francisco and oakland. now, i would like to ask each one of you, what kind of security we have now? what kind what our mayor -- the new mayor like to have with us? we are different than you. each one of these people -- you
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are here to represent us. you have rights to protect us. everyone of you. i do not care if you are new or old or whatever you are. we are all here, you 90. it does not matter if you are a jews -- we are all here, united. it does not matter if you are a jew. [bell] president chiu: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the destruction of the public library. this has been one of the great civic, gains of time. which one of the great civic con games of all time -- has been one of the greats of the con games of all time. -- one of the great civic con
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games of all time. there is the post occupancy of valuation scandal. the lower accreditation scandal. the staff whistle-blowers scandal. the fee-for-service scandal. the private space rental scandal. underlying them all, 1000 public records and sunshine violation scandals. yet, a private money was so important -- yet, private money was so important. the so-called philanthropists, who call themselves the friends of the san francisco public library, have no agreement with the city because they would not answer questions about their finances from your board of supervisors. they are not required to justify its philanthropy with any showing of benefits because the reason for the philanthropy is
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to maintain the privileges of class and the barriers to democracy itself. they advertise for money, but the money on the benefits themselves. like other institutions, they have acted to make sure that embarrassing disclosures are never revealed. the representatives of the public, yourselves, would rather have rich grants and responsible to the citizens who elected you. -- van be responsible to the citizens who elect you. -- van be responsible. -- than be responsible. [bell] president chiu: ok, we would like to move to our special accommodations at 3:30. you will be the first person to speak when that is over. the first will be provided by supervisor carmen chu.
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supervisor chu: thank you, president chiu. i would like to invite christopher of. as many know, one of the biggest tests we have is the graffiti. the city spends over $25 million in your painting over graffiti, and it is very likely -- $25 million a year painting over graffiti, and it is likely that it would be more. he has worked for nearly 10 years. he has met with hundreds of neighborhood groups, educate them on combating graffiti, establishing new programs to solve hundreds of problems. he has educated hundreds of juvenile. -- juveniles. he has worked with the
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department of public works, the graffiti task force, the public defender's office, and, of course, every single supervisor 's office, and he has an encyclopedia of tags. he put in a transfer years ago, and while we are very happy for him and his family, this is a very big loss for the city, as we have depended on your expertise in graffiti for years. we want to take this time to thank you for all of what you have provided, and the districts are very grateful. a person representing the san francisco police department as well as the vice chair of the graffiti advisory board. [applause] >> thank you very much. to also introduce who is present
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today is his wife, maria. as well as his commanding officer, from the major crimes division of the police department, and a lieutenant of the task force. and i would like to thank you, supervisor carmen chu and supervises, for recognizing him. as you know, he was selected to be a motorcycle officer. he has waited for many years. i hope that in his enthusiasm for traffic work, he catches an occasional tagger, as well. >> i am truly honored with the recognition you have given me today. it has been a lot of fun over the last nine or tenures with graffiti issues and working with community groups -- over the
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last nine or 10 years. they look at ways that this solves problems. it is an issue that is extremely important to every community in the city here, and we have a lot of wonderful members, and there are some really wonderful people in the city department. one has been nothing but fantastic as far as supporting us and our operations and trying to combat graffiti. john at the school district, just a host of other people. it has really been a collaborative effort, and i am honored to have worked with them, and i appreciate this recognition. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, mr. president, commissioners. i in the vice chair of the mayor is griffey the advisory board. -- i am the vice chair.