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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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the surrounding bars, and two, we are not sure if the bar have a permit in the first place. this may not be in our purview at all. we are just waiting for more information at this time, and that is all i have. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, any questions? any items from the public? seeing none, we will move on to item four. none. all right, item number five, a hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment division. item a, artura angulo, dba southtown arcade, 447 stockton.
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>> a retail store on the union square side. as i understand, it will have local art from local artists and st. cultural items, and i know the applicants are year, and they can talk more about but, so it is not entertainment. it is simply a whole bunch of videogames that are mechanical devices. the hours of operation plant are 3:00 until 10:00 on weekdays and the belief from 12:00 noon until 2:00 a.m. begins. i am not sure that they are open yet, so there is some experimentation that will go on in terms of hours. the planning department has indicated that this is a permitted use, and no one officer is here. they have recommended approval with conditions, and they are
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attached. essentially, one is that a security guard be present friday and saturday night to monitor a royce ring.from 9:00 p.m. until the close of business and that they do not deviate from the business plan unless agreed to by the planning commission. this item was to be before you at the last meeting, and there were some concerns. they have been worked out, and we can hear from both sides regarding any issues they may have about this. it is not necessarily a requirement in the coat or a plan for mechanical music devices, but given the location of this, it was thought they should engage in some security, so with that, the applicants can come before you. president newlin: commissioners,
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do you have any questions? how about a motion then? clerk: public comment? president newlin: i am sorry. public comment. director kane: that is not the public. that is the appellant. >> i just want to thank you. just a couple of things i wanted to present a brief lead. we actually gathered signatures from local businesses. we went around and talked to the business owners to let them know what we wanted to do with our business plan, our operation, and we got the signatures right here if he would like to take a look at those. this is some of hard work that my business partner has produced. some local artists. san francisco artists but also
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other artists from the bay area. we also got a signed letter of support from the museum over in alameda. this is arcade related, and we spoke to them about what we wanted to do, and they were very supportive and interested in what we were trying to accomplish in san francisco, so they did write a letter, as well. i think my partner nate would like to say something, so i will hand over to him. >> we are very excited to open up the shop with the t-shirts from local artists, and i have been busy. i have not really been involved in the community as much, but we have been busy doing our work, and we are just looking to generate some revenue and be a positive influence to the neighborhood. so that is about it. >> thank you.
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president newlin: thank you for the presentation. making its way around. ok. a motion? clerk: public comment is closed. >> i would be in support. commissioner meko: i would like to move to accept this with the conditions involved. president newlin: ok, accepted. clerk: signals, same call. president newlin: ok, thank you, in good luck. did you create that? very nice.
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i know. i have not looked at it yet. it disappeared. ok. >> ok. i can just move on. president newlin: item b, jennifer lillis, dba irish times, 500 sacramento street. >> this is a bar essentially, i guess a restaurant bar in the financial district of sacramento, and the application indicates the intent to have deejays and carry a keynote -- and karaoke and least three times a week. they serve food and drinks. the planning department has
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indicated this is a permitted use, and again, they never indicated their approval with some conditions. they look a little different than normal because central station was really busy with the chinese new year parade, so they just sent them in the form of an email, and you can take a look at those. in addition, behind the application is an amended security plan, which was given to me today. will take a minute typical of the bat. that is behind the application, for your reference. again, the conditions for the police department are the they need to stick to the business plan presented, pass the entertainment commission inspection, which is always the case as part of the good neighbor policy, and comply within loitering laws. those are not out of the ordinary, and, again, i think
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the applicants are here, in addition of questions, or they might want to present something different. i just want to hear your absence, so it is really important for you to speak into the microphone. >> hello, folks. >> that is all i get? i was waiting for the broker. >> we might have to have him single a little bit. i just wanted to make sure that they were in compliance, so that is why we submitted the security plan. the occupancy is 49, so there will be one person on the door, and that will be the owner, john, checking id's and running down people if possible. the area is obviously a commercial area that caters to tourists and to business people.
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they do a very wonderful lunch, and what they are trying to do with the music is try to keep some of the patrons there to stay a little bit longer, so they want to offer some folk music, some karaoke, some kind of low-level music to keep people's interests so that they stay. the one thing i wanted to do, and i am glad the police of this year is here, in the application, it does state that they would like to do three days a week. they did not specify which three days, and that might be the most pragmatic thing to do, maybe a thursday, friday, or saturday, but if the pd would permit, we would like to make that seven
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days a week, in case somebody wants to celebrate something, have some music, and they can comment on this. the applicants would like to tell you a little bit about their model. it >> hi, folks. pretty much, we are a new irish border located in the financial district. we have been there since august. we have had no issues there other than with the police department, and we have had not much. monday through friday is are busy time. we get a lot of hotel trade on saturday and sunday, but monday through friday, maybe thursday and friday, we are trying to keep them from leaving, so we will have karaoke and maybe a singer. occasionally, we might have a dj on.
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we run a tight ship. we are responsible. we do not want to be any trouble. we want to be good neighbors. there are neighbors in the neighborhood. we just want to be good neighbors. i didn't get to it yet, but they are pretty much all in support. thanks for your time. president newlin: no, he pretty much covered everything. president newlin: ok. commissioner meko: where is this? >> 500 sacramento street. that is clearly the heart of the
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financial district. >> the nearest residential neighbors meet together were six, seven, eight blocks away. president newlin: it is right next to the tavern that we approved. commissioner meko: ok. thank you. commissioner: on this bitmap, where do you plan to have the entertainment? >> towards the end of the bar there, d.c. where the bathrooms are approved you are looking at the doors on the right-hand side, just opposite the bathrooms there. it will not interfere with the exits. there is four or 5 feet back their way from the door.
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>> i do not know where they are going to sing. >> it is small. >> you can make a motion, or you in a discussion, or you can do both. president newlin: we probably want to hear from the police department about this change. >> i do not believe the police department has any objection. president newlin: i guess we need a motion to change the hours to seven days a week. >> i do not know if the motion would be to change. you can ask that they submit an amended application so whatever you say to they will be reflected. commissioner: ok. >> we probably might like it to
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have seven days a week just carte blanche. i do not know if that is what we would encourage, but we would probably encouraged that flexibility to be open maybe a third or fourth night of the week. obviously thursday, friday, saturday, a special event may be on monday or tuesday. does that make sense? president newlin: yes. >> the suggestion could simply be to allow entertainment any night of the week, but if something is out of the ordinary, you can let the police know or the commission know in advance or send a calendar. you can do any number of those things. >> just let them have it seven days a week. i do not think that is going to impact it. president newlin: ok, a motion
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to amend it too allows seven days a week. is that what we need? commissioner miko: i just want to move this permit and strike the three days a week limitation and amended to cover seven days a week, and the police department is not looking for any further conditions on this, so our standard conditions, including good neighbor policy would apply commissioner: i will go ahead and set in that. clerk: same house, same call. president newlin: my grandfather used to say, "you know what i would be if i was not irish?" and then he would say, "ashamed." [laughter]
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ok, item number 6, commission's comments and questions. yes? commissioner meko? commissioner meko: koran i have something that might be of interest to anyone it too would be -- i have something that might be of interest. on march 10, and there will be a committee hearing that will consider an adjustment to the pending plan that would require conditional use. the housing developed within 200 feet of a venue.
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otherwise, where housing is a permitted use, but within 200 feet of an existing venue, they would be required to go through a conditional-use process, and the task force that is writing the play and is considering findings to be added on, specific to sell the market, so anybody that is interested in either side of this issue or all sides of these issues -- this issue, i encourage you to attend this meeting. it is in room 421 here at city hall. >> item number7, new business request for future agenda items. seeing 9, that will conclude the tuesday, february 22nd meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission.
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>> thanks for coming today. we are announcing are temporary
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homeowner's property tax reduction program. this is what most assessor's up and down the state are doing. homeowners are reliable -- of all property owners are eligible for a temporary, 1-year property-tax assessment reduction if they believe or if we believe dave -- the assess the value has fallen above their market value, which means that the value would be lower than the market value. in general, homeowners who are eligible, chances are, they purchased homes after 2003. we do get applicants who have owned homes since 1995 or earlier. in general, anybody who is owned their home prior to 2003, they are doing well, which is good news. chances are the market value is higher than the assessed value, meaning the property appreciate it. people we are able to offer little relief for, the sad news
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is, their homes have depreciated. there will be a little bit of relief for them. in general, last year, we saw 6400 applicants in comparison to four years ago when we had 248 requests. the form a simple. it is one page. name, telephone number, e-mail, and the address you are applying for. if you can give us sales in formation of similar types of homes, we do hope you can give us that. if you cannot come maternity leave blank and sign it. e-mail or fax it to us -- if you cannot give us that, leave it blank and sign it. e-mail or fax it was. tenderloin downtown, south of market, mission bay, and south
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beach. those were many of the new high- rise condominiums that went in to market the last four or five years. we have seen a significant amount of depreciation in those areas. gaviria that has seen the largest value drop is -- the other area that has seen the largest volume drop is the outer mission, amazon, those areas have seen the largest percentage drop. it is where we have been hit hardest with foreclosures. we make sure that we take an extra look. we proactively have been reviewing every home that was purchased after 2000. even though we think eligibility is for people up to 2003, we review any homeowner who purchased after 2000. that was roughly about 15,000 homeowners. of that, reduced -- no one had to apply or call us. we did this on our own. we reduced 10,000 of those
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homeowners. roughly, you have 10,000 reductions that we did on our own. 1700 reductions were done through this application process. 5000 time shares is how you get to the 17,000 number. just to give you a comparison, it is quite a bit in san francisco. these are huge numbers, larger than the dot com bust. alameda and santa clara did about 1000 come a tenfold. -- 1000, tenfold. we are doing better than our counterparts in other parts of the bay area. i feel fortunate. the tax reduction was about 21 million in taxes that were not collected. 21 million in taxes were not collected. that is a significant number. it is out of a $6.5 billion
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budget. overall, the difference to the city is still rather small compared to what it meant to many of the other counties in other areas. let me stop there and take questions. >> [inaudible] >> 6462. of those, we actually reviewed only 4177. many of those were already reviewed. we have actively reviewed them. some of them were not eligible. >> [inaudible] >> anybody who has gotten a reduction, they don't need to apply. we will look at it again. if you have gotten a reduction through an appeal or through our office, they don't need to apply again.
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they will be reviewed. they may want to apply because maybe they want to give us information we don't know. they are free to do that. that will be reviewed as part of that process. in general, they don't need to submit paperwork if they already got a reduction last year. >> [inaudible] >> well, i think because it is just flat, the market has not rebounded and gone up. we will probably see the same number of people deserve reductions last year. i think it will be comparable. traditionally, an economic recovery is like a v. this is more like a u. we're at the bottom of it right now. my feeling is we are going to
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see, you know, a very unusual real-estate market in san francisco. it will be flat and not appreciate a whole lot right now. the number people who are eligible is probably similar to last year. i bet we will give about the same number of reductions this year as we did last year. it will not be that much different. >> [inaudible] >> anybody that was reviewed -- everybody in san francisco got a letter from us in july. they were told what their assessed value was. there were told that they got a reduction. if they got a reduction based on the letter, they don't need to reapply. what people do is we will review applicants. the deadline is march 31. all 17,000 who got reductions will be reviewed automatically. everyone will get notified again in july. we will not talk to anybody prior to that. everyone else will be getting the standard not