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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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at this time, we will open up for public comment. please come up. two minutes. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm speaking in opposition to all three applicants. i will tell you why. as you know, the local homeless coordinating board every year get $20 million. the problem with the local homeless coordinating board is that it consists of hiring all stakeholders, all people who run cbo's. executive directors of catholic charities. the local homeless coordinating board composition should reflect the community and not just the viewpoint of the cbo's. therefore, i am opposing all three applicants today. thank you.
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supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. oscar grande. i m here to applaud and support the 3 up with its. i think the level of perseverance, of stamina and determination to be able to do the work that they do, not anyone could do it. certainly not i. and especially i want to speak to wendy phillips, who i have worked with for over a decade now. i just see her commitment. i have experienced firsthand really shedding light to homeless issues, the issues that i am not familiar with. i know her as a constant alliance-builder, connecting the
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different stakeholders and community members, to really understand what are some of the root causes impacting homelessness and what are some strategies we could take to end this epidemic. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? >> yes, that is part of the problem. these systems are overrun by service providers. i think you have several other problems as well. i am submitting copies of this document. i think right now, what we have is just more of a tsunami of the local homeless coordinating board violating the san francisco sunshine ordered its. it is pretty close to them
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trying to lock out the homeless from attending these meetings. i am also having other problems like the attendance of the local homeless coordinating board. some of the members -- is definitely teetering around less than 50%, so that is like one of maybe four or five of the local homeless coordinating board's violation of the san francisco sunshine ordinance. we have another problem where the 10-year council on ending homelessness is supposed to me. they have not met in probably over a year or two. so i am telling you that the local homeless coordinating board is negating some of their duties. i think the other problem i am having is back the local homeless coordinating board -- i fear that windy phillips and
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maybe one other member is going to try to obstruct the voice of the homeless and the other people that have problems with these shelter systems and other service providers. i have no faith in these members to do their basic job function, let alone try to have any type of vision to make the shelter systems -- the system better. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. i know you like to hear from the applicants themselves, but i did want to note that both eric and windy are in compliance -- erick and wendy are in compliance with
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attendance of meetings. i also want to mention, since i am the person who keeps all of the sign in sheets, that kim consistently and constantly has attended our meetings as a member of the public and participate in a lot of our public comment and the discussions that the local homeless coordinating board holds at their local meetings. as a staff person, i look forward to working with all three people is their appointments will forward. supervisor kim: thank you. actually, while you're here, could you address what the prior public speaker talked about in terms of access to meetings? >> yes, all of our meetings are held in public buildings. our monthly meeting is held at 170 otis st., and i assume that the speaker is referring to one sunshine organs violation that was dealt with. supervisor kim: what do you mean? >> we were found -- i think
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against us, that one meeting was held at 77 otis st., which is the front entrance for the in- home support services, and there is a guard at the door, and mr. pitts was not let in the door right away. he was, though, in attendance at the meeting, and i have documentation to prove that, but the meeting interest is the violation. supervisor kim: since then, you have done what to repair the situation? >> we no longer hold meetings there. that is a new development. we have not had a meeting there probably in a month and a half. supervisor kim: i appreciate that. thank you. and you can thank mr. pitts for his advocacy on that. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any further public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you again to all the applicants. homelessness again is another important issue, and i am very familiar with the organizations you represent and the amount of work you do for our community, and is very challenging and very tough work, so thank you for
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your willingness to serve on the board. there is a motion to move the three applicants for with positive recommendation to the full board. seeing no objection, so moved. thank you. madam clerk, can you please call item 7? >> i did seven, hearing to consider appointing two members, terms ending december 31, 2011, to the western soma citizens planning task force. there are two seats and two applicants. supervisor kim: thank you. i believe neither applicant was able to make it to this meeting. one is a new appointment and what is a reappointment. at this time, i will open up for public comment if there are any. >> thank you again, supervisors.
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as chair of the western soma citizens task force, i should point out that neither of these is a reappointment. i know jim tatarazuk very well for the last year or so. he is very interested and engaged in wanting to be on the task force. there are a stream of e-mails back and forth indicating that he barely read the plan and has his own opinions, and that is a good thing. mr. ferara i am not familiar with. he would be representing the area considered soma west on the other side of south van ness. we do not want any members that give us quorum problems, but on the other hand, the more citizen involvement, the better. so it is a tough call. if you do choose to forward
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these names for approval to the full board, i look forward to having more custodians of the plan on board, and an eager to see what their contributions would be. thank you. supervisor kim: bank appeared actually, since you are here, i need to ask a couple questions. to the vacant seat 22, that that seat was michael ferara's and that he was reappointed. but that is not the case? >> no, he would be replacing valente. that seat has been vacant for several years. i do not recall the name, but as i said, mr. tatarazuk and i have been in constant communication about the transportation see. that is one of his passions. supervisor kim: i no quorum has been an issue for the task force. is it of members appointed, or of the entire body?
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>> members appointed. if you give us another member, you have created a quorum problem. supervisor kim: out of the two you have spoken to, were you able to gauge on this commitment answer -- ability to serve at all? >> i am totally convinced of his commitment to the process. i know he has a full-time day job working for one of the railroads, so i can understand how he might not be able to attend this. i have not heard from him in the last week or so. supervisor kim: thank you. i know our office did try to contact both applicants, and we were not able to reach them, but i know mr. tatarazuk had some difficult working hours that
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start early and go to the middle of the afternoon. >> that seat has been vacant for several years. make a motion to approve both and forward with recommendation. supervisor kim: ok, so, we will move for both applicants with positive recommendation to the full board and just continue to keep us updated on our new task force members. all right, we will move them forward without objection. madam clerk, can you please call item eight. >> item 8, ordinance amending the campaign and governmental conduct code to allow a former appointed mayor to obtain a full-time city employment within one year after leaving office. supervisor kim: we have a representative from president chiu's office to speak about this ordinance. >> good afternoon.
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here to speak on behalf of this ordinance, which i believe many of you are familiar with. it was introduced earlier this year, and it is an amendment to the campaign and governmental conduct code to allow former appointed mayors to obtain city employment. currently, there is a post- employment restriction of one year after a major finishes service, and this ordinance was crafted soon after mayor lee was appointed by the board of supervisors in order to allow him the opportunity to return to his role as city administrator after he finished his service this year to the city as mayor. the ordinance has gone through the ethics commission, as required, and received unanimous support. i did want to draw your attention to one modification of the ordinance that was made by the commission that is before this committee today. that was a modification designed to make sure that -- the original purpose of the legislation, i should say,
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according to a memo to the ethics commission from ethics staff, was to prevent elected officials from using their influence to create a golden parachutes as they leave office. there was some discussion about adding supervisors. that was not adopted, but the commission did consider two different paths. one was to only allow former mayor to return to the specific job that he or she held before serving as mayor, and they did not adopt that. what they did adopt was a provision that would set the salary for one year at the same salary that the position had before, so that was adopted. the committee made modifications to the ordinance, it would need to go back to ethics, so we would respectfully request your support of the ordinance. thank you all the co-sponsors. supervisor kim: thank you. any questions or comments about this or that? seeing none, i will at this time open up for public comment.
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and i oppose this legislation at the ethics commission, so be -- to be consistent, i will oppose it at this committee, and i am aware that all three of you are sponsors of the legislation, so i do not anticipate any of you changing your mind on this. but this ordinance, this charter was initiated by the voters. to me, this should go back to the voters and see if the voters approve of the special legislation for mayor lee. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i came here today expecting to see a lot more people dealing with this item. some of my friends in different
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parts of the country were telling me it was such a special interest item that they did not believe it was actually proposed in san francisco. i do notice that under the sponsors, there are three supervisors not listed. those three supervisors normally support almost everything, so just by the fact that they are not listed as sponsors is noteworthy, and that is why i mention it. i would like to wonder how joe lynn, deceased, would feel about this item. i was surprised mayer brown was here for item one and as of right now is not here for item 8. so with that item to consider why he was here for one but not 8.
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i would also like to know why there, hopefully, are so few commager's on this item. i would expect a lot more advocates of open government to be here to say whatever they wish to say. also, i would like to know if we are going to pass items like this for each particular person as we think deserve it, then i would like to propose something a little different for this committee to consider. can we please have a proposal so we can see the actual photos of bin lade? -- bin laden? i understand the president has chosen not to show them. i think it is important that we see them. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. any comments? i just want to say that i think this ordinance came forward out of an exceptional circumstance
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that we do not see often in the city of sanford cisco, which is when we have a mayor that is elected to another seat, and we are scrambling to find leadership and an interim mayor that has worked for the city of san francisco. i think some of the amendments made were very good, and i think it is important to note that the interim mayor does decide to run, that he will no longer be eligible for this ordinance, will not be able to return to his employment. i think the amendments made around a salary were good recommendations as well. are there any further comments from my colleagues? motion to move forward with positive recommendation to the full board without objection. madam clerk, can you please call item 9? >> item nine, ordinance amending the business and tax regulation code to establish a citizens advisory committee for the central market street and tenderloin area.
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supervisor kim: thank you. colleagues, before we proceed, i would just like to submit to you some amendments to the whole i would like to integrate. some changes we have been working on with the mayor's office as well, and i just realized these copies -- do you mind bringing the copies forward? does everyone have copies? ok, great. the mayor actually had some proposals for amendments, so we worked with his office and have incorporated them in the copies that are in front of you today. as you know, this was a lengthy process for us. the discussion around the market tax exclusion for companies that create new jobs in our city. some of the concerns, of course, is to ensure that we brought in companies that were able to partner with our neighborhood groups and community advocates and residents to ensure that we were able to create jobs without creating any type of displacement, but also bringing in jobs that were sensitive to
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the neighborhood and had an average standing of the issues there. so we introduced this trailing legislation to create a community advisory council to work in partnership with the city administrator and the mayor's office as they move forward in negotiating community benefits agreements with companies that have a payroll of over $1 million. so this is the proposal that our office has put forward. colleagues, i do not know if there are any questions. we will open up for public comment first. if you would like to speak on this item, please come forward. we will give two minutes per speaker. hopefully, members of the public have copies of the amendments as well. if you have any feedback for us.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a resident of tenderloin. we support the cac because it will facilitate partnership, and will help us emphasize community preservation and anti- displacement strategy for existing residence. it will help advise the citizens on economic strategy for mid- market. please support the creation of citizen advisory committee for the center market and tenderloin area. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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i am a resident of soma. i support the legislation of the citizens advisory committee for central market, tenderloin, and nearby areas. please support us by voting to approve the creation of a citizens advisory committee for the central market street and tenderloin area. thank you. >> good afternoon. i represent tndc, tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. we support the amendment to create this advisory committee. our thoughts on this are that we feel that revitalization on mid- market is very important, but it should also balance the needs of residents -- city and business interests collectively.
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we feel that the citizens' advisory committee could help do that. from the perspective of residents, we house thousands of low-income residents in the tenderloin and across the city, so from the residence perspective, bringing resources and revitalization is very important, but it should be to the benefit of the existing residents as well. as well as businesses and the city. the way we look at it is that our neighborhood, the tenderloin, has a lot to offer the city. we are a very diverse neighborhood. we have folks from all over the world living in the tenderloin. lots of diversity. longtime residents, folks you will talk to have lived in the neighborhood for 30, 40 years. and we have one of the fastest- growing populations of youth in the city. we feel like we contribute a lot to the city. and the future of san francisco, but we need the opportunity to
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do so. through this advisory committee, advising on revitalization efforts, we feel that we can have a voice in the opportunities that would come through companies being brought into the payroll tax exemptions on, through economic strategies, mid-market, etc. i just also want to thank the district supervisor for following up with this legislation, and please, we support this legislation here at the full board. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. in a member of the mta and a resident of tenderloin for the past three years. i support the legislation forming the citizens' advisory
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committee. please support us by voting to approve it and thank you, supervisor kim, for introducing it. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am a resident of south of market, and is extremely important to residents that the government sponsors revitalization. it is it benefit for it can meel stakeholders, including a -- the support of the creation of the citizen's advisory committee and tenderloin area. think you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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i represent the community association. like to thank supervisor kim for introducing this legislation that is important to us. we will strongly support the legislation. we believe that this revitalization effort with the government should benefit everyone, not only corporate business. it only happens when those stakeholders are addressed. that is why our organization is supporting this legislation. this will create the mechanism in which we can afford the partnership in revitalizing the community.
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of like to ask the support of the supervisors to please vote and approve this legislation. >> supervisors, the leadership council that is a grassroots non-partisan organization that was formed in 2001 that voted unanimously to support this legislation. there has been talk about the mid market project area committee fulfilling this role. let me point out it was last elected in 1997. vacancies since then have been filled by the project area committee itself and it is dominated the downtown development interests.
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the community has been noticeably absent in the dialogue are around the twitter deal until now. support the formation of this committee to give everyone a chance to participate in this process. supervisor kim: thank you. >> my name is jesus perez. i also work with [unintelligible] i am here to hope that you guys support this. i am just asking for you to support this. thank you. >> my name is manuel, i'm a resident of south of market. i believe this city must help low-income residents and the
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small businesses. please support us. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. before i speak, i wanted the coalition on homelessness -- in support of this resolution. i used to say in the stabilization fund committee, the different impact of justification and the south of market, we feel that the area
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will also ensure that there is going to be mitigation for the impact on the small businesses and nonprofits in the area, along with the city voices and the vision of how the central market should be revitalized. we wanted to make sure that residents have the opportunity to really speak and also have control over how the future of the city will look. we hope you will consider this resolution. please vote yes. >> the afternoon. i am the executive director of the north of market committee benefit district. i'm also a 12-year residence. any government sponsored revitalization effort will raise concerns about displacement