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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2011 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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gangs task force, and the district attorney's office, particularly eric fleming, and others. there was a lot of cooperation. that is what happens -- you love it when a plan comes together. well, it did. again, the message is if you do a crime in san francisco, and we can pull it together and get witnesses and cooperation, we make these cases, and it's got may. also, the crime report, the last 28-day cycle, crime was down about 70%. overall property crime was down 20%. this includes automotive press and burglaries.
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but the message has been received. it seems to carry over. the chief, the department is in good shape as it moves forward, and now we are in the middle of this budget staffing situation, but we will get through that, too. president mazzucco: thank you, chief. before we move on, there have been some changes. u.l. year roughly eight hours after being sworn in. can you tell the commission the changes you have made during the course of this week? >> phinnaeus comebacker -- yes,
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all three assistant chiefs were very gracious in realizing that we were in times, setting the model from the top. same duties and responsibilities, but demonstrating that that is the way it should be. i spoke with mickey callahan today. i know the officers gave back six furlough days. last year, i gave my six-pack last year, and i will give my four back as a cheap going into this next fiscal year in addition to the forfeiting of any in advance. we have blocked the door open . i door open commissioner chan has taken advantage of that, as has ms. porter. anyone else is welcome.
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when you call the office of the chief, you will get a voice and a person. i do not have an suv. there will be no more suv's. that is a little more expensive. small things, and that the mayor's office today to discuss a draft organizational chart. we hope to have that done relatively soon. president mazzucco: great, thank you. any questions of the chief republican -- of the chief? commissioner slaughter: i think the rest of the commission will second it.
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you happen to get your command staff. i am not all surprised to hear that you're working on it, and afford to see what you decide. president mazzucco: commissioner chan? commissioner chan: thank you, chief, for making these changes. i did take the advantage of the open door today, and i will report back on that later during the commission report. i also want to thank you, chief, in a quick follow up in your second week now, being so responsive to our requests, including putting forward the department bulletin and reminding officers that they keep this record. penn -- commissioner: i want to say that i really appreciate the attitude that you have taken
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with the new chief, and it does not work if the command staff is not with it. it was his decision, appropriately so, but you guys really showed your true colors and devotion to the department, and i want to thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. we will go to line item 2-c. good evening. >> an update on the patrol special. some questions were asked of me. on the orders of the chief. last wednesday, i went back and make contact with all of them.
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i clearly explained what the situation was, and they accepted that, realizing they cannot go out on patrol until the fix the problem, which is to attend the range and to successfully qualified. what i did understand is that two out of the three had medical issues, and they are seeking medical attention. i advised them when they are cleared by their doctor, to be the response to the range, where a report will be issued to me when and if they qualify at the range. the second issue was a liability insurance. as of today's date, only one is out of compliance. i did notify the empowering that they are in a stand down mode,
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and i am waiting if anything comes fourth. the information was disseminated verbally. also, written by me. and emailed to those individuals. and the last one, of the client lists, only one is out of compliance that individual has indicated to me that he has medical issues. i have submitted this to internal affairs for investigation to determine what extent will happen after that.
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information that pertains specifically to the latroy specials can be given. he can individually brief the captain and read his or her associates as to what the current status is of the control specialists. and i think that i touched all the bases that you ordered me to come back and report on. president mazzucco: i appreciate you coming back and doing that. it was extraordinary to ask you to do that. i would like to say thank you for being in compliance or being close to compliance. the reality is, you are essentially a department of public safety committee, and you have no choice. it is still not good enough for what we need. thank you for your work, and let's get to the bottom of this.
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anything else? item 2-b. please. secretary lt.: item 2-b, the occ director's report. president mazzucco: good evening. director hicks: 1 less. president mazzucco: any questions for director hicks? back to the commission reports, i just want to report that on monday evening, i attended a merchant's association. they honored officer john gallagher, 41 years of service. he is retiring from no. station
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in july. people were expressing their concerns about crime in the neighborhood, and happens to be 9 neighborhood, -- and it happens to the my neighborhood, so i was there. it was a great event, and there is an energy in the community about the new chief. people are quite pleased. it was well done. i want to thank john gallagher. that is what i did. i was hearing from the community about how they feel about the new chief and other items. >> i thank you for your time this morning. there is the director of the clinic, and also, director fixed -- hicks and others.
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we also discussed the timeline for cit. we fought through some creative ideas. president mazzucco: thank you, commissioner chan. anyone else? lt. falavey, -- falvey, any announcements? secretary lt. falvey: coming up with the actual time in the room, and i will make that information available. president mazzucco: greg, as thank you very much. commissioners come anything else
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to add? commissioner slaughterhouse -- slaughter? commissioner slaughter: do we know what it looks like for next week? >> not yet. president mazzucco: as you noticed tonight, we are missing a commissioner, commissioner jim hammer. his term on the commission expired effected april 30. i just wanted to state for the record that commissioner hammer gave his all. he worked diligently on every issue, especially changes in procedural rules. he put a lot of time and effort in that. he was stalwart in handling difficult cases, and we hope to have him back soon, scene of a process goes.
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he is a native san franciscan, a former reserve officer and a police officer down and half moon bay, and he truly loved what he did here. suffice it to say that jim hammer really liked what he did here, and he made decisions from the heart, and i was with him for about four years in the d.a.'s office, in the is just a good man, concerned about the community. as we went through the chief selection process, he was very productive and advocated strongly for the lgbt community, and i have to tell you, it is a loss to not have him here tonight, and hopefully we will have him backstage. commissioners proved commissioner -- have him back
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soon. commissioner? commissioner: i will also miss him. protecting the rights of victims, and he was passionate about that cause. we should continue to make sure we carry out what his top priorities are on the commission, and in the time he has been on the commission, there are a number of things that he volunteered for, a number of committees that he was on, and he puts in a very significant of time in his evening and weekends working on commission work, and it is like a second job for him. there are cases that he handled wonderfully, especially our oldest and texas cases, so i do hope that he returns. >> commissioner, can you fill us in on the process? apparently, he has made the
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decision to go forward with another term? is that which understanding is? president mazzucco: i do not know what his decision is. >> i am sorry. i was reading more into it. president mazzucco: he told me not to say anything about him tonight, and i did not listen. i think it would be good to have jim back. i do not know a process he is going through about the decisions he is making, but one thing i was a clear as day is that i would love to have him back. just tonight, he is missed. ask the chief. everything. he is very thorough. he also brings of the celebrity. i always miss jim, and i hope he comes back. >> the blood with the process and whatever decision he makes. president mazzucco: great.
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i think we are ready for public comment on line items 2-a, b, c, d. but some clients and two more from my neighborhood are willing to prop up our sleeves and work with you about the control specialists. i think we can better alert you, issues recede from the client perspective and what we hear from our officers that serve our neighborhood that require your attention in a creative solution. not clients, but applicants and officers themselves. he doesn't even know if that email was received by the liaison office.
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we certainly want to work with the lieutenant to see what will make his job easier, and that will move us toward in making the control specialist more reliable. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. >> and the way to put them out of commission -- i know he is very telegenic, but he is an able worked radinsky is an in tabler -- he is an enabler. that is your job. please do it. president mazzucco: thank you. >> commissioners, very briefly,
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i spoke about one week ago about the murder rate in san francisco, and going back to about one year ago, i talked to inspector evans apocalypto -- i talk to an inspector. are these murderous coming into san francisco and then leaving? it seems to solve some of these murders, you are going to need more than 12. you'll probably need it 30, 40, 50. on a bus, there are five years later.
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there is various other murders. i know when gordon was the chief of police, set it was the highest murder rate in san francisco. maybe diversity was more important than brains. i do not know what the issue was, but i do know it, that murders went up during his regime, and a lot of people were very upset. i think there should be more due diligence in terms of solving some of these unsolved crimes, particularly murder and mayhem in the city. i can observe what goes on in the tenderloin at night in various parts of the city. when i am driving, i see a lot of crimes. as for murders, we know they go reported, but i do not know it
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you can have this when wives are missing their husbands and husbands missing their wives and say that is all we can do, put edit create a reward out, it's because we do not have any leads korea into 10 years to get osama bin laden. -- we do not have any leads. it took 10 years to get osama bin laden. eyunni detective sitting on them year after year until these to pop up. rewards to pay off, and we get a resolution to this problem. the i thank you for your time on the issue. president mazzucco: miss grove? >> good evening. my name is barbara growth.
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on the issue of murders, i think i have a chance to help solve the zodiac killings. at various odd hours when i am up, and there is an article from the wichita police department. they had murderer -- murders that spanned over 30 years. they finally got the guy. if you can figure out who is handling it with homicide, i did not get the beginning of it, but i have got my name and my information on it, and somebody from homicide can go through it. i was very pleasantly surprised that they had something like that. whether or not there was another police department that had a span of murders. this what by information on the paper there, et and part of this
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was a police commission meeting. i did not have time, and that is what went on. the lieutenant from homicide, in whose name is on the paper. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. we have three items coming up, three, four, five. they have been listed as three separate items. the presentation done by one group from the san francisco police department. to have the presentation done, that is essentially public comment regarding all three of those, and then have three separate votes. >> you're really going to have to offer public comment on these items. president mazzucco: great, thank
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you. commissioner slaughter: -- secretary lt. falvey: kazakhstan the money for the supplemental or security. program. president mazzucco: you can do items four and five. madam clerk -- secretary lt. falvey: a discussion and possible action to recommend that the board of supervisors adopt a resolution authorizing the chief of police to retroactively accept or expend $458,000, and item no. 5, a discussion and possible action to recommend that the board of
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supervisors adopted a resolution authorizing the chief of police to retroactively accept and expend $1.86 million. >> myself and the captain from the homeland security unit, and i have someone from the marine unit, as well, as most of these items are slotted to go there. the 2007 appropriation, that money is going to be used for three items in particular, and entanglements system. they are disabling them and allowing us to take enforcement action if necessary. it is a camera system and four new outboard motors that will be utilized.
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that is the 2007 appropriation. the 2008 appropriation is some visual equipment that is down about $65,000. and this has some protection, in a tactical insertion-type of spain. some shallow water or a confined area watercraft, also known as jet skis, we are trying to get some of those, and some radiological detection enhancement equipment for our current group. that is the 2008 appropriation. lt. falvey read it. $1.8 million, we are getting a
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22-foot response vessel, a catamaran that will allow us to operations, and the boat is capable of going in shallow waters that we are currently capable of going in -- in shallower waters than we are currently capable of going in, and i think it will really enhance our capabilities. there is a diet trucked to support our diving operations. -- there is a dive truck. it will have a scuba air compressor and the necessary equipment to support the operations for dive.
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it comes through fema, the port security grant, a high risk assessment in the fema target assessment program, so they have awarded us this money. president mazzucco: great. thank you. commissioner kingsley? commissioner kingsley: thank you, captain. applies for these various grant monies? >> grants are different. this particular one, sargeant matthews did most of the particular leg work and putting the proposal together. they go through, as you see the abbreviation for the grant system, the review all the packages that were sent, and they decide who the award will go to, but the funding comes from fema. >> thank you. commissioner kingsley: is this an extraordinary amount? it seems like a pretty good when
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from where i am sitting in reading. how does it compare to our kind of your to your money's? outside sources? but -- >> i was recently transferred to this unit. they had supplemental funds after the already distributed. let me ask sergeant matt use if he has an opinion on how large they are. >> commissioners, this started 2007 with an initial round. every year, the program is allotted a different amount of funding, and the ports are to be receiving different funds. the san francisco marine exchange determines which projects will go forward to fema for awarding, but the
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allocation changes from year to year as well as the amount of funds that will be required to be paid by the department, such as annie managed funds. the department was not required to do that. commissioner kingsley: thank you very much for your hard work on this. >> we are talking about grants from fiscal years 2007, to govern it, in 2010. how does that work? i know the book 7 closed for a long time. >> the information i have received, commissioner, is they are not very timely with those things. after paying out all of their obligations for 2007, to dow's eight, they came up with money back a supplemental. as soon as we became aware of