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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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problems, the transportation problems that we face in san francisco. i enthusiastically support him. supervisor kim: i want to concur with supervisor weiner. he is one of the strongest applicants i have seen for any nomination that we have brought forward as a commissioner on this board. with transit, he is very great and i know he will be a tremendous advocate for the city and the transit riders. it is great to have a director -- that is not on a vehicle, that uses this to see his friends and go so impressed by his work and his experience in advocacy, and his knowledge. i am very excited to work with
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them as the director. supervisor cohen: following my former colleagues, i also want to say that not only is the outstanding for the reasons, he is a father and knows the parent's perspective. the other thing is the as multi- lingual, and i support the nomination of ramos. supervisor chiuu: i want to talk about how i look forward to mr. ramos and what he is looking
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at with transportation and a different challenges that the neighborhoods may have. this is the multiple demands that there may be, among other things. i look forward to this conversation. supervisor mar: so many others are speaking on this, and he is an expert on the transit system. i am looking at this and i think that he could be very valuable. he is great as a community organizer. as he mentioned, there is a tremendous intersection of housing and transportation planning. i support the nomination as well. >> can we take this item?
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without objection. next item? >> item 40 is confirming the appointment of doreen woo ho to the ports commission. >> any discussion? >> supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i wanted to thank mayor lee for appointing doreen woo ho. i am proud to support her. she has a strong background in finances. this is something that we need as we begin to engage in the america's cup and a lot of the financial rewards, with many of these facilities. i am also happy that we are supporting a commissioner and
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four of the five members will be women. i know that across the state we have a lot of men working in the ports. this is led by women and the experts in their fields. i have to do this before you. >> i have the opportunity to sit down and meet with her, and talk about her commitment to the city and county of san francisco. she talked about the nomination of the two women, and the men in the county of san francisco. having somebody on the position -- on the port commission.
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>> i will concur on this statement. without objection, this is approved. we now go to the 3:00 special orders. can you call item 41 through 43. >> comprised of special orders, the board of supervisors, for item 41, a public hearing on the ground lease on the side of arelious at gilmann and 5800. the redevelopment agency to sell land on the east side of arelious, by the alice griffin public housing site. >> supervisor cohen, as the
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supervisor, do you have comments? supervisor cohen: this is similar to what we have heard in the recent weeks. this authorizes the different agencies, and the adopted plan. this would lead to the purchase and sale agreement, that would help one of the most distressed public-housing sites. the revitalization is a key component to the shipyard project. this was approved by the city last year. this provides for a replacement of the existing public housing units within the mixed income community. this will also be put together in such a way that this will make certain that no resident
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will be moved off site and they will be able to move to a new replacement unit. i will ask the redevelopment agency to offer a brief summary of this proposal. >> we have a representative from redevelopment. >> good afternoon. i am the deputy executive director. i am very pleased to be here. this is a for the alice griffith rebuild. one of the discussions with moving forward, this has been the need to rebuild. we have this opportunity for the
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grant, and the application, this is for $30 million. the steps that we are asking for to take today are the implementing steps that will give control to the developer making the application. we're one of the six applicants. not only will we have money for the rebuild, and service money and this is much more comprehensive than bricks and mortar. and we embrace the opportunity to make this happen. in accordance with the community redevelopment law, we must
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approve of what is required. and there is the parking lot that is adjacent to this, we will be selling that parcel to salazar, solely for the purpose of the neighborhood application. if this application should not be successful, -- this item, we are requesting that this item be put on the table. what we have heard is that we have the opportunity of getting the project, to get the opportunity to those who would choose -- seniors would voluntarily choose to move here, and this is anticipated to be a senior rental development,
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sponsored by mccormick and salazar. we have found, practically days ago, that they will not be providing those project-based sections, and we will modify the application, for the parcel at this time, but we will intend to come back to this in the future. to have that property, for the senior center. this is for the purposes of not only building affordable senior housing, but a new senior center that will spill -- that will serve the entire bay view. members of the team are here and ready to answer any questions you may have about this particular disposition or the neighborhood application.
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>> thank you very much for your brief presentation. i actually will move to approve item number 42, tabling item number 43. we moved to approve this. >> we have to take public comment first. let me see if there are any members of the public who wish to speak on items 41 through 43. can you come to the microphone? you will have up to 2 minutes. >> hello. i am asking that we move forward with the project. >> i am a resident of alice griffith. i think that this process needs to move on. this would help us all. thank you.
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>> and other any other members of the public wishing to speak? this hearing has been held and closed. supervisor, you want to table item number 43? is this seconded? can we pass this motion to table without objection? and now, regarding item number 42, we will take a roll-call vote. >> on item number 42, elsbernd, aye. kim, aye. mar, eye. mirkarimi aye. weiner, aye. avalos, aye. chu, aye. chiu, aye. cohen, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted.
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we'll go to the second special order. >> items 44 and 45 constitute a special order, for the committee as a whole. a public hearing to continue the proposal of the redevelopment agency to enter into a ground -- a ground lease agreement, and to further lease the land located -- 6,603rd street. this is for a term of 70 years for the purpose of developing housing for formerly homeless individuals and families. >> the item before us right now, this would lead to the development of new, affordable housing projects, and this is the former franciscan hotel. this has been years in the
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making and i am absolutely thrilled that the fight that was once -- once affected by drug dealing and prostitution will have 77 districts of affordable housing. i would like to call the staff for a brief presentation. >> members of the board, the executive director of the redevelopment agency. this is a ground lease for affordable housing and we are pleased to present this again for the approval of the board. the land lease structure -- this is basically a public land trust that all of you hold, for the purposes of affordable housing. the development team a consists of providence senior -- we will
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be building the improvements and leasing the land, and together we will be providing affordable housing. this is least at a dollar so the community services agency -- agency can provide for the development to make certain that the building can provide services and cover the operating expense, charged with a higher ground lease. this would come directly from the services agency and we recommend a $1 per year ground lease. i am here to answer any questions you may have. >> and are there any questions? let's open this up for public comment, if there is anyone who wishes to comment. please step up to the microphone. this is on items 44 and 45. this is not general public comment.
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>> i will speak about this issue. i am going to speak about the redevelopment agency. the giant elephant in the city. i am angry. anything that redevelopment has to do in our community, they need to have somebody to oversee this and any one, including our supervisors, that pass anything with the redevelopment agency, you are responsible for the impact of the community. all that you have to do is look around and check your history. this is no mystery. in my community, they have left us alone. we have the city and county coming into the community --
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driving through, but they have a license to do what they want to do. i know i cannot go to the city -- the mayor and everyone here is running for something. but you are not paying attention to the community. this is a community driven situation. i am going to round up the community, and this is a wonderful thing that this community driven. this was community-driven. anything you are doing is controlled by people who make the decisions to come back here. redevelopment agencies -- there is an audit coming out next year. nothing wrong with the government that is trying to demolish them. i am here to tell you -- i am
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not going anywhere. >> the next speaker? >> i am here because this is my birthday and i heard you say something about the house and the family, built on the avenue -- in the san francisco hotel. i have a lot of experience there, and we do need to be able to have more space, with housing. we only get one room. we will definitely want to see some progress so that we can get moving. san francisco is a creative city. you should make the model
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standout for the rest of the nation. the rainbow flag -- a cure for aids. i hope the district -- i get tired of hearing all the emergency things off of market. thank you very much. >> thank you and happy birthday. the next speaker? >> i just wanted to say, good luck how you fix, route 66 on third street. be sure to fix on third street. calling on at 66. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon.
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i am douglas gep. i was not intending to speak on this item by was moved by the comments of mr. washington. in terms of the concept, i am in support of this proposal. i used to go along third street as part of my job. i saw all the neighborhood used to be like. i feel that the city -- basically, their leaders should be accountable for the way that we have mishandled the development of the san francisco area over the last 30 years. i think it is obvious that the city and county of san francisco is in the current position because we have failed in certain ways. we find a need to criticize
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them. he is very accurate on his comments and i believe that basically, the current leaders should on up to the fact that we have to do the right thing. even arnold could not hide this after 10 years. thank you. [laughter] >> and other any other members of the public? public comment is closed. item number 25 is in the hands of the board. item 45 is adopted. let's move to roll call for introductions. >> elsbernd? avalos? >> thank you. i have a few items. one is remaking our cell phone right-to-know ordinance.
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the existing ordinance that was signed into law by the mayor r equires that they talk about the specific absorbtion rate. this determines the maximum permitted radiofrequency is, to see how well -- readily the human body will soar radiofrequency is from any cell phone. this can submit more radiofrequency is regardless of the ratings. on account of the other variables, and in light of these variables, the current policy is still preserving and
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strengthening the basic principles. this removes the posting requirement, this has the cell phone purchase, and this has the radiofrequency industry. there is the other organization, this may be requested. and they also have the information with the display materials, and they can be linked to cancer. this ordinance will save lives. i am also introducing a request, for the city attorney to look at creating a funding stream.
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there is the arts programming in the neighborhood arts, and we have, in the past, we expect that we will be able to live -- will be able to see the hotel and the online travel companies. and we have the impact on attracting tourism to san francisco. we have this for the services that we would use to enhance with the new revenue. i am asking the city attorney to draft this, and this would be a measure that we have on the ballot this november so that the voters could decide and we could create the funding stream in the
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future for this programming in san francisco. this would be a strong economic engine for revitalizing the commercial corridor of the city. i am also requesting the city attorney to draft legislation that would read purpose of golf course in pacifica, for the national park service, to be controlled by the national recreation area. there are endangered species there that we have discussed in the past. we have a liability for this and have to make certain that these endangered species can move forward and we also have a visitor center that we can look at with the natural history of this area, to make certain that we can have the kinds of recreation services that would
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be much more broad, for people to use in the area. the rest, i will submit. president chiu: superviossor weiner and i will talk about street spot. i want to thank jim for his leadership as well as merely. in 2009, you recall that we can sitter a similar bond. every five years that we wait, the cost increases. every tuesday, my father watches the meetings to the internet. it is their anniversary today. i just want to wish you a happy anniversary. and with that --
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>> thank you. supervisor? >> there is only one thing along the lines of what he just said. my cousin was here waiting for over an hour, and he just graduated from law school today. i wanted to recognize them but they were starving. he and the whole family were here, and we were trying to hold them back. this is the stock option thing. congratulations to him. i was there the day he was born. we are proud of him. he missed us by about 10 minutes but hopefully we will see him later on. >> thank you.
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first, following up on his remarks -- i wanted to thank the president for his leadership on trying to move this forward. this will be $240 billion in structured bonds, or the roads in getting these back in shape, to replace the sidewalks. and this includes st. structures. we really have to do this because for decades, we have neglected some of the basic transit and infrastructure in san francisco. we're to the place where this will become more and more expensive for us to dig ourselves out of this problem. we have to take decisive action now to restore the roads or this will get worse. some people say that we should
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pay this at of the operating funding. but the problem is that hundreds of millions of dollars -- this is simply not realistic. this is part of the approved capital plan, and i believe that this is a critical part of getting san francisco back to where it needs to be in terms of the transit system. i am also introducing a resolution opposing the proposed tax the fare increase. you will recall that several months ago, we approved a resolution indicating that we have inadequate taxi service in san francisco. this is undermining the transportation policy in terms of getting people out of their cars. we need to get better service in