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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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improved. the mta has not implemented this program. instead, they consider raising fares to make us the most expensive cab city in the united states. we are in a situation with that cab service that is not getting better but is getting more expensive. i find this to be unacceptable. i think we should treat the cab drivers fairly, but the current system does not keep -- treat the drivers well. they deserve to be treated with dignity. but a significant fare increase does not -- should not happen. we should tell them that much. finally, i am asking the city attorney's office to draft legislation amending section 1070 of the police code. this is relating to the extended hours for the restaurants.
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we have the security requirements on nighttime entertainment establishments, and in some instances, the other establishments must have a security plan and must have one or more security guards on the premises. unfortunately, the way that the ordinance was drafted, this includes 24 hour restaurants and potentially security guards. diners open 24 hours must provide security guards. this would clarify that the 24 hour restaurants do not have to meet this unfair requirement. like clubs will have to have security, posing little or no risk of violence with the security guard stationed. the neighborhood small businesses, like all restaurants, can struggle to
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make ends meet. we should not impose these requirements on them, that just make it harder to do business in san francisco. this requirement is counterproductive to nighttime safety efforts and will provide an incentive for the restaurants to be closed from 2 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., and this is the last thing we need, to have the street speak completely empty. having the restaurant's open in the middle of the night provides more activity and people who are present. we will draft this legislation and i will mention this shortly. >> thank you, supervisor weiner. supervisor kim: i am proud to sponsor it is being introduced today. i am introducing a lot -- a resolution for lyme disease
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awareness month. this is commonly spread by infected ticks. there are rash and flu- like symptoms. this may cause neurological disorders, memory loss, and may be fatal. we want to continue the tradition of creating awareness so we declare may as lime disease awareness month. >today, the jazz cente rir is working on the nation's stand- alone center dedicated to jazz. many trustees have contributed
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4-- $46 million toward this. this is in district six in hayes valley. sf jazz is our largest presenter of jazz and world music. i am excited about this. i am dedicated to this, our nation's classical music. i wanted to say happy brithdairy to johnny hosey. he celebrated his birthday on sunday. the rest, i submit. >> with no other names, this concludes role call. >> let's go to our 3:30 special order, to recognize the small busienss week honorees.
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first, i wan ttt to welcome you to the board chambers. before i was elected, i served on the small business commission and to that capacity, i certainly appreciate how the small businesses are the fabric of who we are as a city, and part of what makes the city great. i want to thank all the small businesses in the city. they are providing amazing goods and services but also making tremendous social and cultural contributions. we will all be recognizing the small businesses in the district. i would like to invite the president and the small business commission -- i hope that he is coming soon.
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he is coming. in the meantime, the order in which we'll make the presentations will be different. we will go in reverse order of the role call. we wil lstart with supervisor cohen. here is o'bryan, president of the samlmall business commissio. he will make the opening remarks. >> thank you. it is a pleasure to be here. on behalf of the small business commission, i would like to
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thank the mayor and all the members of the board of supervisors, with these outstanding small businesses. there are a thousand small businesses in the city, and these comprise of less than 100 employees, constitute 90% of the businesses across the city. although there are only 13 businesses being recognized, there are tens of thousands of businesses, and they are all equally worthy of recognition. under the direction of the small business commission, this is the central point of information, providing services in english and spanish and chinese. the assistance center opened in
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2008. in the last year the served over 2600 small-business owners and entrepreneurs. the small business assistance center provided direct services to the clients, navigation to the city, the state in the federal licensing and requirements. the small business resources including small business loans and workshops, training, technical assistance, and a variety of other services. many of these offices refer to the small business constituents and their office and we're here to help small business and the entrepreneur is in your district succeed. on the policy side, the small business commission had over 35 pieces of legislation in the past year, and of these, over 90% or recommended for approval.
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many of you took the feedback and inc. this into the final legislation. the commission works hard to continue the impact that the legislation will have on small business, and we thank you for collaborating with us. i would also like to take this chance to publicly thank lee and newsom and the city departments we have worked with for the legislative and policy matters, including the department of the environment, the department of public health, the treasurer's office and the entertainment commission and others. it takes a commitment from the entire family to enhance the opportunities and benefit small business, and also moving for the important policy matters. together, we can make this happen.
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thank you for nominating this group of people and congratulations to all those who are recognized today. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. there are few people still selling in. i would like to do one quick proclamation. he is here with the team -- if you can step up to the microphone. as you know, this is public works week. i think that we also know that the department is represented -- these are not some of the hardest working folks in san francisco but some of the least recognized. we wanted to recognize the work that these employees are doing. we know that this is a mission of the department's to improve
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the quality of life in san francisco by partnering with the communities and providing outstanding public service. among the things that we have done over the last year, we have opened up the libraries and helped to pass the and emergency repair bond, to repair and build public safety facilities and they have begun look to now hospital -- laguna hospital, and they have helped to transform the public realm with projects all over the city, in particularly, the streetscape project. there is a tremendous amount that the workers of the department of public works to every day. i know that every single one of us gets constituent calls every single day related to what we need to do. on behalf of the board of supervisors, i want to thank you
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and the entire team for the work that you do to make certain that this city is one of the most amazing cities in the world. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. members of the board, this is very humbling for me to be able to be up here, on behalf of the hard-working men and women of the department, and all the departments that do public works. it is also very meaningful to be recognized by you, the people who were elected by the people that we serve. 24 hours a day. one thing i found out in my years with the department is that the women and the man are very passionately, sometimes excessively committed to the infrastructure of the city, the buildings and streets and sidewalks. this is a labor of love for a lot of the different departments.
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this is an honor to be able to serve the city of san francisco, and this is something that we take very seriously, the responsibility to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives here, for those to make san francisco the great place that it can be. thank you for taking the time to recognize their work in the department. [applause] >> let's continue to proceed to recognize the honorees, with our supervisor from district 10. this is cohen. >> i am proud to stand before you to honor a fantastic human
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being. this is one of the great pleasures of being a supervisor. recognizing those who make great contributions. keith goldstein continues to give of himself and the surrounding community. i want to abolish the small business commissioners who are here. i want to thank you for your policy and the direction. first, we must welcome him, please stand, keith. [applause] >> mr. goldstein is the president of everest waterproofing restoration. he has more than 25 employees, active in district 10 and across the city. the president of the association
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of merchants and businesses. he is a fierce advocate in a positive way, and the bottom line, for his company he has been working to satisfy his clients and he does this in every aspect of his life. 32 years of experience as a licensed contractor in san francisco, and that of all his accomplishments, the main claim to fame that he has is that he has compiled and edited and industry manual, the practical guide to waterproofing exterior wall. if you are ever in need of some light reading and wonder how to waterproof the exterior wall, the expert is right here in san francisco. join me in welcoming keith goldstein. [applause]
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>> very quickly, i just wanted to talk about with the certificate -- how the streets. and recognition of his commitment to the san francisco small businesses, in recognition of his service as the president of the association of merchants and business, and in honor of small business month, the debate -- the board of supervisors extends the highest commendation for your dedication to the san francisco communities. we offer you our very best wishes on this very special day. >> thank you very much. a wonderful supervisor for the district, and i am have very lucky guy. i grew up in public housing in
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london and i had to do my business in the greatest city in the world. i want to thank my fellow merchants, in the back there. my fantastic stars, and i want to take this opportunity just to remind the elected officials that the locally owned small businesses are the true economic engine of the city. we hire local and we by local, we are not outsourcing the jobs. we will always be here in san francisco and we will not complain about payroll taxes. small business is where it's at. thank you very much for your honor. >> and i told you he was an advocate.
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>> the next hon. the recognized by the supervisor of district 4. >> before i bring him up today i want to thank the office of small business and the small business commission for all the work you do. the office of small business -- they have been very instrumental in helping us to get around the issue of compliance to make certain that the small businesses have the resources that they need to make improvements to the store fronts to avoid litigation. but now they work with the ball -- bar association to give us access to legal help. i want to thank them for their work on this. let me invite them up, if they can come up.
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i would like to recognize the small-business owners,the ducketts. they have been in the sunset district since 1977. an interesting thing about the hotel is that this is noteworthy because this is the first motel the open in april 1937, just in time for the opening of the golden gate bridge. ocean beach was the playground and this was beachfront property. although playland at the beach -- and the army base may all be gone, we still have a hotel to accommodate the visitors, and the attraction still remain there. the motel is an architectural gem, built with style and
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craftsman ship that has not been seen much these days. they're dedicated to conserving the hotel and its character and style, and recognized with a special award for their present -- preservation. more on the individuals who are remarkable in their own right. she is a san francisco native who worked for the united nations. he works for local dance companies. she also teaches yoga and health and wellness throughout the city. he studies fine arts and painting and specializes in working before he began to work at the ocean park motel. he is president of the sunset park site action committee. but he spearheaded the successful efforts to landmark the shriners hospital and the conservatory of music. but many of us will say, the hot -- the housing element is something that he worked very diligently on.
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we want to thank him for his work. with the reviews that we have of the sunset district, many of the natural resources and publications ranging from the new york times to sunset magazine, we hope that this will continue to thrive. if you will book a vacation in san francisco, i am asserted that they will be able to accommodate you. let's give them a round of applause. >> thank you very much. this is a great honor to be here today. more often than not we are down here, supporting one of these decisions. it is a treat to be down here and to thank you all. the ocean park hotel and all the things that we do there. i know that we all share with
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everyone here, the dedication to family, to the employees, to the customers, but also, a real commitment to san francisco. and being a good neighbor. returning something of what the city has given us. thank you. [applause] >> i am so extremely honored. i did not know that we had to speak. my father was a farm boy from oklahoma and he came to san francisco with a merchant marine, and he was a real estate investor, taking care of the old, distressed properties and when my parents died, we took this over and never imagined that this would be our life's work. we had a family there and we have had generations of people who have come to enjoy the hotel. we're very proud of what we do
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because people seem to enjoy what we do. thank you very much for honoring what we do. [applause] >> i have the honor of making the next presentation, and i have to start by saying that this was a very difficult task for me, as it was for all of my colleagues. we have so many amazing small businesses across the city. one thing i am the most proud of is the history of the northeast neighborhood that i represent. this was one reason i decided to honor josephine's bakery.
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can you come to the podium with your family? is the suracco family here? can you come to the podium? this bakery has been open for 100 years, at the same location near st. peter's church in washington square park. this was founded by a man who emigrated from italy, from which the bakery is named. this is owned and operated by this family and is run by his son, george, and his grandson, michael, and of course, josephine. they specialize in a single project. they sell 10 different varieties of this, including plant, onion, pizza, brazen, garlic,
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rosemary, and jalapeno cheese. i am said did not bring any to share. the baking starts early, although preparation starts as early as 3:00 in the morning. this is a unique bakery and a baking products, and it's frequently sold out before the afternoon. i suggest anyone who wants to get any of this show up as quickly as you can. i would like to congratulate the whole family for your generations of being small business owners in the city and for all that you have done for the stomachs of san francisco. [applause] >> i would like to thank all the supervisors were giving us this award, especially on the 100th anniversary. we went through everything
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pretty well, starting the business. my mom and dad had lived within a couple of blocks of the bakery all their lives. we have been through all the changes, we left the area. this is really an honor. thank you, all of you. [applause] >> the next presentation is from supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: i would like
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to call up julianna and celia, the sisters of -- and reverent d gordon of the ingleside church. the award today, recognition goes to cafe de milanio. milanio duarte, who just passed away, ran the cafe de milanio on ocean avenue. we want to make certain that people recognize the great contributions that he made over the years. i have the pleasure of getting to know him over the years, over the last couple of years, and i found to be a wonderful person
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to have. he brought by a lot of people to share his love for music, and for dance, food and coffee. he took so much pride in his work, we had a memorial service for him at the presbyterian church. i have preceded him for so much and i got to see a different aspect of what he was about in terms of the community, the number of people he inspired with his love of music and dance, how he loved to raise children in his cafe, for the parents who lived close by, and the contributions he made in the world. this is what he was looking at, around the world. he spoke many languages. he gave so much to the community, that they will
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continue on. even after he has passed away. that is the great legacy. the cafe will continue to provide a space for people to enjoy good food, and each other's company. i just got here about a month and a half ago and, you have the cafes and people enjoyed each other's company. they present the same kind of feeling. it is rare in this country. to see the cafe continuing, we look at what we can create in terms of the community space on ocean avenue. i want to thank the family for keeping the cafe open.