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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to live coverage of the meeting. the first speaker? [speaking foreign language]
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>> our supervisor -- i am here today to try to give a nice welcome to mr. bryan. he is one fan of -- he has been beaten up and for the office for our supervisor, we would try to make it a meeting between the responsible board that protects the supervisor and mr. bryan. at least we ca ngive him a warm
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welcome, for him and his city. i would like to thank everyone who made the meeting. he would like to fight like me and many others. this is the time -- we have 36 men and women who tried to run, and who are these people. what does it -- what do they want to do? i want to know, like anyone else. they are going to lift us -- this is in america. we have the americans -- for everything that we need to buy. this is made in china. where are the americans?
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less see your own business, your own brand. these people run for the district assembly, and several of them, that will run for sheriff. i wish to see them and what they plan to do. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. don't give money to this foundation or take money from this foundation. you know that privatisation goes hand in hand with the violations of open government provisions. graft and secrecy are two sides of the same coin. privatization is basically the grifters planning to beat -- pretending to be benefactors, and abuse of the public is what
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makes it work. as long as money is more important than long-term accountability, thieves and liars will always be in charge. the library commission has become the most egregious sunshine by later in the city of san francisco because the accountability and democracy and with the donors do with their money, when the president of the library commission violated the right to make public comment, the sunshine task force found violations so egregious that this was a willful violation of the requirements. after being referred to by the ethics commission, they found conduct -- below the standard of decency, good faith and right actions, required of all public officials. the violator was reelected as the president of this library commission. the victim was not myself, but
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it could have been anyone. it has begun -- begun -- become typical, because this is part of privatizing the most democratic institutions. letters to the sun shine ordnance should reference complaint no. 100117. you know the abuse that is unleashed by allowing private uraforces with this accountabily and allies. >> thank you, the next speaker? >> hello. this is my birthday, and i come here today, as a rainbow soldier because 50 years ago, in alabama and tennessee, mississippi, president kennedy,
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he sent in the soldiers so that they could stand for freedom and lead on this in san francisco. as we know, inequality -- the equality should be for everybody. this should exist for everyone. at the anti-defamation conference this weekend, i know that we can wear in many ways, and what they have here is very interesting. this is great and this is my birthday month and i want everyone to be happy. i am happy that the rainbows are out there. i said, thank god, he put the rainbows at all market street. normally they would be there in june. i will celebrate the whole month of may, with the mayflower's and
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everything goes. i am happy. i will turn 50 years old. so enjoy my birthday, small business -- this is just going to be going on. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to all the mayflower people. summer is coming. thank you, board of supervisors. >> next speaker? >> screen. >> sfgtv, please. thank you. >> there was an article in the
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paper the other day, and i am cabdriver, a native of san francisco. i am the small businessman. however, from what i've just heard from supervised weiner, he doens't care about a cab driver. 8 years with no increase in income. eight years of decrease in the income. this is 17,000 small-time businessmen, not big companies, were a couple of big companies, maybe three. as a small businessman, i think that i came here during this meeting, when he is so highly praised. but there is no small businessman and a cab driver. this is one cab and one person.
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he ticks up customers at the rest of his life. and the degradation of the city. the city has kept us down the road sometimes, but i remember -- this could not be any worse than the tax commission. mta does not mix with water. they are driven by oil. i am not alone. there are plenty of people and co-workers that have been disenfranchised. i am going to be the first to tell you, we are going to strike. and if i did not get agreement on this, i will make an agreement on this. i want to be the first to tell you. i can directly from the meeting of the mass transit authority. i would like to sit down with each commissioner to explain
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this situation. but i do not have the time. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, members of the board. thank you for the chance to speak to you today. i am happy to know that the seven cisco board of supervisors as recognizing lyme awareness month. we recognize people who had full citizenship denied to them. doctors who were not welcome to practice anywhere else found a place in this progressive city. i will tell you about the present day lives of these patients. the life of one of these people is a life of extreme isolation. this is a life of great pain. this is spent fighting for access to care. we live in a system where insurance companies -- there
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rules failed to recognize the complex and serious nature of this illness. the cut of treatment at 28 days. this leaves many patients to relax. i have lived this life. i was infected entreated according to these rules. i became very sick but i was not able to get out of bed for five years. i came here to san francisco, and i found a doctor practicing in this city, this city that has been a safe haven for so many things vital to the cultural and health lives of the people of the world. i am dwell on the road to recovery. i am here to ask the supervisors to continue to lead the way in addressing the wrongdoing. extend the state medical practice act to the san francisco physician. you can give them a safe harbor
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that they need to continue to treat patients of lyme disease. make it against the law for insurance companies subject to this ordnance to deny coverage for treatment. thank you for your recognition of lime awareness. and a recognition of human rights. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i am darcy, a psychotherap ist, here to speak on lyme awareness. one area i treat his chronic illness. it is difficult to diagnose illness. there are illnesses that are really misunderstood by the general public, and done -- misunderstood in the medical community. i see people come privately, and
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i also see people who were the victims of crime programs, and i am also contract with the city and county of san francisco to see them through behavioral health access. i am here to try to raise awareness about the financial cost to san francisco and not really addressing this illness. i have had many patients, and i have to be careful of confidentiality, because i treat some of the people with this illness. i feel very confident that they have this, and i speak to their psychiatrist and the primary care doctor. they have been tested for lupus, they have been tested for rheumatoid arthritis. they go to dermatologists, and i cannot get them to test them for lyme disease or to take this seriously when i bring this up. i am here to say that something
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seriously needs to be done about educating the doctors -- the psychiatrists and the therapists treating these patients. thank you. >> i am line disease patient advocate. we have heard about wonderful small businesses, and the first- ever want to say is that if someone gets line disease, they may have a difficult time working. many of them have to retire or go on disability. it does really matter. please learn about this issue we are talking about today. i want to thank the supervisor, supervisor kim for naming this lyme disease awareness month. young ticks the size of poppyseeds emerge everywhere, looking for a blood meal. they will bite any animal.
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if they are infected we and our pets can become ill. there'll be a fixture on vegetation and on wood, and animals, and this may be infected. i know seven people who have contract lyme disease in san francisco so far. the locations are marine and golden gate park, a backyard -- and diamond kites. how this happened is that people were walking around, or there were wild animals like raccoons playing around the property, or trimming the hedges. that is what we heard about the infections. we need to learn everything that we can about this because this is everywhere. this is an epidemic in the bay area and beyond.
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it is important to go to the california live disease association website to learn everything that we can about this. also, and there is >> thank you very much. the next speaker? what's i am walter -- >> i am walter. we have an antique bottle from 1911. they cut down on the alcohol. welcome to the city. we've got races funs and games. we want better change. welcome to the city. welcome to the city. we've got president chiu.
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happy anniversay from your parents. welcome to the city. welcome to the jungle. we got weather good. you'd like to take it with you if you could. welcome to the jungle. you're going to take the business lead. welcome to the city. we've got mayor lee. and if you're really good. he'll give you the city key. welcome to the jungle. make it the best you can be. welcome to the city. businesstime takes a business lead. welcome to the city. i know you'll get all you need. welcome to the city today.
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>> hi. i am sumer shields. i am here as a congressional candidate but also a representative of the political action committee. i wanted to give you something to take with you. there are a couple of different things here. i hear the demands and the board of supervisors. a resolution calling on the federal government to put in place banking regulations, glass seigel. there will not be a recovery for the budget crisis without federal regulations separating investment from commercial banks. there is not going to be -- there is not going to be any
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solution right now for the economic crisis on the united states. san francisco has a budget crisis and you have california, they are bankrupt. the country of the united states is bankrupt. if you cannot have a federal resolution to this crisis, this is to free up the kind of credit that you need. we will not have the united states if we do not go with the kinds of banking regulations. we have $17 trillion in this bailout and we're looking at hyperinflation. we have to take this into account. that cannot be any end to this until we end the bailout. once you free this up, you are in the position when you can invest long-term investments and
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credit into the very things we require, when you lose industry -- you lose the ability to continue to exist as a country. right now, what we're doing and what i am do with my congressional campaign is a way to save the nation before the election in 2012. this will be done on an emergency basis. i ask you to put the emergency resolution in place. despite all differences. thank you. >> the next speaker? >> i am a representative of the political action committee, i am here to understand for the summer for the immediate restoration of glass seigel,
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which has been put on the table, and this comes in the context of the world being hit with not only seismic earthquakes and whether, whether storms, but also economic and political turbulence. we have seen that the states, in the case of the nine states have not been able to deal with these kinds of problems. we have the major flooding of the mississippi river and this is threatening the food storage and production of the united states. and also the devastation of families and businesses. businesses that have been struggling to stay around, and
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on top of these things, obama has committed to another bailout, a continuation of the infinite bailout policy of the george bush and now the barack obama administrations. and the cities and municipalities -- they are a loss for how to help their constituents, who experience -- experience great anguish with no relief because we do not have the ability to do this. the intense to not exist to solve these problems. and so, we have a very -- i am out of time. thank you very much. >> i am a member of this active
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-- this political action committee and i want to talk about this legislation. this is necessary and a means by which we can protect our nation, and its principals. president roosevelt first used this in 1933, to fight the oppression that existed at that time, and also to fight the collapse in wall street that happen in 1929. this legislation is being put in front of congress right now.
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this will prevent the continued abuse of the nation and the potential destruction of the -- and the principal that this is based upon is the constitution, which was primarily introduced by benjamin franklin and alexander hamilton, and there is the principle of the general welfare, this is for us and our prosperity. unfortunately, we're being attacked by our oldest enemy, and this is the monetary terrorists who continue to do this today.
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as a result, we have -- >> the next speaker? >> you want to save small business? are you seriously? how do you save the small business? take a guess, one of you. can congress answer this question? can one person here answer this question? glass steigel. "too big to fail" will gobble up every small business in america. if you want to show true support, you can call nancy pelosi and said that there is a bill in congress and we want to protect our small businesses.
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can you endorse this and sponsored the legislation? and she would say, she likes small business. but will sheet endorse and sponsor this? the question is, will you put the pressure on her to do this? and the same is true with the other senators and congressman. the question existing for the survival of the united states -- we are bailing out trillions of dollars in derivative markets because the investment houses have merged with the commercial banks and are too big to fail. the derivatives markets -- how will you bail out this much money? except by killing the state?
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slashing the budget. we have domenic -- what's the next speaker? >> i would like to take this opportunity to thank the oversight committee for the recent hearing of the hospital. many of our neighbors are waiting for the supervisor to address what is really going on. all that we get is, no comment. and i kind of wonder what is going on, myself. i would also like to say -- we are aware of the recent headlines, the first of these, this regard said francisco
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general hospital. the second headline is that the cafeteria inspections are not on the menu. i am certain that this is interesting to everyone sitting here. the next, and -- i am very impressed that the local people in san francisco actually deal with this subject. i thought that i was the only one. i am impressed with the speakers. my last comment deals with why we are still talking on public comment at the very end of the agenda. i am under the impression is because the end of the agenda is to minimize the comments made by the public. call me a suspicious person. i have a feeling that i am
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correct and the real agenda is to minimize the comments of the public. i would like to recommend that this be held somewhere in the middle to give them a fair chance to comment in front of a real audience, rather than board people. >> good afternoon. i think it would be a tremendous mistake tie in a taxi meter increase, to improve taxi service, despite how badly this will be needed. it has been eight years since we have had an increase in the meters. this is the way that the drivers earn their money. this is a low-paying job and a difficult job and this has been