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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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and i cannot get them to test them for lyme disease or to take this seriously when i bring this up. i am here to say that something seriously needs to be done about educating the doctors -- the psychiatrists and the therapists treating these patients. thank you. >> i am line disease patient advocate. we have heard about wonderful small businesses, and the first- ever want to say is that if someone gets line disease, they may have a difficult time working. many of them have to retire or go on disability. it does really matter. please learn about this issue we are talking about today. i want to thank the supervisor, supervisor kim for naming this lyme disease awareness month.
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young ticks the size of poppyseeds emerge everywhere, looking for a blood meal. they will bite any animal. if they are infected we and our pets can become ill. there'll be a fixture on vegetation and on wood, and animals, and this may be infected. i know seven people who have contract lyme disease in san francisco so far. the locations are marine and golden gate park, a backyard -- and diamond kites. how this happened is that people were walking around, or there were wild animals like raccoons playing around the property, or trimming the hedges. that is what we heard about the infections.
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we need to learn everything that we can about this because this is everywhere. this is an epidemic in the bay area and beyond. it is important to go to the california live disease association website to learn everything that we can about this. also, and there is >> thank you very much. the next speaker? what's i am walter -- >> i am walter. we have an antique bottle from 1911. they cut down on the alcohol. welcome to the city. we've got races funs and
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games. we want better change. welcome to the city. welcome to the city. we've got president chiu. happy anniversay from your parents. welcome to the city. welcome to the jungle. we got weather good. you'd like to take it with you if you could. welcome to the jungle. you're going to take the business lead. welcome to the city. we've got mayor lee. and if you're really good. he'll give you the city key. welcome to the jungle. make it the best you can be. welcome to the city. businesstime takes a business
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lead. welcome to the city. i know you'll get all you need. welcome to the city today. >> hi. i am sumer shields. i am here as a congressional candidate but also a representative of the political action committee. i wanted to give you something to take with you. there are a couple of different things here. i hear the demands and the board of supervisors. a resolution calling on the federal government to put in place banking regulations, glass seigel. there will not be a recovery for the budget crisis without
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federal regulations separating investment from commercial banks. there is not going to be -- there is not going to be any solution right now for the economic crisis on the united states. san francisco has a budget crisis and you have california, they are bankrupt. the country of the united states is bankrupt. if you cannot have a federal resolution to this crisis, this is to free up the kind of credit that you need. we will not have the united states if we do not go with the kinds of banking regulations. we have $17 trillion in this bailout and we're looking at hyperinflation. we have to take this into account. that cannot be any end to this
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until we end the bailout. once you free this up, you are in the position when you can invest long-term investments and credit into the very things we require, when you lose industry -- you lose the ability to continue to exist as a country. right now, what we're doing and what i am do with my congressional campaign is a way to save the nation before the election in 2012. this will be done on an emergency basis. i ask you to put the emergency resolution in place. despite all differences. thank you. >> the next speaker?
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>> i am a representative of the political action committee, i am here to understand for the summer for the immediate restoration of glass seigel, which has been put on the table, and this comes in the context of the world being hit with not only seismic earthquakes and whether, whether storms, but also economic and political turbulence. we have seen that the states, in the case of the nine states have not been able to deal with these kinds of problems. we have the major flooding of the mississippi river and this is threatening the food storage and production of the united
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states. and also the devastation of families and businesses. businesses that have been struggling to stay around, and on top of these things, obama has committed to another bailout, a continuation of the infinite bailout policy of the george bush and now the barack obama administrations. and the cities and municipalities -- they are a loss for how to help their constituents, who experience -- experience great anguish with no relief because we do not have the ability to do this. the intense to not exist to solve these problems. and so, we have a very -- i am
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out of time. thank you very much. >> i am a member of this active -- this political action committee and i want to talk about this legislation. this is necessary and a means by which we can protect our nation, and its principals. president roosevelt first used this in 1933, to fight the oppression that existed at that time, and also to fight the collapse in wall street that happen in 1929.
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this legislation is being put in front of congress right now. this will prevent the continued abuse of the nation and the potential destruction of the -- and the principal that this is based upon is the constitution, which was primarily introduced by benjamin franklin and alexander hamilton, and there is the principle of the general welfare, this is for us and our prosperity. unfortunately, we're being attacked by our oldest enemy, and this is the monetary
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terrorists who continue to do this today. as a result, we have -- >> the next speaker? >> you want to save small business? are you seriously? how do you save the small business? take a guess, one of you. can congress answer this question? can one person here answer this question? glass steigel. "too big to fail" will gobble up every small business in america. if you want to show true support, you can call nancy pelosi and said that there is a
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bill in congress and we want to protect our small businesses. can you endorse this and sponsored the legislation? and she would say, she likes small business. but will sheet endorse and sponsor this? the question is, will you put the pressure on her to do this? and the same is true with the other senators and congressman. the question existing for the survival of the united states -- we are bailing out trillions of dollars in derivative markets because the investment houses have merged with the commercial banks and are too big to fail. the derivatives markets -- how
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will you bail out this much money? except by killing the state? slashing the budget. we have domenic -- what's the next speaker? >> i would like to take this opportunity to thank the oversight committee for the recent hearing of the hospital. many of our neighbors are waiting for the supervisor to address what is really going on. all that we get is, no comment. and i kind of wonder what is going on, myself. i would also like to say -- we
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are aware of the recent headlines, the first of these, this regard said francisco general hospital. the second headline is that the cafeteria inspections are not on the menu. i am certain that this is interesting to everyone sitting here. the next, and -- i am very impressed that the local people in san francisco actually deal with this subject. i thought that i was the only one. i am impressed with the speakers. my last comment deals with why we are still talking on public comment at the very end of the agenda. i am under the impression is
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because the end of the agenda is to minimize the comments made by the public. call me a suspicious person. i have a feeling that i am correct and the real agenda is to minimize the comments of the public. i would like to recommend that this be held somewhere in the middle to give them a fair chance to comment in front of a real audience, rather than board people. >> good afternoon. i think it would be a tremendous mistake tie in a taxi meter increase, to improve taxi service, despite how badly this will be needed. it has been eight years since we have had an increase in the meters.
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this is the way that the drivers earn their money. this is a low-paying job and a difficult job and this has been over eight years. imagine any union not getting an increase for eight years? it's inconceivable. this is our collective bargaining. we don't get collective bargaining, we have to come to you. 19% increase in the cost of living since that last raise. gate's gone up $.12 since that last raise. one single quarter added to the meet for the all that time. gas gone up 153%. it was $1.69 at the time of the last meter raise. as of last night it was -- last week it was $4.28.
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and even drivers who are now driving hybrid cabs are paying substantially more for gas than they were paying in a gas guzzler in 2003. and now the m.t.a. has stuck drivers with 5% credit card fees that for the past 14 years have been the responsibility of cab companies. so whatever the deficiencies of service, don't hold this against the driver. don't hold drivers hostage to that. drivers are very angry about a lot of things and don't add this. thank you. >> good afternoon, president chiu and member of the board of superviseors. my name is john caldera, i'm a board apointed member of the san francisco veterans affairs commission. i want to thank you for my reappointment and also the next action item introduced by
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president chiu, the filipino veterans act. i thank you very much. it is never too late to end a discrimination. while i'm on the subject matter of veterans, if i may please activate the tv -- on maye 1, when osama bin laden was killed, my veterans' organization hosted an event in the veterans building across the street in reference to vetens -- veterans' suicide. 18 veterans commit suicide every day. that's not just returning iraq and afghanistan veterans. right now we're seeing an epidemic of seniors who did not want to become a burden to their famries taking their lives. i come to you as a member of the veterans affairs commission to ask you, when you get report -- confronted by reporters in the chambers ask them, when was the last time you wrote a story
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about veterans? when was the last time you wrote a story about veterans committing suicide? and finally, what are you doing on memorial day, on monday, maye 30? i invite each and every one of you to come and honor our veterans. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i admire you all for your stamina. i am steve nozell, also on the veterans affairs commission, i want to take a moment to thank president chiu and the entire board for your consideration of item 46, supporting -- in support of the filipino veterans fairness act, i have read the resolution that you folks have offered, it just about mirrors word for word our own resolution passed and
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forwarded to you as a recommendation by the veterans affairs commission. it's time for this important piece of legislation to get a good push from not only san francisco, but from our own representatives all over california, the entire california caucus. the only way it has a chance of passing in this time of austerity is a big push to have the congress do something that has finally arrived at the right time to do it, at long last, this very long wait to finally do the right thing. i'd like to end by introducing our own commissioner, reginald maldonado, who happens to be one of the selfsame filipino veterans who fought as a young boy in defense of our country and he may be one that benefits by this legislation if it gets passed, but that's not the
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reason we're asking for it, it will help all veterans in our community. thank you. thank you. board of supervisors, president chiu, thank you so much for giving us the chance to having this public hearing and thank you for your mirror resolution that reflects the belief that this was presented by the speaker. we shall look forward that you will pass the resolution in due time to help us. to help the approval of all the veterans that have not been recognized for 65 years, that
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it's being presented to the congress and nothing was done. 65 years. probably there's nothing that the government will understand, the trillions of dollars that was spent somewhere but they never paid us, ill like to thank the board and all the members. thank you so much and the lord be with you all. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is ace washington.
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excuse me my attire today but i'm ripping and running for the different meetings, i was upstairs for the m.t.a. one thing we want to make perfectly clear, there is a state of emergency here in san francisco of the african-american existence. it don't take no rocket scientist to understand what i'm saying. look at this equation. all the benefits from the 50% hiring, from the american company, and all these benefits, all these jobs you're going to start sending down the line, look at this number. african-americans, blacks are going town and in a few yearsing all the benefits for san francisco residents are going up. what's wrong with that equation? ladies and gentlemen, i'm here to tell you, there is a conspiracy that's been going on before i was even born, but
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there is more -- a conspiracy right now as we speak, here at city hall and i'm going to prove it, y'all, because i've been in it y'all, i've been here over 20 years, documenting this, picture taking, been discriminated against, arrested, but i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. i'm going to give my young brothers and sisters in my community in the western addition, right now our center, it's not going to be closed down but that whole structure is gone. under the leadership of reverend brown, of others, i'm not scared to say it. i am going to prove that there is conspiracy to eliminate the african-american presence in san francisco. why? because we are insignificant right now. our voters are insignificant. all of y'all running, everybody is running for things, but
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we're not involved in it. [inaudible] >> thank you. next speaker. >> president chiu, members of the council, i wore this shirt on purpose not because i believe that the world will end on the 21st, but it might, and i'd like to draw as much attention to myself as i possibly can so i can speak to as many people as i can about the gospel and i hope he does come back because i'm ready. my sins are washed away. now jesus, he said, if you hear what i tell you, and you do what i tell you, you're like a wise man that builds your house on a rock. and the rains came and the flood came and the winds blew upon that house and it held strong because it was founded on the rock. but if you don't do what i tell you, you just hear my words and don't obey me, you're like a
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foolish man who built his house on the sand. i'm telling you, one of these days, judgment day is going to come. this is the way it's going to be. god is just. i was cleaning the carpet today, i guess schwarzenegger has a love child with somebody, i feel sorry for his wife and kids but isn't it strange in this world that generally, they don't want to talk about christians, i said to abc and nbc, do you want to put me on the news and talk about my shirt? they said, get out of here. christians are not mentioned but when somebody does something wrong, we talk about god's law. we don't specifically say, don't commit zultry. by snage getting caught, we're say -- by schwarzenegger getting caught, we're saying that's wrong. when former mayor newsom get caught, he said i let the people down he knew it was wrong.
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god's law is written on everybody's heart. nobody obeys god. you have to have christ's cricheseness imputed to you. -- christ's righteousness imputed to you. >> thank you. are there any other members whofe -- of the public who wish to speak in general public comments? seeing none, general public comments is closed. could you please read the adoption of the reference calendar. >> items 46 through 53 are being considered for immediate adoption, they will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. if a member asked for discussion of an item, it will be discussed separately. >> i would like to sever item 46. seeing none if we could take an -- a roll call on items 47 through 53. >> supervisor elsburg. aye. supervisor kim.
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kim, aye. supervisor march, aye. supervisor mirkarimi, yea. supervisor weiner, aye. supervisor, avalos, aye. supervisor chu, aye. president chiu, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> thank you, madam clerk could you call item 47. >> item 47 is a resolution proclaiming maye 15 through maye 21 -- >> actually i had severed item 46. >> item 46, resolution supporting the filipino veterans fairness act of 2011. >> i want to thank the veterans who came to speak in support of this resolution. i think many of you are familiar with the problems facing our veterans. this has been such an injustice
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for so many year the fact that we had over a quarter million filipinos that helped serve alongside u.s. allied forces in world war ii, for decades they have asked for the promises that the u.s. government supported, we do have a congresswoman that helps to represent our bay area who is pushing to make sure that the few surviving fill pee ne veterans that have been denied these benefits will be able to someday see justice and i wanted us to hopefully be on the record to support our vets and our filipino veterans. with that i ask for support of this measure. >> supervisor cohen. supervisor cohen: thank you very much. i would like to join co-sponsorship of the resolution with president chiu in honoring and acknowledging the ongoing struggle of filipino american veterans have been facing and i would like to give voice to not only the filipino men that served our country but also the filipino