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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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coffee. you will go for cheesecake. this is the best that you will ever have. and just to give you a little bit about that this place -- i figured, we will do a search -- what will i find? there is actually a clip that shows you how to slice a piece of their cheesecake. this is actually a very delicate operation. when he sells this cheesecake, this comes with a piece of fish wire. that is what used to cut this. this is just amazing. i suppose this is appropriate to be the last one. a couple of view -- i can see that she has had a couple of these in her time.
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this is just fantastic. let me also throw out -- if there is one thing that brings him together with me, it is this cheesecake. not too far from where he lives, he would agree that this is the best cheesecake around. this is just phenomenal. what most like is that there is such reverence to the cheesecake. just from the customers, this is the utmost respect for the great craft that you have developed. and it is phenomenal and it is lucky that we have you in san francisco. the reviews of the people who purchased them and take them around the world, to their friends and family because they
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are so amazing. thank you for everything that you have done, or all the customers. and we hope that you do this for another 30 years. [applause] [applause] >> supervisor, i thank you very much. this is an honor for both joyce, my wife, and i. to be a part o fthis with all
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these wonderful people. you do add to the spice of this great city. you were talking about the cheese cake. it is a bridge that brings us together. we all need this. if this is cheesecake or pizza, or taking care of the -- the contractor. this is just a wonderful -- all the stories are great and we are happy to be here with all of you. thank you. [applause] >> i feel like we need a dinner break before the rest of our agenda.
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we have a couple of quick presentations. the first is to mayor lee. jason elliot. >> cesar vasquez, come up. [applause] this is the family on business since the establishment and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. the mayor is joined by supervisor campos in honoring today. they sell fresh meat and specially prepared dishes. you and your family have donated food to support the mission educational project, and the 24th street merchants and neighborhood association. if i could live a cut -- if i could read a couple
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proclamations from the mayor. as san francisco is proud of the role that you play in the economic development, you provide jobs and opportunity for the residence, with a new and established families in the mission district. you are an indictable resources and a community partner, a true inspiration to everyone. be it resolved that i, the mayor of the city of san francisco proclaim may 17, 2011 as la -- day in san francisco. >> i would like to thank the mayor, especially for this honor. i would like to thank the director.
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director campos. my family has been at this ever since. this has been a real honor to be part of san francisco and what we do, and this is and ought to be part of the small business commission, and this is a great honor to be here tonight. this is very flattering. thank you very much. >> it is my honor to present the last two certificates of honor
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of the day. the present small business commission, 90% of all the businesses in our city are small businesses. it was not until 2007 that the city and county of san francisco created the office of small business to serve all of you. there are only four staffers working for the office. and i hope that we can continue to think about increasing this office with a budget compensation. we have an incredibly -- an incredible executive director, please give them a round of applause. they're not the people i am about to recognize. the individuals i will recognize are responsible for assisting 2600 existing small businesses per year, and this is an incredible number.
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thousands of businesses come to city hall with their questions. they worked tirelessly every day to provide tremendous customer service to the businesses that are creating jobs and building the economy today. these individuals are fluent in chinese and spanish and have provided a tremendous outreach to the latino and the chinese and asian communities. everyone of us have probably referred dozens of cases to these individuals. can you join me in thanking couple of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. it is my pleasure to introduce -- to present you with certificates of honor. >> thank you. i hope you do not mind that i prepared some notes.
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thank you, members of the board of supervisors. i am honored to take this award on behalf of the small business center. i am proud of what we are able to accomplish and the services that we're able to provide to the san francisco community with a limited staff. last year we had 2600 cases, up from 1200 in 2008. in this economy, we have had to do more with less. this is the reason that we believe in the work that we do and the importance of the assistance center. this is where we are humbled by the recognition because this shows us that you do as well. we're able to provide services in spanish and mandarin, and in chinese. thank you for including language to require the center
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to offer more of these services. this is an important component of the work. articulately during this time of the lawsuits, as previously mentioned. i think i speak for everyone when i say, when i say that we enjoy the work that we do, and we are ready and willing to help the small businesses in any way that we can. we look for to continue working with you and your staff, thank you and now, -- we thank you as well. >> i was going to break out in song but i will spare you. i have prepared some notes on my cellular phone.
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i will thank president chu and all the board of supervisors. i never imagined i would be working for the government. i have been a small-business owner for six years. it is an honor to help the small business owners today. and let them know what i have gone through, let them know about some of the mistakes that i have made. it is easy to come to work every day when you love what you do and you are passionate about this. we serve thousands of clients every year at the office, and i will give you a sample of some of the cases that we encounter on a daily basis. there was a family of four who came to me, a couple of kids with mom and dad. the parents have both lost their jobs and did not know where to turn.
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they thought that they should start cleaning business. so they came to the office and said, how do i start a cleaning business for the city of san francisco? i went through this with them and gave them the applications, the business registrations and the tax collector's office, the fictitious business name. and then we spoke about the different resources that are available for the non-profit organization. we can help them put together a business plan. i felt really good about what i did. it felt like i was able to help them create true jobs in the city. and this happened a lot, where families come in, when both of the parents have lost their jobs. we also have it -- had a case with the supervisor chu.
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the landlord was taking advantage of him because he could not speak english. we were able to get the legal resources to assist them, and now they are on call to serve the neighborhood. it had been a shame to see them take advantage of because they did not speak the language. they actually help another business that came into the office wanting to purchase a hookah lounge. this is not allowed in san francisco. he was happy he learned about this legislation, and as supervisor chu mentioned, we're working with businesses that have faced these lawsuits and we have several businesses who have called us and ask for assistance. all of these results are achieved by the hard work of the
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office. at the same time, this is the collaboration between this office and many of you, many members of the board of supervisors and many of the city departments that we work very closely with and a lot of the nonprofits i mentioned earlier that provide a ton of resources to small businesses, and soap -- last but not least, i would like to say that a lot of people, when they find out that the office of small business is the department of people including the director -- there often surprised. i say that we are small but we are mighty. and i would like to say a few words in chinese to reach out to my chinese constituents. [speaking chinese]
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[applause] >> supervisors, i am the vice- president of the small business commission and i want to thank each and everyone of you for the great selections that you have made today. it makes me proud to live in san francisco. i want to acknowledge supervisor avalos for waiving the permitting fees at all of you for approving this. as presence of the merchants of upper market and the castro,
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this is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. this is a draw not only for my neighborhood but the route the city and i thank you for putting forward this legislation. i want to thank you for your proclamation yesterday, to begin small business week. this was at the of that last night and we had over 2000 small business participants there last night. mirkarimi and weiner were there. i want to talk about my fellow commissioners who are here today, regina and her staff. they do an incredible job for the city of san francisco. i want to thank all of you. i am just in proud that we have a board of supervisors that support small business, and on behalf of the small business commission, i want to thank you
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for your tireless worker. thank you very much. >> i want to thank you for being here. this does conclude this session. at the small business week. -- happy small business week. we have a little bit more business to conduct, if you can leave the chamber quietly this would be appreciated. we should move out the general public comment. >> this is the opportunity for members of the public to address the board for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the board, including those items being considered for unanimous adoption, but excluding those that have already been considered by the committee. they may address the board for two minutes and each member of
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the public will be given the same number of minutes to speak except for those using translation assistant. they will be allowed to testify for twice this time. if you would like a document be displayed on the overhead projector, please save this and remove the documents and return to live coverage of the meeting. the first speaker? [speaking foreign language]
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>> our supervisor -- i am here today to try to give a nice welcome to mr. bryan. he is one fan of -- he has been beaten up and for the office for our supervisor, we would try to
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make it a meeting between the responsible board that protects the supervisor and mr. bryan. at least we ca ngive him a warm welcome, for him and his city. i would like to thank everyone who made the meeting. he would like to fight like me and many others. this is the time -- we have 36 men and women who tried to run, and who are these people. what does it -- what do they want to do? i want to know, like anyone
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else. they are going to lift us -- this is in america. we have the americans -- for everything that we need to buy. this is made in china. where are the americans? less see your own business, your own brand. these people run for the district assembly, and several of them, that will run for sheriff. i wish to see them and what they plan to do. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. don't give money to this foundation or take money from this foundation. you know that privatisation goes
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hand in hand with the violations of open government provisions. graft and secrecy are two sides of the same coin. privatization is basically the grifters planning to beat -- pretending to be benefactors, and abuse of the public is what makes it work. as long as money is more important than long-term accountability, thieves and liars will always be in charge. the library commission has become the most egregious sunshine by later in the city of san francisco because the accountability and democracy and with the donors do with their money, when the president of the library commission violated the right to make public comment, the sunshine task force found violations so egregious that this was a willful violation of the requirements. after being referred to by the ethics commission, they found
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conduct -- below the standard of decency, good faith and right actions, required of all public officials. the violator was reelected as the president of this library commission. the victim was not myself, but it could have been anyone. it has begun -- begun -- become typical, because this is part of privatizing the most democratic institutions. letters to the sun shine ordnance should reference complaint no. 100117. you know the abuse that is unleashed by allowing private uraforces with this accountabily and allies. >> thank you, the next speaker? >> hello.
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this is my birthday, and i come here today, as a rainbow soldier because 50 years ago, in alabama and tennessee, mississippi, president kennedy, he sent in the soldiers so that they could stand for freedom and lead on this in san francisco. as we know, inequality -- the equality should be for everybody. this should exist for everyone. at the anti-defamation conference this weekend, i know that we can wear in many ways, and what they have here is very interesting. this is great and this is my birthday month and i want
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everyone to be happy. i am happy that the rainbows are out there. i said, thank god, he put the rainbows at all market street. normally they would be there in june. i will celebrate the whole month of may, with the mayflower's and everything goes. i am happy. i will turn 50 years old. so enjoy my birthday, small business -- this is just going to be going on. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to all the mayflower people. summer is coming. thank you, board of supervisors.
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>> next speaker? >> screen. >> sfgtv, please. thank you. >> there was an article in the paper the other day, and i am cabdriver, a native of san francisco. i am the small businessman. however, from what i've just heard from supervised weiner, he doens't care about a cab driver. 8 years with no increase in income. eight years of decrease in the income. this is 17,000 small-time businessmen, not big companies, were a couple of big companies,
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maybe three. as a small businessman, i think that i came here during this meeting, when he is so highly praised. but there is no small businessman and a cab driver. this is one cab and one person. he ticks up customers at the rest of his life. and the degradation of the city. the city has kept us down the road sometimes, but i remember -- this could not be any worse than the tax commission. mta does not mix with water. they are driven by oil. i am not alone. there are plenty of people and co-workers that have been disenfranchised. i am going to be the first to tell you, we are going to
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strike. and if i did not get agreement on this, i will make an agreement on this. i want to be the first to tell you. i can directly from the meeting of the mass transit authority. i would like to sit down with each commissioner to explain this situation. but i do not have the time. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, members of the board. thank you for the chance to speak to you today. i am happy to know that the seven cisco board of supervisors as recognizing lyme awareness month. we recognize people who had full citizenship denied to them. doctors who were not welcome to practice anywhere else found a place in this progressive city.
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i will tell you about the present day lives of these patients. the life of one of these people is a life of extreme isolation. this is a life of great pain. this is spent fighting for access to care. we live in a system where insurance companies -- there rules failed to recognize the complex and serious nature of this illness. the cut of treatment at 28 days. this leaves many patients to relax. i have lived this life. i was infected entreated according to these rules. i became very sick but i was not able to get out of bed for five years. i came here to san francisco, and i found a doctor practicing in this city, this city that has been a safe haven for so many things vital to the