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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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in doing a lot of changes, or are we interested in the isa, which is, quite frankly, nt ot a very productive middle school. alongside with this feeder patently are proposing, how to make a very hard commitment to fix our middle schools and bring them to the quality that they should be. and have a really strong sense of accountability. otherwise, we are never going to meet any of our goals. just about our goals, trying to raise student achievement, eliminate or decrease racial isolation, these are very important goals of the board.
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we have been unable to do it through a full twist system. we are unable to guarantee seats in the language pathways. we have been unable to, just by looking at this data, provide this racial diversity of the socially economic diversity that we have been seeking for so long. choice and by its very nature is an equitable because there are those that don't have time to make the choice to go out and visit schools. most of the chores are in english and also to fully understand what every school has to offer and how to participate in the full choice system at a level of somebody that is much more privileged.
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it is not an easy system to navigate. i would say that i think you are right about the theory of action. because we are facing this in, because this is just a tiebreaker, it won't be phased in for many years. i think there is time to work done this. i think we to ask ourselves some hard questions. i think they bring some very good points. what about the transportation? why not, and a voice of a majority of living and we closed one middle school and we have a charter school and high- school in another.
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what is the plan for that? there are a lot of questions. it is good to hold us accountable. it is good to come out and say that the middle schools are not what they should be and that we expect much more. and the the parents need to be assured of your children will be getting much more. i advise you and encourage you to do it. i think for too long we have let things slide and around our middle schools. these are the formative years. we're seeing much more truancy in drop out at the middle school level. on our part, shame on us. i want you to hold us accountable, too. i think that defense of community, and i said that i grew up in san francisco
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unified. we went from one school to the next. my children also, i have noticed from going to a specific middle school, it is a really big transition time. not just about the middle school and the sense of responsibility of meeting new students, but your whole body is really changing. they come in and they leave about 5 foot 6. it is a hard thing friend -- to navigate. by 17 they kind of get over it. but it's a big hump. i've seen cohorts of students move with their peers that
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they have already worked things out. the working out of the little arguments. there is a sense of support there. there is a sense of support for parents also4ev and for security for students. it is a hard thing to navigate. especially a large middle school of 1200 kids. do i think our middle schools need help? i think they need desperately -- desperate help. i encourage you to help as well. having said that, i think i am in favor of this.
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it has not led us to where we need to go. i am just going to challenge all of us. it's not only our children , [unintelligible] >> on page 36, is how the tiebreakers work. the capacity of the whole school, a lot of these schools, very popular schools were filled
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with requests from the area. that is actually pretty amazing to me. i like to have sort of the analysis done that shows what would happen if the tiebreakers let you -- that you propose are in place. we can see what is different if we made the suggested change. we make that over the feeder tiebreaker. it appears to me, and i may be wrong, it looks as though if we don't do that, we can't know how many of these people that are in the area would have been fed into that school, but we can look at that. we can know that when we do this
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analysis. if, in fact it will, in the intervening years before the feeder pattern is implemented take away the tiebreaker and make it irrelevant, i would like to consider changing the priorities. that is the first thing. with all the respect, when the superintendent said if you continue to do what you have done and expect different results, the rest of that is the definition of insanity. what we have seen so far, i want to emphasize "so far." i expect this to change and i am hoping that it will. we have not seen any evidence that if you change things presuming that you will get significant results because you change them, that is not what we have seen. we have seen significant changes to the system and with results.
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we may have to define a new subsection of insanity and the like to think about that before we bring in some of these things through this proposal. we have presumed that therefore, that is the thing to refer to what you said about a planning process different than a user experience. that is what i want to try to analyze a little bit more even though it is not set. i hope to see some significant differences and it will allow us to assess whether or we will see that a different kind of behavior. as far as i can analyze his, i thank the staff of this work and i think it is much more accessible and it explains a lot more things. it also raises more questions, but in italy were presuming --
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but we were presuming if we feed them to the school, those are the kids that will end up in the middle school. but if they are not choosing the elementary school, we have to change our presumptions about what the results might be. i would like to explore in the next few weeks so i can feel assurance about what we think might happen here. i want to raise the question about how -- again, i hope nobody thinks i am being disrespectful. the staff and the district has continued to ask the question if it makes sense to invest in language pathways if we can't afford to expand. how answer is, yes it does. i do not believe that we send kids to immersion schools
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because of our evidence shows that parents don't do that because they expect them to be learning in the non-english language around the educational career. i support these programs because i believe that the language acquisition way of learning is important to them. it is the same reason kids good elementary schools in large numbers and request them. the no intention of becoming artists are going to the school of the arts. if we don't believe that language acquisition of a young age is an important way of learning, i want us to have a different discussion about the philosophical basis of this because it is what i believe. it is not the only reason. further, i believe that he will not be able to afford, in the coming few years, to expand
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these language half with a significantly into middle school. i think we need to honestly say that we are going to ask parents to make the choice between continuing a true emersion model and having electives. if somebody can explain to me how we're going to have a 7th period for all students -- and i will not support only for an immersion students. there is the horrible financial situation that confronts us. i hope we don't make this an based on presumptions that if we just keep saying we are going to do this with no resources that that means it might happen. and that i do want to say that i am glad about the idea. i know some people in this room are not, but we're talking
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about postponing the full implementation. no one in an elementary school shows that school with the expectation that it would give them an automatic entry into a middle school. those are the people that we are talking about changing the game for everybody whether they lie the proposal or they done. i am hoping that in my mind, i hope for other people that it can change some of our feeling that this is a two-sided thing that some people are winners and others are losers. people got in these elementary schools without any idea. they got their presuming that they were going to have to choose little fool. -- middle school.
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i want us to think about that and i think we do better if this is a longer transition period it will give us much more time to assess how it works and see if we want to make it less flexible or more flexible. i want to said that as one of the reasons i have been really disappointed in people that say it is a failure of communication. ridley's is a failure of perfect communication that there are people out there that have actually done things and that everybody thought this was a done deal. anybody who read an article in and listen to any community meeting should have known it was not a done deal. the last thing about k-8 schools, the presumptions about
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the popularity is a bit of a resumption. we went through a time where we encouraged the most exclusive alternative elementary schools to become k-a. the fact that most of them are schools that have been enormously popular has contributed because it served to bring off a whole other number of kids. i am making no presumptions, nor do i believe in the assertion that it is, by definition, a popular motto in our district. we've had schools. we have a little bit of the difference. we have already gone through two or three rounds that have
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failed. we have to the encouraging if a different way. -- to encourage it in ia different way. i would be wanting more changes before we do it. i am happy with some of the proposed changes. unless the staff is proposing taking of the attendance areas. it seemed crazy to me. it seemed to like you win something in your elementary schools election and you do that hardly based on the perception that you're going to get something. if you don't like it, you can win in a different way. it really is an equitable. i am happy about that and the idea that we are stretching it
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out. i would like to look at some of these. i wanted to actually mention a couple of things, like kids rode the bus across town. from elementary school to high school, the mostly went on the municipal railway and got a great education. it was not very popular when they left there. it took them out of the assignments. frankly, it was easier to get into. our experience was good.
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i have a hard time of the middle school bashing, actually. that is just my full disclosure. i want people to look at this carefully. this is very persuasive to me. what this tells me is that even though i need the information to fill this in, there is no space for these kids to fit. that is something that we have to think of this. that is important for us to do. i want to thank everybody. as you know, we will be voting on this proposal on the june 14 meeting. that is the plan at least. the of the staff and the members of the committee, lehigh -- we
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welcome your input. committee members, if we want to, we can make a recommendation on this to the full board. i would entertain a motion if you want to make one. i personally am looking for more changes. even though the as the process, i don't know it is necessary. after all, we will be making the recommendation to the same board members that are all here tonight to hear the conversation. >> i am not ready to make a recommendation at this point. >> will send it without recommendation. anything else? thank you will, the meeting is adjourned.
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-- thank you all, the meeting is adjourned.
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>> i am glad to see some many of you people survived the apocalypse. he is doing a great job here. i see you've. who else is here that i can recommend. could deceive from the redevelopment agency. los is here? could this deal, it is good to see you. we have a great celebration today because i get to a 0.12 commissioners, -- get to appoint 12 commissioners, about half of
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them are repeats. i just wanted to signify that we got the opportunity to welcome new and existing commissioners, but to let the public know even more about what we're doing. they wanted to put together something that was in the works. making sure that we have an online ability to let the public and tell all of the positions, who is serving on them, when the terms are up. decentralized online database that represents all of the commission's and all of the appointments that we have, the terms that are about to expire
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at the terms continuing are now on line for the public. all your lives are going to be much more public. we have just a diversity of the apartments and commissions to fill today. our deputy administrator is here. think you for being here. the mayor's office of housing, thank you. as henry here, too? we cover a let me. let me go through the names as we start out. thank you for being one of our new commissioners and coming aboard.
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your expertise has been in the private sector, making sure that the ordinary citizen has an understanding of our changes that we want to make. how to thank you for your ability to communicate even better put goals of our department and the environment. thank you for joining the family. we have in the veterans affairs commissions, thank you for joining back up again. and chris, you and i have talked at some length. i will personally be working with the veterans commissioned this year because of what to understand even better not only the work that the commission does the what goals we have to welcome back our troops and our people who, i think they found dignity in the work for the
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country. can define dignity as they come back here? a lot to thank the member for working with us as well. you and alexander are two of three women already on the commission. i know your expertise works making sure that there is a look at the health of our survivors and people coming back making sure that these people are critical to our approach. allowed to make sure that we also have dignified jobs for everyone that wants and can work. what to make sure that we are hooked up with our community colleges when we do that. thank you for agreeing to serve. our goal and a concourse authority. the key for serving again and helping us.
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certainly with nancy conner, thank you very much for agreeing to work with us. we're going to be working together as well because i am so interested in making sure that the music concourse is activated for the benefit of everyone in the city and to make sure that we have good approaches, to fill that area more as we are in between the two fantastic and wonderful institutions. thank you for serving on and helping me make sure that the golden gate concords gets filled and it's done right. to the housing authority, we are challenged by some money different things that affect our economy. and with housing being as
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critical as it is for those economically struggling, it is important that we have expertise. a lot to thank you for bringing your expertise interiors of commitment and your shallots and connections. lead them everywhere we can to help the housing authority. and the residence of that agency, vacuum much for of the housing authority. and of course to our new commissioners, thank you for stepping ahead and helping our report. for the many years the use serve, at the helm of their international real-estate, it will bring us tremendous talent for the port commission. think you very much for stepping up.
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thank you for being such a wonderful candidate for us. i want to thank supervisor scott wiener. you identified what we could have. and the the the mta is going to be a very big challenge for anyone that serves on that. it will be one of those years of service that are very sacrificing for all of us. i know all of you love the city in some anyways had to reflect very strongly what i feel the city needs. with that, i also want to thank our rules committee of the board of supervisors for making it a very smooth the appointment process.
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supervisors kim, elsbernd and farrell have worked with me on the rules committee to make sure that the appointees are transferred -- the transition to correctly. had received by unanimous vote of confidence that is very reflective of how we are administering government here. and the closeness with the board of supervisors. with that, please stand and we will take the oath and if you could raise your right hand and repeat after me, we will go through every one of your names and we will say that the commission you will be serving on that will go through that as well.