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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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. please kneel or be seated. i am theless recollection and the life. this is the lam of god and takes away the sins of the
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world. happy are we who are called to his supper. lord, aim not worthy to receive you, but only say the words and i shall be here. we ask you if you are catholic and you are going to receive holy communion to please follow the directions of the ushers. if you are not catholic, and you would like to have a blessing, we would like to ask you to come up to the altar and the priest will be happy to give you a blessing.
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lord, you have come to the seashore, knight searching for the rich nor the wise. desiring only that i should follow. oh, lord, with your eyes upon me, gently smiling, you have spoken my name. all i longed for i have found
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by the water. at your side, i will seek -- -- >> lord,, see my my goods, my positions, in my boat you find no power, no wealth. will you accept then my net an labor. oh, lord with your eyes upon me, gently smiling you have
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spoken my name. all i long for i have found by the water. at your side, i will seek other shores. lord, take my hand and direct them. help me spend myself in seeking the lost. returning love for the love you gave me. oh, lord, with your eyes upon me, gently smiling, you have
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spoken my name. all, i long for, i have found by the water. at your side, i will seek other shores.
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please stand. let us pray. we celebrate your son, jesus christ's death for us and his rising to eternal glory. as we celebrate in which we remember christ' suffering death andless recollection. residence recollection . we ask this through jesus christ, our lord. amen. please be seated. >> we come to that moment after communion when we have
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remembrances of those we love who have died. and first of all, i would ask edwin lee to come forward and speak on behalf of the city and we're so grateful to mayor lee who was at the hospital every day during these terrible days. we gather here today to honor lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter, paramedic anthony valerio, two dedicated firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice for our city. san francisco is truly a
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family. and today, our family mourns the loss of two of its own. and if this is a crushing blow for our city family, it is impossible for us to fathom the feelings of grief and loss for these brave men's families and patriots. lieutenant vincent perez leaves behind his loving mother, irene. and his brothers and sisters, lieu sill, and alexander as well as his late father, vincent, and late brother david. firefighter, paramedic anthony valerio who leaves behind both of his loving parents, lorraine and frank, as well as his brothers and sisters, jacqueline, donna, and marina, laura, mark, and kevin. i met with many members of
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vincent and anthony's families over the past week. some of them will be sharing their fond memories of these two courageous men later. i will say i am profoundly sorry for your loss. we offer your thoughts and prayers and we share in your pain. our thoughts are also with chief hays white as well as tom other conner, the head of our firefighter and to captain william all of the crew that engine company -- both serve z a-- served as brothers in their common goal in protecting the people of san francisco. today, we recognize the tremendous selflessness and devotion of all of our firefighters, and we are reminded that each time that we
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respond to a fire, they bravely march into the unknown and put their lives on the line for all of us. we are reminded that every time we hear the wail of a fire engine's siren, the brave men and women onboard are preparing to protect and serve us. as mayor of this great city, i want you to know that we recognize the great risk that you take in the line of duty and i want to express our cities -- city's i measurable gratitude for all that you do. these are the dark days for the city and we have experienced the great loss. when the healing begins and we start to move forward, we do so in honor of vincent and anthony. without a doubt, the greatest tribute we can make to our fallen heroes is rededicating
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ourselves at soon fran sysco's public servants committed to being and doing better because of the example we have been shown. please stop and think of all of our public safety officers in the city, the firefighters, police officers, sheriff deputies, and paramedics, and more. and these brave men and women risk their lives each and every day to protect us. i would like to take this opportunity to also acknowledge the administrators and the doctors and nurses of our general hospital who fought valiantly to save both vincent and anthony. barbara garcia, sue curren, and dr. campbell, lessee du -- leslie dubin and patricia other conner. we are proud and thankful to your service for ourty. i would like to acknowledge
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those present who have joined us today to remember our true fallen heroes and who have expressed their condolences and offers of support. democratic leader, nancy pelosi. congresswoman jackie spear, governor jerry brown. lieutenant governor goo vain newsome. attorney general pamela harris. and state senator. state assembly member. mayor willy lewis brown jr. former senator john burton. san francisco board president, david chu. supervisor. supervisor david campos.
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supervisor carmen chu. supervisor cohen. supervisor. and supervisor mark ferrell. supervisor jane kim. supervisor ross. supervisor scott weiner. and district attorney george cascon. city attorney dennis hererra. sheriff michael henesee. former supervisor. former supervisor angela. former supervisor bevin. our chief of protocol charlotte . i also want to thank all of firefighters, paramedics, and other add money straiters -- administrators of public safety organizations from throughout
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the state and our country. i want to thank our city's commissioners and our city's departments heads for all joining us. today is the day of reflection and mourning. while we honored these two brave men, we should think about how we can serve our city, our communities and our neighbors just as anthony and vincent did for so many years. thank you for joining us here today and showing your support for these two valiant men. lieutenant vincent perez, firefighter and paramedic anthonyer valerio's memories. and loving families, their communities, and within us. now, let us honor that memory in a way that reflects the tremendous pride and gratitude that we have for them.
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thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, mayor lee. we would like to do the firefighter fair wells that these two men have answered the last alarm, and our first speaker will be the captain of 26 engine. ladies and gentlemen, i have the privilege to speak today on behalf of all the members of station 26. to the perez and valerio families, please know that you are and will always be in our
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thoughts and prayers. we can only imagine the grief that is in your hearts. today, as we celebrate the lives in honor and sacrifice of our courage and brothers, we would like to take a moment to recognize those who have provided such tremendous outreach and support during this very difficult time. we give thanks to the firefighters across the nation who have sent their condolences and have donated their time preparing meals for us and our neighbors. to the firefighters who came to station 26 on friday and delivered 100 pizzas. station 26 is staffed by four members of the day, and needless to say we'll be eating pizza well into july. and to our brothers and sisters in san francisco, it has been said that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge. you have given us your strength and love during this terrible tran i did.
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we will be forever grateful. to the larger san francisco community, especially our diamond heights neighbors who have filled our firehouse with flowers and cards constantly reminding us that vainny, tony -- vinny, tony, and their families are in their thoughts. so to maxwell, who came to the firehouse this week on his third birt telling his parethe only gift he wanted was to leave a donation to his fallen heroes. most of all, we want to thank the families for the time you have spent with us this past week sharing stories, laughing, and crying. we were reflecting at the firehouse about the support we have received when one member mentioned how much vainny and tony would have enjoyed the support. vainny, for all the food you brought, for he loved to eat, and tony for all the visitors
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because he would have loved to talk to all of them. jason perez and mr. and mrs. valerio, i speak for the members of 26 and the entire file, we loved your son. and he will always be with us. god bless you, vincent perez, and anthony valerio. you have touched our lives, and we will never forget you. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. and now, i would like to introduce tom other conner, -- other' conner -- o' conner, the president of local 798, if fire
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-- the firefighter's union. family and friends, lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter tony valerio, thank you for allowing me the honor of taking part in this beautiful service to celebrate the lives of your son and your brothers. thank you for allowing me to commemorate their sacrifice and their service. and to their brothers and sisters in the san francisco fire department, to all of our colleagues in the fire service, and to all soon francis cans who are mourning this tragedy. and none of us will ever forget what happened this week. there are no words that can describe the pain and hurt that we feel. there are no words that can begin to do justice to the sacrifice that has been made. it is also difficult to put to words the lives of these men
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for they meant so much to so very many people. we can tell stories about them though, stories that help define who they were. we can share humorous stories, sharing little details such as the fact that tony had quite a gift for gab. tony could talk. and tony could talk, and when he was done, he could talk some more. i used to run into tony often out in the waters surfing. and he would paddle up. i would try to avert eye contact because i know it would be a five-hour discussion, but he would paddle up and begin to tell a story. i would catch a wave, paddle back out, tony would still be talking as if i had never left. i would catch another wave, come back out, he would still be talking. this went on and on until another firefighter who was surfing paddled up and said i never thought i would pray for a shark attack, but