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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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we have voter approval all along. we did the three charter amendments. they put together their money a little bit at a time and we passed those charter amendments. and the proposition was the major one that we passed because we wanted an independent health services system, not one being taken over by the corporation. >> the afternoon, gentlemen. i reside in san francisco and i am retired firefighter. i would like to support everything that the previous speaker remark about. i have attended many of the
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past meetings of the health services system and also the retirement board. and i reside in san francisco. i like to say not on behalf of all firefighters, but i have the pleasure and honor of sitting on the board of some of those of spoken before you. if this measure regarding the health service and system changes, i hope everybody behind me will, with every fiber, try to get this vote so that it will remain as it has. since the 2004 proposition. and i would like to pay a compliment to the last directors
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of the health board system because they have done a fantastic job on behalf of all of us, including you gentlemen that are beneficiaries of the health service system also. >> any other members of the public was to comment on this item? public comment is closed. i would like to make a motion to adopt the amendments introduced today. and if we could continue this item as amended to the special meeting tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in this room. are there any other items before this committee? seeing the end, the committee is adjourned. -- seeing none, the committee is adjourned.
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[applause] >> thank you. first of all, i want to welcome everyone here today to this great event, the final papers to really implement our new treasure island. all of the people behind me, i want to spend the time thinking them and everyone involved. when you have a project that has lasted decades, where you are working with federal agencies, the navy, all the funding that we did not have, developers that we had to make sure were together time and again with us,
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residents and had the confidence that our city could not only treat them well but also plan for their future, with them, working with them. groups such as the homeless, those on the lower end of our housing affordability. all of that has come together over decades of hard work. right up until last week, that work continued at the highest level in order to make this happen. i need to spend a moment thinking the people who have been before me in this position and other federal positions. they have their history marked in many years of essential contributions to this plan, and to the workings of the island, to the vision that is being presented today. first off, senator feinstein. i want to thank her deeply for her contributions. [applause]
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leader pelosi for giving us the funding. [applause] former mayor willie brown. his vision for the island. [applause] the only thing i have to apologize for is the casino idea. [laughter] lt. gov. gavin newsom. my predecessor. thank you for his wonderful contributions. when supervisor and now still helping us with this, former supervisor tom ammiano. thank you very much. [applause] i only carried these cards because there were so many people to think. i want to begin with the incredible city staff team that has worked for many years on this project, starting with rich ellis. [applause]
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michael temoff and john from the office of economic development. [applause] the incredible and ongoing work of our city attorney's office that has been wonderful in crafting a good language that people are not only living with on the island, but the delicate legal issues. eileen molly, charles sullivan, john malamut, andrea esquita, our city attorney's office. [applause] thank you also to your boss for giving you the time to do this. from city planning, john ram, i do not see him here. kevin guy, rick cooper, city
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planning, thank you. from the mta, i want to thank matt ford for his staff. [applause] from the puc, ed harrington, thank you for allowing us to work with mark -- michael carlin. doug schumacher, thank you for the great work you did on the office -- from the mayor's office of housing. then there are great members of our board of directors. they include, for many years, claudine chang. larry delcarlo. larry mazolo jr. lord richardson. john paul samaha.
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[applause] to members of the treasure island citizen advisory board, countless hours from our citizens involved in every way, especially the president, karen knkowles pierce. [applause] she has worked so well with the other island residents including becky hoge, john conners, and bnetty lettington. we have our organizations on treasure island, who have been working so hard for us, and of so many other important things ever present our city. including the director of the homeless initiative, sarah. [applause] thank you. member organization that are included in this initiative have been the boys and girls club of
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san francisco, catholic charities, community housing partnerships, mercy housing, rubicon, tool works, and walden house. thank you for your cooperation. [applause] and to our development partners who we have come to know, cherish, lived with, talked out a lot of issues, at the state level, local level, and of course, the treasury -- a treasure island community development. chris, thank you for being here. [applause] have i gotten everything else? i know we have other speakers here. we have a number of the board
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of supervisors that i want to thank each and everyone of them. we have jane kim, carmen chu is here, scott wiener, mark farrell. they are here as well. there may be more coming. i want to give a special thanks. i know not only gain, but her staff, has worked hard to spend the time necessary to explain to everybody but this is all about, and to also make sure the commitments that were made by the city family are actually carried out. whether they are affordable housing or transportation, or open space, parking challenges that we will face, or whether they are simple communications of what this is all about, i want to invite supervisor jane kim appeared to speak. -- up here to speak. >> thank you, mayor lee.
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i got to come to the end of a really long process, close to 14 years, of the development project, the last six months, and it is amazing how much can happen. so many people were involved in the process for many years. mayor li the enologist many of them. -- lee acknowledged many of them. tida, the citizen advisory committee. i look at developments with a careful lens because they have a huge impact on the city of san francisco and shape of our city looks like. one thing i am proud about in this project, which i cannot take credit for, is the immense community outreach and input and process them and through this development, and to talk to folks who were formerly homeless who felt like their input was heard and taken into
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account into with this new neighborhood would look like. up to 2400 units of affordable housing for the city of san francisco, something that our city definitely needs. something to be clapped for. [applause] an unprecedented number of units going to formerly homeless communities as well. sherri williams and many of the community-based organizations will continue to not only provide affordable housing but actually support the community as well. we are looking at a mixed income neighborhood in treasure island. treasure island will have an impact on the city. i want to think ross mirkarimi and david chiu for introducing some changes to the development agreements, which will help to mitigate some of these impacts. of course, the mayor's office, for being a really good partner on this project, working with our office. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, jane.
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it does take a lot of teamwork. i think we are resurging that team work in city hall. i know the work of david chiu has been instrumental in doing that. i want to get david appeared to say a few words and also to signal, and we do not get -- often get an 11-0 vote. i can remember one other -- [laughter] david, you have been working so hard. come up and say a few words. [applause] >> it takes a village to build a village. i want to thank the village behind and in front of us. over the past year, we have put 10,000 units of new housing in the southeast part of the city with the shipyard project. [applause] we are putting 8900 new units of housing on the west side of the
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city with the approvals we did at parker said -- park merced. and with a much more comfortable 11-0 vote, we are moving forward with thousands of new units of housing on treasure island. i cannot say how proud we are of our city for coming together. we have been talking about for years how important it is to build new neighborhoods, develop new affordable housing, make sure we have transit-oriented, sustainable, green development that is worthy of the 21st centuries the san francisco. what we are doing today and this year will have impact on the city for decades to come. thank you all for being a part of this. i look forward to the ribbon cutting. [applause] >> any others? ok. chris mini, on the development
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team, you excited us. one of the greenest developments that you might see. the city continues to be excited because of the work you are doing, to be environmentally friendly, to have a residence that the city can be ground up route -- proud of. [applause] sf ++ my partners, we
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want to say thank-you to the city family. on this happy occasion, i just want to recall how we began so many years ago with the discussion in this building that at treasure island we could not only create a new neighborhood for san francisco that set a national standard in and sustainability, but that we could do it in a new and different way than land use had been practiced in the city, and that we could come together and craft a plan together. the happiest part of the situation today is we stand with a terrific plan that was not our plan. it was a collective plan that was crafted together and in public. that long process, thanks to the leadership of supervisor kim, supervisor chiu, in this 11-0 vote. it think it to the staff and everyone who participated -- thank you to the staff and everyone who participated with us. >> finally but most importantly, you can have the greatest plans, best designs, but if he did not connect with the people who live on the island, the people who need a place to live, a decent place to live, but also be a part of this great city, i want to thank cherie williams of tida. [applause]
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>> thank you, mayor lee. i want to thank the mayor. i guess he is the fourth mayor that we have worked on on this project. he pushed us over the finish line and we are grateful for that. the treasure island homeless development initiative started in 1994. this is a major milestone for us. this is really unique in san francisco. it is not just a portable housing, but it is affordable housing for people with the lowest or no income. formerly homeless families and individuals. there is also an enormous amount of opportunity for homeless people to gain jobs and job training opportunities. we wanted to acknowledge the work of supervisor kim. her and her staff worked hard over the past few months to make sure all of the goals and the plan that we have worked hard to achieve are going to be real and meaningful.
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thank you for the work that you did. [applause] and over the years, we have had a really great community partnership with the treasure island development authority. the board has been amazing. they have had the vision of including low income and formerly homeless people from the ground up, from the start, so i want to thank the treasure island development authority for all of their leadership over the years. i also want to thank the director of operations. [applause] really, i know supervisor chu said that it takes a village to build a village, but it has really been that kind of story. that is why you had the 11-0 vote. it is not just city government doing something or developers doing something unilaterally, one group be more represented than another. it has been an iterative process
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where we have all work towards a common vision, one that will serve all san franciscans. i want to thank the developers, too, for the integrity they brought to the table, the citizens advisory board, and all the members of the tidhi commission, residents of treasure island that have been a part of this. so really from the ground up, everyone has been a part of this to create a new san francisco neighborhood that represents all seven systems. thank you. [applause] >> i want to make sure that you know anybody can come on treasure island. right now, we are about to see that sculpture dance. are we ready to party? let us get this done.
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>> sherri, this is for you. [applause]
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