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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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the fare inspectors were moved to muni metro, so they could have a more concentrated effort, and that is all the way up to a third straight. you have more of those folks up there. there are folks that are completely dedicated to that area. supervisor cohen: is this a standard approach to fare evasion? or is this unique to the se? >> i'm not going to say it is unique, because we have targeted this line. i do not want to say it is just 33. we have a concentrated effort on the line. it is a high target area where
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we see the need for fair enforcement. supervisor cohen: ok. ok, folks. i am done with my questions. supervisor mar: i think we should open this up for public comment. supervisor cohen: i think we should. i would like to call up linda richardson. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for putting this together. i just want to establish there are substantial improvements on the t-line. we attribute that to a substantial improvement in public safety. i think in the last year, supervisor mar mentioned with the killing in hunters point, i think muni has gone beyond the call of duty.
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i am here today, representing the bayview/hunters point land use committee. supervisor cohen mentioned that we worked very tirelessly. i think the fundamental issues we found have still not been resolved. i think muni actually did not consider the t-line to be a dedicated line. hunters point spent months working with need to try to change that, and. -- with no need to try to change that. the fact that you are combining heavy usage, and you would have
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that, and again, it is not a coincidence. sooner or later, we will have the problems that we are having right now. you are pulling in and you are pulling alps -- pullng out, and it seems to me at some point they do not have the right of way. one of the problems come up when you are at the subway and to try to track the moment -- the movement, we are sitting there, and you can track the end and everything else. it is somewhere. it is no where. the only thing about the t-line -- at that point some of people are nowhere to be found. that needs to be corrected. a think when you look at the growth in the southeast -- i think when you look at the growth in the southeast, the
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mission bay, this is the lifeblood. this is going to be the largest sector with the population, and so, let's deal with that right now. have the t as a sedicated line. and you need to tell us what the start or end point is going to be. [chime] and it needs to work. it will cost performance later. supervisor mar: thank you. >> first and foremost, in this deliberation, i think the right question needs to be asked. you know, supervisors, you ask like commissioners or something for the san francisco
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transportation authority, right? you have a commissioner from district 10 who should be here. do we have that person here? if you do not have that person here, you need to find out why. there used to be a person who represented us, and throughout that time, she has not been doing her work well. having said that, when we have the 15 and third, it was a perfect system. you could take the bus from city college of the way to chinatown. the third street, all this deliberation, they talk the talk, but they cannot walk the walk.
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there are many factors. non-and the main factors is we do not have the software. we have all trains. the second factor is. if you take a certain portion of the lines, the third light rail perform somewhat well. the other day, i was waiting, and 3 trains -- not one, not the law -- not two. we waited 50 minutes for the train. supervisor mar: where was this? >> the bay shore. it is quite a popular hub.
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you wait for 15 minutes. you have an algorithm. you can use the algorithm and reduced the statistics. this is the point. in the past, the fifteen and third performed well. today, the third street light rail should be given an f-minus. that is my analysis. what i heard today was an analysis of the paralysis. we do not need that. when it comes to the language, most of the chinese constituents take a different line to get to chinatown you bang -- to giant dump.
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many others who speak chinese. -- to chinatown. they need others to speak chinese. [chime] >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am it long time in muni -- i am a longtime muni rider living in district 10. thank you for holding this meeting and for your sensitivity to the diverse riders in district 10. i want to suggest that in addition the finding of broadcasters on the buses, muni
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bad -- add 311. this is easy to transition over. if the project is supposed to have riders, this department would have been assessing our diverse residence for all these years, and not just this year. muni would have recommended -- rather the tep would have recommended to muni to repair these, especially in the front. it is really problematic, especially in the morning and early afternoon. so riders are very vulnerable.
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how can anyone forget the video of that helpless woman who was thrown off last year. tep should do periodic trilingual oral and written input from our diverse residents said they are really serving the residents of the southeast areas. >> walter paulson. ♪ i'm sitting downtown hope the minu is on time sitting downtown waiting for the t-line
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why don't you fix it? we have been waiting long, and i hope you fix it fast please some are even faster like you always see so i am saying to you i am sitting downtown hoping the muni t is on time sitting downtown, and i hope it comes around in it is going to be fast again on time ♪ supervisor cohen: ok, thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is joe voss. i am probably hear more as a resident than anything else.
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i very rarely use the t-line, because i cannot afford the extra 12-15 minutes it takes to get from my house to the city. pete improvements were supposed to be made -- the t-line might have originally gone across the third street light rail. in makes sense -- it makes sense. at this point, i am trying to be very supportive of muni's need for more rolling stock. do indymac. if you put the 15 back -- do
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the math. if you put the 15 back, you might find there would be a great amount of savings. maybe, that would be the magic answer. i realize there are federal funds and all these other things that could be impediments. on the right-hand side, they put everything you can do, and on the left-hand side, you put everything you can do, and i just finished pulling the appeal of the permanent -- permit.
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the coach facility to replace the kirkland yard. it will be a diesel facility. however, there are not a lot of hybrid diesels yet. i did go on and on. but need has to show up to the meeting where two people with any knowledge. we asked for the questions to be transcribed. could we see them. we have to answer. we will see if you wrote down
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what we think you are supposed to cover. i just cannot say enough about my frustration with muni. maybe they need more employees. i do not know. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for spreading the information on the e-mail's. we have an opportunity to communicate and share. i live on the most beautiful street in san francisco. in an engineer -- i am and engineer and there are a few prospective i have.
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also, i have been part of the state's deep product to the department of public health. before coming here, i surveyed a few members blinis domino games. -- a few members playing these domino games. the communication issues were highlighted before by mr. deco sta and a few others. the design intent is not being met. supervisor cohen, i am glad you're asking some many good questions.
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we have senator feinstein and senator boxer and others. they have worked so hard to get the system going. i want to implore the officials -- muni officials. look at light rail as an organic entity. also, all of them, they are modern designers. these urban systems are treated almost as living entities. we are just barely able to makee discomfort and dissatisfaction. in these to go beyond.
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-- they are showing the discomfort and dissatisfaction. it needs to go beyond. say, wow, that is now my job is there. that is out. that is the benchmark. [chime] thank you. these are $2 i did not pay for on the fair coming here. i will make a donation to the treasurer's office. thank you. supervisor cohen: thank you. well, to wrap up all the public comment and testimony, thank you to mta. thank you for answering questions. although we did not have any members of the public that actually were lined out the
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door, believe me when i tell you -- and i have the data to prove this -- i hear from residents all the time complaining about their dissatisfaction with service. the entity is organic, and it as dynamic and ever-changing, and i would like to ask the chair to file this to the call of the chair so we can revisit this discussion, and i look forward to having my questions answered, and volume reaching out to you because we really need to work together -- and i am reaching out to you because we really need to work together. supervisor mar: thank you supervisor cohen -- thank you, supervisor cohen. without objection, continuance to the call of the chair. are there any other items before as. supervisor mar: thank you,
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meeting adjourned.
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>> is housed in a spectacular building described by the world renowned architect. it is the san francisco destination for provocative expositions and programs that explore culture, history, art, and ideas. the director of cultural affairs told us more about the mission and to give us a tour of the latest exposition. ♪ >> today we find ourselves of the contemporary jewish museum. with me is the director of the museum. >> i am so happy you are here
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today. >> we're getting close to a milestone for the museum. it is your third anniversary coming up. >> it is. you were here to help cut the ribbon. it has been an extraordinary journey ever since. we welcome hundreds of thousands of people into the building. we welcome school groups, interests -- tourists. >> the addition of the museum to the cultural pantheons of san francisco has been phenomenon. you have fabulous exhibits. there is one i want to talk about, "seeing gertrude stein." >> gertrude stein is a local woman. she was raised in oakland. she was an extraordinary individual who helped create -- many people call for the mother of modernism. years ago, i was introduced to someone doing research on her. i thought it would be an
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extraordinary exposition to take her and understand her at all for complexity. that is what we have on view during the summer of 2011. >> it is full of wonderful drawings, paintings, and sculpture. >> there is incredible art on view. we have photographs. we have sculpture. we have a lot of different things. we have a little something made for her by picasso. there are five different ways of looking at her life. it is not in chronological installation. it is looking at how she is portrayed in help artists, painters, and photographers presented her and how she
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thought about her own style and presentation. many people think she always had short hair. it was not until she was 52 that she cut off all of her hair. the second element is called "domestic stein." alice b. toklas was her lifelong partner. they had several different homes. we know about their home in paris, the famous salon. you get a taste of what their domestic life was like. >> one thing recreated is the fabulous wallpaper. the black-and-white photos do not convey the color. >> in doing a lot of research, you discover a little tidbits. with an exhibition, at the find ways to make it come together. we found beautiful photographs of the interior of their home. then we found a tiny scrap of the wallpaper.
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we saw how blue and vibrant it was. we had a designer recreate the image of the wallpaper. we had it made into wallpaper so we could all experience what it would have been like to be in their home. it is dynamic and fantastic. they seem very monochromatic because you only know them through black-and-white photographs, but they had such a vibrant life. that is what the exhibition is also trying to show. the third one is the art of friendship. picasso and matisse were part of their second family. there were people she admired and worked with. we introduced the visitors to her second family in a sense. the fourth story is called celebrity stein. what a lot of people do not know is when she left united
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states in the early 1900's, she only came back once in 1934. we also have a section of every single first edition book she ever published. >> it is incredible to see all the first edition books. >> it is really impressive to realize not only was she a grand dame of paris, but she had an incredible writing practice. she was a prolific writer. the fifth level really looks at her legacy and how artists continue to be inspired by her image, work, and concept. >> this is a compelling reason for people to visit the jewish museum. you also have life and theater. >> we are a non-collecting
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museum. any time you walk in the building, you will always be treated to a range of very different and wonderful exhibitions. in our first floor exhibition space, we have an exhibition on the work of charlotte sullivan. she was a young artist in berlin. the nazis came into power. her parents sent her to the south of france to live with her grandparents. she put herself in a room for about 18 months and created 1200 small paintings telling her life story through a kind of reflection. it is another example of the way we try to bring a wide range of art and experiences to our public. we want them to find something meaningful to them. >> your institution has been in this neighborhood for three years. how do you like the neighborhood? >> this is the best neighborhood.
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we are the luckiest city in the world to have this kind of cultural district, to have so many museums and cultural institutions. the center of our tourist life is here because this is where the convention center is. people from near and far can be introduced to the richness of the bay area. it is so wonderful and unique. >> the city thanks you for providing such wonderful leadership and vision. >> we're so happy to be part of the city and so honored to be part of "culture wire." >> to learn more about the exhibition and other upcoming events, visit the website. thank you for watching "culture