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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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membership. continuing fiscal sponsorship by community initiatives allows us to focus on program efforts rather than administrative issues. we recruited seven new members and retained almost all the current membership whose terms had not expired. we improve the website, which provides a way for us to make more information available to parents one remaining link on the district website. while we have mixed feelings about the immediate impact of community engagement efforts this year, we have learned a great deal about issues related specifically to middle schools, as well as parent concerns about other issues. despite the challenges of the joint community engagement initiative, we have been building new working relationships with district staff and leaders. we have identified lessons learned from this process and strategies for fixing future community engagement efforts. based on what we have heard from
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parents and related to district parties, we are likely to continue addressing these issues next year, monitoring implementation of the engagement plan to ensure clear timelines, deadlines, and standards for engaging parents at the district level, advocating to ensure the district provides meaningful support and hold teachers and administrators accountable for student learning outcomes, and working with the after-school advisor counsel and staff on plans to align after-school programs to ensure collaborative efforts that expand access to high-quality programs. thank you. i am happy to answer any questions at this time. if the public has questions or comments about this report or our work in general, we invite them to contact us at pac@s
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any messages will be responded to when schools resume in august. commissioner murase: i just want to thank michele very much for your service. i had the privilege of serving with you on the parent of kaiser council. you really did give 110% to the organization. i do want to respectfully disagree that all of the discussions at the general meetings were not sufficiently recognized. there are specific examples for the proposal changed. one is siblings were moved up in terms of priority. second, the start date of the middle school feeder was pushed back to six years. third, there was a real commitment, and i think we can all recall a firm commitment, to getting the district to articulate plans at the middle
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school level not just for language but also for owners, music, visual, and performing arts. those are three small examples of the way in which the hundreds of discussions you facilitated made for better policy making. i agree that in the and we did not adopt the full scope of recommendations, but those discussions were really valuable to me as i was looking at the policy decisions. i want to again acknowledge all the work that went into those discussions for what i consider to be better decisions. commissioner wynns: i also want to thank you for your service. i particularly want to thank you and all of the pac members. i want to make two points. i think the process you have largely played a significant role in developing, that we have used for community outreach in a
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number of ways, including this year, related to the development of this component of the student assignment plan, is outstanding. i think the partnership with community-based organizations and departments inside the school district, really having a strong foundation which ripken use as a model for community input -- it has improved each time we have done it and i think the continue to. i want to acknowledge that and tell you how much i appreciate it. second, i should say i was the person who authored the resolution to form the pac. i wanted such an entity at the district level for parents to have input in policy making at the district level. it was sort of the third iteration. we tried a couple of other things that did not work as well
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as we like. i think all the members who have served. -- i want to thank all the members that have served. i want to say something about the student assignment policy development. i think this is really tough. i think i was in the minority in that i agree more with the pac recommendations then other members of the board. i acknowledge some changes were made. that is the important thing. what we have done is develop a way to get community input and make policy on complex issues that is able to be modified, that is not set in stone once it is proposed. that is the most important thing. whether we are happy with how far it went in one direction or another is secondary, i think. also, the ability to modify and assess continues into the future. that is one of the things we
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were clear about when we voted. we want to make sure the monitoring and assessment israel, and also that we have times and benchmarks. we will of gannett and can change it in the future. -- we can look at it and can chain into -- can change it in the future. although we all want never to mention it again, we will many times. the years we have spent recently talking about student assignment policy, which is the way the children of the parents in our school district get into the schools that they attend and access the educational services that we have, it is enormously important to all the goals we have. the fact that the pac has been a key partner in advancing that
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difficult policy discussion is a testament to you personally and to the work you have done. commissioner fewer: michelle, but i know michelle well because she worked at colman. i cannot believe your term is up. with young kids, i know how hard it is. as the parent leader who wrote the resolution and brought it to the board, it was the vision of a group of parents that said we needed to have the parent voice. never did i think it would come to this. as a person who helped to seek out the continual funding to have this happen, i think that where the pac is now is a reflection of the volunteer work that has happened from past members.
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but i did want to also mention it is, i have to say -- it is troublesome for me as a past parent advocate, being on the other side of the podium, trying to get this advisory council resolution passed when other board members were not going to approve it, and then finding six or seven years after we started it -- i am hearing in your report a little disappointment, and i guess the lack of trust and confidence in the district, and probably in the board. that is somewhat disturbing to me. i hope that in the future that as a board, or individuals from the board, we will have closer relationships with the parent
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advisory council to foster communication. but i do not want the pac to think their efforts were for nothing. we heard them loud and clear. that is why we also wanted the parent advisory council. the more people that know about what we are doing, the more people hold us accountable to what we are doing. to make sure this "middle school thing, that we are really going to do it -- i want the pact to continue -- the pac to continue to hold us accountable. do not be afraid to express this. you are an extension of the board. i am glad you put this in. this is an honest feeling and a thing we need to do better. not only do parents need to push back, but they need to push back on the board. having said that, i want to
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really think the members for their hard work and volunteer work. remember, it is volunteer work, precious time taken away from your families. this commitment is a long commitment. thank you. best of luck. please convey to the other members our thanks. commissioner murase:-- commissioner maufas: in reading the report, i found it everything i had heard from me-- the pac in board meetings and offline. i appreciate that you were able to memorialize it in a report to us. it is an interesting but concise summary of the year. if anybody wanted to understand the pac and get the level of how
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important you are to us, i think they could see it in this one report. it is incredible. i just do not think the public understands the commitment to the volunteering and being able to be the buffer of some of that heat that i witnessed at those meetings, the community conversations. i am really in off of the graciousness of pac members in not engaging in the anger, but really taking that information in and of passing it on to the board. i am grateful for that. that really does speak to the years of buildup and trial and error and how you have been able to find your footing and move well within the district. i want to thank you all for that. i also want to talk about the bit of push back that happened. i think it is great.
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i also felt empowered enough to push back on the push back and not feel we are anythat i am gr. i do not ever hesitate to speak about how i feel and have a dialogue that you are still a conduit of information to hundreds of parents, and i witnessed that when i went to the community conversations are was able to attend superior -- to attend. i wish they could be there for the offering of ideas, because other districts do not do it like this.
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i want to encourage pac as you partner with people, that they may not be as reflective of some kmer graphics. how do we go to the other organizations that offer a heroine's -- that offer parents , but have parents embedded in these bodies, and if we could see part 0 -- be part of the conversation. i think we need to be part of those conversations. i would be happy to make sure you have an adverse voice and --
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of the verse of voice. -- n.y. a diverse voice. i want to be a helping hand. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate your volunteering. you have some freedom. news that empty space for your world. congratulations. you have done an amazing job. >> thank you. did you want to say something? >> ditto. it was not just about the student enrollment that i appreciated.
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i started feeling the impact years ago when we started looking for a new superintendent and their involvement in terms of reaching out to the community and getting community engagement going in terms of what we want out of the superintendent was used to mae in terms of how we were going to vote. for me, it is going way back and seeing what i have seen over the years, and it is not about to necessarily taking every m. hudson we get from everybody -- every input we get from everybody. it is taking and seeing what we need to change, and when you take the issue of student enrollment, if you have to ask
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each one of us what we thought, all of us would have said something different, so we are constantly pushing back each other. it is part of the process of coming up with what we are trying to be happy with. did it have an impact? we have to remember we were going to pass the whole thing two years ago. i felt like louis -- like we listened to some elements, and i agree with some and not with others, and i think that is how we should move forward, to have
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an honest dialogue to make those tough decisions, because we make a decision, we are going to have some people havppy and some people not have the. -- not happy. i feel good about where we are. our community engagement policy we are trying to promote, if it was not for pac and other parent organizations keeping an eye on it, there is always a fear that it is another policy that is going sit on the shelves, and you have not allowed to die.
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-- allowed its. i want to pack your back, and you should pack your own attack -- pat your own back. >> i do not think we are not going to see you anymore, vico's here is a history. sitting on this side of uthe sense is a good thing to do. i expect to see you around at many of the events. i want you to know how i use pac and the way i take your reports and communications, the clothes we have a lot of communications on a variety of different set of -- because we have a lot of communications on a variety of different fronts, so i appreciate that you share a lot of the personal stories and
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commitments families have in san francisco unified, and you help me balance all but i am hearing to get to the places of making decisions around policy, so i your appreciate all the work pac does do, and i appreciate that you have the ability to put forward the information, and your candor is great, so thank you for that . i for that pac will continue to treat us about way and will always be honest, and that is what we expect from you, so thank you for all your work. we will see you around campus. >> thank you. i will pass your appreciation
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on. we know we cannot make everyone happy, and getting the information is not a guarantee. it is part of the process. i am sure they will keep pushing back. >> do not be discouraged. >> the next item is a public comment on a consent items. i want to announce in accordance with policy, and individual wishing to address the board on matters other than those on the calendar for board actions can always call the board office by 4:30 or by completing a speaker cards prior to the item being called. cards being turned in a the same
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time an item is discussed will not be accepted. we will continue to make latten announcements. item g, the consent calendar. i need a motion and a second. >> i move to the consent calendar. >> second. >> we have three items. the first one is 116-28w1. riverview construction should the in place, so there needs to be a name change. for item 116-28 on page 154, the following should be deleted. one, special education, and construction from the authorized
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areas of legal work, so those should be deleted. the third correction is k30 on page 138, and it should read july 1 until the june 2012. >> thank you. any items for first reading by the board? any items separate for discussion and vote tonight? seeing none. >> i would like to sever k34 on page 146, and i appreciate the change that was just made, but i would like to separate it for
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discussion and k38 on page 155. >> 34, 37, and 38. >> president mendoza, can we make one more correction on page 130? in the description, it says it actually should read o'connell, but it does show below o'connell. >> i have a question about one of the corrections. the first one on page 31. it said you wanted to change it
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to who riverview construction. it was that as far as i can tell. it was not changed to say riverview? >> exactly. >> thank you. those are the items that were severed, and roll call vote will take place. the next item is the budget adoption, so there are a couple of things that are happening i would like to run by my colleagues. goothe special items are relateo the budget. before we do that, and now we have a couple of quick items, and we have people but our staff and public the bargaining
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the audience, and -- that our staff and public in the audience, and then we can have a discussion without having folks feel like they have to wait on those. i would like to move ahead of the charter school, tap water in cafeterias, and green cleaning items unless there is any objections. the next item is item 116, the authorization to grant or deny the renewal petition for the charter school. it was moved and seconded on june 14. if you can give a quick report on that? >> absolutely. they met and gave this a
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positive recommendation. >> and mary richards? >> thank you. good evening, commissioners, district staff. my name is mary richards. i am an executive director. i will be working at age arhr. before i read the amendment language before you, i am also going to tell you about the content of the packet. the received all strong are mostly strong, and at the back end there is a fact sheet, and there is a description of special education services, which was a discussion point with the other schools, but that
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is just a clarification, so without further ado, i will read the amendment language of the resolution. >> thank you. >> of course the title. gooauthorization to grant the renewable petition for the charter school, whereas the district superintendent and district staff has completed the review end recommendation regarding the review of the renewal petition on june 28, 2011. therefore, it is subject to the requirements set by law.
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>> i do not have any public speakers set up for this, and comments from the superintendent thomas -- from the superintendent? roll-call please. i am sorry. did you want to say something? >> i apologize we did not pick this up in april when we did the other schools. >> we apologize. roll call please. [calling votes] congratulations. we are going to miss you as our charter schools rep. next item is 116-14, availability of tap water in
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cafeterias. the building grounds committee gave us a positive recommendation. >> would you like the full therefore be it resolved? it provides access for fresh drinking water during meal times, including areas under the national school lunch and breakfast program by july 1, 2011. be it resolved they will have tap water avale