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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> i'm the executive director of the hunters point family. i am here to speak on her behalf. -- talked about the young people and the families that we work with. our agency targets african- american youth living in public housing that are at high risk. i believe that elena has a lot to offer the board. she will bring her years of therapy and counseling as well as all the strategies that she brings to our organization in terms of being able to respond appropriately to the high needs and complexity. i believe that she is a visionary. she has done that with the work that she has done with our agency. i hope that you all approve
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further to the mental health board. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to talk. i have known -- for more than a dozen years. i would like to say that not only is she a visionary but she puts the word in. she will do a lot of heavy lifting. she goes to a lot of meetings. she works with the youth, the families, the parents. not only does she work with you but she inspires you to do more. lot of the times, she would make me do it myself and i was able to do it. to give guidelines and help. now, you can do it and get your own level of expertise. i would like to see where on the mental health board. i have seen a lot of trauma in
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and out of my home. it is -- i would like to see the subsidy. she is very qualified. when she has an idea, she has a reality. the fence -- the food quality in our neighborhood is not where it needs to be. i appreciate your time and thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, rules committee. [singing] i hope that you approve a good mental health
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board i know it is hard to find i hope that you find any employee that really shines little items that you have said and done, i just wanted to take the time pick up 20 that clears up our minds take an appointee that clears up our minds tell me, tell me that you will find an appointee this time tell me you will give us the time. an appointee that will clear up all of our mental health mines -- minds >> thank you. >> hello, i am a current
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employee at the hunters point family and also a resident of bayview hunters point district 10. i have known elena for at least 30 years and i have worked with her over 10 years. i think that she is a great applicant to apply to be on the mental health board because she really understands bayview hunters point. she was raised there as well. she is well aware of all of the issues and barriers that are currently in district 10. i think it would be great to actually have someone on the board that knows the challenges that we are having and also come up with a way where we are able to break down some of the barriers with the residents said they could be more open to
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receiving mental health treatment or services said that because they're dealing with a lot of the pds dd are experiencing. i think that she definitely qualifies and definitely understands and will work with the board to come up with ways to bring the services more overt in bayview hunters point. that has been one of my personal goals and i would like to see more services and resources over there said that we can start healing our community. first bank you for your time >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the mental health board. roughly four years ago, i started to do research project
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on the possible misuse of mental health services by different persons affiliated with san francisco city and county. i consulted with different members of the mental health board and they were very helpful, especially giving me different points of view as to do reading. i found that the leaders were very confident and they had a very open-minded view point regarding how mental health services in san francisco are effectively used and sometimes miss used. i found examples were certain city employees have been unfairly stigmatized by allegations of mental illness only to have those charges challenged successfully.
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i think whichever member gets appointed to the board will be joining a very good organization, a very fair organization, and a very open- minded organization. >> thank you. is any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have very good candidates in front of us and this is the moment where we learned that it is very tough to be on the rules committee. >> i move that we appointed elena miller. a point terence and get him on there. we need both of these people. >> i will draft the letter and
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second emotion. >> we have a motion for lena miller. we can't do that without opposition. on might turn -- we can do that without opposition. on my time on the board of education, -- was really alarming. there was a study where they were able to x-ray the brain and you could see there was a difference in the size of different parts of rain for an average six greater in the bay view that experienced violence and, in his or her life and another. it is important that we highlight those issues. i appreciate miss miller for the work you have done. i wanted to appreciate mr. patterson, i know that you are not actually in my district.
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this is a huge issue. i hope that we will be able to see you on the mental health board as well. to have a motion? we can do that without opposition. madam clerk, please call item number 3. >> resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors chu have a property- based improvement district. >> the sponsor of that legislation is on the committee so i will turn it over to supervisor elsbernd. >> this is pretty self- explanatory. should the board passes resolution, this will allow the business community to decide whether or not they would like to pursue a community benefit district. this will unable the vote to happen. this is a self-determination act. the residences, the business owners. they will make the decision and then this simply opens the door. we have a few great business
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owners from the west portal. matt rodgers, in particular, has really pushed this issue. if you would like to have the opportunity to give it a push, come on up. all of you are welcome. if you would like to say anything, we would like to give the opportunity. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i appreciate the opportunity to be here. it has been a long journey. i was going to give a background on how we got here and let our supporters sell it. it was actually 2007, i called up sean and told him our ideas
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about this. we started percolating the idea of forming the district. the need for this district kim about -- i have been active -- i have been a merchant for 20 years. we are seeing to italy participation. volunteer opposition -- positions are pulling what they used to. right after 9/11, the neighborhood tried to create a beautification district and it was denied by the irs twice. we talked as a merchants association and decided to give it a serious ago. we met with the neighborhood association, property owners. we raised money in all three of
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those groups and we started the plan. we initially sent out petitions in 2009, and that was a bad time. the economy was not doing well. it was clear that no one wanted to spend extra money. we looked back at our plan and we've dropped the assessments by $50,000. half we tried it again. -- we tried it again. i had no idea it would take almost two years to get to this point off off. because it took so long, i'm not sure if this is on the record or not but this is a letter that went out with those bright before they submitted petitions to the board explaining that it is taking that long. -- this is a letter that went out to those right before they were submitted to the board.
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we had different meetings. one was the merchant specific. there was one where everyone was welcome. we set up a website that had articles on bids across the country. our management plan, the engineering report are all available on our website. it was open for discussion during that time. increase in the plan, worked closely with the governor from the -- association and we were able to benefit from her experience and their mistakes in forming their district. probably one of the most beneficial things that she had learned was that most of them showed up underfunded.
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we deliberately took a long-term stance and went for an assessment that we knew could accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. what we wanted to accomplish was building a foundation of a clean and green street. the excitement comes from building on that foundation. >> exciting things you see on the street. also creating an entity that is cohesive. we hope it would be more up to date, be competitive. we have the park merced project which is facing some real competition. we have 200 separate businesses trying to work that out and there is no way to compete.
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the assessment amounts were crated to be affordable. for a business like my own, there's 25 feet of frontage. i just got a bill from the yellow pages for a listing which is $39 a month which is just for a listing. most businesses are smaller. advertising will be 150, $300. we're looking at $80 a month. this is not outrageous. this is a very well thought out plan. we have the support of the residence, the businesses is, and the property owners. >> thank you for all of your work. >> are there any members of the
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public that wish to comment? >> no, i am happy to go to public comment. >> i have graduated from -- [singing] note history does it better we will not settle for any less no district does it quite as good as you west portal your the best -- yes, you are the best >> thank you for seeing us. cbd has been a project we have worked on. i am the president of the --
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merchants association. i have been here for many years. i have lived in west portal for 25 years. this is a sleepy, charming place. this can go both ways. in the good old days, a lot of the merchants had a vested interests. many of them late in the neighborhood. times have changed. with all the diversity of the businesses, there comes a disparity. being on the board, i am probably the rookie. 10 years, it is pulling teeth to get everyone to agree. the one unifying factor that can put this together is the cbd. everyone has been in the game. i feel that the numbers are
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acceptable if not blow. i believe the long term is necessary because this is one of the long term avenues. this is not a quick turnaround kind of neighborhood. i know that you've had your detractors. any business that cannot afford $80 a month unfortunately is not a business. my heart goes out to them. i think that we have a lot more to gain to be in part of this. thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have lived in west would park for only 20 years and i hate to say this but i have seen the
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decline along west portal. i was fortunate enough to meet the family he used to live on west portal itself and that is when i noticed the neighborhood. unfortunately, it seems like the last 10, 15 years, the neighborhood businesses have steadily declined. most of my attention has been focused on the obvious to generation along ocean avenue, especially the safeway store that was supposed to promise a lot and then basically moved out without accomplishing that much. along ocean avenue, we have the obvious eyesores. i was kind of surprised when west portal was mentioned for this kind of business district. when i looked into it further, i had to in the -- i had to
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notice the people in the parking lot. i knew that my neighbors commenting and there was some 8 policemen at starbucks. it is obvious that they needed to be there. an organization like this is usually formed when it is necessary. unfortunately, it has become necessary. i am asking myself why did it come down to this? why wasn't there better leadership and intervention by some of the people in our neighborhood to stop these kind of businesses? thank you. >> public comment is now closed. >> we have a motion to move this forward with recommendations and
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we can do this without opposition. thank you to all the members for being here. can you please call item number four? >> can we take 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 together? >> item number4, ordinance repealing the code thereby dissolvent telecommunications commission. item number five, resolution repealing the resolution to dissolved the presidio neighborhood representative work group. item number six, resolution repealing there is resolutions to dissolve the mayor's criminal justice council. item number seven, or does repealing sections of the the initiative code there by dissolving the drug abuser advisory board and the citywide
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alcoholism advisory board. item number8, route resolution appealing the children's collaborative task force. item number9, resolution appealing resolutions to dissolve the arts task force. >> good evening. these pertain to the dissolving of obsoletes aborted bodies graded by the board of supervisors. very quickly, for the public watching, this is it or committee task force or that the board i did make some commitment to our creeks by ordinance or resolution that analyzes a subject matter and then advises the board on policy related to that matter. the board rules require the board to include language in each piece of legislation that requires a suborn the body to
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meet at least every four months. the rule contains a mechanism for monitoring the support of bodies in that it requires the office of the clerk and the board to contact each body annually and determine if that body is actually meeting every four months. this review we will provide to you annually. if the suborn the body is not identified as meeting the standard, the clerk of request of the city attorney's office to prepare legislation repealing the resolution or ordinance that rated the support net body and place before the rules committee and ultimately before the board of supervisors for consideration. our office has identified items that are before you today which have not met the board's standards. item four, the telecommunications commission. the actual commission was established in 1996 and
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dissolved in july of 2010 by ordinance. the item before you is a companion piece that lives in the administrative code. this is an outdated reference to the telecommunications commission service and it should be deleted. item 5 is the neighborhood representative for a group of the presidio. this group achieved its purpose and objectives and submitted their final report to the board in october, 2008 and wrapped up their final meeting in may, 2009. this is now obsolete and is not contain a sunset clause. item 6 is the criminal-justice council. the mayor's criminal justice council has their final meeting in 2008. add that time, they were advised by the mayor's office that the work group achieved their purpose. it is not contain a sunset clause and can only be dissolved by the board of supervisors.
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item number7 is the drug abuse advisory board. this group has not met for at least the last four months ended has been over a year. this is considered obsolete and is not contain a sunset clause and can only be dissolved by the board. item 8 is the children's collaborative task force which was created in 2007, it never had its initial meeting due to in court reasons. this is considered obsolete. they never had their first meeting because they could not meet a quorum. item nine is the arts task force. this is achieved their purpose and submitted their final report in april, 2006 and they wrapped up their final meeting in october. i've spoken to the task chair
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who agrees that this is not absolute and is not contain a sunset clause. if you have any questions, i am available. i want to say that the clerk of the rules committee does spend a significant portion of her time refilling of the words and commissions every year. to root out the obsolete bodies and in addition to informing the public of the vacancy notices as they arise in order to maintain a quorum in these bodies. i would like to thank you, linda, for that work. i'mthat concludes my presentati. chairperson kim: i have a couple of questions. i appreciate the work the clerk's office does to monitor and keep track of our many advisory boards, the task force commissions, etc..
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we can do this with groups that have met -- have not met for four months, but some have not met since 2006. i wonder if there is a way to speed up the process. i am sure there have not and other groups that have been working in the past year. i am sure some of it is and administrative issue in terms of the capacity of your office. but are there ways we can make this more up-to-date? >> there is. recently, the board of supervisors passed legislation that would require the board to place all its appointments and vacancies on the city's main website in addition to our own website. what we are doing in our office, instead of doing the act on an annual basis -- to do not a full maddy act review, but to do it on a quarterly basis, where as these things come to our
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attention we will collect them, try to maintain what a reason is they are not meeting. if we find they are not meeting, certainly we could submit that to the city attorney earlier than annually. that could come to you on a quarterly -- it is certainly something we could talk about the time frame. chairperson kim: thank you. it was the cover story for "the sf weekly" this week, the number of boards and commissions we have. we do not actually know the number of task forces and committees we have. catullus how your office is able to keep track and monitor, so that boards can keep track of them. >> if it is a body that is created by the board or the board tracks appointments to,
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that also includes appointments they approve from the mayor. we are monitoring those. there are 96 of them. linda spends a lot of time doing that. i cannot speak to the executive branch of government. i am not sure what the process is. we have a dedicated staff member to do that, in addition to her duties as the royals' staff. >> thank you. -- chairperson kim: thank you. any questions or comments? do we have a motion to move items four through nine? >> i just wanted to stay -- supervisor elsbernd, you were an aide to supervisor hall when the board will was created at the time. chairperson kim: thank you. at this