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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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, and i want to say i think you guys dishonor yourself when you put information in the voter pamphlet you know to be false. commissioner norton has said that if this passes, she thinks it would be ignored, yet she signed her name to a document saying kids will be uprooted in the middle of the school year, and you signed your name to this. i will charge any of you to bet $1,000 you could put your hand to a lie-detector test and say i believe if this passes kids will be forced to switch schools in the middle of the school year. i challenge any of you, and if i am wrong, you can slap me. i know you knowingly lied. we teach our children it is wrong to lie, and you are responsible for the education of our children, and you sign your name to a document saying kids will be forced to switch schools
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in the middle of the year. where were these people when it happened? you know there were more people in favor than against it. that is misleading, but it is knowingly and lying when you say kids will be forced to switch between school years. each of you signed your name to this document. students could see themselves transferred to other school sites, and it could take place in the middle of the semester. if you are responsible for the education of children, you should not sign your name to something you know is false. if you want to prove you're not liars and misleading our city, take a lie-detector test, and i bet you will fail. [applause]
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>> my name is lorraine. thank you for the opportunity to speak for a few moments. my daughter is in the fourth grade, and we started in the first grade after coming to the bay area after living many years in latin america of. since last spring, i have been a member of the leadership of paul revere. i feel very positively about the work that is happening, and i would not have taken the position if i did not truly believe we are doing the right thing to give students opportunities. i do not think it would be productive for me to talk about any of the charges made here. what i would like to do is tell you i believe i'll lot of good work is happening here again we
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have evidence that we are going to need to close done -- close the achievement gap. we know we have made some mistakes as leaders, especially in terms of communicating some of the exchanges, but we want to heal those divisions, and we have been having meetings all year long, but tomorrow evening is another community meeting, and we are hoping it will be a step towards all of us partnering together for the best of our children, so i am here to ask each and every board member and anyone else to please come to paul revere and visit the school and see what is really happening, because i believe there is a lot of information being reported and a lot of misinformation, so no need to make an appointment.
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we would love for you to stop by. the only way to know what is happening is to see our children in the classroom every day. we had the honor of having racial norton visit with us recently, so it is a pleasure to be able to show the good things that are happening. >> what time is the meeting? >> the community meeting tomorrow night starts at 5:30. i am sorry. i am thinking today is wednesday. it is thursday at 5:30. >> thank you. >> i will let you clarify that.
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>> thank you. is is of mediation for the parents and guardians of the school only, and it will be on thursday evening. is it is for the parents and guardians. it is a mediation using an outside mediator. >> it is a mediation for the parents and principals. >> the next step would be for the parents and principals, yes. >> thank you for the clarification. next speaker please. >> i am the associate executive director for urban services ymca. we are the lead agency managing
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the program, and i wanted to come tonight to say that the accusations made against our staff are being fully investigated. we take this situation extremely seriously. i have already begun a situation, and i have not found any evidence to support this, but i will continue to investigate, and i wanted to put that on record tonight. >> would you report back after your investigation? thank you. >> i met -- i am at paul revere. that fire is what went out to parents, so they think it is a town -- the flyer is what went out to parents, so they think it is a town hall meeting.
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>> i am a 25-year classroom teacher in san francisco and currently on the executive board of united educators of san francisco, and we represent the 6000 folks who keep the school running day in and day out with our wonderfully diverse student population, so i am here to speak about proposition h. there is a reason why did the commissioners, the board of supervisors, the city attorney, and now the san francisco democratic party, the green party, the labor council, virtually every democratic club in the city, parents republic of schools, all opposed proposition h. >> i cannot have you give an opinion on -- >> and i thought the previous man spoke. >> he was challenging the board
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on a statement made. >> speaking about a valid arguments, there is a great concern among educators in san francisco that if the school board has to revisit the student assignment policy, it would lead to the kind of chaos we saw a number of years ago. that is not evidence tonight. we do not want to go back to the riotous meetings we had. there was a woman here earlier tonight to said this was an amazingly civil school board meeting, and that is because of the good work of the commissioners here. diversity of our student population would allow parents to choose the best school for
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their kids. the 6000 educators applaud you for the work you did with the current student assignment policy, and we believe the efforts to overturn the policy will lead to enormous costs, chaos, disruption of our schools, and we are facing millions of dollars of shortfall for san francisco's school because of the economic crisis, and the last thing we need is another diversion from the work the school board now advisers need to do, and that is to focus on teaching and learning. thank you for your work. let's keep our eyes on the prize, which is educating our kids. >> this is my first time here. nice to be here in the audience,
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and i thought this issue was important enough to bring you here. i became aware of this in september, and we talked with a lot of our friends and organizations to lobby not to pass along, but he did. on october 10 common the past -- on october 10, he passed it. it basically allows schools soon street children for sexually transmitted diseases without informing parents or getting their consent for performing medical treatment at school, so the medication people are concerned about is the vaccine, and i began to read about it online. i noticed there are a lot of states both pages on it, too, and what they are saying is this
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vaccine is not as innocent as it is supposed to be. it is supposed to be treated in a sexually transmitted disease, but on the other hand, what is actually happening is there has been over 22,000 from the three shots. aegis up to -- there are much more severe symptoms. i do not think this is acceptably. i do not think anyone here would think this is the acceptable, so i think it needs to be investigated what is going on with the vaccine. i think you had better take a good look at this and decide
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what you want to do, because i do not think it is worth risking the lives of one kid at school for vaccines to treat sexually transmitted diseases if it is going to have this kind of adverse affect, so i am thinking it has to be repealed because it looks so dangerous. i want to bring it to your attention. >> could you repeat that? >> is safe, accessible, and they are very critical of the vaccine, and the other website is truthaboutgardocil. i think also on facebook.
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i also see there are videos being made by two brothers in hawaii. good they are now interviewing families and caves -- kids. you might want to take a look at that site, too. >> thank you so much. >> can i ask the deputy superintendent to get this issue and come up with this report? >> absolutely. we will report back to the board. >> thank you. we are closing public comment. item k is the advisor recommit the appointments. is anybody and appointing anyone?
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>> may i appoint somebody at the end of the meeting? >> sure. >> yesterday i appointed two people, and one of them is from the school of the arts, and the second one is from 30 and marshall. -- from thurgood marshall. >> item l is a special order of business. i need a motion and a second. >> president, members of the
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board of education. it is my honor to introduce two of our newest staff members. first is the director of the office of chargers schools, who has just joined us. joining him is our management assistant in the office of equity and charter schools, and we could not think of a better way to welcome him to our district and presenting him to our board. >> we hope you have been enjoying the meeting. we are pleased to have you. >> thank you, superintendent. it is a pleasure to be here. i feel very welcome, and i feel very challenged by the work to be done, so thank you.
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i am here with my management assistant, and we need to request that you except the reports for the oversight visits for school year 1112. season visit had to be done for the 28 schools that are re, and the basic framework is that under the settlements we are required to inspect all of our schools to make sure that they have proper textbooks, proper facilities, and that they are providing services to students who have completed grade k through 12. we have to provide those for two years following their completion of grade 12.
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we have two independent auditors. george did the audit on the facilities. those reports are managed by a cascade of the legal department. i cannot remember the last name all of a sudden. there you have it. >> i do not have any public speakers on this action item. questions from the board?
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>> i have been considering and what you have said very carefully, and i would like to know when you are going to present that to us again. >> as soon as i am required to. >> we have not voted yet. [calling votes]
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>> just remember what ken said about the board. item m is the discussion of additional items. >> it is my pleasure to welcome and dana lewis, the executive director of the japan society and the project coordinator of the japan project your your -- of the japan project. the nonprofits has really stepped up to support our japanese language curriculum. japanese language curriculum started 39 years ago. my parents were among the founders of the program that really made japanese language of valuable -- available from
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kindergarten to high school, but it has 19 and without challenges, and i am in discussion with the japan society. now they wanted to know how they could help and would like to talk a little bit about the support they are giving to our district schools. >> thank you for all your support, and thank you for giving me a couple minutes to speak about this program. our manager is here with me today. the society was started in 1905, but we have not been in the educational arena for very long. we are trying to think what we can do to address the continuation of japanese language programs that are under financial pressure under the
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current situation, and last year we started a program called japan's schools to raise funding from our sources. that is to provide additional support to programs that may be in danger of running out of its funding. this is aren't program year, and we are delighted to be working with herbert hoover middle school. what we are doing is providing a $10,000 grants for the continuity of our program should the current funding run out and also cultural programs for the children through the community interior -- through the community. we were pleased to put on our first event for the school.
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i am just about to blank on his name. our wonderful instructor as well all volunteered to instruct the students in oregon may -- in origami. we are delighted to be joined by superintended garcia and they also gave encouragement to the kids. i just wanted to let you know about this program. this year we will be providing smaller financial support to the japanese immersion programs and rosa parks and clarendon, and we will be continuing our fund raising in the coming years to expand into other schools going
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forward, so i want to thank you all for the opportunity to talk about this. foreign-language training is so important. we think that is an important thing we can do. thank you very much. >> any questions from the board? >> i just want to add that at the event superintendent garcia and i attended at herbert hoover middle school, he was so surprised when he got a call saying we want to come and see how we can help you. he does not often get appointments from people who want to help in a substantive way what we are doing in the middle school, and i want to express my appreciation to the japan society. >> i would like to thank you for
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your support of our students. it is wonderful, and foreign languages such an important goal for all of our students to be bilingual by the time they graduate, so thank you for that. it is wonderful. >> we are honored to be able to do something for the school. >> i want to thank you as well. i had the privilege of going to japan for the japan foundation this last year, so it was a real treat to be able to understand the japanese education system, and it related remind us of the strength and -- it really did remind us of the strength and power we have on our language project as well. >> i would like to also thank you if i ever get a chance to go to japan. >> wonderful. thank you a very much. but the next item is an update on the strategic initiatives.
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this was originally presented last week, but we did not have participation of the entire board, and we wanted to save it for the board meeting. >> thank you. we would like to present this presentation to you this evening recognizing the time constraints we have. we are going to move quickly through the slides, but we do want to make sure the commissioners understand we will happily entertain questions as we go. this is going to be a joint presentation by myself and the special assistant to the superintendent, who is also now taking on a new role for us. she is heading our strategic project implementation and working with strategic implementation with all of our departments in our school district, so we are very excited
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about her role, so you will see a lot before we are talking about where we are going. she is a renaissance woman, absolutely. the objectives for tonight's presentation are threefold. we want to present a revised framework for managing the implementation and monitoring the impact of our strategic plan, and we want to respond to questions and confirm what our next steps will be. before i go further, i want to recognize a health of dr. terry and ferguson -- help of dr. burgeson. we want to thank her for all of her support.
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we want to summarize the board retreat. we would like to start by reviewing the milestones. i also want to point out that we have included definitions in the appendix. we would like to take you back to 2008 and 2009. gooin 2008 the board passed a f- year strategic plan, and the focus was really engaging
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communities around what are the indicators of the school sites and the alignment of resources around the strategic plan. you're two, there were nine priorities but were identified by the board and superintendent. the five key performance indicators really serve as dipsticks as to whether or not we are actually moving into the continue em along this route for career and college participants. the board and the superintendent have identified 13 priorities
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for the district work, and four were foundational. they were the most priority work the district was undertaking at that point. we also published a progress report where we came to vote board and talk about the realities of implementation, and you might also remember as part of that work, the district committee reviewed the early childhood program as well, and we rolled out strategic progress reports but were developed here in the 10-11 school year, so where are we now? we are in here for.