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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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i work for companies like intel, cadence design systems, which was and called for projects for the dot, in bed look at studies done by epidemiologists -- and i look at studies done by epidemiologists and interested parties and i read those epi, dpd, all those things a layman would not know what they are about. they make more sense to me than to others. i would like to comment on a few points that are usually brought up in defense of safety argument. one argument that is often made is almost all of us have all middle wi-fi router in our living room and we sit a few yards away watching tv. well, that router in its a few
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million watts of radiation. an antenna -- much less six of them -- its power is 200 watts. so, if you walk between the two buildings of the school and the bureau of jewish education, if you put your back against one wall and walk straight to the other building, you will count 11 steps. is about 11 meters or 35 pete. what is the difference between 100 watts and 10 million what? 10,000 times? the distance is, yes -- three times of the distance you were sitting from your router. but the wattage is 10,000 times higher. so, so much for that argument. on safety. secondly, another argument that is made often is we have 20
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years of history of usage of cell phones and sell towers -- cell towers. that argument does not hold water either. the pervasive technology has only been around for two or three years. president olague: thank you, sir. everybody has three minutes. no. >> ok. >> hey. my name is gene schuster and i am a parent of the child goes to the school. just because of the internet installation in this building, we are thinking about the
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possible radiation exposure. i should mention -- they hold the meetings with the public, and i was there, but it was not properly announced. we found out about this just a couple hours before the meeting, just because some of the people who were involved had our phone numbers to call as. most of the neighbors did not even know about this meeting. we were really surprised. the consulting company was there that did the job for at&t. it was the safety zone for antennas that are going to be installed, 63 feet. so, it is a dangerous level of
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radiation. so, from the information they were able to survive -- to provide us -- i measured this, and they were able to give this information to their antennas, and it is just 65 left the bank is a the rules that at&t is supposed to follow, right? we also developed 420 inches from the building. we could probably do this more if we had more time to look into this. i do not know if you need this information or are aware? president olague: you are certainly welcome to submit if you like, sir, for the record. i will keep calling names and you can sit or stand, whatever
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your preference is. [reading names] >> my name is catherine. in the principle of the hebrew -- i am the principle of the hebrew academy. i have an associate's degree in electronics technology and am a former intel employee. i am opposed to the district request for the following reasons. since the parents have been informed of this request, i have been besieged by them in my office. i have not had nearly as much time for normal work as i would. the administration of the school has been informed by multiple parents that under no circumstances for any reason will their children return to school if the antennas are erected and on the roof of the
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bureau of jewish education. this would cause a loss of tuition income for us, and that is extremely unfortunate because the school was already in desperate financial straits. if this chain of events that happens, it could very well mean the end of the school. many of the people who are speaking today will tell you about the importance of the availability of the orthodox jewish education for bay area jews. as a non-jew i cannot speak on the subject. however, i can speak for the academic excellence of the school. lessons in our schools are taught two or more grade levels above the california standard. our admission rates to uc- berkeley -- the cumulative admission rates from 2006 to
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prison -- to present -- is two times the national average. we have students to take advanced placement courses. some of them complete their bachelor's degree in two or three years because of the courses they take the school. plus the atmosphere at the school is wonderful. it is the best atmosphere i have ever seen in a school and it is the best working environment i have ever been in. it would be a terrible shame to lose such a gem of a school. i implore you to deny this request. thank you. president olague: i will keep calling names. if you have heard your name, feel free to come to the mikc. schlomo, rabbi lipner.
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i apologize if i am mispronouncing your name. i am sure i am doing that. >> good afternoon. in the treasurer of the student council of the hebrew academy. i came here from the ukraine in 1994. in 1997, my parents and grandparents decided to move away from communism to the united states and open up a new life for me. in order for me to have a brighter and more successful future, we moved to california. my very first american school was lafayette. in the fourth grade, my parents and i noticed that the school did not teach anything about my jewish heritage. my parents enrolled me come up which i have attended for eight
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years. i became -- from the very beginning, i fell in love with my school. not only does the school have a vigorous academic curriculum, but also a very advanced dept.. this is the only high-school in the bay area that is completely orthodox and teaches kids about their jewish roots. if it were not for the academy, i would not have the privilege to learn about the practice of judaism. whether it is proven not, the parents will be scared and they will take their kids out of the school. i, having experienced the benefits of this amazing institution, would not want these children to miss out on what i have gotten from the school. please reject this proposal. thank you. president olague: i will keep reading names. genrietta.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is david. i've been going to this school since preschool. i continue to enjoy it to this day. in 1989, my parents decided to take their son, my older brother to the school and move from russia to america. they wanted me to experience the american dream. as jews, they wanted to escape the eight they were experiencing in russia. -- the hate they were experiencing in russia. is true we do not have conclusive evidence these antennas can cause any harm to anyone. is also true that we do not have conclusive evidence that cannot cause any harm to anyone. the hebrew academy has kids as young as three years old within
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35 feet of the proposed site. we do not know and may never know for sure, but we cannot use these precious in-as experiments. i am sure the opposition can give you what they see as conclusive evidence saying it is not dangerous. in the end, the fact maybe these antennas may not cause any harm, but as of now, we simply do not know for sure. and we do not want to find out by a child developing cancer. additionally, there are plenty of other places the antennas can be erected -- on trees, like telephone poles. y within 35 feet of the school? -- why within 35 feet of the school? the simple fact is the installation of the santana's is not totally necessary in this unique place -- the installation of the antennas is not totally necessary in this unique place.
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the fact is we do not know and we may never know, but in encourage the commission to air on the side of caution -- err on the side of caution, not for my sake, before the children. president olague: thank you. i encourage you to come up to the mic if you encourage your name. i will keep calling all the cards. [reading names] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a 22-resident at 577 14th avenue which is on the northwest corner of 14th avenue, across from this building. and i am very much in opposition to this proposed site. a year ago i was in opposition of the proposed site of the building right behind this building at balboa, which was the t-mobile site for three
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antennas that did not get installed, but that side is still an open side that still may yet be installed, which would mean we would have two buildings right next to each other for a total of 11 antennas. those three plus these six potentially and two already on this building. that seems like a pretty intensely wired corner in the city. i would like to make a comment to a question that was made during the comments to the supervisors. i am very heartened to hear about our supervisor eric mar's proposal and that seven of our supervisors have voted in confidence to his proposal, and hopefully that will make progress.
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but you made the comment about why would at&t go to the expense of putting these antennas all over the city? well, michael krozny did a show on public radio that because of the lack of broadband space and the higher amount of broadband being all used up and the only available spectrum is lower to the ground, and there is a great competition to get the available broadband. they are like placeholders, you know? they see the networks are expanding because everybody has an ipad and a cell phone and all these mobile devices with 4g and 3g and next 5g networks. the cell phone companies are
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putting all the antennas they can at these lower levels to create a cloud web of the city said the their -- so they on the network needed. we need to not but be horses before the cart. we do not have the 20-year study to show that they are safe. we're not going to have these cancer clusters all over town because these antennas are everywhere. need to do a citywide study with the health department. -- we need to do a citywide steady on me -- with the health department. >> i respresent the property across from me jewish school. is located on 1300 balboa st.
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and is something many immigrants. it is not any kind of radiation. it will affect the health of people. do not put up the and tennis wear something peoold, -- put u- antennas where some a people, young and old, are living. not to be at risk of dying. >> i have been going to public school for nine years. i went to the academy as of this year.
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so, when you make your decision, keep in mind it will have a domino effect. if you vote for the antenna's the following will probably happen. parents out of fear will pull their kids out of school. and the school closes down because tuition will be lost, and there will be no orthodox education for the families in san francisco. therefore, putting up the antennas will put up a shield on the orthodox jewish education. in a way, this is a violation of our rights. you will be preventing the blooming of judaism in san francisco. the rabbi does not accept students is by looking at their applications, which is what is done in most other schools.
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he evaluates every person as an individual. thanks to this, the school has been very successful and the students are taught with an emphasis on good citizenship. this makes the behavior of the students immaculate and we as people need to be raised as valuable members of society. many families can not send their kids to any other school. where will these families cutbacks please -- where will these families go? please ask yourself these questions. thank you. >> hello. in the mother of two children -- i am the mother of two children attending the academy. i have the following concerns of the antenna placement. the reasons why i am voicing my
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opposition to the proposed cell tower installation is as solid. it was built in 1920. ," series concerns about its earthquake resistance -- i have serious concerns about its earthquake resistance. the battery and associated equipment required to power the antennas will be moved from farther away from the school -- a think it is about 35 feet -- from the preschool by rough measurement. if there were, god forbid, to be an earthquake, the risk of four explosions, fires, or battery leaks would be an additional disaster, especially with so many children. i do not know if there is a zone required for safety. what about the batteries? the associated equipment? what safety zone do we give our
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kids? i did a little more research on lion, and i found the current equipment installed -- on my young, and i found the current equipment installed is in a state of corrosion and this repair. cingular wireless and at&t merged in 2004. one of the better looking cabinet out there has a sticker from cingular. that means it has not been looked at since 2004. what assurance do we have that it is going to be well maintained? did to these concerns, i respectfully ask -- due to these concerns, i respectfully ask that he denied the permanent. furthermore, i asked for the removal of the existing equipment. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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yesterday cut-president -- i am the co-president of the hebrew academy. i went to a public school for around eight years. i have been at the hebrew academy for around four years and it is the best experience of my life. not only have been made a lot of friends -- i am very active in the drama club, other extracurricular activities. the hebrew academy is the only orthodox jewish school in the bay area. the school -- at the school god forbid, -- if the school, god forbid, closes down, there are no other alternatives. a lot of these families are russian people who are jewish orthodox, and as you know, they
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have experienced a lot of horrible things. my father was denied a job, even though he was perfectly qualified, due to his religion. he was also emotionally and verbally abused because he was said to -- he was a jew, and my parents went to save me from this experience by moving to america. before coming here, i did not know much about my heritage, but now i know about the holidays and a lot of my friends love going to the school because they feel like they are at home because there are a lot of people they can relate to. the parents are so concerned, they now have to worry about finding alternatives, and kids now -- at the school, god forbid, closes down, there is nowhere to turn to to learn about your heritage.
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if the antennas were to go up, i do not know what the parents would do. keep that in mind. thank you. >> hello. my name is george. i represent my field of study, wellness, electronics, and use of technology for healing. marconi -- as most people think of him -- he was it awarded a patent six months after he died by the supreme court. nevertheless, i am here to speak in opposition to the cellular towers. there are certain frequencies that have health-giving benefits, but unfortunately at
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the evidence is showing the cellular frequencies do not and are harmful. especially what at&t is doing, the release of burst frequencies. we have an at&t phone put up to a microphone. you will hear a series of outbursts. these are microwaves bursting a brain wave frequencies. the science is compelling. october of last year, the commonwealth of the city of san francisco and posted a program on the science behind this. there is disturbing evidence of blood cell abnormalities after exposure to this. children being affected. cancer risk and dna damage at the molecular level. i urge you to take a little of your time. i know you are all busy. go to this url could watch the presentation, or, you know, if
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you do not have a lot of time, fast forward through it. just with the power point slides. please read this down. this is the short version. and that is the commonwealth club. there are videos on this. you can also go to an electromagnetic the rules say i can only talk about item 9 out here. i cannot talk about item three, what is it going on on irving street, but they are related. thank you for your time. >> hello.
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in an anxious parent at hebrew -- i am an anxious parent at hebrew academy. we do not have anything to worry about yet. i am asking you to put your feet in my shoes. your son goes to school, and to open -- and you hope it is a healthy environment. this is a time of day where you do not have to worry because he is in good hands. i know the studies contradict each other. it is just hard for me to believe that anybody would take a place next to a school. just in case you are right. so, please consider and think about it. if you have a doubt in your mind, you should not allow this to happen. thank you some much. -- thank you so much. >> good afternoon. my name is gene mcwalters.
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and a close neighbor of the jewish bureau of education. i love my neighborhood. i would like to make a few comments. first, the notice to the neighborhood was inadequate. this is an acceptable. i think you should postpone your decision until the members of the neighborhood have been properly notified. there is much confusion about 333 bell but and -- balboa and t-mobile's plan and this latest proposal. the parents were notified of the proposal for the towers on 1333
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balboa and blindsided by this newest proposal for the towers at the school on six 01 14th avenue. -- 601 14th avenue. i also object because they will be ugly from an aesthetic point of view. i have an apartment in a 1920's building that should stay true to its character from an architectural standpoint. these antennas will be more appropriate in an industrial center where no one would notice them. i do not think it is wise to place a gigantic battery in the basement of an unregulated 1920's building. even if it never exploded, it
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will create worry for the parents of the nursery school children and the nearby grammar and high school. lastly, i think it is unjust that a huge corporation and a monopoly can come into are tranquil neighborhoods and offer an owner of a building a large sum of money so they can expand their network and their profits with no regard for the people in the local neighborhood, their health, or their happiness. thank you for allowing me to express my opinion today. >> good afternoon. i am a teacher at the hebrew academy. i am affected very much by this. first of all, my classroom -- i a teacher at the preschool and nursery, both of which are downstairs. right above it, my