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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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my store will incentivized families to spend more time in japan and spend more money in the mall. there is a correlation the amount of time they spend in the amount of money. i can see this as raising revenue and employment. you can imagine how children will be excited to visit with their families. i have talked with community groups and nonprofits who have endorsed my prop -- project. the awful sausage -- they offers social -- >> we have a list of them. >> the planning committee, the merchants association, and representatives of the police department. all of these organizations have endorsed my project.
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the planning department has also approved the project. i would like to say i appreciate your time. >> any questions? >> i am excited about your project. >> anybody from the community? ok. we have a three minute time maximum. >> president and commissioners, i will make this fast. i am the executive director of the task force. we are a nonprofit -- nonprofit focused on the planning and promotion of japantown. we provide assistance to small businesses. i also served on the organizing committee of the better
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neighborhood plan. he is a client of our program and i'm here to support his application. in this outreach he is referring to, i was organizing that for him. in any event, it was very clear that strong support from the community. it is an authentic japanese business which we need more of. it is family-oriented. it is not another restaurant or fast food. we have too many of those. it is in the hands of a professional. experienced in financing and accounting. a discipline which is often lacking in small businesses today. it is in the hands of someone who has been transparent with all of us. he has followed the process, done his homework, and the games to cun community supports his
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business. president newlin: do we have a motion? ok. very good. you are approved and good luck. >> hopefully maybe february. president newlin: all right. >> i always go there. there is always a weight. -- wait. president newlin: item number6. >> i have a question to staff.
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the officer comes to report all the time. is this report given to us in a document that we can review and cross reference? he mentioned something about ipala, it was one of those permits that was important for us. he mentioned -- does that to get red flagged to you? >> everything that was mentioned by the officer is in the list that i give you. all of those reports aren't there. -- are there. he then goes through them and hits the things of interest. something like that comes to us, it is a red flag which then he
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gets discussed by the strategy'ies to deal with. work with. >> we have nothing to look at. it would be nice to have a hard copy of it. >> what he is doing is going back over police reports. we cannot give you a police report but the same incidences are reported to you in a different form that gives you -- under categories with violent crime or a nuisance violation, did we warn them? you do actually have them. if you have questions on specific details, information
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about the incident, you can use those to talk sunni about more information regarding those. -- talk to me about more information regarding those. that is how we best can make clubs come into compliance. the minute we read these reports and they hit a level where we say there is a breach of some kind, we get right to witte. then we reports to you. many times you will see reports of property crimes which are abc issues. they're not something we can do much about. as part tim parcel of broadway, he continues to tell you about them.
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whether they did nothing more the wrong thing. >> you will get a heads up. >> absolutely. >> most times they have done something about. >> good to know. president newlin: new business request for future agenda items? >> i was wondering what was happening with the task force coming to talk to us. >> i'm waiting for direction from the president as to when that should be on our calendar. it is up to you. president newlin: i would like to get the final commission on board so when wie bring people and we have a full complement of commissioners. i have no problem in the next couple of meetings.
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>> i just know the eia r is coming out and it is going before planning. i feel like it would be important for us to hear from them. >> i agree. it together with commissioner hyde and cigarettes a date. >> we have one meeting in december. would that be your target? president newlin: sounds good. >> i want to remind people that on the 16th there is a at hoc meeting 00 and a-- ad hoc meeti. this is a neighborhood outreach. president newlin: that concludes the november 8 meeting of the
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entertainment condition -- commission for the city and county air sacramento -- san francisco. thank you.
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supervisor campos: good morning, everyone, and welcome to the tuesday, november 8, 2011 meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority's plans and programs committee. my name is david campos, the chair of the committee. we're joined by committee members, commissioners david
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chiu, john f. bellows, an scott wiener. vice chair carmen chu is in route. the clerk of the committee is erika cheng. we want to thank the following members of sfgtv for their coverage, charles and jennifer. madam clerk, please call item number two. >> approve the minutes of the october 18, 2011 meeting, an action item. supervisor campos: before we take action, is there any member of the public that would like to speak on the minutes of the october 18 meeting? three minutes. >> first and foremost, i want to commend the mayoral candidates for doing due diligence and reporting at this meeting. it is a sign of good public service. having said that, those minutes,
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i read the minutes, and if we are going to write the minutes in a very simplistic form, you know, just give ages of what happened, then is fine. but i think we need to have its across the board. if you look at the agenda items and you see the minutes linked to the cac, they're very short. and the other agenda items are going right into detail. having said that, i did try to state as clearly as possible the last time that the citizens advisory committee plays an important role. and one of the things that whoever represents or whoever is on at the cac, the citizens advisory committee, is they should bring some sort of experience. at one time we did have transit
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people who were involved, transit union members, and so on and so forth, but if you look good page 17 of this report that is given to you, you'll see the people from the various districts, and you'll see some people who have been representing the cac from whaleback -- from way back, 1997. we have a member who is representing the cac firm way back in 1997. you can go to the candidates and see if what you see before you is right. what i am saying is we need expertise, and we need fresh blood. and even on the political side, here we have term limits.
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so i can understand if somebody is there for five or six years, but from way back in 1997 to now, 14 years, that is shallow, that is drab. [bell rings] having said that, today you're going to hear from some new candidates, and i hope they have experience in it transit issues. because if they do not have other cac people with experience, then they're not able to participate in the deliberation, whether it is the subway, the central subway, or other millions of dollars that we discuss. i will be giving my comments on that, too. thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. in the other member of the public who would like to speak? the cnn, public comment is closed. we have an action item, the minutes.
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we have a motion and a second. we can take that without objection. madam clerk, please call item number 3. >> citizens advisory committee report, an information item. supervisor campos: now if we could hear from the citizens' advisory committee. >> chairman campos and members of the committee, my name is bob switzer, and i am representing glenn davis today, who cannot be here. and me just say there is one item on your agenda that i have a personal interest in, and that is item four. but i am here today to make the presentation on behalf of the cac, and i wanted to be specific about item six. item six was handled by the cac on its consent calendar as an information item, and at the time it engendered no discussion. however, at the end of our agenda there were a couple of
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comments that i want to convey to you and a couple of issues raised that would be appropriate to mention it to you. first, cac member wendy tran, who has been extremely helpful in our deliberations because of her expertise, has asked that the transportation impacts of the van ness avenue proposal before you have included the california medical center and whether or not those would be addressed in the draft environmental impact report for van ness avenue brt. staff noted that the authority had coordinated with the medical center throughout the van ness avenue brt/eir process, and the transportation analysis in the van ness avenue brt draft eir was consistent with the
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transportation analysis elsewhere. at the request of another of our cac members, jacqueline sacks, we have asked to have california pacific medical center representatives present to present to the cac on the medical center's project and discuss how the project was coordinated with the plant in van ness avenue and geary corridor brt projects. as a conflict -- as a consequence of these two inquiries, we expect to hear more information at one of our next meetings. let me just say, with that, this item was placed on our consent calendar to allow us to provide more opportunity for deliberations and comments on the other action items throughout our agenda, some of which you receive the gallaspy meeting. with that, unless there are questions from your board, i will conclude my comments.
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supervisor campos: thank you very much, sir. i do not see any questions, the thank you for the presentation. again, thank you to you and the rest of the cac for your service. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? if so, please come forward. >> if i remember correctly, the last time one of the things we wanted to find out from the cac was if the central subway project had to come to a halt, the cac wanted to know the impact of it. and i would have thought that today the cac would have come up with some statements regarding
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that question. now some of the present here at the last meeting asked more questions of the cac. and that points out what i stated earlier. we're dealing with a project like the central subway, and if the members of the cac have no idea, even though they say they're experts of the phase one, the third street light rail, then it is practically impossible for them to deliberate. and it is also practically impossible for the cac, without having any link to engineers and the designers, to find out exactly what is happening. now, the cac should be that entity that clears a lot of misunderstandings, because they
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are the citizens' advisory committee. and i know that they do not truly represent, but how can they advise if they do not have the right information? if they're not educated on issues? now what has happened for a long time with the cac is that they kept on rubber stamping. and you keep on rubber stamping win there is politics behind it, but we know, as you know, supervisors, that on the central subway, there's a lot of politics. and when politics come, that type of politics, what it does is it divides the community. as i stated the last time, there was a meeting with the former mayor and some others that was brought to light. [bell rings] such types of devious actions
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linked with the central subway do not project anything holistic. so, again, the cac must be vigilant. you can get advice could you cannot really give us some good reports here unless you are educated on issues. so do not make the cac a platform where, you know, you just have some drab dialogue. thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. anybody else from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, item is closed. call item number four. >> recommend appointment of one member to the citizens' advisory committee. this is an action item. supervisor campos: we can now hear from staff. >> good morning. i am a planner with the authority. by way of background, the authority has an 11-member citizen advisory committee, and each member serves a two-year term. the plans and programs committee recommends and the board appoints and committee members.
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on page 18 of your packet, you can see a list of folks who have sent in applications to be on the citizens' advisory committee. on page 17, there is a listing with information on the existing members. to qualify for appointment to the cac, you have to be a san francisco resident, and you have to a pier once before this committee to speak to your qualifications. we currently have one vacancy, which is the result of mr. switzer, and he is interested of being reappointed. obviously, he is here today. supervisor campos: have we heard from the district supervisor, the district 7 a supervisor, on this appointment? >> i am the chief deputy. i believe the district 7 supervisor is still recruiting
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and discussing with mr. switzer. i should note, the list is rather short, because we do put a time limit on applications. supervisor campos: great, thank you very much. let's hear now from mr. switzer and any other applicant. mr. switzer, please come forward. again, we want to thank you for your service on the cac in your interest in wanting to serve again. if you could give us a brief statement about yourself and why you are interested in being reappointed. >> mr. chairman, members, thank you for the opportunity to present my interest in reappointment you and also to respond to some of the comments from the audience with regard to whether or not the cac is a rubber stamp in this issue. my background before coming to the committee was in interlocal city, county, and state government. it included both management of
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local government agencies, including a position as city manager. i was involved for a long time as the city planner, in which my work included the development of transportation plans and general plan bank elements for cities, including housing. my work for the state involved in liaison on a number of occasions with caltrans and other agencies that were engaged, both state and federal agencies, engaged in transportation. so i think i understand the constraints on the public agencies that are dissipating here. with respect to two issues, let me just say that i think under -- and during my own participation in this process of being an adviser with the citizens advisory committee to you and attempting to bring value to their deliberations, i have witnessed, perhaps, more of
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the proposals that have come before our committee going back to the staff as being un ready for prime time, based on the deliberations of that committee as i understand that have come back to my staff i and my predecessors time. our committee is very concerned, both with the quality of citizen participation in the neighborhoods and the documentation of information we are receiving, particularly about the citizen participation before these issues come to your committee, as well as the criteria by which these programs are evaluated. let me just say, with regard to the central subway, because that issue did come up at the last meeting, we presented information that we had requested of staff with regard to the cost.
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if you recall, it was associated with the closure of the central subway project if that project were to be abandoned. we have, since that time, we have sent that information back to staff. we have requested more specific analysis of the out-of-pocket losses that the city would experience, and when we receive that information, we will be happy to share it with you. at any rate, with that as background, what to indicate my own interest in continuing, if you feel that i and others that have my kind of experience can bring value to your deliberations. appreciate it very much. thank you. supervisor campos: is there any other applicant who is here to speak? >> yes, good morning, mr. chairman and committee members. my name is adrian hime, and i stand before you to be considered for the vacancy the
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citizens' advisory committee. as a native and former member of the transbay joint powers authority, the cac from 2007 to 2009, i believe i would be a valuable asset to this committee. they're my educational and professional experience as a transportation and use planner, i have in-depth knowledge of the transportation policies, such as the regional transportation plan and sustainable community strategy is, as well as the one bay area block grant. i also have understanding of transportation funding mechanisms and local projects, such as the central subway project, a better market street project, and the jfk separated bike path project and golden gate park. i believe i can include transportation equity in regards to communities and communities of color. thank you so much. supervisor campos: if you can repeat your name, please. >> adrienne hime.
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supervisor campos: thank you very much. is there any other applicant who would like to speak? let's now open it to public comment. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? please come forward. >> supervisors, let me explain to you, when you participate or deliberate over a long time span, having come to these meetings, we see candidates who really just focus on what is before them. very few of you all know that the san francisco county transportation authority extended it -- extended monies at one time to build a three conduit's under a creek, all of which failed, costing us millions of dollars. the citizens advisory committee to the cass san francisco transportation authority not
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once addressed this issue. another issue, the muni maintenance facility, cost overruns that adversely impact the entire area. now, if we're talking about candidates who are seeking to give input so that, say, the bayview hunters point has good transportation, then, ok, i challenge the cac to extend the third street light rail to balboa. not in the direction of in which the light rail moves now, but in the opposite direction. because the third street light rail is a white elephant. it starts at fourth and king and ends at the middle of nowhere in visitation valley, and we have spent $700 million. for a long time, nobody said anything about it. but now,