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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PST

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like to mention that mrs. ho is also a grandmother to one of our clerks. supervisor farrell: i have two items. on election day, a group was told by staff that the u.n. plaza -- they were not allowed to pass out voter guides their. in section 7.0.3 -- the only part that concerns passing out leaflets is the part that says they need 60 or more people to buy -- 60 more people. ibm submitting a letter of inquiry to -- i am submitting a letter inquiry to rec and park.
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we have to give guidance to avoid this happening in the future. my second item for introduction -- it is in memorial for jesse moore. i will start by paraphrasing johnny cash. "i hear the bart train a'comin. it is coming around the bend." he was a big, tattooed guy singing johnny cash songs with an uncanny impression of his era ton. while his appearance may have been intimidating, he was a warm and friendly guy with a great sense of humor. he moved to bart because of the great acoustics and for years
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commuters enjoy his songs echoing up the walls. he was a much loved member of the community. jesse also wrote and performed original songs with his band, and they were working on a new country album at the time of his passing. seven tracks from the album have been available for download for a suggested donation of $5 to pay for his memorial. we have a track here -- actually a performance of him playing at cards we would like to put in a clip. this is him here,, jesse morgan. ♪ >> hello. it sure as ain't johnny cash. ♪ with nobody to hold my hand and the beer i had for
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breakfast wasn't bad i had one more for the road my clothes were clingin' dirty shirts i was my face and combed my hair and went on down i smoked my brains the night before and i lit my first and watched [indistinct lyrics] across the empty street and they took me back to
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something that i lost somewhere along the way on a sunday morning sidewalk i'm wishing, lord, that i was stone there's something about a sunday that makes the body feel alone oh, there's nothing short of dyin' as lonely as a sound and it's sleeping on sity sidewalks and sunday morning coming down
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[indistinct lyrics] and a laughing little to thegirl -- little girl she was singing and i passed a sunday school and heard the songs they were singing a lonely bell was ringing and it echoed through the can yon like the disappearing dream of yesterday and on a sunday morning sidewalk i am 0 wishing, lord, i was
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stoneh there is something about the sunday that makes a body feel alone and there's nothing short of dyin' that is as lonesome as a sound and the sound of sunday morning coming down ♪ [applause] supervisor campos: thank you, very much, for listening, colleagues and the public. i just wanted to say thank you for his work. he as a memorial service coming up, and if folks could download a couple of songs to help pay
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for it -- thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. that concludes introductions. the next item is the opportunity for the public to address the board on two minutes on a subject matter under the jurisdiction of the board, including formal policy discussions between the mayor and the board. excluding items that have been considered by the board committee. speakers in the translation assistance will be allowed time to testify. if a member of the public would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please -- >> [unintelligible] t[speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentleman, i'd like to tell to our former supervisor ross mirkarimi, congratulations. ross, i trust you. and guess what? i put you, number one, number
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two, no. 3 choice in my vote. i want to give you might vote -- i do not give you my vote for blocking. -- good looking. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. >> at this moment, i will tell you i have a proposal, like anyone else. i have to but nephews who would -- i have two nephews who would be in jail, to show them how they can be good workers. ross, as you go on, and everyone in your district like you, try to understand -- i like you, i trust you, and i would like to thank you for a donation of
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three turkeys to feed the homeless. i asked only for one turkey. 300 men and women, and that would like to be happy liked anyone else. campos, you promised me. you have a turkey waiting for you. thank you. i would also ask our mayor after he finished here, if he can be coming. [bell rings] be coming to feed the homeless. thank you. thank you again. president chiu: thank you. i would like to just remind folks making public comment,
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your to address your comments to the full board and not individual members. next speaker. >> do not accept money from the friends foundation. the city of san francisco post -- proposed a bond issue in 2007 approving $16 million for the branches. the friends of the library are required to file financial reports with the california state attorney general due to the way -- it is not until now we have financial reports for the decade of this public- private partnership for branch libraries. in the year 2000, it had assets of $20.3 million. by 2010, it dropped to $12.7 million. during that time, the friends at income of $35.7 million. where did that money go?
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the executive director alone made $1.6 million. executive level employees made $6.1 million. the library itself is reported to disclose funds given to the public agencies or used for its benefit over the 10-year periods for the benefit of the library, most of the indirectly. and as we know, the friends of only expanded -- expended $807,000 for fixtures and improvements. these are actual documents required under public disclosure laws. i hope you're paying attention, because this is the only accounting there is ever going to be. because the friends have no agreement with the city, because it would not answer questions -- they would not answer questions from your finance committee. as bad and as wasteful it is up
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for community resources, the harm to democracy is even worse. the allies cost more than the money. thank you. -- the lies cost more than money. president chiu: next speaker. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is michael goldman. i am sorry mayor lee is not here to hear public comment. i know that is the policy. i am staying at occupy san francisco. there are things you need to know about. i appreciate the support this board has given to first amendment rights. the city in the meantime is trying to prevent us from having a safe and healthy circumstances by telling us we cannot have tents in places like the bank of america, claiming that is not authorized. and what we heard after that was a fence was installed by a
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private truck, and i found the phone number of the person or the organization that was paying for the truck, and it turned out to be j.p. morgan-chase. the area cannot be occupied by a j.p. morgan-chased fence, and it is segregating the public and fencing people in. is also creating ingestion -- it is also creating ingestion. the city needs to respect the rights of people where they are and to facilitate our health and safety. we need to have access to the toilets and access to sewage and bombing and things of that nature. generally -- sewage and plumbing
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and things that people need to live. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i am dr. joel livingston. i am a member of doctors of america. we are a health advocacy group of physicians. i am also from the center of policy analysis. president chiu: excuse me, sir, if you are going to speak on the health care security order, we will have a hearing on that right after this public comment. if you could hold your comments until then? next speaker, please. >> hi, supervisors. since 2006, a conditional use hearing is required whenever formula retail establishment applied for permanent in a commercial district beatty --
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commercial district. the planning department broke the law. who did they break the law for? jpmorgan chase, one of the companies that has caused and profited from the global recession. here in section c of the law -- "retail establishments are defined." notice that it includes general uses, sales and services, sales and services retail, which is highlighted in purple here. retail sales and service is a category here. is a catchall category and it includes -- it is a catchall quarter -- category and includes all these things. includes other retail sales and models. it is a complete catch all.
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the planning department broke the law, but striking out the categories -- the affectively just crossed these things out of the lot. that is what the planning department dead. they claim they can choose not to choose the catchall category. this is not merely a loophole the planning department had to avoid hearings, but a total violation of the lot. i challenge each of you to read the law for yourself. we hold the planning department accountable for breaking the law up. to make things interesting, the board said -- any building that is found to be formula retail, it is subject to revocation at
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any time. so it is still possible to revoke the chase bank permit. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is philip hackett. i am a poet. and we need your help. for seven years now, we have been trying to get pens and plume off the ground. we know it would take the board of supervisors and the dpw and the sfpd and others involved to get us going better. pens and plumes would be a
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public project that could involve the corridor from the very building to the castro, or from columbus to pier 39. it would help us economically in the city to do this project. it would be modeled after the boulevard of stars. it would be the pens and plumes of san francisco. it would be a plume in the sidewalk, and every plume would be the name of a published poet, and i know there are virtually 1000 poets in this city.
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it is a hub of poetry in the world. i did programs in iraq, egypt, jordan, and israel, and i was amazed at the amount of people in the audience. there were literally thousands of people who came out to listen to their words. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, members of the board. san francisco deserves a fair discussion about rent choice voting -- rank choice voting, it has been successful, how it can be improved, how it is not responsible for all the
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difficulties san francisco faces and why it is so difficult to find a better replacement. it is important to acknowledge some of the deliberate efforts to spread disinformation and create confusion about right choice voting -- rank choice voting. i would like to remind each of you that you are here because you are majority winners. out of you are unintended consequences. in an effort to elevate the discussion, i will note that your being majority winners does not necessarily contradict supervisor elsbernd's claims last week, but it does eliminate the ambiguity of such claims. we need to make sure that the comparisons are fair apples to apples comparisons. repealing rank choice voting will systematically and unnecessarily restrict voter choice and prevent voters from exercising the franchise they now have. artificially restricting have the campaign to just two candidates tends to create
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polarizing campaigns. if you want san francisco to have the polarized, dysfunctional government that we have in sacramento and washington, d.c., if you want to fulfill the dreams of the pay to play crowd, the folks who will do the heavy lifting in the repeal effort, if you want to push candidates through a near- mandatory political makeover in the middle of a campaign, then repealing rcv and replacing it with a delayed two-candidate runoffs will be your choice. for the rest of us, please look for ways to improve on the success of rank choice voting. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i made some comments earlier. i just want to touch on some of the last few points. the virgin shall be with child
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and give birth to a son and they shall call him emanu-el, a name which means, "got with us -- "god with us." an open letter to the ambassadors of the united states. scholars arrived one day to jerusalem acquiring, "wears the newborn king of the jews?" on november 18, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. in san francisco, a marriage ceremony has been planned. in 1978, when harvey milk was assassinated, joseph, an upright man, decided to divorce his wife quietly, unwilling to expose her to the law. this is how the birth of jesus came about. when joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the lord directed him
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and receive marry into his home as his wife -- received mary into his home. he had no relations with her before the time she bore a son, whom she named jesus. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i am with the occupiers down on market street, and i would like to bring to your attention that on friday, we received a notice from dpw stating a notice of dispersal on two counts -- two points. the first one stating that, you know, we were in violation of health codes, and second, that we were blocking pedestrian
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traffic. i would just like to state that i was slightly confused that we were receiving a health notice from dpw when we received no notice from the department of health. second, back to a previous comment regarding the barricades that were privately funded that are on the sidewalk on the first block of market street, it seems inconsistent that we are receiving, you know, notice to clear out when there are in fact these barricades that are impeding the pedestrians more than the tens -- tents are. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i do not know how i will get this done in two minutes. i will try my best pure first, i
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want to congratulate ross the boss. congratulations. we go back a ways. first, before i go into this little thing, i want to invite you this thursday to the west bay, the human rights commission is coming to the western addition. wild, wild west. ♪ here in city hall i want to invite you all to come out. they are going to talk about what i have been talking about for the longest. the mayor, the one that really did not care -- he could go up to sacramento, but it has been institutionalized. because of the efforts of all of us, the commission is coming. you get silly down here in city hall. i am telling you all because i have been here. the thing about it is all these
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department heads that have been here -- they do not even coincide with each other. but i am going to tell it all because i have been here down in city hall. in city hall, it gets silly, y'all. in city hall, it gets silly, y'all. let me go back to the historical value. you do not miss it. the west bay, 6:00. i want you to know one thing -- it still gets silly, but i know ed lee. he knows me. we worked together when he was with the hrc. it is no mystery. supervisor chiu: thank you. [applause]
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next speaker, please. >> i do not know how i can follow that. hello. i am bridge fellow at the asian law caucus. i am year to urge the board to find a different and better solution to the closed loop hole in the health care securities -- supervisor chiu: excuse me, we are about to have a hearing on that, so if you will hold that thought, you have an opportunity to testify on it in a few minutes. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? >> i want to say i really appreciated the mayoral debate and the share of debates and the g-8 debates. we are lucky to have such great public servants in san francisco. -- the sheriff debates and d.a. debates. david, you have one of the nicest guys as a father i could
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ever imagine. ross, i really wish kgo would have taken my suggestion and had the debate on air because i do not think the results would have been different, but i think we would have had a different understanding of the different abilities of the people. i am so happy that the mayor got elected. i am so happy that david and you entered the debates and the mayor's race. i cannot say enough how -- i went over to city hall in oakland, and compared to there to here, it is night and day. i also want to say that i am car to be a san francisco resident. -- proud to be a san francisco resident. i think that occupy sf -- i hope of any actions to take place, they are taken more like oakland in the last round. in the last round. i was there during