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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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putting people to work to build a green new deal and sentences go. supervisor campos: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am one of the many residents that will benefit from this program. there has been such a long, successful history in supplying essential public services. i commend their work to date, and look forward to being able to have 100% clean energy and the local jobs. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. jeremiah dean, san francisco bay chapter club. i would like to thank you for having this meeting today, and thank everyone for the hard work they have put into it over the years. i have only been involved with this for approximately a year, but everyone else has been doing this for years and years.
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i am going to talk today, because i think we need to really make sure we offer a program to all san francisco customers that is very attractive price-wise. the price point has to be low, competitive with pg&e, because that will be a way we can really attract the highest amount of customers into this program. just for sake of comparison, i know that clean power sf is a much larger program than green energy, but in many ways the onlycc cca up and running. i would like to compare the rates they have seen in the program. morin offers a light green and deep green option. when you -- you do not opt in to the program. when your roll in, you are in
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the light green program. you have the ability to bump up to the deep green option. that would be 100% renewable energy with 5-$10 approximately more for the customer energy bill. they believed that 20% of their customers would opt in to the program, and they have only seen five% of the customers in the deep green. in san francisco with seen there's only one option, 100%. it may be a good idea to think about having different options for customers, something that is more competitive with pg&e. go back to the meet or beat 2007 ordinance. that would be very important. the opt out rate. they thought they would have a
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20% rate. it has been 19.6. san francisco is thinking there will be between 40-70% in the initial public offering to the 229 customers. about is -- once the folks are on it will be difficult to get them back once prices are competitive. that is why we believe the information gleaned from the in depth analysis of local bill that will help really seek renewal board resources and prices drop. supervisor campos: next speaker. >> my name is al wind row inero. i wanted to echo what everyone
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has said about appreciation to the people that and and all for so long. what i would like to address here is we think that the program as outlined in the terms and she, that we could do better. we could do better that -- in that term sheet. in terms of the things people spoke to about having a program that really builds local renewable power in town sooner and quicker, that provides the jobs that we need sooner and quicker, that provides a local renewable power and reduction in greenhouse gases quicker, and one in which we can actually hold on to ratepayers and not have them off out, because we find better price points. i think that depends on having somewhat of a longer-term plan than phase one, which is what is advertised in the term sheets.
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all of these things and the ability to do better than what we've been talking about are based on a study that is about to take place. it is a detailed study for the potential for energy efficiency and new development in town. it will project a deployment plan for local renewable resources. our sense is what can be learned from that city -- study could have a significant impact on bettering the plan that has been put forth for that is embodied in the term sheet. what we're calling for is to try to give that study some time to inform the process as we are moving ahead. we feel it could have a big impact on the terms of the contract, and that would advance much quicker timetable, the
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types of things we have been talking about as mutual goals, both on the part of the sfpcu and advocate community. thank you very much. i think we could go into more discussion about these details and possible trade-offs and possible ways of addressing them. thank you very much. supervisor campos: any other member of the public that would like to comment on that. seeing none, public comment is closed. i have a follow-up question for whoever. can you say a little bit about where we are with the build out. it is important for us to make sure the bill that is moving forward quickly on parallel tracks. i am wondering if you could give us an update on where things are right now. >> we have completed all
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contract negotiations. there was table work to be done, and that has been done as far as i know. i think we're still signing a few things, but they have basically been issued. that contractor ration is projected to be 11 months. supervisor campos: thank you. like i said at the beginning, this is the beginning of this discussion, and i think it is important for us to have a meaningful opportunity to ask all the right questions, so there will be a follow-up discussion, and if there are specific suggestions as to when that can take place, we're happy to hear from members of the committee on that, and there are still a couple of issues that need to be addressed before the contract actually comes before the board.
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we need to have a discussion and decision around the scope of the program. the issues around the build out, we need to make sure that the progress around the build out continues. i am also happy to report that the sfpuc is working with the public california commission to make sure that on their end that we are able to influence the decision making that is taking place in a way that helps this program move forward, and i think that a lot of work has gone into this and will continue to go into this, not only on the part of puc, but also lafco. i want to acknowledge the work of the members of the public utilities commission, because many meetings have been had on this issue. with that, can we have a motion to continue this to the call of
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the chair? great. madam clerk, any other items before the committee? >> there are no further items. >supervisor campos: thank you very muc. h. meeting adjourned.
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>> sanrio famous for the designs for hello kitty. i thought i would try to make it as cute as possible. that way people might want to read the stories. then people might be open to learn about the deities and the culture. ♪ they reached out to make about five or six years ago because of the book published. they appreciated that my work
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was clearly driven from my research and investigation. after i contributed my artwork, the museum was really beside themselves. they really took to it. the museum reached out to me to see if i would be interested in my own space inside the museum. i tell them that would be a dream come true. it is the classical, beautiful indian mythology through the lens of modern design and illustration and storytelling. they're all of these great sketch as i did for the maharajah exhibition. i get a lot of feedback on my artwork and books. they complement. they say how original the work is. i am the first person to say that this is so derived from all of this great artwork and storytelling of the past. the research i put into all of
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my books and work is a product of how we do things that a-- at pixar. sometimes you will see him depicted monkey-like or as superman. i wanted to honor his monkey coloring. i decided to paint him white with a darker face. it is nice to breathe new life into it in a way that is reverent and honors the past but also lets them breathe and have fun. it is almost a european notion to bring these symbols and icons from southeast asia. they decorate their deities. it was a god they interacted
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with every day in a human way. the most important thing has been to create work that is appealing to me. i want to see vishnu to pick did in a modern way. it dawned on me by reinterpreting the deities in a way that is modern and reverent to the history, i am building a bridge for young and old audiences to make friends with the culture and these icons to learn their stories. ♪ >> i came out to san francisco about seven years ago. i was trained as a carpenter. i got sick of the cold weather
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and the hot weather. i wanted to pursue art. i thought i really be here for about three years. here i am, 7 years later. ♪ i have problems sleepwalking at night. i wanted to create a show about sleep. a mostly due painting kind of story telling. these are isolated subject matters, smaller studies for the larger paintings. i fell in love with it and wanted to create more of them. it is all charcoal on mylar. it is plastic. i was experimenting and discovered the charcoal moves
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smoothly. it is like painting, building up layers of charcoal. it is very unforgiving. you have to be very precise with the mark-making. a mark dents the paper and leaves the material embedded. you have to go slowly. the drawings are really fragile. one wipe and they are gone completely. it is kind of like they're locked inside. all of the animals i am showing are dead. i wanted them to be taking -- taken as though they are sleeping, eternal sleep. i like to exaggerate the features of the animals. it gives it more of a surreal element.