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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 3:18am-3:48am PST

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bathroom? >> would you like to take a recess? [laughter] commissioner miguel: i think if commissioner sugaya is going to recuse himself from the next item, maybe we should take a brief recess. >> t >> we are about to start item 15. commissioner sugaya: i asked the commission for a recusal because my firm is -- has been retained to work specifically on this site. we implemented a mitigation measure, which called for documenting the building, taking photographs, we are also now in the process of reviewing the proposed design, so i have a conflict of interest. commissioner moore: move to
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reduce. >> second. >> on the motion -- commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. >> good afternoon. presentation, i want to note that although you do not have signed copies of the proposed ordinance is in your packet, the copies in your packet are the same in terms of content, and i have passed up the sign version for review. the items are zoning map so an amendment ordinances at the southwest corner of washington street. specifically, the ordinances would allow the demolition of the existing two-story mixed-use building without the prior review and approval of a replacement building. the building contains 18 residential units. all other controls currently
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applicable in the chinatown residents of neighborhood commercial district would apply with this special use district. the creation of the chinatown transit station is an essential implementation component of the city's large central subway project. it is necessary in order to allow for the demolition of the existing nearly vacant mixed use building since the chinatown residential neighborhood commercial district prohibits the demolition of residential units. without the demolition of this mixed use building, the chinatown transit station would not be able to be located at this site. the site, however, has already been identified and approve as a site for the chinatown transit station by the board of directors and by the board of supervisors. demolition of the building was also considered by this commission when the commission certified the central subway third street light rail and a supplemental. i would also propose to allow demolition without concurrent
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approval of a replacement structure since mta is working under a tight time line that does not give the planning department enough time to concurrently review and environmentalists -- and environmentally clear a new corporate -- construction proposal. the planning department is working closely with the mta on the review of a replacement structure for the property and hopes to bring the new proposal g÷ the next few months. the mta has successfully relocated all but one of the tenants from the subject property, and the remaining tenant is the property manager who plans to relocate next month. the mta's relocation plan, which has been approved by the board of supervisors, it implements the requirements of the uniform relocation act and california state relocation act, and provides relocation assistance and payments for affected residential tenants and commercial businesses. the mta has also committed $8 million toward an offside affordable housing development located near chinatown under the control of the mayor's office of house and in order to offset the
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loss of the 18 rent-controlled willing units for the city's housing stock. once completed in 2014, the original tenants, should they choose, would be permanently relocated to this new offset housing development. some tenants have elected to use their relocation benefits to purchase homes rather than rent. the planning department is recommending three modifications to the proposed planning code text amendment, which are minor in nature, including adding a reference to the chinatown transit station in order to exempt the demolition of the existing mixed-use building from notification procedures. it was the intent to allow demolition of the existing mixed use building through this process a loan without any subsequent review and notification by the planning department. two, adding a reference to the ordinance to collect the zoning district as the chinatown residential neighborhood district and adding a reference to the ordinance subscription to include making planning code section 3 of 2 findings. the department will encourage
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the commission to recommend approval with modifications of the planning code amendment and approval of the conforming planning code map amendment to the board of supervisors. this concludes my presentation, and i am available to answer any questions. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> thank you, elizabeth. good afternoon, members of the commission. from board of supervisors president chiu's office. nice to be back before the commission. i just wanted to offer our unqualified support for the ordinance and a clear on the record they will make the recommended technical modifications identified by planning staff. this is the latest in a long broad array of city and community stakeholders from the mta and planning commission to
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community partners like the chinatown community development center, which did significant work on the relocation plan to meet the central subway a reality. the central subway is perhaps the most important transportation project in the immediate future of san francisco along with a few others, and we really believe this is an important step to move this project forward, and we really appreciate the work that city staff and community partners have put forward so far. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. central subway program director. i have a brief presentation i'll walk you through regarding the progress of the central subway project and focusing on the chinatown station. many of the points have already been covered by elizabeth's excellent briefing. we have appreciated the past
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support from this planning commission and board of supervisors in bringing this program to the state of readiness that it is today. located before you is the actual site of the proposed chinatown station location. the mta is the proud owner of this property as of january 10 this year, and we have also successfully relocated all of the 19 residential households that previously lived on the second floor and successfully relocated them to either purchase homes -- four of the 19 have actually purchased their own single-family dwellings, and we have also we located the balance to replacement housing. we also successfully relocated that previously had operated on the lower floor and relocated them to either relocated businesses, with the
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exception of the property manager, who is -- who will be relocating his business by the 15th of february. this is the proposed chinatown construction schedule. the effort, once we begin the demolition process -- the chinatown station will take approximately 52 months to construct. beginning in mid-2012. we would like to advertise for bids for the construction of the station, which primarily as the underground portion of the station, beginning at the end of this month. some of the shots before you are some of the interior spaces of the station. we have participated in -- the
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project has done considerable our reach to the community, working with the community, back to 2004, regarding the proposed environmental litigations, type of construction that is proposed for the chinatown community. and some of the -- the actual construction techniques that will be implemented for the station. unlike the other two stations on the program, the union square market street station and the moscow station, the chinatown station will be actually a mine station, which will minimize service disruption to the chinatown community. essentially, we are using a tried and true, very traditional mining type of method, which would involve -- which would require that most of the construction be off of stockton street. more shots of the station
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itself. we appreciate your support for the demolition and the proposed special use district today, and that hopefully completes my very brief presentation, and i am available answering any questions you may have. commissioner miguel: thank you very much. public comment? >> good afternoon. i am with the chinatown community development center, and we have been working with the neighborhood businesses and residents as well as the tenants who were displaced. we have already started a discussion with the community about the future design for the project, and there is great anticipation for this project moving forward. this is, in effect, an application to begin the groundbreaking for project in cs something we have been looking
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forward to for a long time, and we fully support it. all the comments we have received over the last few months are really looking forward to the design, which will come back to the commission for its approval. i think there is broad consensus that this is a project that we really need to go forward. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. is there additional public comment? if not, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini: i question. this is not before us today, obviously, as i understand we will get input on the design of the station as it is formulated, the above-surface part of the station. that comes in the future, i believe. >> that is correct. commissioner antonini: great. hopefully we will come up with something contextual, but i am sure it will be attractive when it is finished. >> we certainly hope so. commissioner antonini: my other question is about the extension
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to washington square, which the boring machine will have to get out, as illustrated, so the total will be there. i guess -- - standing, we have already had our environmental impact report considered on the entire subway project, but for an extension, you would need a supplemental environmental impact study? or what steps would be necessary to make that a reality? >> as you mentioned, commissioner, the current layout of the t-line extension, the second phase, the central subway piece that this body actually cleared in -- i believe it was august 2008 -- essentially would provide revenue service up to washington street, so the proposed chinatown station is actually the terminal station of thet-line.
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hopefully there could be an extension of that line. where this concerns would be part of its own environmental analysis. initially, beginning with an alternative analysis that would look at various alignments that would allow for the extension into north beach in to fisherman's wharf. >> a lot of members of the public have brought up this whole question of washington square. it is always a good idea to start planning for the future to see if we can began to this process sooner. they have to create a tunnel to get itself out anyway. this is probably a good time to
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start thinking about that. >> we would love to work with the planning commission to make that a reality. >> commissioners, on the motion for a approval for both the planning code amendment and the zoning and met it with modifications that are outlined by staff. >> that motion passes unanimously. they will have separate resolution numbers, i believe.
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commissioners, you are now on item number 16, case number 2,011.1249c for 2500 bryant street. >> you have a request for additional use authorization for a retail business or into a full-service restaurant. nonresidential uses are present. ñe=gxbwinitially, this is scheo be heard two weeks ago. however, at the request of supervisor campos, this has been moved to today's agenda to allow for additional dialogue between the sponsor and opponents. since the continuous, the project sponsor has held a
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meeting to present his plans and listen to concerns of his neighbors. i attended this meeting to clarify the planning code. the majority of participants did indicate support for the proposal. those opponents were concerned about the noise. at this point, a compromise has not yet been negotiated. but a person has received a 30 letters, 5 in opposition. both sides have submitted opposition and i have two folders that i will pass out to you that include those documents.
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>> the department continues to recommend approvals. this will generate new . this is solved by public transit. -- this will support public transmit. these have been submitted with the standard forms of approval. =1.:÷
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and that i am available for further questions. >> i am here as a project sponsor but first as a neighbor. my wife, my son, and i move across the street from the restaurant. my son was 5 months old and i was his primary caretaker. and just a few months, i felt at home. it felt like a village in which i knew the business owners, recognized the neighborhoods. the neighborhood was studios, businesses, restaurants,
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workshops mixed in. i took my passion for handmade foods and i oakland 8 local eatery -- and i opened a local eatery. we have built relationships with their customers and neighbors with whom i celebrated the birth of their children. over 80% of our guests live in the neighborhood. we have collaborated with mission graduates. we have had many neighborhood schools and have had an effort to support our neighbors. this has been a corner liquor store for 20 years. the windows have been boarded for at least 15 years. they carry only lichter, candy, and junk food. they did nothing to assist in the safety and well-being of the
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neighborhood. the building owner told of the permit for a minimum organization. their art several cornerstones within three streets and even just north of 24 street. this does not need another to start at the neighborhood. the corner has been neglected and it can be beautiful because restaurants that opened for dinner are well lit and increase public safety. this preserves the charm and uniqueness of san francisco. we would support local farms and ranches. this abettors the life of all of
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its neighbors. i have met with my neighbors privately and i have deferred to their support and concerns. as we do now welcome the mission e. drury -- mission, we will run a quiet restaurant and make the streets safer. we designed a menu that does not provide ventilation. we reduce the area for proposed outdoor seating. we reduced the hours and days we will be open to balance the needs of my neighbors and employees. i deeply care and an invested in maintaining the quality of life.
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>> is to any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i move into the neighborhood to 22 years ago. it is the block over the proposed business. we would like to request a continuance for this item until issues have been resolved. a lot of discussion around this project needs to happen. as late as last night, concern neighbors met the business owner and david campos. he refused to negotiate in any genuine way. we feel he has not been fair and respectful to the neighbors who
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will be impacted by his new business. he has been unwilling to address the concerns of the committee members. we were willing to offer many concessions but he was unable to negotiate a peaceful solution. we do not want to stop this business but we feel that the community outreach has been is sufficient so far. we feel like he is refusing to meet with the community. he was forced to have a community meeting in which she placed only a tiny sign in his proposed storefront. as i was distributed notices about the meeting, he berated me on the street that i've lived in for distributing these flyers. he was aggressive, angry, and unreasonable. we find it unacceptable that a business owner would like to come in and put a business on a
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quiet corner but is unwilling to take long-term concerns of long- term residents concerns into account. -- put a business on a quiet corner but is unwilling to take into account the concerns of long-term residents. he is dismissive of our concerns for our neighborhood. he has not been working in good faith with the community. all we ask is that he address our concerns and the able to continue our quite intimate as our beloved neighborhood. we don't want outside city, this would destroy our peaceful living environment. according to the city planner is 5%-10% overcapacity for restaurants.
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special consideration should be given to long term consents. we asked to be given a chance. >> good evening, commissioners. i have been living on the 2500 block for 50 years. it is a nice quiet neighborhood. i do not wish to say that i don't want the restaurant there. i think that this can come into our community. he did not call no community meeting. he did not inform.
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-- he said he had a sign in the window. i don't look to see what is in the window. my concern, if he wanted to be a called us to a meeting and told us what he is doing. when we're sitting in ourvñ.:÷b, it is nice and quiet. we enjoyed that. this is this eating outdoors. they will be served alcohol, beer and wine. when you serve beer and wine,
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when they walked down the streets, they speak very loud and noisy. we won't have an opportunity to sit in our house and enjoy it. even when they go for practice on a sunday, it is very noisy. the only thing that i and many of my neighbors propose is that no seating on the outside with alcoholic beverages. that is what we would like to see. i would like to ask you to postpone the decision today said that he can come back and meet with the neighbor. we did have a meeting with two of us. we did put leaflets over a large portion where the restaurant would be affected. we went out and got signatures. we were hoping that he would come out as a person who wants to open up a restaurant in a
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neighborhood and inform the neighbor what he was doing. that is all we ask. we did go into supervisor campos' office to negotiate. we did not come out with no sitting. that is what we would like. we appreciate it if you would postpone this for maybe another week and if we can negotiate about no seating and alcohol on the street. >> thank you. >> it is there additional public comment on this item? public comment is closed. > i was not prepared to speak
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tonight. i am one of the founders of the merchants association. i am kind of on the fence. i would like to help mediate. it is out of control. i think that the community outreach and is to be done. i think that there are some problems with the business. if we would all key in to that, we would be able to listen to each other. i see the neighbors who don't want this and i see him who wants to come in and do business. you have to finesse it. you have to make everyone happy. how are you going to do that?