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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 12:18pm-12:48pm PST

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ladies and gentlemen, as you know, my name is abdollah. i am here to talk about what is
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going on around us and for the last couple of days. a man killed his wife. another guy killed his children with himself after you put a fire in his home after he killed his wife because one of the kids saw his mother in the trunk of the car. life has changed. i come to talk and to think about the scandal we have. the 49ers, free tickets, the copy you can see on the internet and another copy i have. they said that the stadium costs $525 million in 1997.
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smart supervisors like you, i want you to show me why they said it is $1 billion now. i believe that the 49ers tried to give you, free tickets, to get the money they want. mr. supervisors, i have a letter here that you and i will give you a copy, if you do not mind. i ask you that i deserve the free tickets better than your mother-in-law. do you know why? because i worked day and night to help them in 1997. i was not coming to get free tickets but i am stopping to
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stop this candy and the tragedy. >> stop the corporate rate of the public library. do not give money to the friends and foundation or do not accept money. every once in awhile, i placed my comments in historical context to demonstrate the continuous intersection of abuse of open government and democracy and the waste of public resources and betrayal of public trust that is at the heart of privatization. these are only the highlights of the privatization scandal. the privatizes claim that the only new law is the most recent law. they claim that the money it makes them arrested crest is always a log. there was the book-dumping scandal, the document evaluation scandal, the lower accreditation scandal, the service scandal, the private space rental business scandal, the firm of
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five scandal, and the disintegration of public service underline all sunshine violation scandals. now we have the public library proven program overruns and the broken promises of private fund- raising scandals. there should be increased accountability when there are repeated failures. in fact, private money chooses to destroy accountability and theft. the philanthropist who call themselves the friends of the public library would not answer questions about their finances to the border supervisors. there are not required to justify philanthropy with any showing of benefits because maintaining the privileges of class and money is the only justification they need. they claim that the answer is that whatever happens, the public is still the public. private fund-raising depends on
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destroying private accountability and that is why the lies cost more than the money. thank you very much. >> i am the executive director of the library users association and i will be using some illustrations year. mostly about 4x6 or 5x8. i want to show you the vernal heights branch library when it was fresh and young. as it could be if it were to be restored as was recommended originally by many folks in the city who were both expert and politically placed. unfortunately, these pictures have never been shown to library commission, the arts commission,
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and have never been given to the so-called community group by anyone from the library or from the supervisors. the backside of the library has a history of vernal heights in this mural. here is a close-up of that as well. on the side, we see portraits of four working women, doing cultural, educational, political, and medical work in 1980-1982. when this was put up, this was not such a commonplace thing. the front of the mural has a musical theme, if you like. it shows viktor hara with words in spanish and english, and an african-american singer with no name.
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on the right side of the front, this image appears as well. here is an extended view. the current version is somewhat deteriorated but this mural is well worth saving. it should be. i hope you were to call a snap. thank you. -- i hope you work to accomplish that. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. here i have a travel confirmation on expedia. you can see the date that it was set in the name of one jesus christ. i wanted to make a few
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references and comments to you about all. -- about the law. i would like to talk to about the social security act and buildings. genesis 37, the proposal seemed a good to all his servants. and he said, can we find a man like this in whom there is the divine spirit? i would like to discuss with you a little known tribe from kenya. this is their economic life. it comes from facing mount kenya. our analysis begins with the material needs which depend on
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the land. the chief occupations are agriculture and the ring of livestock. each family, each member of the family, knows perfectly well what he or she is required to perform. the best price of starting our analysis is the homestead, moving to the field. did i run out of time already? president chiu: you still have a little bit left. >> the brewing of beer is done jointly by both men and women. men cut the canes from the field and peel them. the women take them home. president chiu: thank you. now your time is done. and thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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>> i want to thank the board of supervisors for staying late. i will be brief. honorable elected representatives of san francisco, i am a 12-year resident of the villages at treasure island. i'm here to comment on the attempt by the jon stewart company to completely change the residential least and deprive existing tenants of rights and benefits to which they are entitled. the company is working with staff from the mayor's office of economic development and the city attorney's office to accomplish this on wall for result. i am concerned for the dilemma facing residents of nearly 600 units of affordable housing in the villages at trevor island -- at treasure island. this is being forced upon us by means of a 30-day notice.
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that notice was revised from two pages of 214 pages due to the discovery of new information. the previous 13-page version was among 22 pages of documents also objecting to the new lease included in the packets of documents prepared for the board meeting tomorrow. due to time constraints and the withholding by the john store company of many significant facts as well as the prohibition on any recording of the recent meetings, that previous letter was in complete. i just now added a half page of questions. despite mr. york's prohibition on recording these meetings, which were attended by 135 residents, the only board member who lives in these villages,
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fortunately, someone did make a recording of the last meeting. i have came to -- i've come to you and added to my letter. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> i am from baby on this point, speaking on behalf of baby hondas point, concerning item 3 -- president chiu: in this public comment, you are not allowed to address items that have already been addressed. because there is already public comment, you cannot discuss that. if you want to talk about the subject, you are more than willing to do -- you can do that. you can speak, but not specifically about item number three. we have already had public comment on that. if you want to talk more generally, you are able. >> we were not informed of this
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outpatient clinic for children, which is right down the street from a sewage plant. right on evans, there is a foul smell, we have been smelling for many years. i had a discussion with the sewage plant and they did mention the digesters that have been there since 1952. there is some type of problems with it. therefore, the owners and the particles of that particular entity would be a danger to our children. we did not know of this. it was put on the website but there was no posting. we had no knowledge that you were going to put a medical clinic for children in bayview hondas point. we are very outraged because we feel like this is something that should be brought to the community when it comes to our children. the damage from eight children
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-- the damage from a sewage plant, it is all over the bay area. it is right there in the neighborhood. we feel like we have no representation. we were not informed of this particular information. we are asking for it to be put on hold until we do more outreach so we can understand the direction. we do feel we need a program, an outpatient program. but we need it away from the sewage plant. i've spoken with other representatives and they have admitted is a problem we need to address. i come from bayview hondas point and i was sent by espinola jackson. we come in formed to make change. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am mark trout.
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president chiu: it is on the projector. you can start. >> i am mark trout. i remember, many years ago, when i was in first grade at our lady of mount carmel school. the nuns made the announcement at our lady of mount carmel -- the president has been shot. that was a great shaking in our nation, a terrible day.
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but the greatest shock this world has ever seen was when the lord jesus christ died on the cross for our sins. the bible says that a divine sentence is in ... -- in the lips of the high priest. when he said, "you know nothing at all."" it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation parish not -- perish not. there is not one righteous man in the world except for jesus christ. not one righteous woman except for mary. when he died, the grace of god
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could be transferred to the center by him dying on the cross. president chiu: any other members of the public wish to speak? seeing none, of public comment is closed. could you please read the adoption calendar. >> items 32-37 are being considered for immediate adoption. these will be enacted by a single roll call vote unless a supervisor requested be removed. supervisor avalos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor olague: aye. supervisor wiener: aye. president chiu: those resolutions are adopted.
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could you please read the in memoriams? >> this meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals -- d.j. solomon kahn. that concludes our business today. president chiu: happy birthday to supervisor elsbernd and we are adjourned.
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