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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2012 4:48am-5:18am PST

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this should give offset the crown and was, the insurer because of is a very lethal fast soviet submarine in the first and was known as santee in the first one was actually commissioned and launchers a share terri in the use and then as the would uses resnick but on the tips of arrows and would be legal in this recovery is the phil submarines and this is a that watch and water resistance to the need for in the actual the
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watch and this is their inner meter water resistance the and as a mineral crystal announcement tenace beautiful rover strap and seven like a yellow is also on the vessel was then that wear his kilt safety yellow to greg colors alexian order 31215 like is a $76.24 and so yemen and then the quarter interest in a dozen and a half an see was the
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sword? douro it did hurt him so it is 18 of these remaining in remember all the european vostok her hand crafted in bill and then descends and is going to pick in the tense and a matter watch and saw it in any event allot does allow this was march is out there on a watches him by letter very popular names wears me where it is manufactured 31 and 21¢ and this does have unidirectional voting bezel to new of 40 left in me of attend peace to speak of that's a and
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then the third because $76.20 and a sure begun that is super service and and it's interesting and to meet watcher's in the camp with the name and the story first than in make the watch around the story so there warner made aware to 10 inspiration nice that they came up with eyal version of the neptune swiss legend and his handful of them and like 3 live to rejoin the nilson the coker in wait in green and are in blue and nail between a
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few and then flown that one and shoes they 32 and follows a half- dozen shows rated mature in their and you this year in lieu of our next hour and a want that one and is beautiful ouro beautiful appearance that the nl and ian's any sinise is one of first manufactures a commercially provided ceramic watches for the masses are and then in '86 when we her's tense and syrup and and a
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think will largest company rhodolite is for a variety and me of and into colors of blue ender the black is turner's expeller- newness of% and think as far as the look is just one of the nicest look solely confined because the colors of because of a low profile and its more for the men but in this cases of the 45 mm designs and in very low profile recently chosen
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as a movement for so it's imitating mechanical automatic and nancy then the in the perpetual six said in an oval that sweeps in the quality is there is a material that several powder and meggett is based on a closer press as a cooking and in very large bigger over of the 1400's. in the middle
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the ovine their we're increasing the heat on installing where to 14 degrees fahrenheit and that's why the our links in the cases are much stronger and is due to get the link and loan and a new word-and so few of the something on a secured a troublesome in and snapped and the stain if peninsula
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company is investing in them millions of dollars making ceramic look companies are just learning right now and we're ready have it on the bid is this watch and near the applied numerals policy at luminescent diets on those numbers will go on the dark and as a crystals use the accents are embezzle me of but a few because there's some
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that will blow you away and a share were in a preview of unease among watches in the next the our the jet down these numbers only to seize and nikkei 1 this is used by collection and amex and the watch and zero my-. all done in a man that and the the
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mother of pearl that some of them in that blue and this is the beverly collection with them and accent's of the way through and i'm glad day in see the graphics that in this call about the scott no way for the presentation and the main exit when there is the berm and $9.87 a diamonds a mother pro 4 0811 note 4 0811 no and in knowing hanscom and that here in the
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supports chronograph lynne is that mr. predator is also available on the sarah drake and 70 and as a retrograde dial on the left side and snaps back and that's 178118 and then hear it is thanks mike by the way for of and the c r p m in the me of when i dramatics with had dramatic that sunset army this my host but today it
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3/6 and 9 last chances on we have sold his piquancy sen 43 every one of those except for today and so that hennard $50 u.s. logistics few watches they were bringing the price down this is the
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first time you've ever seen this low-price everyone has sold out 158 until today now have the least to show you here than 48 half one to lead to 48 at the end of our in this intelligent man is confused to their associates you then this can and they further complicated though safer and as an alliance it's
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a very high-tech ceramic what we have laughed is a smaller size and a lady's size yes she see the crown company izzard normally not doing that for this club in this and what we can en we did it high- tech ceramics a special the color will last forever look at the links we're putting
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together the links one by one reason we're doing this is the opportunity to adjust the bracelets for as many leases you'd like out we ever giving you better flexibility because of the size of the lodge it feels like paua bracelet's this one is that the snow white the white color associated with the ceramic watches you must start the collection of the white ceramic yes your building many more
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designs and colors that this is the starting point goatish shopnbc customer is amazed by the quality of the products and diamond sapphire crystal ally show you this one more time all-star and it's here with the case that just a scene that very often the realize at that price point that 158 joaquin kit for 122 we can see where says valid this hour we are resold the men's version please give us a call we do have a
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shipping and handling special glance today to get to your fashion and that the and the shopnbc credit card shipping and handling solid $2.99 if you do not have a shopnbc credit card of- this and say this to be difficult for me is seay because i loved this let me very briefly describe brand-new just brought this and one
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black when ground her $50 it's another company acer quartz movements this is this is a really cool silicon bracelet's has a wonderful stainless steel inserts ec prescience that there was always to the bracelets its curved so you have real comfortable flat it also have inside this chronograph movement yet the press this button press again vostok and then it will recepts black-and-white this is my own show you if your gang the brown or the black it's the exposed
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it to regain the ground lookit this fronds as get showed you wire using so-called straps it's much more flexible instead of using the gross tone reusing grows and brown ip which is going nicely with the browns will come strop we're continuing the colored salt stainless steel with a brown silicone the movement
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its color fall as you put the watch on here and get a very nice 40 watch-the complements that this option and that of the brown not to a not too small mies van and masculine it's a brown with fronds he even had this little boy here like basil here as the bronze it scott bathroom fixtures black- white from 150 get the
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brown allen is the fastest winning show you something he is talking about the silicone or on the case in case you hear it and acts as a shock absorber now remove on if you do not seem year earlier
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yelets this is the one that i was bowling down to this is the look ro at sal we also have died in accidents this is done in the malls of some unattractive sedate to call main midnight blue high-tech ceramics the lead garlic's sell its one of our top- selling items that we made it in different colors a team of the midnight balloon this hit the market immediately resold almost all them in a hearty soul out just in the preview you have the integration and high
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tech ceramic in stainless steel 3/6 jean surgical grade were using on the top of the stainless steel so the contrast between the blue ceramic and the rose hall its rich looking for using sapphire crystal snap high-tech ceramics soon issue where it scratches the cent importing the dial from australia its australian there is no vain treatment in order
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for of the ceramic ware data for you for genuine diamonds its stake to movement here it's a swiss company for using a lot of complicated movements in gives you the additional feature as the show the blood got all it's the look garnet sell and even the case that it's made out of high tech ceramic howrah are redoing that what is holding the case that we actually building inside the
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watch the stainless steel case on the top of it is that the high techs ran a basically rebuilt to cases of and still won from ceramic it's a case within a case better water resistance see in makes the watch much more secure and strong we're very strong on the market's it yet to buy watch what this caller dark gloom navy blue then spend between $45,000 of lease or using buttercup design
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nicely done rich looking it's the quality and the compass the first diamond for this morning for a 5 mm k size million ido said both of immense size and snap adjusts to bake duet for fashion and the sad part is sold out this is in single digits you're than 10 alan i figured out of myself we have another if the ceramic and at a little later on


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