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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> thank you very much. welcome to the april 4, 2012 san francisco meeting. we are going to take a few things out of order. we're going to move to line item #2, the chief's report, but also notify the members of the audience that at some point we are going to have a visit from a special and gas. when that person comes, we are going to interrupt what ever --
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a visit from a special guest. when that person comes, we are going to interrupt whatever we are doing. with that, please call item no. 2. >> item #2, a chief's report. >> i want to acknowledge the chief of daly city, and he will be involved. during the months of june, 2011, three assaults were carried out on 24. each sexual assault was extremely violent, and the victims were robbed prior to the suspect fleeing the scenes. there was tremendous media interest as well as a traumatized neighborhood. in less than 30 days, we were
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able to go from a grainy video and still photo of the suspect to a person of interest to an arrest and confession. the 32-year-old san francisco resident was arraigned on 26 felony counts. the investigation and subsequent arrest is a perfect example of the value of the establishing and maintaining professional relationships with our law enforcement partner. there is no way the san francisco police department would have been able to pull this off without their help, so specifically, many investigative strategies were utilized to identify and stock is violent crime spree. one strategy is to reduce the pool of suspects, to call upon
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the fbi in examining similar serial cases. we took a chance, and the special agent attended our meetings. ages 0 coordinated phone conversations with additional fbi special agents and maintained additional communications with lead investigators. she was also instrumental in preparations. supervising agent spero is represented by john connell, who will be accepting the award on her behalf. i am going to go golfing, and then we will do it once. -- to go through the whole thing, and then we will do it at once. daly city i, for allowing them o
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participate as they did. jennifer performed many critical database queries. she search for patterns and trends of this progress. she identified as potential suspects who were living or have lived in the area of the crimes. this allowed us to focus on specific persons, narrowed our investigation, and going to daly city was discovered, so if i can bring a lot mr. o'connell, and if i can give chief martinass u. [applause]
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4 agent adrian spero, in deepest gratitude of your outstanding service, such an example is worthy of the highest of seem -- esteem. we will do them all at once. jennifer l.? -- jennifer berma? such dedication is unworthy of the highest esteem.
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-- is worthy of the highest esteem. a lot of stars. >> before our recipients leave, i want to say thank you through the police department curator
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this shows officers were using a law enforcement partners. ithey have worked many cases wih us, so i want to thank you for about. they also showed use of technology. and they want all these tv shows where things pop up on the screen. this does not happen naturally. i want to thank the fbi who was using profiles in psychology. thank you for partnering with us to take an extremely dangerous person off the street. he is a great agent. thank you very much. [applause]
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thank you, and we will move back into this with public comment period of we will call a general public comment. >> item number one, the general public comment. you have three minutes tuesday. -- to speak. by some of you may have seen this article, and it had to do with comments i made on february 2, and subsequent to that meeting, the chair of the meeting was recorder in making various comments about meet such as she knew 12 people who would carry me -- bury me. she was laughing during the taped conversation and seemed to be having quite a good time, and
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two days later went for the san francisco police department and filed a complaint against me. i have made subsequent inquiries, including an immediate disclosure request, and the only thing in this investigation is accusations against me. i was visited out my home by police inspectors without notification. i explained exactly what was going on. i sent them various e-mails. the lead was given a lot of information, none of which gets included in this report, so we have someone who accuses me of something, and what i have to say about is not included. i want to remind the same person was found in violation of the sunshine ordinance by the task force. ethics from addiccommission recd
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she be removed years ago. when somebody shuttered down, she decides she will do this -- defame my character and put something in the police report. she used her position as a member of the san francisco public library commission to make accusations of threats when she knew full well. i used an analogy where i talked about the former soviet-bloc. i then moved on to talking about soviet russia, and then i made a comment about republican rome. she did not think she was being
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recorded, and that comes out when she said this comment, i was raised in the ghetto. i speak very nicely, but i was raised in the ghetto and did carry a switchblade, so the ones statement i said she blowing to a threat, yet what she said was more clearly a threat than anything i did. >> next speaker. >> welcome back. i do not know what happened last week. a police officer was here. and there was no notice it had changed. i did not see it on the website,
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so i was one of the people who waited around. there was nothing at all. i think secretary should take care of that. i have some reading material for all of you. this relates to the crime by wilson. gooi have copies for you to rean how it related to the crime in the united states and how it related to the crime in san francisco and based on a number of illegal aliens but have stopped coming across, and i know the police department is doing it a great job. i have no qualms about aboutthat
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the government is apprehending a lot of people but do not belong here, and i do not say that with conviction. i see the entries on illegal immigration. yesterday of the board of supervisors, i attempted to speak on the counter-terrorism unit between the police department and the fbi, but i was cut off by president chiu based on it was already taken care of, and based on what was happening with massive murders in oakland and san francisco, it should have been reenacted back on the agenda with more information for the board to vote on it before it went to the mayor. he cut me off.
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he did not like the idea at all, so i'll leave you with that. i have copies of my comments, and also copies for the mayor said this is a totally asinine addition to the policies, and i bring it to your attention, because i think the trial is still going to based on the policy that led to a triple murder in the city along with other murders. i thank you for your time. >> good evening. i am here with a couple of issues. i am leaving here and going to a candlelight vigil for a gun individual that was killed --
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for a young individual but was killed. i just want to bring awareness of what i see. it has been a pattern. we saw all those homicides a year ago. and we are doing third in the west. the next week of homicide start picking ofup. we have not had any homicides, but this one hit close to home, and it happened to be individuals wearing black cuddy'shoodies, so i am hoping n put effort into investigating. this is a homicide that happened in the west commo, and i am hope can come together and resolve
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this. i am suggesting but we have a public hearing on the african- american community relationship with the police. that wasn't good meeting. i am also here to talk about the situation coming out into live. -- in july. the police department work along with the event coordinator. this individual needs to come back to the community and negotiate with us. you all could tell them you're going to have to come to the community. i do not want the police to
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intervene like last time. i will be damned if he comes back to our community. there are going to be some community movements, protests, and i do not want the police department trying to be lawyers. they do not know about how these developers supposedly operate. my time is about up, but i am hoping and praying your investigators will put an effort and try to find these douglathuo thank you perry much. >> next speaker. >> i am from florida. i got shot, but i came back
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because somebody made a stupid mistake. somebody profile me. i were a hoodie. i am not black. i am quite. the governor of florida, will you please come and clean the mess up? let's look dead technology. and we need to be in the 21st century. the police department needs to be falling twitter and facebook. a young man so under the bridge. i knew at 5:40, i had his facebook. he predicted his own death. when i contacted the police department, he said, you are
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kidding. i said, i am not lying. he said, you are right. he does have a facebook page. a young man who got shot, he has a facebook page. he predicted his own death, but when i talk to homicide, and we need to be up to date. i said, you have got to be and the 21st century. you have got to be following twitter. you have got to be following facebook. he told me in next year's police department has got to be up to date with the social networks. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i just want to say a few words to emphasize the issues mr. hart has tried to call to