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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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so with that, i am going to close my report unless there is any questions you may have. >> i have one question. you said to reduce its discount from 8% to 4%. is not just for -- is that just for lbs? >> i have not seen the language, so i think this is for non-lbe. >> david said he was going to reduce it, but i did not know to what. >> the legislation you will see in the committee meeting is what was originally introduced, and then at the committee, amendments are made, so he sent
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me this list that is the proposed amendments. goocommissioner o'brien: i wondr if it is going to be after the retreat of we will have the committees again? >> we are going to do that after the retreat. any other questions? next item. >> item 10, president report. but such as want to report we do have a retreat next wednesday -- i just want to report we have retreat next wednesday at 1:00, but the business tax reform roundtable have to do with sand and cisco region with san francisco -- has to do with san francisco.
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every other city has a gross receipts tax, so the city economist told the round table to see what affects that would have on small business and in the ideas of what would come forth and if there were a change, so we have heard a lot of ideas this evening, and we will be meeting with the controller again, so this is something you will see and hear a lot of over the next few months. they want to have this done by april 15, so if anybody is interested, it will be ready via e-mail. i think getting everybody's impact region we are all small-
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business owners, and this will affect everybody. >> we are working to get a briefing at the retreat and if not there then at the april meeting. >> that is all i have for this evening. >> item 11, vice president report. >> i do not have anything at this time. >> item 12, commissioner reports. commissioner riley: as the director mentioned, i attended a workshop with the small business commission, and it was really well-attended. it was almost standing room
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only, and we have an assemblyman and supervisor david shula -- david shulchu, and it was very informative. prior to this workshop, i was not too clear on the difference between the benefit corporation, but it is pretty clear the differences between them, and there were small-business owners to talk about how they benefit, so that is one thing, and i also attended a press conference to allow them to invest in the neighborhood strategy work crew. good -- work group. this is item number 10, to invest in a neighborhood
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initiative for commercial corridors, so there was a very good reading, and i was off to work on the work group. our first meeting was going to be at 11:00, so i was hoping we'd get them to come to our retreat. i also attended a meeting with the fda advocacy group as well as with the fda and the oriental food association, and as mentioned by the public affairs specialist, there is going to be a lot of new food safety laws coming out, so it is important for us through informs small- business owners, and especially the group that imports food from
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outside of the country, and some of the members of this association mentioned there are so many new laws coming out, it would be important for them to be informed, so one of the ways i suggested is for the fda to send information to us, and we can send it out now along with our newsletter so people can be informed of what is coming up, and all they have to do is give us a paragraph in with a link to the new law. >> thank you, commissioner o'riley. commissioner dwight: i just want to report i exchanged a few emails. i was there and chatted about dthe b corps thing.
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it took awhile to tease out some opportunities that major real impact on him, because he said he was not really enthused about closing the gap, and the more he had to think about it the more it made sense, and it appears they are recommending in it is reduced from 8% to 4%. it is always nice to know that our discussions appear to have some impact. commissioner dooley: i attended a meeting of the small independent pet store owners, and i invited someone to meet with them, and that was very excited for those members to realize there are groups supporting small business issues, and it was well-
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received. the pet stores are becoming new members, so i think it was a good hook croup. commissioner dwight: that reminds me, i went to the meeting at petrero hills, and there were not a lot of people there, but i was there, and the owner of sports baseman, who is very involved, and i learned they are not formally organized, and i wondered if it could be organized in the same way because and made available funding options, so i am going to try to help the organization get organized whatever is the right way, but we are meeting this friday to talk about whether there is an opportunity
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to be set up in a way that could provide other funding methods, because they have really struggled to have any staff, and retail isthmus a major regional retail is a major employer -- and retail is a major employer, and if they could organize themselves not as a typical merchant association, but as an economic development force, that would be fantastic, so we will see. they were excited to have some interesting. good >> any other commissioner reports? next item. >> item 13, the general public comment. >> any members of the public wish to speak?
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seeing none. >> new business. >> seeing none, next item. >> is there a movement to adjourn? >> all in favor? the meeting is adjourned at 8:43 p.m.
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>> this evening and welcome to the redistricting task force meeting. i ask all guests and members of the public to please take a seat and we will get started. madam clerk, please call to order and roll-call. vice chair lam, present, member lee, present, member malara, present member pilpel, present, member tidwell. we need a motion to excuse chair mcdonall.
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second. before we get started in moving forward, i wanted to thank all of you for joining us this evening. we are now embarking in our final weeks of the san francisco local redistricting process. we have spent the last several months in the district, we have held 50 minute -- 15 meetings in the community getting testimony and, and around neighborhoods an,. . i would like to say we may need to adjust some of our agenda items due to two of our task force members running behind. i propose we move straight into
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an agenda item #34 mapping. -- number three for mapping. we will go straight into taking public comment and and put -- input. i invite individuals who will be giving public comment to please stand in line appear -- up here to my right, you're left. -- to my right, your left. if you could leave your speaker cards here, we will be sure to pick those up for public record.
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since there are a number of speakers, i would encourage you to take a seat and that we we can com -- that way we can -- you may be standing for a while. feel free to take a seat and we will bring the next group up. >> please do not block the door. >> we will take two minutes public testimony.
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>> [inaudible] [inaudible] vice-chair lam: thank you. >> if have to -- i have to get the mic. vice-chair lam: i want to say welcome to our audience on sf
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gov. ok. >> good evening, commissioners. please bear with me because when i start talking, my voice disappears. i have lived in the district, life and enjoy this neighborhood very much. my family settled here and was emigrating from europe. i am a member of the liberal association. and -- neighborhood association. this is an old, established neighborhood and we are currently -- in two districts, nine in 10. if -- nine and 10. we would be better fit in district 9 with other already established and family oriented and close-knit neighborhoods like bernal and mission. i want to keep the board in one
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district only. we currently are working on the unification that is a bridge between us, bernal heights, and the mission. the only thing separating us is highway 280. i realize the downtown area and the bayview have so much happening with redesigning and transformation that we would not be considered in the same category. however, in the last 10 years, our neighborhood has had the attention they deserve and we what to stay on the -- we want to stay on the drawing board as the neighborhood to watch for upgrading and beautification. the news continues to put the [inaudible] or the excelsior. again, i want to say we have a better cultural and personal relationship with district 9. thank you.
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>> good evening. it is excellent to see all the members of the task force once again. i would like to commend the task force on doing what i think is an incredible job on taking in so much different and averse input from sometimes conflicting community interest and i think you have reflected those interests disks -- extremely well. in the map of 2212. in particular i would like to commend you for ensuring that sea cliff is kept whole and the part of the district 2. furthermore i would like to reiterate as a district aide to president, i live in mission delores in chattanooga street. i am concerned if it moves into
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district 9, not only will that lead to an exceptional -- unacceptably high population, it would leave district 8 somewhat, especially my area in the castro which is comprised of moot -- mostly renters. the inclusion of the corridor is extremely important. furthermore, i would like to echo the concerns of the speaker before me. if we are moving all the portal into district 10 it would offset the hard work that task force has accomplished. this would be a disservice to the community groups that have come forward.
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at multiple meetings and expressed their concern that is so well reflected in this current map. thank you. vice-chair lam: thank you. next speaker. >> these individuals here wanted to ask if they could use their time jointly to present a video that is queued up. vice-chair lam: i did get that earlier request. we are requesting that each speaker have two minutes and at the two-minute mark we will stop the video where is that and pick up for the next speaker to introduce themselves and continue playing the video. >> i lived in the portal for over 20 years. we're going to introduce a video that was put together by a few of our neighbors to stress their point.
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[inaudible] not like other neighborhoods.
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[inaudible] over on to the west side, pretty much the cambridge. that is the crest of the hill. it is like a valley. >> you still have time. >> the benefit to everyone. vice-chair lam: i will tell you honestly. we feel devided. we have two different supervisors. >> we are one family and to
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separate as is unconscionable. >> to 80 is the boundary. it is away from the burdo area. -- 280 is the boundary. it is away from the bernal area. vice-chair lam: if you could introduce yourself. >> i live in district 10. >> ok. to get it back? >> eight lanes of freeway that acts like a castle, by keeping us apart. i have no business to go there. >> this is the center.
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even some from the hunters point. >> that whole area [unintelligible] . get used to all the friends we have here in 10. >> portal belongs in district 10. it belongs with the bayview and visitation valley. it does not have a place and it has not. we have had no voice in district 9. >> i like the neighborhood.
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>> i am in district 10. i had already submitted this earlier on but i wanted to get this into the record. this is some community letters as well as petitions from the community. i am a 25-year resident and i am a former president of the -- as well as the district 10 council. i urge you to respect the wishes of our community and keep the portal undivided and within the boundaries of district 10. your predecessors on the 2002 task force curry-demus our community when we were -- task force damaged our community when we were split down the middle. they separated from the remainder of district 9 by a physical barrier as well as barriers in our demographics
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and our socio-economic status. that left a large segment of our community voiceless for the last 10 years. the prior commission failed to follow the federal voting act equal protection clause guidelines by weakening of the electoral voice of racial minorities in our community when a large portion of the largely or 50% asian community was partitioned away from that communities and it was shared nearly identical demographic composition. that commission harmed the electoral voice of the southeast trinity's of visitation valley and hunters point when it failed to maintain a balance propensity within district and to insure the electoral voices of anyone racial and language minority is not suppressed. the effect of having potrero hill with its higher voter turnout gives it an unfair advantage in supervisory elections. >> your time is up.
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sorry. >> thank you. hoda i>> i just found out abouts proposal to make this significant change today. i'm not sure when that was first brought to you but it seems i have been -- to some meetings and this is the first i heard of it. it seems to have come in at the last minute. to me as a resident of bayview hunters point it does not make a lot of sense which is why -- i am wondering why it came in at the last minute and considering the amount of work that you have done. it looks to me like moving the portal into district 10 will put you back at square one in terms of trying to make the numbers work and going back and having to redraw the lines to have worked so hard on.
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and i love the bayview. i love the portal. as a resident of bayview, they do not seem like the same to neighborhoods to me. that is my own personal opinion after living there for 10 years. i identify myself as a baby -- bayview hunters point resident. when i go downtown i take the tea. i am waiting for the new library to be built which will be great and if there are community meetings i am interested in, they're in the bayview so that is where i am coming from. that is where my community of interest lies. the geographical barriers of the freeways to me create -- it seems odd to me to try and overcome those geographic barriers that have been there for years by making their movement -- that is all i want to say.