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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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and we are affiliated with organized labor. when they took over, many had the expectation that our jobs would get better, but that has not happened. the mta has done nothing to improve our dismal working conditions. the cab driver's job is as stressful as any in the united states. the danger of a salt to cabdrivers is greater than two police officers. researchers have done medical surveys of cabdrivers year. they were startled by the high incidence of diabetes and pre- diabetic conditions, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal problems, likely officers. the mta has made this wars.
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they took away drivers prospects for medallions. so now we are also feeling angry, discouraged, we have no future, we are threatened. with loss. so let me point out the contradiction. i will go faster. point out the contradiction. our job is to greet passengers currently -- courteously and deliver them safely to their destination. it is a contradiction that you can drive a street car through, but we do our job and because we are professionals and despite the disgraceful m.t.a., which has been distracted for more than two years by taxing the dalliance. they need to remember that they are part of transit first. >> -- president chiu: thank you
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very much. thank you very much. >> below. i am larry edmonds. i want to speak to the board of supervisors and to the police chief. in they sro's in san francisco, we have bullying going on in the building. at the ambassador hotel. i do now shontay. i was in the elevator, 3:50 p.m., and i could not grieve until i saw someone who was going to have something for her on thursday. she was a great lady. she got her own car. she was a great advocate here.
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but i think to also let you know, i heard you all yesterday. more supervisors to spend the week at teh sro's, and to start at the ambassador, where the band played on in the 1980's. you can get in touch with the roots there. there is stuff going on in our neighborhoods that people just do not respect each other, and sro's, they are not homeless people, but that are single room occupancy. if we could just have our rooms and double size, so we have more sizes here. i am amazed that you already know this. my neighbor on the four that i've lived in the, and i really hope that you all can pull up the proposition about the
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medical marijuana, proposition s, so thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am -- in the bible, a king in israel, and it was interesting how this worked itself out. he took a box of broyhill, cracked it over the head of one person, and this was a private and personal meeting. the profits and gehu. and elijah ran out, full speed out of the door, and there were several generals of the king in the room next door, and they said, why did this crazy guy come to you? what is he talking about? and he said, "he told me i am
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now king." with christ. they put down their garments, every one of the generals, and they blew trumpets at the top of the stairs, and they said, "gehu is king," and elijah said he wanted them to take vengeance for murdering the profits of jehovah and the servants of the lord, so he goes on out, 50 seconds, and he takes the bow and arrow, shoots the king through the back, and the era travels at such as speed that it comes out of his heart, and he sees the queen, jezebel, and he says, who is on my side? very similar to the language of moses, who said who is on the lord's side? you will remember the story an exodus chapter 32. but they throw him down, and they trample him, and the blood
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sprinkles on the horse, and he takes vengeance on jezebel. the dogs eat her and leave the palms of her hands and feet. it is a brutal story, but got actually rewarded him, and he said he would let his son sit on the throne for four generations. president chiu: thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in the general public comment? madam clerk, can we go to the calendar? >> these are without reference, and some will be called separately -- separately and considered. president chiu: colleagues, are there any items that you'd like to sever? i would like to sever item 43. supervisor elsbernd? 42.
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41 and 44. madam clerk. clerk calvillo: [reading roll] there are 10 ayes. president chiu: those items are adopted. item 42. clerk calvillo: item number 42, to ensure that individual will only be detained pursuant to an immigration and customs enforcement told. president chiu: supervisor elsbernd has made a motion to continue, seconded by supervisor
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campus. if we continue that, that should be the case. madam clerk, which you please call item no. 43? clerk calvillo: item number 43, a resolution urging the san francisco municipal transportation agency to permit strollers on new vehicles. president chiu: there is the current policy on the strollers and the muni vehicles, a permit which many parents would say has prohibited their ability to bring in young children that are seated. we had a hearing weeks ago about all of the challenges facing families and that have led to family flight. there are things we need to do to address family fled, and i hope this is one small step we can take. i want to thank the staff of the mta. i know they will be considering changes to their policies and
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that there are a number of options that are potentially available to the mta to mimic what has been done in other cities to accommodate parents and -- parents with children in strollers. i know that supervisor wiener had some the i am happy to support, and i want to make one amendment myself, as supervisor bruce oca, whenever we choose, that we protect the safety standards that we have right now with the mta, so what i would like to do is amend line 6 on page two, so it is while it maintains the current public safety. >> can we have a second? second by supervisor elsbernd. can we take that item without objection? without objection. president chiu: and with that , i with that supervisor wiener has some amendments, but i hope you support it. >> supervisor wiener?
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supervisor wiener: i do have kids. they tell me how challenging it is. my sister lives in manhattan. i remember telling me when she had her second kid, that was the end of public transportation by herself with the kids. it just became too challenging. we also, one of the things that we hear when we talk about people with driving and parking, one of the most common concerns i hear is i would love to public transit, but i cannot because i have kids, and it is too hard to get them around. i need to drive. i need parking. so we really need to do what we can to make meaning friendly, including for strollers, so i very much support this. i also think it is important to clarify that this needs to be done in the context of implementing the transits in this project. it is finally being implemented
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by muni after so many years, and we are near the point of being able to run it more effectively, and i think we should make clear that we were asking the mta to formulate a policy and to do it into context with the t.e.p. it is not inconsistent with having full disability access, so there are two amendments on in proposing. the first is to add an additional whereas clause, whereas they are implementing this in this project to improve speed and reliability, and then, at the end of the first resolved, after the reference to public safety standards, to insert a, quote, as well as to improve the speed and reliability, so those are my proposed amendments. >> we have a motion to amend by
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supervisor wiener and a motion by supervisor. can we take those without objection? supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: thank you. i just want to add my name to the co-sponsors of this resolution, and i have firsthand experience in trying to maneuver a stroller with kids on to a muni bus. and i am going to tie this resolution up to one person who was very helpful with the balboa park station area last year when we did not have ramps, curb ramps, on the southern side of geneva by san jose, and by the kiss and ride, as well as san jose and geneva, and she was
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helpful and instrumental in getting these curb ramps. getting off at bart or muni, pushing a stroller, you had to maneuver an area that was inaccessible. a stroller, moving around that area, and so is a wheelchair. we have many parts in san francisco that are still like that, where people with strollers, people disabilities in wheel chairs and other mobility issues, that is one area where we have not completed all of the work that needs to get done. this is a step in the right direction, and i wholeheartedly support it. as the city and county of san francisco, i have talked a lot about one park that is not accessible. we have been talking about that for 3.5 years now. i see major improvements going to places all over san
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francisco, and one place that 3000 people per day use not being accessible, we cannot do this with people's safety and accessibility, and yet this is how we do business, and i hope we can change that mind-set, and i am willing to work with your colleagues to see that that does change. thank you. >> supervisor chu. supervisor chu: thank you. i just also want to add my name as a co-sponsor. >> i see that it has changed, so, madam clerk, can we get a roll call? clerk calvillo: as amended, supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos, supervisor campos, supervisor chiu, supervisor chu, supervisor cohen, supervisor elsbernd, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar,
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supervisor olague. there are 11 ayes. president chiu: the resolution is adopted as amended. colleagues, why do we not go to item 40, which is the final issue before the closed session. clerk calvillo: item number 40, a motion for the board of supervisors to convene in closed session, with the mayors of and the department of human resources, dealing with the negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. president chiu: colleagues, can we go into closed session? supervisor farrell -- i understand we have to take public comment. a motion to present proof seconded by supervisor olague. without objection, that vote is rescinded. and if we can have a motion to
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go into closed session, made by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor farrell. any public comment about whether we can go into closed session? no public comment, if we can take that to gogo president chiu: we are back in open session. could i have a motion not to disclose the information we discussed. seconded by supervisor mar. the motion passes. could you please read the in memoriams? actually, there is one more communication. madam clerk. >> we are in receipt of a letter dated april 10 communicating the mayor's veto of an ordinance that sets city policy regarding britain's inflation in federal counter-terrorism activities. he may override the veto and approved the ordinance within 30
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days. that concludes my communications. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals. on behalf of supervisor wiener and president chiu for the late mr. su chi. on behalf of supervisor kim for ms. todd. and on behalf of supervisor elsbernd for the late mr. stonton. president chiu: is there any more business in front of this body? >> that concludes our business for today. president chiu: lies and gentlemen, we are a journey. -- ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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