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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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first came before the board of supervisors, and subsequently, this body, on march 1. will have liked to show our deep appreciation to each of you for your brave leadership and this unified stance for passage. and to ensure the protection of the diverse community whose members are against police harassment and excess of policing. they have long struggled to create policies that ensure our right to speak, organize, practice our religion, and work free of fear from law enforcement. there is still so much work to be done, and we come before you today to ask of you continue standing with us by endorsing the new compromise ordinance that we have successfully negotiated with the mayor's
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office. it comes as a disappointment that the mayor chose to override, and we need the board to continue to stand up strong to ensure that not only the original version is there, but even stronger protections against racial profiling. the coalition views the compromise ordinance as a strong step forward to secure the dignity and rights of the citizens. we look forward to the passage of this legislation and continue to work with our allies with your valuable support. this includes full and implementation and strong civilian oversight. the way, our rights won't be trampled on future government
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that target immigrants and people of color. a the city of san francisco doesn't go toward this type of profiling and harassment. >> i am the staff attorney at the asian law caucus, a member of the coalition for safe and francisco. i wanted to thank the supervisors for their opportunity to discuss the support of the ordinance before you today, had to discuss the major differences that came before you on march 1. racial and religious profiling, secrecy in a transparency. the mayor's office contacted us because there was an aspect of the organs they did not support but they want to consider and respond to the community concerns.
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we worked with the mayor's office to develop the compromise ordinance before you today. like the one that came before you, it accomplishes three of the major goals. headdresses racial and religious profiling and by requiring application of the stake in san francisco laws. it requires future agreement to be submitted for review before they are entered into, and that addresses oversight and accountability by requiring reporting of the joint terrorism task force. there are couple of differences in between the original and the compromise ordinance. it highlighted specific provisions of laws that we believe the fbi would work to frustrate. the laws apply under the new ordinance, but they are not specifically highlighted. it will have to work to make sure the fbi understands those limitations. it affirmatively require that
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the police commission be the body that approved or disapproved future agreements. it is neutral on the body that is affirmatively required to approve or disapprove. the existing relationship between the police commission and the police department on this particular point, we believe it does a good job of addressing our goal. the mayor has shown his support for articles and our community. the are co-sponsors of the compromise legislation. he we plan to work closely with the police commission, the community, and other stakeholders. >> a good afternoon.
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i am of pastor at bayview hunters point. i am proud to work with this collision, and the compromise ordinance. i'm aware of the hard work that is been put in their, and having worked in the bayview hunters point community for the past 20 years, i am aware that it has been isolated for decades. and one bad day in, the isolation does, they isolate the community from the main screen, and we misunderstood. people in general have a tendency to fear someone or something, policies that they
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don't understand. we are not opposed to the fbi, the san francisco police working together to bring about safety in san francisco. but as we all know, san francisco is a multi-cultural community. it is probably the understatement of the year. being that we are also multicultural of different religions and different people from all over the world, if they are going to be isolated, it is very difficult for the main screen to understand them. like to commend the board of supervisors for compromising and excepting this compromise
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ordinance for the betterment of all of the citizens of san francisco. we don't have to be disagreeable, and at the same time, we can respect one another. i think this is what the hard work has brought about so we can close some of the cracks of the existing in our system, just like any other system. >> a couple weeks ago, there was a demonstration in front of city ha in denouncing the murder of trayvon martin. a lot of people part of the demonstration went across the street to take part in the prayer service at a demonstration that was going on in the muslim community that was
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going across the way. if you were one of the folks that were there, i appreciate the show of unity and the connection between the communities that are facing oppression as well. were you one of the persons there? >> yes. when i attended both. i like the coalition taking place, but with any coalition, the police and fbi, it has to be a memorandum of understanding. we have to understand where one another are coming from. i would like to leave with you this, i learned that 18 years old. it was written about 100 years ago. i am glad when i need a man who is white.
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because everybody has color and color is all right. i am glad when i meet a man who is black and simply understands that fact. i am glad when i meet a man of any color that simply understands that is character and not color that makes the man. >> i am with the local 87, representing the janitors. one of the great things about being at the helm of local 87 and treasurer is that i have to be able to represent a very strong and united community that is within our district. i want to be able to thank the supervisors for being able to
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take a position and being able to speak for the community. i think compromises are difficult, but sometimes they are necessary in order for both sides to be able to achieve the united goal. in speaking on behalf of our members, i want to be able to thank you being able to maintain your position, and i respect the mayor for having made sure that he was able to bring both sides to the table. we strongly support this legislation, and i hope that in the year, after we have been able to see this under station -- all the different sides would reconsider it being a little bit more restrictive on what the authorities as the fbi and the
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police. i saw first hand, i grew up in a police department and really took it upon themselves to go above and beyond violating enforcing the rules on the community's and how lot of kids were killed. police would pick them up and take them to another neighborhood, and it is horrible to be, unfortunately, in one time, driving black or driving a brown. i want to thank the supervisors, we strongly support this, and we hope that can continue with the other board members that are signing on. >supervisor avalos: i have one more card as well. go ahead. >> i am an attorney at the national center for lesbian rights.
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we're proud to be part of the coalition of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, head of transgendered organization. thank you all for your support of this important ordinance. harvey milk had been guiding philosophy as an activist. in a speech rallying people to fight off a bill that would have thrown teachers out of the public schools, he called for a mass movement not just to fight discrimination, but to proclaim, no more racism, no more sexism, no more hatred. we stand by the arab, middle eastern, and the others and the sisters of sexual identities. the legislation today moves us toward this goal. it addresses racial profiling by
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requiring the police department and terrorism taskforce to abide by the same civil rights laws that law enforcement must follow. by limiting the power to enter into secret memorandums, the restores a civilian oversight to the police department, which is the cornerstone of cooperation in good faith. on behalf of many individuals and organizations, i urge passage of this ordinance. >> the first of all, i would like to say, i am in support of this ordinance. and in terms of timing, it is amazing that just this last saturday i was leaving safeway supermarket in the western
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addition and i was adopted by a security guard at the door. he asked me for my receipt, i asked why, and he said of a suspicious. i have a heavy on. i was,. i suggested to the security guard that maybe we need to look the your policy. if you can't explain what is, he just said, and i am just doing my job. i left, i told him i would be back when i went about four hours later. to make this long story short, i got off the phone with one of the representatives, has she said, you are right. he was wrong. security has been doing it for
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years out, getting away with racial profiling had singling out individuals like myself. i still looking out even though i am approaching 50. if i can't wear a heavy in my own neighborhood. it means that these type of laws, it is definitely perfect timing. on another note, i think when you go a little further with our chartered. i was looking in terms of article 25 when it comes to private security. we need some type of oversight. if you have an issue with private security, you have to go to this day. we need more teeth for the city.
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as you know, after 9/11, they were given the task of doing most of the police work because they fall under different liability laws. i think it is important that we take a good look at private security companies in san francisco, how they operate, etc.. >> ♪ a man walks down the street i want a shot at redemption. if you be my buddy darden, he will be your long-lost pal. ♪ city, you can call him avalos if you be my bodyguard, he will
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be your city pal remember to look through these supplies of love ♪ ♪ i believe that a terrorist storm will survive somehow. we will make it through the city and wait and see. >> almost like being serenaded. thank you. >> thank you for having this meeting. i am a board member and community outreach coordinator. first, i wanted to say a few words on behalf of my imam. he wanted me to add, since our
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beginning, we have had a positive and strong relationship with every member of the community, various churches. not just a neighbor, but a dear friend. one of our members, he was murdered a few years ago a few days before thanksgiving, and it was very crucial were the police department helped arrest and led to the conviction of the murderer. in no way are we against the police department. and he proactive measures they are taking. at the same time, there have been issues whether it is the fbi or the center is go police department. even though we are against the
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grain compared to other community centers, we have had a positive relationship had a strong relationship with the fbi. we have an fbi file where a member that was a guest was taking down notes and information and pulling criminal records of other members, this was in 2008. we were alerted by members. we have built a very positive relationship and a strong relationship of trust. now there is a trust deficit between us and law enforcement. we thank them for their service. we want everybody to be on the same side. this is about every human being in san francisco. we have to treat everybody equally.
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he can't spot people for any particular justification. it is a direct violation of city ordinance and the american constitution. i really thank everybody for taking positive measures, and i am happy to see that there was a compromise. i wish this didn't happen in the first place. since the days -- even before not 11, who were taking active measures of being against terrorism and doing everything to fight extremism. if an individual says something, we try to correct that. media channels will never show that, but we are doing everything we can. i thank you, and i hope you can incurs the mayor to saigon to this. >> any other member of the
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public would like to comment? >> i want to express my appreciation for the supervisors for supporting this ordinance. we don't want to wait for something to happen and then we try to rally together to do it. this is about prevention of racial profiling and people really getting attacked on stereotyping. that is why that member of the community is working with young people. and also after 9/11, hopefully the mayor will not veto it and
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will support this and continue to work towards helping us have a better community. i appreciate the fact that the fbi wants to make sure that our nation is safe. a lot of times, they overlap on the laws and rules that we have. we want to make sure it is about san francisco had not connected to any other cities. i would really appreciate that. >> in the afternoon, supervisors. i am here on the council of american islamic relations. i want to say that we support this compromise legislation. we thank the supervisor for continuing to take aledo. it has been a long-time coming.
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i will share a story, i wanted to share that we received a complaint from someone contacted by the fbi, questioned about international travels. they asked about their experiences there and asked to come in for a voluntary interview to talk politics and foreign policy. we look forward to working with all of you to make sure that this isn't just civil rights protections that are written into the administrative code, but that they are implemented correctly. supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. >> i am glad to see that you have three of our supervisor great ones.
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i come to support the lady that talked before me. i would like our mayor to open his eyes, and i force you to open your eyes to stop against any discrimination or any wrong action. i am a muslim, i am here 28 years. but for every one of you coming to my city. our beliefs, our supervisor, our marriage to stop discriminating against any muslim, including myself. lake up and smell the coffee. we are not less than any kind of other people here. we respect everyone.
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if you don't believe me, read the koran. they tell us tell of equal treatment. i am glad to see young people coming to this place. other people are going to replace her sooner or later. you know i speak in my heart, i don't have nothing today. >> next speaker, please. >> i would like to speak in support of this ordinance. i feel that it is compromise. i would also like to take this
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opportunity to speak on behalf of the stanford is go police department and the fbi. it is obvious that everybody makes mistakes. i know the board of supervisors make mistakes, so we should allow some slack. we should not stigmatize either organization for the errors done by past members, 25, 50, 100 years ago. i am saying you should not stigmatize the current police department and the fbi because past members made obvious mistakes. since the san francisco is supposed to be tolerant, why don't we say everybody makes a mistake, even the mayor and the board had cut them a little slack. since we're dealing with federal counter terrorism, how would
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like to remind everybody that in this field of work, you can't afford the one mistake. one mistake could lead to death for many people. as long as they can explain to the public when they are doing and why they are doing it, we should be able to give them the benefit of the dow. if you people here really want to reduce tensions among groups, i would suggest you pass an ordinance forbidding the use of hyphenated identity words like african american, chinese american. president teddy roosevelt was against using such phrases. what i looked at the supervisors, i see americans. i don't see an asian-american, a latin american or any american. if you people here are serious
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about getting rid of tensions among different groups, which ever way you want to identify yourself, you ought to call yourself americans and get rid of the have that of saying i am a chinese american, i am african-american, i am latin- american. the fact remains, everybody here is an american and if you just look at each other that way, maybe a lot of the prejudice and past mistakes will gradually fade away, because when you talk to each other, you say you are an american, i have an american, leave racing and all of these other factors out and maybe the kids will learn that is the way to look each other. for get all of the adjectives and maybe that is a stark and the right direction.
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>> i wanted to weigh in on the ordinance aside and support of it. in the african-american community and lo hasnged for -- has longed for stopping the racial profiling. the operation of ceasefire with the fbi, we have the game in junction had is giving our african-american youth federal crime. they are enhancing their sentences from being on the operation cease-fire that i was part of myself. and now we have over 20 members of the western addition locked up in federal prison right now view to gaining injunction ceasefires, and the fbi and police relationships that we really don't know what is. if we can go back and look at some of those