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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2012 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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capital program, because we felt like we can deliver more park for your bu rightsc nowk. these are it -- for your buck right now. these things and accomplished with the 2008 bond. mission dolores park bank, the helen diller playground, a pretty fantastic. mission playground is around the corner for opening this summer. lafayette, we will have a ground-breaking suit. each one of these are reflected in a transformation not only of the park above -- but of the neighborhood. that is sending you will see as we look at the specific projects we're proposing. several have the potential to not only improve the parks as a park recreational experience but also transformed the neighborhoods they are in. as we have conducted this outreach, what have we heard? what has been the main feedback? actually, it has been pretty consistent with what we heard in 2008. i continued interested in fixing
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what is broken. not adding new things to the system, new obligations, but really focusing on renovating the facilities that we have and bringing them up to code, making the modern, accessible, and safe and enjoyable to the additional emphasis on landscape. in the 2008 bond, we did a lot of building. a number of clubhouses and recreation centers, and we feel like we heard clear feedback to focus more on the landscapes themselves and the passive recreation features like playing fields and playgrounds. focusing on our staff facilities. renovating the facilities that we know we have the resources to continue to staff into the future. i think one of the new themes is an interest in having golden gate park, lake merced, and mclaren receive funding again. golden gate park has been excluded from the past two bonds. mclaren has received some investment but not that much. same thing for lake merced. i think there is a real interest right now in investing what we consider to be our city-wide
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jewels. these are some of our signature parks, and it is time to invest in them again. taking that feedback and building off of this 2003 work, this is the map of the projects we are proposing in terms of the individual neighborhood parks. we have done our best to make sure there is geographic balance in this proposal, and you can see the $35 million in waterfront open spaces that this fund will fund. and a member of the port is here to speak on the presentation of those projects. all told, these specific neighborhood park sites at up to about $97 million. the rest being allocated city- wide programs. and to the waterfront open spaces. these cost estimates have been vetted not only by recreation and park staff but also developed in conjunction with our operations and field staff as well as using outside consultants to help us review these numbers as well and
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provide their feedback on the level of contingency we should be using. while we do want to continue to benefit from a positive bidding climate, we're not counting on it. we have increased our corporation -- program contingency 2 $6 million for the 2012 bond. we have learned a lot from the implementation of the 2008 bond. so we have learned about the success of our cost estimating, and we are continuing those assumptions in our budget. but also schedules. i think in our schedule development in 2008, we were overly optimistic. in this case, we have taken the lessons learned from that process, particularly around permitting in regulatory review. we have provided ample time for our projects to work their way through the city's regulatory system, as well as making sure we allow enough time for a community process where we know there is going to be a complex site discussion to adjust
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acknowledging that up front. we're also scheduling our projects to allow for a more balanced portfolio at any time. 2008, when strictly down the list in terms of the sequence of delivering the projects. that actually does not make much sense in terms of actual capital delivery. we're trying to balance larger and smaller projects more evenly across the five-year time span. we think that will result in a more realistic schedule delivery and certainly a less crazed capitol staff. i will spend a few minutes talking about the actual projects that we're proposing. first, glen canyon recreation center. this is a very highly utilize recreation center used every day.
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this is an older facility. in the gymnasium, there is a place for the floor is pulling away from the wall. you can see a significant gap. improvements need to be made. overall usability, i think we have a great project here. $12 million of renovation. it builds up the master planning process that we conducted this past year with the 2008 bond in the first investment. we heard a credible community support for this particular project. received tons of correspondence about it. i think is supervisor as well really supports this project. joe demolish a playground, another long-awaited project. decade's worth of planning. and work that we have finally an approved eir. we felt like it was important. we originally applied for proposition 84 grand, which unfortunately we were not awarded for jody maggio. we did get one for hilltop park,
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but joe amash g.o. did not get funding. we think it is born to make good on a commitment that has been around for a decade, and we're pretty excited about this project. this project will reconfigure many of the parkside features at north beach and add additional iphones space to the system as well. balboa park. we're focusing on just the swimming pool. balboa park has received several other investments over the past years including public land. but the swimming pool remains as one of the last outstanding large investments to be made at the property. it is located close to transit. it has a lot of potential to be one of our swimming pool turnaround stories, like with hamilton. were the usage goes from ok to 130% more, which is what we have seen that hamilton, proposed renovation. george christopher playground. this is one example of many playgrounds i think we will see
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highlighted in this bond of what we call a failing playground. george christopher is an old playground. you can see the sand, the dilapidated ceilings it. it is pressure treated lumber, which is one of our main goals with this bond, to remove an address our pressure treated lumber sides. "our intention is to renovate this site and improve disabled access. if the funds a lot, also improve the tennis courts if possible. sunset playground. west sunset, -- not the playground of that is the name of our property. the playground was completed last year. but we still have several play fields out there. over four play fields that are heavily utilized. our intention is to do renovations that grass fields with grass throughout this bond. this site is very well-utilized across the system and has strong
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support from the residents of district four and the supervisor. mountain lake park, another failing playground that is important to the community. as was talked about, our list of projects that we started with in 2008, a number of those projects have moved further down on the list or off the list because their needs have been addressed in some other way. with the thought of a-line park, which we thought was a district two park, after community average, it was clear there was not strong interest to spend the money to renovate the property. we anticipate that as an expert on the two thousand on list, if we have savings left over on the bond, and we're feeling optimistic that those can be used to address that park. in substitution, we propose an mount lake -- proposing mountain lake park. garfield square. another swimming pool. in a dense neighborhood that has
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a lot of opportunity to come if we can renovate the swimming pool and some of the adjacent lanes to become a really helping improve the flow of that site and open it up in a way that will really promote and enhance user ship. you know, the mission is a sunny area that is family-packed. but because of this swimming pool's condition, it is not as utilize as it could be. with the renovation, we hope it will be one of those transformer the experiences and you will have a packed swimming pool. this is the mosconi east playground. the rest of that site was done, and for reasons as a unclear about, this corner of the park was never touched. but we have a very outdated playground here, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the site which is pretty fabulous right now. this is part of our substitution of waiting trade- offs of properties and using it
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mosconi recreation center's east playground. margaret has a word. this is a large site -- mark berndt hayward. the mob -- margaret hayward. this is adjacent to the 911 center. across the street from jefferson square. it has a heavily utilized playing field. playground, sports, and more. this is one of those parts that we feel like by making an investment we can transform the neighborhood as well as the park. reconfiguring some of those features will make a huge difference as well as improvements to the fields themselves and the other park features. this is another transformation story. for those of you who have not been there, it is lacks the boeddeker park of chinatown. intensely concrete site. it has an unusual three later
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tears arrangement. we like to rethink that space and add some green to it. we're working with the community to think about what the best way to use the site in the more enjoyable way with less congestion and more visibility. this budget also includes renovations to the adjacent alley way which we are responsible for, which again causes real public safety issues in addition to the rest of the park. another pressure treated playground that needs to be redone. 88 access improved. potrero hill. we're not closing the recreation center itself so much as the grass fields and the dog play area which have long been a priority for the community. this is a $4 million project. we felt like it was important to do to the next batch of projects since 2008. this nicely balances out the playground district.
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rossi pool. those lockers are a very sad story, as is the swimming pool itself. but it is great multiuse site that is heavily utilized to the playgrounds, plainfield, and the swimming pool which badly needs to be renovated. this is one of our highest used swimming pools in the system. those are specific neighborhood parks. as i mentioned, we have heard strong feedback and interest in funding city-wide parks. to that end, we have allocated a total $15 million for city by parks with $2 million from expert -- let a precipitous $6.5 million for golden gate park and also for mclaren park. clearly, the needs of each of these parts far eclipses the amount of money we are investing in this bond. but we feel it is an important as men in step in the right direction pitta there have been planning process is now completed for each one of these parks. we have seen a solid run map for
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how to move forward with the community and prioritize the july improvement. i want to stress that point of those apartments will be identified in conjunction with the community. we do not have specific projects called up for each one of these parks. but we do have a good framework from various planning documents that we will use as a starting point for those conversations. mcclaren in particular has been an extraordinary level of organizing. it is made me feel really good to finally see all the different neighborhoods around mclaren pulling together in support of that park. i think you'll continue to hear the support over the next few months. we have also continued the idea of having city-wide programs. we did is a large scale neighborhood park in renovations, making sure that we balance that with small but nonetheless and just as needed improvements across the system. there is over $35 million worth of improvements among these different city-wide programs, some of which we see in 2008 and
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summer which new ideas in 2012 -- and some which are new ideas for 2012. playground safety. $15.5 million now. to repair and renovate our most dilapidated playgrounds. we have a lot of data to help us make these decisions with the community, whether to the the san francisco park alliance scorecard, which had looked at her and bring all our playgrounds. we have our proxy evaluations from the comptroller's office as well as the actual community residents experience of those playgrounds. our hope here is to tackle some of the pressure-treated playgrounds and those that feel like the most dilapidated in the system. each of those innovations often bring with it not only does it lacks is a preference but restroom improvements as well. -- the disabled access improvement but restroom improvements as well. this is showing failing to mediocre playgrounds. from getting f's, d's, and c's
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on the scorecards, and also our pressure-treated. water conservation. this is another one or this is just a first step toward addressing a larger problem. we had success working with the puc in applying for grant programs for large irrigation projects. we want the matching funds against the next grant round of $5 million to address our least efficient parks in terms of water usage. there are two good examples of those parts were the irrigation is so outdated that we're losing millions of gallons of water a year. that also translates into money that can be used for other things. forestry. i want to emphasize that the focus of this program is addressing and three mediating hazardous trees that pose a risk to either life or property. in 2008, part of that bond we conducted 83 assessment.
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we brought on our professional arborist. -- we conducted a treat assessment. we tried to identify those entries which are brought highest risk -- worst condition and also posed highest risk. there were a dozen too high use zones. that is still the methodology we are using. not the methodology based on species election. this is not driven by the natural areas plan eir. this is it's ever planning process to reduce and eliminate -- this is a separate plan process to reduce and eliminate the problem. we have seen two a fully mature trees all over. not even a bad storm. one of them fell on a car. one of them luckily had no damage. but we had, unfortunately, that incidents in at stern grove and many other parks. that is what this is designed to address. not to carry out or implement
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the natural area of the eir. here is some of these sites. you can see. another $4 million. an example of much of the first $4 million from the 2008 bond was taken up with the golden gate park and stern grove. now we can spread the program further to neighborhood parks clearly across the city which speaks to the depth of this problem. trails and connections. in 2008, working with community stakeholders and others, we identified three criteria for the trails selected for renovation as part of the bond program. the criteria were access, conservation, and safety. access, many the trail was adjacent to or connected to a larger trail network. like the bay area ridge trail, for example. conservation, we wanted to use trails to provide access to but also ensure directed access that
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protected and made sure we were able to protect and conserve fragile habitats. last and most important, safety. many have our trails, supervisor wiener told a story last night about how he went up to billy goat hill and decided never to return because he was stripping down at the site. we were going to mediate those kinds of issues. our goal is that there be a community process using these 30 criteria. last, community opportunity fund. this is in one of our great successes. just our $2 million awarded, we have been able to work on delivering 17 projects. we have leverage $13.7 million in additional funds. we are encouraged with that because we want to not only repeat the program but expand it. it has been the experience of
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the cac was of interest in expanding the upper limit of the amount of projects to be awarded. if you are going to look a larger project awards, it makes sense to have a larger program, less than you only get to do two projects. we wanted to increase at a $10 million to continue that program. actually, this slide is outdated. not $20 million. i am sorry. it is $10 million bid up with that, i would like to let the lane from the port talk about our waterfront open spaces. >> to what could i am the port cfo. the port -- thank you. i am the port cfo. as expressed in our land use waterfront plan which was adopted now a decade ago, we have understood that we need to create continuously available
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open and park spaces for the public that have sequins and part -- a variety and provide an experience for the public can walk across our waterfront every 15 minutes, have an enjoyable open space. unfortunately, the port has not had the financial wherewithal to deliver on that mission. when the poor receive our assets to the city in 1968, there were quite a lot of deferred maintenance issues. we had 39 piled supported peer structures. 80 substructures in the water. 245 commercial buildings. quite a few miles of streets and utilities to upkeep. all of that totals about $2 billion in deferred assets because of the port on its own -- assets. so the port on its own cannot do that for the public. very lucky for the port and the city, the rec and park
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department has joined in 2008 on the first bond, on our first bond. the first time received public support for our waterfront. the map here shows the parks who performed before it 2008, mostly for public-private partnerships. and those are in the green dots. the purple dots show the improvements we are performing with the benefit of the 2008 bond. from north to south, pier 45 improvements, the brand in pierwharf -- the brandon street wharf project is the purpose will open up a mile of water from that were previously inaccessible to the public. for the 2012 bond, the orange dots show what we're proposing. we are requesting $35 million. again, from north to south,
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additional improvements to pier 43 plaza, really to expand on the improvements we are performing up. construction is under way on that project. this will be a place for residents to visit and for tourists to enjoy beautiful babies. the northeast wharf plaza, a 2.5 acre park in front of our new construction -- a newly constructed passenger cruise ship terminal. it will be a public space, a key mark park envisioned in the waterfront land use plan. the aqua vita park -- aqua vista park, set -- in 1970's part. warm water cove it also the rehabilitation of the 1970's era park. expanding up to 1 acre. it closes the gap in our blue green way network, which is important also improvements
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along the creek shorelines. we're pleased to be part of this bond proposal. it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the recreation park staff and the advocates. we appreciate this opportunity to be part of this bond consideration for the voters piteously here to answer any questions. thank you p. -- thank you. >> what are our next steps? after today, our next steps are to the port commission. they will hear a similar presentation on the proposal that elaine just discussed. on april 30, we will be at the capital planning committee. it oversees the 10-year plan and has to make a recommendation to the board of supervisors about whether to move forward or not with this proposal. the capital planning committee has the task of setting, with the comptroller's office,
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feedback, setting that cap, setting the amount of money allocated to each fund. lastly, although it is not over until it is ever, on may 8, we will introduce to the board of supervisors, and we expect that we will be at the budget and finance committee on june 21 with our actual budget to talk about both the bond, and hopefully there will be a full recognition to the board of supervisors. with that, i am happy to take any questions. >> thank you. thank you, commissioners, for having me speak today. i appreciate the opportunity to
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do i am here to express my full and unequivocal support for this bond. i and my office of been very involved in the bond stickle the process from the beginning. i think it is a really solid and diverse bond that will garner a broad community support. the 2008 bond has been very effectively deployed in my district and throughout the city, and we are gradually trying to reduce the capital needs that we had neglected so long in our park system. this is a very inclusive and open process in putting this bond together, and i think you'll be well-served to support it. i do want to note one thing, that i am very supportive of the inclusion of joke the maggio in the bond. it is extremely import -- joe
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dimaggio in the bond. it is extremely important. it is unfortunate that we had to include. but the opponents to never say die continue to oppose it and continue to cause headaches for this project. i think it is great that we as a city are saying we're going to fund it anyway, and we're going to find a way to fund it, and this is going to happen. it is important not just for the northeast part of the city before the city as a whole. i hope you will support this bond. thank you. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. you're absolutely right, commissioner levitan.
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these choices all require trade- offs. as we were including joe dimaggio, that meant we had to make reductions in several other scopes that we were looking at, either reducing the amount of funds associated with those parks or reallocating funds in the community opportunity funds. so we have seen those go up and down in the budgets. one of the things that we're interested in doing it the 10- year capital planning committee is awfully asking for, given the last-minute addition of -- hopefully asking for, giving the last-minute addition, some additional funds to add to the bonds, to kind of make some of those other projects whole. that is one of our goals. we will see. >> [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> yeah. mm-hmm. >> [inaudible] >> mm-hmm. sure, supervisor. it is a good question. we did think about geneva car barn. it is interesting. from 2008 to 2012, ceqa is planning a much stronger role in helping us and allowing us which
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projects we end of identifying the that is actually the first step towards having your project named specifically in the bond. you need to get your ceqa completed the unfortunately, geneva car barn is in the middle of its process. until that is completed, we would not give a call up this much money for geneva car barn. in addition, the whole project is $15 million, roughly. we have talked about varying amounts of what the city's contribution could be to that project. but we were trying to balance the needs of things that a more shovel-ready versus projects that still have a way to go in terms of becoming ripe enough to receive and use the investment. we're working closely with the geneva car our folks. the department is helping to pay for some of that environmental review and the application costs. costs. the city has given, $600,000 in