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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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one of the speakers in the hopes that this will go all the way to fisherman's wharf and the north- south connections in the city are inadequate. i want to stress that this resolution is indicating what we're willing to do. it simply states that in the future, we will support of the mta in doing that. the revenue bond will be within the already existing revenue bonding capacity. it is not creating new revenue bonding capacity. this is a project that is getting a lot of attack in washington, as is a lot of really critical transit funding. it is important for us to stand up and defend our critical transportation infrastructure projects.
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i will be supporting this resolution today. president chiu: can we take this item same house, same call? this resolution is adopted. it is now 3:29. let me ask our colleagues, those making commendations today, are they in the audience? supervisor olague: i would rather go after. president chiu: supervisor campos, are you prepared? supervisor campos: thank you very much, mr. president. as i indicated in my prior comments, it is my honor and pleasure today on international workers tday to honor two workers who live in district 9,
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for the tremendous contributions they have made. i also want to know something that i forgot to mention in my remarks creating the task force to work on ways that i inadvertently forgot supervisor mar has done in his office. i apologize for that. i want to thank supervisor mar for his leadership on that issue. we need to be vigilant about that issue. i would like to begin by calling donna mandel. donna, if you can please come up.
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let me say a little bit about donna mandel. donna mandel works for the office of standards and labor enforcement. the other laws in the books are to protect workers. this certificate of honor reads, for being and i and sonhero -- an unsung heroine of san fran cisco, for protecting san francisco workers by enforcing the health care security ordinance, for educating the public about how to comply with the universal health-care law, for having obtained health benefits for about 1000 workers in the last few years and for being able of the district resident.
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i have had the opportunity to work with her for the last couple of years. and the work closing that loophole was very important, we could not have done it without her support and expertise into the work of so many people. i wanted to give you this certificate. [applause]
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i apologize, i have one more. mei ling wi? please come forward. this is what it says. on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors for being an unsung heroine that performs amazing work at the urban forest and agricultural coordinator at the department of the environment, for helping put together valuable environmental programming for the city, including the christmas day greeting where they celebrate with trees that will be planted on the streets of san francisco. and for being a respected and beloved president.
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-- resident. it is only appropriate that today, we recognize the work that you do. it is my honor to recognize the work of two amazing women in district 9 that are doing great work for the city and county of san francisco. [applause] >> i am also honored to serve in my position and to help improve my home and my city through my work. [applause] supervisor campos: thank you. president chiu: supervisor olague for the next accomodation. supervisor olague: i would like
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to recognize the weber room cooperative, and medical cannabis dispensary. i want to express my sadness that they might relocate due to the federal government's the basic stance on this issue. we stand to lose a lot in district 5. that being said, i will read some of the whereas clauses. whereas california supporters supported the medical campus act of 1996 and whereas the city and county have for the support of this act by approving over 40 medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the city. in a whereasvapor room cooperative has established
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itself since 2004. they have an active and positive participant in the drafting of the san francisco medical cannabis ordnance from beginning to end. and whereas they held the merchants' associations in 2006 and is a significant contributor to the community. and whereas the vapor room has been voted the best cannabis dispensary by sf weekly and guardian readers. therefore be it resolved that in recognition, of leadership, they are recommended for their excellence.
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they were exemplary in their outrage. they went door-to-door in the community at talked to every neighbor that was willing. they were the first applicant to receive the unanimous vote of approval at the planning commission. and they brought 150 people there to support them, a room full of people. it was outstanding, the work that they did in the community. finally, it is with much sadness that i announce one of the most compassionate and irresponsible facilities will have to relocate as a result of federal interference. the committee will suffer without them and i am legitimately worried about public safety in that area once they are closed. my district maps show that there will be no access if the federal government continues down this very irresponsible path.
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every one of the dispensaries in district 5 is in proximity to the park. i hope a that thevapo vapor roo finds a new home immediately. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor olague. and to the city of san francisco. it has been an honor to serve the residents for over eight years. we are facing serious challenges, but we hope to recover.
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president chiu: our final commendation will be by supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: i have the honor of three commendations today. as we all know, we have the highest performing urban public school district in the state. one of the critical parts. i have the honor of honoring three people today.
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and also to me, personally, and my family. it is a great honor to recognize the three individuals that have a number of events and celebrations on their behalf. i wanted to make sure top honor them on behalf of the city of san francisco to make sure that they know and appreciate how much you have meant to all of us. i will ask you to come up one by one to speak. gordon? colleagues and members of the public, the board member is currently the head of schools for schools of the sacred heart in san francisco. he has an amazing background. he has a bachelor's degree from st. mary's, teaching in saint thomas, st. paul. there are a lot of saints here.
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he spent a lot of time in school and began his tenure here as the founding head in 2000. he really brought it up off the ground and founded a new catholic high school in san francisco. for all the schools in san francisco, truly what we see today is an atmosphere where young men are building their confidence and building their educational base. for the past three years, applications and enrollment have risen. i know you are off to retirement and more relaxed
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days. how want to honor you and thank you for all of those commitments. >> very briefly, i'd like to thank supervisor farrell. as a transplant from the upper midwest, coming to san francisco, i am often asked what it is about 7 sysco values. my experience here is that san francisco values are summed up in open-mindedness, and a willingness to dare and take risks tno matter where it occurs. we have the freedom to ask our children and families to explore some of the most important questions that are also the spiritual foundations. thank you for this opportunity,
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i will retire here rather than go back to the snow. this is a wonderful place for people to live and learn. supervisor farrell: my second, and and torea -- my second commendation goes to andrea shirley. prior to convent high school, she spent a lot of time after work i school from 2001-2008. -- at stuart high school from 2001-2008. she has a master's from texas state. and i presume a doctoral degree that you will wrap up this summer? knock on wood. i have just gotten to know you and to meet you, but your
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reputation precedes you. you are obviously beloved in our community and on behalf of everyone here, i want to wish you all the best. you are moving on with your family, and you will the mets. i think you on behalf of everyone here. thank you so much for your commitment. >> i feel quite ought to be in the company of gordon and anne. and what effect the educators, we are appreciative of the attention that we get. we appreciate the relationship we have been able to develop with all of you. i am going to miss the city and the weather a lot. it is hot in texas. it is a blessing to be here and now all of the gunmen in stuart hall -- young men in stuart
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hall high school and all those incredibly dedicated teachers there. supervisor farrell: lastly and certainly not least, sister anne walker. sister ann walker is currently the head of convent elementary in san francisco. she graduated from st. mary's college of notre dame, the university of san francisco as well. she began her sacred heart career in omaha, nebraska. in new york, illinois, louisiana, you have really gotten around. maybe perpetual vows in 1996.
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she served as a middle school dean and for the last 12 years as head of the convent. she is a legend within the schools of sacred heart, just an incredible person. famous for working out a military-style drop-off system. it has worked so well in the dense neighborhood schools. really made an incredible difference in the lives of so many families. just to speak on a very personal level, you are one of the most amazing educators i have come across. if you have made such a difference in young girls' lives. i have seen it up close and personal for the last year. it means the world of parents
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and kids alike. we're going to miss you. i know you are often different opportunities to grow and so forth. if we're looking forward to another -- and really, our city of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you, mark and all the supervisors for the support you give to children in san francisco. tehe children that grow up here have a lot of opportunities. it is our focus to be able to make a difference, not just for now, but for the future. when you work with elementary kids, you look into the eyes of the future of the time. it has been a real privilege for me. i made my final vows in 1996.
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i moved to study in usf, did graduate work there and was hired to work at the middle school. i became the head in 2000. it's been 15 years. and a particular privilege to do this in san francisco because my great aunt was a sacred heart sister as well. she was here on three different occasions, most recently in 1938. she helped the nuns moved the school from jackson street to broadway. if my father remembers visiting her. when i became the head of the elementary school, he already passed away. for me, and has been a personal
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commitment to follow in her footsteps and to do what i can for the children in san francisco. and also to take the mission that we had, the goals that we have. it is never only about ourselves. when not only one of the children to be successful, we want them to be significant and to make choices that are significant in the lives of others. we want to set them on the road to wisdom. it is about that, the higher purpose. i want to thank you for recognizing that. when he asked if he could command us in this way, i said yes, because it is really commending the mission of sacred heart education and the city of san francisco. we have been educating young women and men in san francisco for the last 125 years.
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starting next year, it will be the first year there will not be religious working in the school for the first time. knowing the future is in the hands of wonderful people. we have an incredible faculty that will carry it forward, and i leave here physically, but my heart -- you leave your heart in san francisco, that is certainly true. i continue my work in halifax and nova scotia. i am definitely leaving a part of my heart in san francisco. there is no competition for a
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baseball team through 4, so i will continue to be a giants fan, and warriors fan, and a 49ers fan, of course. i will miss the city, the place, the people. all of what gordon talked about, the open mindedness. i will miss the people of san francisco and the wonderful people like mark, his wife, his children. i appreciate this opportunity. supervisor farrell: i'm beraing g - -beri -- bearing gifts ehrehere, so hold on a second.
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president chiu: that concludes the special order for commendations today. can you call the 3:00 p.m. special order items. >> pursuant to a motion approved april 2012, the board of supervisors have agreed to sit as a committee has a hole for items 28-35 comprising the
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special order for public hearings, persons interested in the proposed resolutions authorizing the acquisition of a temporary construction license at the property, a known as 55 stockton street by eminent domain for a public purpose of constructing a central subway extension project and other improvements. president chiu: will now sit as a committee as a whole to conduct public hearings on the proposed resolutions of necessity to acquire certain property interests and a vote on the resolution themselves. we are considering proposals to require construction licenses at 55 stockton street, 150 stockton street,. the mta seeks to find the licenses for the construction of the central subway light rail extension using funds appropriated for that program.
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in this hearing, the board of supervisors will consider whether the public interest and a necessity consider the light rail extension project. whether the extension project is planned or located in the manner that will be most compatible with the greatest public good. and whether the temporary construction licence required is necessary for the central subway light rail extension project. and finally, if the city has made the necessary offers from the property owners for just compensation as required under state law. if we adopt the proposed resolutions, we will be making consistency findings in connection with the acquisition. the board must pass this resolution with eight votes, 2/3 votes. do i have a motion to that effect?
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without objection, it shall be the case. let me propose the following order for this hearing. the mta will have 50 minutes in support of the resolutions and the acquisition of the construction licenses. members of the public and that support any or all of these resolutions will have the two minutes to speak, and following that, each of the four property owners will have 15 minutes in opposition to the resolution pertaining to their property. members of the public that wish to propose a resolution will have up to two minutes each to speak. unless there are any questions, why don't we go to the mta for the presentation of to 15 minutes? >> and the central subway
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program director. i will be providing you with a very brief project overview to give you background for the temporary construction licence before you today. in the central subway is a 7.1 mile t-line extension and the north-south real connection for the first time in over 50 years, providing significant travel, her timesaving to a population where 68% of the residents remain -- rely on it for their daily needs. the central subway extension of the line that will essentially 1.7 miles of the extension of with four stations, three underground subway stations and other surface station. i want to thank you for your past leadership and support for
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this program, has it has allowed this program to remain on track. three are currently awarded and in construction. in the fourth and fifth contract, the chinatown's addition contract and the union square marquetry home station contract are out to bid. the program goal is to award and have all of the construction contracts necessary to build the program in place and in construction by the end of this year. the temporary licenses before you today are actually going to affect for properties showed in the slide. the side walls of the station box for the union square market street station is currently