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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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of access to teachers to grant permission freely, and whereas using the bathroom is a natural bodily function, these functions are of a sensitive and private nature and should not be shared. whereas a number of students suffer from medical conditions that necessitate an urge to use the bathroom only when the student brings a doctor's note. however, many lack health care access to obtain such proof or even worse, have not had access to a physical examination by a doctor to identify what the student may be suffering from and to young women who are menstruating have a heightened risk and are not a lot -- if not allowed to change their sanitary napkins. and whereas a report from the
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national center for education reveals that victims of bowing to play a wage of responses, including difficulty, a lack of assertiveness, difficulty in controlling anchor, and isolation. -- anger, and isolation pureed >> be it resolved that the school district request that the district asks each school to develop their own bathroom policy with input from staff, students, parents, and he remembers sensitive to the issues above. students shall not be punished in any way, including academically, for using a restaurant. john not be accompanied to the restaurant by staff unless the student has violated a rule. shall not be required to state
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their reason for using the restroom other than a school nourse. all that time shall be open and have a sufficient number during school hours what people are in class is. he committed to close any restroom as necessary for cleaning and maintenance and students must reason -- return to class promptly and all rules regarding behavior of high to students, including self was, vandalism, loitering, etc.. repeated violations will result in the student being referred to a intervention which may include other practices. >> public speakers, zhang, ok.
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jordan. michele tan. you have one minute each. >> good evening, everyone. we are from wallenberg high school and we are members of the student advisory council and we are here to address certain aspects of the bathroom policy. we are concerned with the security escort issue. numerous students until interrogated to have a person to bring us to use the restaurant. many feel this is an invasion of
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privacy. using the bathroom is a natural function. these functions are of a private nature and should not be shared. based on personal experience, the amount of time waiting on security escorts are extensive. there have been cases where security does not show up. bathroom doors are unlocked, approving escorts are not needed. holding your bodily fluid within you with some healthy and can result in long-term urination problems such as constipation, absorption of toxic fecal products. we support -- >> you can have one more minute. >> thank you for your time. [applause] >> thank you for letting us go first. i am the student body president this year. i am a senior and was in the
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school district the past from a policy varies between teachers and schools. there is a need for a uniform policy for all students. students should not be punished for having to go to the bagram sense it is a human need. -- bathroom sinsce it is a human need. students should not be punished for having their great lowered for having to take one trip to the bathroom. coat it is not fair to them and it is not fair to the teachers -- i do not know what i am saying. sorry. bye. [laughter] [applause] >> i am a junior at balboa high school and a historian. during my freshman and sophomore year, are about terms or locked in during class time but we were
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supposed to have time during lunch time. unfortunately, the bathrooms are usually closed to route the data. the only way was to find a security guard. i cannot count the amount of times i have been locked out of a bathroom with no way in. not being able to go to the bathroom is very frustrating. it has caused me agony over these past few years. for these reasons i request that you pass this policy. thank you. >> i am a junior and a member of the student advisory council. i am speaking on behalf of the policy. i want to express my support for the freedom of the students do not have to tell a teacher the reason they need to go to the restaurant. sometimes telling the entire class of a private matter is not
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ideal and sometimes can be embarrassing and can be seen by the students as an invasion of privacy. it affects girls on their menstrual cycle. i am sure that every girl has a story. mine begins in freshman year when you realize the use of a bathroom is needed to the natural cycle, it is not ideal to have a teacher asked, can you wait 15 minutes? students with health issues that require frequent use also experience invasion of privacy. there have been several incidents reported in the districts where students had to announce the reason for the bathroom, which lead to embarrassment. for these reasons, i it at -- ask you to pass the policy. thank you.
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>> good evening. i am and may member of the student body council. -- a member of the student body council. a reason being, and during the bathroom periods, there are so many people in the attached terms that police can target victim so that people are always afraid. -- bullies can target victims so that people are always afraid. students are afraid of being harassed in the bathroom. consequently, students need to have the right to go to the bathroom to prevent this. students fear bathroom bullying and may even refrain from usage,
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jeopardizing their help. in order to promote the safety of our students and their education, i urge you to support the policy. [applause] >> comments from the board? >> i wanted to ask but the members, they are not usually here, the student advisory council, if they could please stand. all of the students, they are really -- they give us some much of their time. this is one of the most committed and intelligent and bright and smart and charming and wonderful group of students i have had the pleasure to work with. thank you for being here and thank you to their coordinator. one more thing, here i wanted to say with the access, the
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students have accepted 100% of the comments that were provided to us as recommendations from uesf. commissioner wynns: as a co- author, i am honored to to present this to you with my colleagues. i have to say, we as adults have no idea what it is like to be a student in our high schools. this gives us a glimpse tonight and also, on what it might be like to be a student in our high schools, needing to use the bathroom. i think this is a no-brainer. i urge my colleagues to support this. >> i want to thank the students
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for bringing this forward. as this resolution -- we had people who said we need a uniform policy. what we need is what we are proposing. we set the rules about the policy but the specifics are down school by school. that should reassure all of the members that the need for standards, which is what we need, is addressed by this. i want to thank the legal officers for helping us with that. the superintendent, too. >> joyce zhang. >> although high school students were here representing this policy, other issues are irrelevant in elementary and middle school students. i just wanted to get that out there. >> i would like to say that this
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is an important issue because having to use the bathroom is such a basic need. it is almost a fundamental right. being able to have a uniform policy throughout the district in sure is that everybody -- ensures that everybody has the same rights and they are not being singled out. it prevents the possibility of any kind of profiling and their access. >> i want to thank the student delegates for bringing this fourth wa -- forth with commissioner fewer. this has been a long time. it is not just about passing this resolution, and it is
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really seeing our students is being in gaged like this. you could see that san francisco will be in good hands with leaders like you in the future. roll call. commissioner fewer: yes. commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner mendoza: yes. commissioner murase: yes. president yee: yes. >> seven ayes. [applause] >> item j, general matters. i will be dictating in the limited time we have. the first group i will call will be on transitional kindergarten.
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there are four speakers. cindy, maggie,. again, for translation purposes, we have to be well. -- two. >> first, the feel we should have more resources. second, sfusd should allocate
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resources equally to the schools. due to the financial hardships, we commend canceling transitional kindergarten for good. use september 1 as the cut off for kindergarten. locations should be in chinatown and north beach. last one, a mission. thank you. >> [speaking foreign language] good evening, everyone.
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my name is maggie and this is my girl and she was born on november 22, 2007. we applied to attend transitional kindergarten. we were disappointed by the transitional kindergarten this time. we feel we were deceived. when my girl saw that her other classmates received assignment letter to kindergarten, she was very upset. she asked me why i do not receive any letter?
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i also took the language test and my teacher said i was doing good. i was very unhappy. did i do something wrong? i really want to attend the kindergarten with other kids. when i heard my girl say that, i felt so sad. this is not her fault. but she has to pay for the result. i want the school district to use the funds for a transitional
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kindergarten to support these groups of kids this year. and also place them to the school of their choice. tahnhank you. >> everybody, good evening. my name is -- my son was born on november 20. my oldest son is eligible to attend transitional kindergarten. but the district only provided to schools for us to choose.
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we live in the richmond district. but if my son attends either one of the schools, i have to spend a lot of time taking my kids and also taking three buses to the school. and both of them have to get up very early and i think they will be too tired to attend school. i hope the school district can provide the program in chinatown
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and also richmond so to allow the kids born up to november 1, between november 1 and december 2, to attend tk school near our house. thank you. [applause] >> could evening. -- good evening. my name is -- my daughter was born on november 11, 2008.
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she is eligible to attend tk next year. but right now the school district only provides two tk schools. because i live in richmond, whatever school we are going to, the district will be too far away. the commute time is about three hours per day. i hope the school district and open a tk program in the richmond district.
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right now, even though my girl will attend kindergarten next year, however right now i am concerned and upset about this. [applause] >> the next speakers will be a few folks from bryant elementary school. maryann, senora sanchez, and rosa. you have one minute each. are you still here? from bryant elementary. the next group is from buena
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vista. irene hernandez, vivian, corrina knowles. you have one minute each. you have to press the button. >> i am wrong to try to say it in english. i am a latino parents. the reason i am here to present you with the signatures expressing that we know larry is the best choice to be our principal. we love him and trust him. we have gone through so many demoralizing years.
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we have not been able to focus on what is important, our kids' education. it to 20 years to build and it has almost been destroyed in one year. we believe larry will be able to regain our trust. we understand there is a system and protocol on how to choose. we respect that. however, we know that the district makes decisions and we are reaching out to you because we know that you care and we need you to help our voices be heard. this is really important to us. we have been there for years. we know what is best for our school. we listened to you last year and we almost lost our school. [applause]
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>> hello, everybody. after 28 years of shaping up half for spanish immersion in education, i feel that we not be the guinea pigs in this experiment for this year. we do not want to have another run this year is that almost dismantle their community -- horrendous year that almost dismantled our community. he loves and cares about our diverse and rich population. and most importantly our children. i feel that no one else will provide except for larry. our children do not need to settle for less. our teachers do not need to
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settle for less. please give us back the heart and soul of our community. thank you. >> i am lucky to get to go to a school like buena vista. i am new to all of this. i came in with a lot of enthusiasm and love from what i saw last year. i have to say it was a shock and surprise to see there was someone new in place when a big part of the reason i wanted to go there was this incredible, thoughtful, nonjudgmental, enthusiastic man, larry. it is interesting, i had a lot of stuff written down but i want to quote president yee -- he
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said we do not want to waste another year. we want what is best for our students. please apply these words of wisdom to the situation. give us back our continuity. >> i am a parent of a first grader. we had a really good lyric -- your last year. -- year last year. he said is that the meeting about keeping larry? you go, you go. all of the kids love him. when i asked if she knew who the principal was, he did not know. he said, it is larry, right?
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i think we really need him. all of the kids respect and love him. it is a good mix. he is a sweet guy. we need him in our school. this past year has been hard for everybody. i am hard of the = -- part of the pta board. all lot of the work is trying to make everyone happy. our teachers are tired. everybody was -- everybody was comfortable with his leadership. we need him back. >> my name is christina. i have two children and i also attended the school and from
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1982 to 1988. that was up three years your principal. anyway. i love my schools. what has been happening is there is a rift. it is because we have not had the same leadership we have had for the last six years. my focus is going to be on leadership. tonight even i have for that a great support and the need for a strong leader in the school district. just as the same as buena vista, it is in a dangerous place. tomorrow the interview process is taking place. our current vice principal is going to be in -- >i