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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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for our engineering team. just to ensure that we could successfully manage the scope and breadth of all the capital improvements in this short period of time. this was one of the factors that brought -- drove the decision. taking on a new c.o.p. at this time and keeping the back lands project funded. we could move forward in travel -- 2014 and make sure we are successful with this late we have in the near-term projects. >> i had that under the irs rules for expend
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get the hint. this cost us some time and $200,000 to mitigate the schedule delays. this is the end of the construction on the south end. there is port going away. prior to the america's cup, the plan of the terminal project was to leave the end of pier 27 on the waterside. that is the north side as well as the adjacent end of pier 29. the cruise terminal itself needs a space that is shown empty between the two. under the current agreement, the port would not have to pay for engineering, demolition, a new area draining, and you end wall fencing and lighting on the north part of a peer -- the
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pier. this slide shows the intersection of pier 29 with 27. what is remaining there is pier 29 at the apex of the triangle. at the right side is the end wall, 27. this portion of pier 29 will remain as it is while the preservation community decides how this end wall will be constructed. we plan to finish demolition of 27 next week. we will move over to the administration building on the embarcadero. the demolotiion -- demolition team will demolish. structural steel is underway. in fresno at olson's deal.
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it is 50% complete. you see the shop fabricating some of the beams and girders. i am pleased to announce that we obtained 350 tons of steel for the bones of the terminal which is produced in arkansas and indiana. steel started arriving on site at the end of this may. and it should be complete by the end of the summer. port staff proposes to amend the joint venture could design -- a joint venture design contract to increase the contract amount by $776,000. we have a 40% lbe participation.
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most of the increase is due to design work to increase north point changes which i just discussed previously. all this was not in our scope. most of the scope will move into phase two of the terminal which -- of the project which is non- terminal aspect -- non-cruise terminal aspects. the requirements affecting the northeast wharf plaza design, the north tip design, access from the embarcadero to the north tip and repair 29. fencing and lighting in addition to restrooms. all these items keep adding to our scope without providing funding. the design team will have to provide general architectural services that were provided by the department of public works staff. this will represent an increase to the design team contract and
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a deep -- a decrease to dpw for their services. dpw as part of an agreement with the civil service commission provided services to the project and they had to pull back their architects to work on their projects. obviously these design changes will have an effect on construction trade support staff requests -- the third amendment to increase the contract amount by $4.50 7 million. -- $4.57 million. i would like to say even though we're in the early stages, local hire is 37% versus 27 percent -- 20% mandated. one thing about the nature of the turner contract. their construction manager general contractor, so the
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contractual procedures are different from our normal lump- sum can track. the turner it's out each of the trades -- bids out a to the trade as a separate package. stallone is one package. -- concrete is one package. these are not necessarily change orders to a subcontractor but most of these things have been bid. the original -- the largest cost is $3.10 million due to trending of projective bid awards. as i said, we have been out 20% of the trade packages -- bid out. their original estimate was performed in the fall of 2011. since then, the industry has experienced some recovery.
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some contractors have reduced staff and capacity leading to the not bidding projects. this change has led to increase bid amounts. contributed to design development occurring during the last several months. the second biggest component was $1.8 billion due to shifting lobby improvements and escalators for face to to -- phase to to phase one. to support cash flow requirements. due to reduction of temporary facilities that would have been required. this -- the curtain wall had been bid as part of phase one and phase two. it was shifted from phase two up to phase one. this was not a negotiated change
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order, it was a bid price. the third largest component was [unintelligible] due to catch basins and pavement. this work will be bid out. completion of these improvements will allow the america's cup to use the appear as a focal point for the sailing races. i would like to introduce our next speaker who will talk about the additional america's cup work. >> good afternoon. i am ehre -- here to requestor authorization to execute a 4th amendment to the general contractor -- contract with turner construction to include the total contract authorized into $64 million. to fund new public
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improvements related to the america's cup event. at pier 19, 23, 29, one half, 64, and 30-32. assuming that you approve the request. the purpose of these amendments is to provide a means to execute improvements needed for the america's cup race. we anticipate some of these work , for example, work at pier 19 and pier 64. maybe undertaken by the minutes division. this may result in a cost savings to this contract amendment. but that is subject to one of the ordinance -- a city ordinance that staff will be
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working on, once the ordinances passed, we may be able to get some of these work done by the poor maintenance division. design for the [unintelligible] and is expected to be completed by the second or third week of may. staff is working with current agencies to secure the permits. we expect to get these permits approvals within the next couple of months. staff is working with the san francisco human rights commission to establish the local business goals for this contract amendment. we expect to have the goals established within the next couple of weeks. we have planned to complete the improvements for the event by july 20. the remaining work with the exception of work at pier 64 is expected to be completed by
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january 15, 2013. the work at pier 64 is expected to be completed by october 2013. with this complete -- this will complete my presentation and i request your approval for the fourth amendment which is resolution 12-40. we are available for any questions. >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment? commissioners? >> do you anticipate any more amendments of phase one? [laughter] >> possibly not. >> speaking to the mike, please. >> maybe not. i hope not. >> can you articulate the specific increases on pier 29
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that were not contemplated previously? you indicated there is going to be some increase in the fourth amendment for pier 29 but we had allocated some funds previously. what is the distinction? >> the fourth amendment includes the fund needed for the substructure repair for pure 29. >> that is the palin problem. >> the palin problem. -- piling problem. also the end wall construction. water management is included -- storm water management is included. >> no one was aware they needed to be put replaced? >> we found out a couple of months ago. america's cup, when they were working for the event authority,
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they found out some bad piles. when we were -- the turner contract was awarded, we were not aware that we had a substructure issue. >> i wonder who is responsible for the due diligence on that? >> we have been doing the due diligence. we have confirmed these findings and the number of piles that needed to be repaired. we know what needs to be done under the deck by now. >> recall that under the initial plan, the end of pier 27 and staff -- that was going to stay in place. the port engineering teams due diligence was underneath the area where the cruise terminal was going to be built. only after the america's cup project came along to propose
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the move -- removal of the additional portions of pier 27 and 29, the bad authority got teams under that portion of the deck and found these conditions. >> thank you. i had to put on my lawyer's hat for just a moment. >> would it be alright if i made a comment? >> sure. >> i feel the need on the record to thank everyone from the port staff and department of public works and our engineering and design team and turner construction. i do not think any of them find -- signed up for projects that would get redefined as many times as it has and it has come out the other side not as a sausage but as a gem. it is amazing to watch the talent that has taken.
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it has been an effort by so many individuals, both in the city family and outside the city family. there is so many attributes we can be proud of, not the least is buying steel in the us. -- u.s. everyone in the city even our opponents have supported us. thank you for your leadership. most importantly, the post -- port staff. it is -- we are looking forward to full steam ahead. no looking right or left and getting to a day of celebration. my thanks to all of you. >> for the record to mention when you have a change in scope
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and amount. the process of how you review those estimates. and competitive bidding so we know the amounts have changed. >> most of this work, we are bidding competitively. we try to do our best estimate. hopefully we'll get good bids and that will save some money. >> while these amounts have changed substantially, it is not in the initial bidding process where we would have awarded the continued increase, that there is still a bidding process so we're comfortable these estimates are still the best we could. >> we have confirm the estimates through our consultants. we asked them to review these estimates and quantities and confirm the estimates. >> thank you. >> i would say, kudos to kim
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for getting american steel. we can do things competitively. again, thank you. >> are we ready to vote? all in favor of all three resolutions at once? resolutions have passed. >> item 12, new business. >> public comment on new business? item 13, public comment? >> we do have one public comment.
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>> good afternoon. fellow citizens and commissioners. i am representing all the small boat operators that are on the jefferson street, part of pier 49. the subject is just one. and it has to do with the ongoing affluent -- effluent that has been coating everything on the jefferson street boca, our boats, our lines, our tourists as they come up and down the ladders, rashes that people have developed on their hands because of this pollution in the water, and the irony of
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it all is that fisherman's wharf is or was, should still be the third most visited tourist attraction in the world. after disney world, at the time it was 33 million. as disneyland, summer in the neighborhood of 20 million and san francisco which had 18 million visitors a year of the statistic. 50 million of those people said, i am here to go to fisherman's wharf. the fisherman part is the part i would like to address. it is the heart and soul of the reason that part of the city has become something. and why it is still famous. and to have all these beautiful but and and and take like mine, some beautifully maintained, charter boats wallowing in this filth and discussed year after
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year after year, and frankly, what broke the pick an anatomical part of us down there was watching the figure -- finger pier be rebuilt by someone who had no idea how to build a pier for fishing boats but that is another story. to have to come there every day and wonder, which one of our docklands we're not going to be able to use because they're covered with human excretion, oil from the restaurants, the entire source system underneath those restaurants is a health hazard. and just for information, one of the captain's has taken it upon himself to have it analyzed at a
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chain of custody a laboratory. i have not seen the whole report, but when he quoted to me was that the header said this is a very serious matter and should be reported to the proper authorities immediately. so, if i could end with a question, when is something going to be done about it? is there any plans afoot to replace the sewers underneath the restaurant so we do not have to have our boats wallow in felt any more? this is a serious health hazard. >> your time is up but this is not an item that is on the calendar. by a parliamentary rules, the commission cannot respond to you. they're not ignoring you. their support staff who would be happy to answer those questions
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after the meeting has adjourned and we could decide whether that is something we should calendar. i will talk to you about this afterward. your time is up. >> is there any further public comment? hearing none, could i have a motion for adjournment? >> earlier today, we were discussing with great joy one of the greatest series of races that will take place on our world renowned bay. 10 days ago during another well- established race, recreation can turn very quickly to tragedy. unimaginable tragedy. and we need to be mindful of how loved ones can be taken from us in an anticipated moments and
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mother nature can turn out to be quite a formidable foe. i would like to move that we adjourn this meeting in memory of alexis bush, jordon, and elmer morrisey. >> i would like to second that. >> all in favor? meeting is adjourned. thank you.