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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all a. i will call roll call now. [roll call] vice president marshall. >> he is in route. [roll call]
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also this evening we have the chief of police and the director of occ. >> welcome to the wednesday may 2, 2012 san francisco police commission meeting, and tonight we have a special meeting. we have our newest commissioner sworn in yesterday. let me introduce you to the former district attorney. shi'a join in -- she joins the attorney general, where she works as assistant to attorney
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general harris. she is a product of our public schools. gooshe has been very active, soi am going to introduce the commissioner and let her tell you more about herself. >> thank you. i think he told you highlights. that was an excellent presentation of the highlights of my career, but mostly i am honored that the board approved me for this position. i had the good fortune to work with the police department and all the public safety officers, so i am very happy to be here. i look forward to working with all of you. goo>> welcome.
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>> i think women are now the majority of the commission, so watch out. this is exciting. m flags please call on line item #1. >> adoption of the minutes for the 15th, 22nd, 29, march 7, and march 21, 2012. >> any idea shins? >> i read through it, and it looks thorough -- any additions? >> i read through it, and it looks 0. >> do we have any public comment? seeing none, all in favor? >> aye. >> we have adopted the minutes.
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line item to please. >> general public comment. the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that are in the jurisdiction of the commission. the speaker should address remarks to the commission and not to individual commissioners or police person now. gooneighbor police or commissioners are required to return either police or commissioners are required to answer. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. >> i have to point out line item #4 will be taken off tonight and rescheduled within a month. there are some issues about presentation.
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gardnegood evening. >> i would like to welcome you. good you are filling some big shoes. it is all politics. welcome aboard. learn your job, and to a great job. now let's turn to the police department. i was here at 3:00 in the morning. do you remember occupied? i was there at 3:00 in the morning. we had four or five officers. where was the senior staff? i saw a captain. that is all i saw.
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this is a major news and events. did i see it of police or a commissioner? no, i saw nothing but a captain. they've got everything worked out. >> next speaker. good evening. >> i am the director of open government. good one thing i made very clear the first time i appeared here is that my primary objectives are to ensure that citizens have the right to make public comment and the right to access to public records. last time i was here i talked about the fact that i attended a library meeting at which i made public comment.
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the president of the commission took offense at something i said. she was later caught on tape making threats to me, talking about how she would like to bury me. she then followed of police reports -- filed a police report and claimed i threatened her. i made a copy of that request. i finally did receives a copy of that report, and but there does not seem to be anything showing my side of the case. i was visited at my home by two members of the police department. apparently my side of the story is not going to get in the
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record, so i have a police report saying i threatened the public body, and my side of the case is not in here. i do not know how the police department decides to operate, but my opinion is she abused her authority and drag the police department in and had them send officers to my home without announcement as a form of intimidation. i have already filed a complaint to get further records because i have a hard time believing inspectors can visit someone's home and do nothing to write down anything of what transpired or what they found as a result of conducting an investigation. i have also put a request into the city attorney's office to determine whether or not records have been unlawfully withheld from me. i will go after this, because
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one thing ms. gomez has learned since she was censured by the ethics commission and recommended for removal by the mayor is that she cannot shut down public comment, so now she has moved to getting the police department involved, conflating something to make it sound like a threat, and having a police department visit people in their home to intimidate people. i am going to fight this for the fact that i think if this effort is unconscionable. >> any other public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. >> item 3a, reports and discussion, a presentation of the annual report, presentation of the first quarter 2012
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findings and recommendations, presentation of the investigative summary, presentation of the document and protocol report 2011. >> well, and we have been pretty busy the last few days, so welcome. >> i look forward to working with you as well. we have had a busy week. i will go back last week and finish with what have been more recently. -- what happened more recently. last week was to take your child to work day. we had dozens of children of officers, community relations. i want to thank the kids for learning us your parents. it was very well received even though it was a little grainy, but it was good. on saturday they coordinated a
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basketball tournament for middle schoolers. 18 boys and girls around the city. and we played all day. usf players were there. it was a great time, and special thanks to bank of america for sponsoring the event and paying for the lunches and on and on. it was really nice. on monday i met with supervisor campos and some foundation spoke about use programs -- youth programs. it was a great discussion. the event that was discussed was the pre mayday discussion that
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had anarchist's embedded in it and went on a splinter group marsch of valencia's street. the entire action was about 15 minutes, about $150,000 of damage done, including almost $10,000 to the station itself and $50,000 to a very nice car parked on valencia's street. i want to make a point this was not occupy. this was not first amendment. this was a criminal misconduct by in my opinion a street gang. this continued the next day where we have occupied demonstration all over the city. it started at 6:00 a.m., largely peaceful, significant disobedience but peaceful, and then it turned ugly at 888 her
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street. -- turk street. they began to throw things off through. one of the missed one and struck the other demonstrators in the face, knocking them to the ground. this was caught on video. the officers were very vigilant and mark the suspect. he was taken into custody and will be prosecuted for the aggravated assault, and we were able to run down the victim, who originally refused and did have injury to the face. there were 26 arrests made this morning. i appreciate the comments. we met with the deputy chiefs
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late into the evening last night, formulating a plan, and we will check in next time to make sure he knows we are in touch. the other staff members attended the meeting. others attended the heritage of event this morning. it was very well attended. probably about 100 folks from gothe faith community.
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we continue to push forward with our jobs program. they are really bad if they do not get through high school. you should have an idea for what we are proposing during your -- proposing. we really wanted to emphasize that in the pictures to tell the story rather than just a document. we do not want to make it an expensive production, so we would put an electronic version
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on our website. this is not any thing the department has done. this is something people are going to want to see versus something that is just required. we now have the template, so it was actually done in april, but we want to bring it to the commission for your approval. we are hoping to have it done in february as soon as the statistics for the prior year become final, but this will basically be the template. before we move on to the next item commoem, i would love it id have approval. >> this is just a discussion item, so it would have to be an action item. good >> i am going to put this out. >> i do not believe it is required to approve it before the chief finalizes the report. >> that is right.
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>> i want to thank you for this report. it is a great report. it has crime statistics. it has everything here from medals of valor that were awarded, retirements from the police department. it has an explanation of what the divisions do. this is incredible. it harkens back to the days the police department use to do a year ago. this is incredibly well done. it is very impressive, and i do not think you need our permission to adopt this. it is great, so thank you for your hard work. >> for the public, this will be posted, if not today, then tomorrow, for download. i see someone from the public is
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leafing through it as we speak. good i will go to the firearms discharge review board. >> i thing commissioner kingsley had a question for you. >> first is to congratulate you. it is beautifully done in general around the police department in addition to providing necessary steps for next year. i appreciate that you're good i think members of the public are going to enjoy it and learn from it, too. thank you to everyone who contributed. it is beautiful and colorful and professionally laid out. there are not going to be a lot
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of hardcover copies of this. who is getting hard-cover copies, and how does it relate cost wise in terms of what has been done in previous years? >> there is no expense of producing it, and it was all done by fifield. i believe we printed 100 copies and were pretty much giving them to community groups, business groups, board of supervisors, commissioners. there is actually a list, in an effort to have little or no other costs to the public, we figured it is downloadable from the website, depending on your printer to your good -- on your printer. >> the data usually on the report, what might be missing from this?
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i did not pull out last year's. >> since it is finished, hopefully nothing, but if there is something missing and an administrator noted, this is the first one done in a while. if we miss something and you let us know, we will make sure it is a next year's federation, and hopefully it will get more developed as we go forward. >> all of the categories with reports historically are in here as well? >> i believe so. >> a wonderful educational tool. thank you. >> thanks for sharing this. we appreciate the chance to c-- the chance to see it before it goes on-line. this is extremely impressive. the visuals are great to convey
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what happens to the police department to people of all different backgrounds. i think for the future it would be great to have a small piece, so i think the department is setting a model for the rest of the country, especially with the progress we make each year. i think it is a great achievement, and we will highlight its next year. >> absolutely, and anybody else who has an item, we would be happy to put it in and develop it and work with you. it is easy for everyone to taken. >> i appreciate the focus on policing in the report and the issues throw of the brochure. i know that youth issue is a
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priority. vice president marshall: who thought of this? are you the brains? >> i wanted it to be something for you to look at. >> this is great. >> i was always better at picture evokes. -- books. >> it is greatly appreciated. >> sure. >> discharge and review board. >> good evening, commissioners. i will be presenting the report from the first quarter, 2012.
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the meeting convened on march 20 of 2012, and the voting members of the board or the acting share, chief chen and chief smith. we reviewed three cases that day. of the first case we reviewed and was 10-013. it occurred at buchanan and feld street. the vehicle was suspected of a large amount of heroin. he attempted to get away from the vehicle and literally had to
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lean on the vehicle to prevent getting run over. during the course of that, another partner officer discharged his firearm at the driver of the vehicle. it did not strike the driver. it struck the vehicle. the soldier sustained injuries. the driver fled a few blocks later. the driver turned himself into police one or two days after that. the finding that was excepted was in policy. the next case we reviewed was 10-015. this occurred on december 29, 2010. uniformed officers responded to an assault. it was updated, and the officers
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made their way to baker street. they encountered a large number of people present. they first asked if there had been a stabbing. they got negative response, and after eliciting more information did determine stepwhere the sust was located. uniformed officers made their way down a hallway. the suspect was inside a bathroom. he came out of the bathroom, and rather than walk away from the officers, he walked towards the officers, armed with an instrument the officers retreated, but they found themselves back into a corner with 15 juvenile so and adults in a room that was scattered, and they discharged fire arms in self-defense. the suspect was struck and died later on in the scene. gooit should be noted this cases
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reviewed by the state attorney general's office to to the fact of cheese became district attorney, so this was reviewed by the attorney general's office. the last shooting we reviewed was on january 4, 2011 on howard street triggered officers responded to a call of a man in a wheelchair causing a disturbance and wielding a knife. the officer called for backup units when the suspect refused to put down the knife. backup officers arrived and attempted to verbally persuade the suspect to drop the knife. he failed to heed their campaign -- not to heed their commands. one of the officers was stabbed
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during the encounter. as the officers fled, and two officers discharged their firearm since the fence of self and others. i will be happy to take any questions you may have before i go to the next report. >> thank you for your support. just for the record, you have is dated as december 29, 2012. it is in fact 2010. is that correct? >> 2010. that is correct. >> you might want to make that correction. >> yes, sir. >> thank you for your presentation and your work on
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this. i talked with the chief about these cases, and i would like to suggest that two things happen. one is the mention of of the suspect. mental health involvement
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in >> in both cases involve mental health issues. the department has taken significant steps to launch training and that is certainly a resource for these officers, so they can have that additional tool. it is a matter of making this -- is my suggestion sound of katy you? >> lights out on the review board, and i doav