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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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that supports requests. page 26 of your packet is the summary of how these requests. 27 through 30 gives free descriptions of the projects as well as our recommendations. i will go through these projects very briefly. the girl substation a great project would provide the 20% matched to the construction fees, federal funds to repair the substation that was damaged by lightning in 2005. this is the power supply for the division deraa trolleybus line. new signal contracts 61 would fund the design phase for five new traffic signals and four new flashing beacons at four intersections. locations for the signals and beacons is on page 20 of your enclosure. you can see the location has proposed.
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the memo describes the process for how nt and reprioritize to signal a patient. on page 23 of your packet, you can see the signals that are going to be improved -- a new signal that would be constructed as part of this current contract, as well as about 10 other locations that are currently being considered for new signal contracts 62. next project is a thermoplastic truck. this will allow the agency and mta to keep up with the growing
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demand for striping and street parking. there is a prop k request for a multi phase allocation for the 19th avenue accessible pedestrian signals. this will fund locations that are shown on page 67. these are 14 of the 18 high priority locations identified by the work at. the other four locations have already been constructed as part of another contract. traffic's to go up. and graffiti appeared this is an ongoing program. this is the sixth year that we would be funding this year the program has improved over 19,000 signs to date and the public can request these signs by calling 311 or through the mta website. this request would improve another 5100 signed upgrades.
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this would improve safety at 25 locations near schools and others key intersections. once they have settled on the locations. upon completion of planning, which would be at the end of june, mta would provide us with a list of locations as well as the basis for the recommendation. the next request is for the construction phase of the marina green bicycle trail project.
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this would leverage congestion management agency block grant that was awarded by the authority to dpw in june of 2010. this project would construct a 1.5 mile path with a separated 12-foot class one bicycle facility and a six-pedestrian walkway. this is on the north side of marina boulevard between laguna an alliance. i can direct you to -- in your package, not in your enclosure -- page 109 of your inclosure. does give you a diagram. is a very engineering looking diagrams but it gives you the locations along marina boulevard. in the improvements include a separated by campus transistor -- facility, pat resurfacing intersection, safety improvements as well.
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and one other thing to note, with this product there is ongoing coordination that dpw and mta's are doing with the community planning process. this is in regards to 57 parking spaces along the three-block state that -- between baker and scott. it would allow for an existing conflict between vehicle and non vehicle users but the project as designed would not preclude the removal of any parking spaces in the future. that would occur as part of the planning process. this planning process is required for a permit that was granted by the bay area coastal commission in 2008 -- commissioner avalos: actually, we have a few questions. we lost an opportunity to do it earlier, so i thought we would wait until the end.
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please continue. >> the next project is a broadway streetscape improvement project. this is for the third phase of improvements along the corridor. this is also leveraging a cma block grant awarded by the authority in 2010 for construction of the corridor between attorney and battery streets and it includes pedestrian scale lighting, street trees, and also paving, which is also funded by the cma block grant. it would allow for interrupted improvements. i am free to take any questions you have appeared there are also agency staff available. >> thank you for your presentation. commissioner kim? commissioner kim: i had a question back to the signal contract. by the way, happy to see we are getting new traffic signals.
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i was curious as to what side his 16th we are referring to. is it the north or south side? marshall elementary is between 15th and 16th. i know they have been working closely with them on the traffic calming area. >> i am going to invite someone from sfmta to address your question. >> this is an odd intersection. there is in north legget and a south leg. our intention is to make that one intersection. >> can you explain how that works? >> @ 16th and cap, we have in north legget that is about a block away from the bart station. the south legget is about 100 feet to the east of that. our intent is to signalize that
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intersection. we have done that before successfully pinned up so both sides of 16th street? one side is closer to the school, the other side is by the victoria theatre. he will be signalizing both sides? how does that work? >> we are a beneficiary of a lot of these odd prints because we are in san francisco. it is a low bed offset. right now, there is only one crosswalk under the walgreen's. there is no crosswalk on the other side of the street. when you are going northbound on cat street and you get the green, you would be able to get all across marshall and vice versa from marshall to the victoria site. commissioner kim: with sixth and mina, i know this is something the residents have been advocating for, but is this a
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stop sign -- signal? can you tell me with a flashing beacon is? >> and flashing beacon is something that we are considering at locations where the intersection needs does not rise quite to a level of a traffic signal. we have successfully employed one at sunset and your budget. if a pedestrian presses the button, there is a flashing beaten that alert drivers that a pedestrian might be crossing. >> is that similar to what we have in front of city hall? >> it is similar but the one in front of city hall is embedded into the pavement whereas the flashing beacon with the pole mounted off to the side or in the roadway. commissioner avalos: that would be a yellow flashlight? >> yes. commissioner kim: my next question goes back to the
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presentation of where the crosswalks that we have completed -- where is the list and our packet? >> that was on page 83 of the enclosure. 85 of the enclosure rather. commissioner kim: thank you very much. commissioner farrell: questions for you on the marina green bicycle trail. one question around the timing of it. obviously, the america's cup is coming into town. coordination around that is important. something else i did not notice before reading through the package, you mentioned parking spaces. could you talk about that? that is a hypersensitive area. there are not enough and there is talk about taking some away. >> the construction contract
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would be awarded in the spring but construction would not begin until october 2012, so it would be following the america's cup event. construction would then be completed by march of 2013, in advance of the 2013 finals. commissioner farrell: i want to make one point that has not been made publicly. the mountain dew tore has talked about coming down to host fleet week. that would be the two weeks after . i totally appreciate you are doing it between the 2012 and 2013 races, but please make sure to account for that. if that comes, that will dominate the marina green and surrounding area. >> absolutely. in regards to your question about the parking spaces -- 57 spaces located between the marina green trail and the
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marina harbor. it is a three-block segment between baker and scott. if you have your diagram, which is on page 109 of your enclosure. it is on marina green between baker and scott. it is those three blocks west of marina green but before lyon. commissioner olague: are we talking --commissioner farrell: what parking spots are we talking about? >> i believe they are on the north side of the street.
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this was a permit issued by the big coastal development commission for various improvements along the area and maria part of a renovation project. this was a conditional permit. the word does not have to be completed prior to the construction of this project beginning. as for the outcome of that planning process, it could've
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cannot be integrated into the dpw project. commissioner farrell: so right now there are no plans to take these parking spots away as part of the plan? i have been coordinating and spending time with rec and park about the harbor renovation and how that is affecting surrounding neighborhoods. especially the people that use the facility, the parking spots around their impact our neighborhoods in a big way. i just want to make sure there is coordination going on here and there is no separate needed to take these with i was not aware of. >> there has not been any decision. i will bring your comments back to public-works that and recreation and park department's staff. commissioner avalos: when the byrne also station was shut down, what was the original plan for that?
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now we are looking at fitting it into our long-term plan of our muni system. just background information. >> i actually do not know if -- i assume it was intended to be reenergize when it was damaged in 2005. i can find out more details -- commissioner avalos: basically, it was a plan to restore the substation and make it work with the system so that it would be part of that extension. i know this allocation is not emblematic of all the work is being done across the city. i have to speak up. i do not see anything that is in
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my district that is part of this. i know there are many other applications that will do similar work, but i feel there needs to be another way of balancing equity. when it comes to district 11 pedestrian safety measures, we had a presentation at the full transportation authority last month. a lot of work was being described in our district and was not actually in our district. and then there was a lot of work being described in the graveyard which serves more of a citywide function. there are a lot of funds being allocated. i would like to consider that not part of what is necessarily district 11 and we can have investments in pedestrian safety. we are going to have a light going in. there was a woman killed in 2000 a crossing the street. that is a problem that exists along many parts of alemany. that is a hot spot around the city. also on mission street. it took four years to get that
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might put in place. that is just how things crawl in district 11. our district gets passed over other things that seem more urgent to the rest of the city. we did not have the kind of economic activity in our district but we have lots of residents that live there that need the support to cross the street safely. to the extent i can work with this committee and with the tsa and mta to make that happen, i feel a great loss if i cannot contribute to a greater emphasis on supporting pedestrians in my district. we have huge concerns and people have been hurt recently. just a note of caution. >> your comments are well taken. i would offer me