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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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supervisor farrell: good afternoon, welcome to the government fought and oversight committee, my name is supervisor farrell. i'm joined by supervisor elsbernd, and we will be joined momentarily by president chiu. any announcement? >> silence itself of an electronic devices. copies of documents to be said that it should be given to the clerk. items will appear on the june 5 agenda unless otherwise stated. supervisor farrell: of like to thank ms. miller and the sfgtv staff. we are going to do things a little bit out of order here, can we call item no. 4?
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>> police amendment with the 49ers for candlestick park stadium. supervisor farrell: the drama unfolds as the 49ers not only announced a move to santa clara but a number of milestones including approval by the nfl and monetary grant of $150 million that have now broken ground and are constructing the new stadium. the 49ers have asked for an option to leave candlestick one year early in case their stadium was built on an accelerated time frame. if these amendments will be discussing today includes a $1 million payment to recreation and parks. if the option is exercised, they will make the rec and park
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department whole based on payments they would have received. at the news stadium, and from my point of view, san francisco will join with the forty-niners to bring a super bowl to the new stadium that will create hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for our city and local economy. with that, i will cut it short and as yet from recon car to hobble his way to the podium. >> good evening, supervisors. the item before you is an amendment to the leaves for the use of candlestick park stadium. as you may recall, we amended the lease as a part of the
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settlement agreement last year. allow the forty-niners to leave candlestick park beginning in may of 2015. they have begun work on their stadium in santa clara and are ahead of the schedule compared to what they thought they would be last year. they have requested an additional her early termination option that would allow them to leave the stadium as early as may of 2014. the recreation and parks department, they negotiated this lease amendment. we prioritize in sharing that both were made whole should be afforded us not play at candlestick in the 2014 season. we also want to ensure that the employees that work out their would be offered continued employment at the new stadium
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and the last, we want to ensure that if there be a super bowl and the bay area, san francisco would see the economic impact of those tens of thousands of visitors. how the amendment before you is a relatively simple amendment that would grant the forty- niners and early termination option. in december of 2012, regardless of whether or not they exercise that option. should they choose to exercise the option, they will notify the city of january 2014. it also provides the forty-
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niners can play a portion of the 2014 season at candlestick if, for some reason or another, the stadium is not ready by the beginning of the pre-season. in that event, there are additional home game payments that will ensure that the city received -- and those home game payments range from $5,000 all the way up to an additional $5 million. there are approximately $10 million from this deal.
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the forty-niners essentially agreed that they maintain the stadium in as-is conditioned on the effective date of the settlement agreement. this amendment which is that day forward so that the city will have to maintain the stadium on the effect of this lease amendment. furthermore, the date of effectiveness would be pushed forward yet again to that date, and should there be any hold over for any reason, they would then for the remainder of the release be required to except in as is condition.
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there are deferred maintenance needs out there and it is important to have that assurance against liability. again, supervisor farrell that generally would be the host city for the super bowl for the 40--- should be 49ers be able to convince the nfl to bring the super bowl to the bay area. lastly again, all current stadium session employees would be offered positions with the stadium authority. >supervisor farrell: next, we have campbell from the budget and legislative analyst's office. i know he is doing a tap dance with budget committee right now.
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>> in the afternoon, supervisors. we estimate that there would be hot in that game to the city. if they were to exercise the option to terminate the lease we estimate that benefit to the city because of 2011-2012 revenues, they are taking into account that it was a very high revenue year for the city from the forty-niners. in terms of the variables, they did not come up with a number for that. we consider this to be a policy matter because it would be a policy decision for the board. >> had a policy questions?
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let me also say that we have wells larsen the this year. as well as the material from the public comment. i like to open up for public comment, are the members that would wish to comment on this item? >> the budget is the most important part, but not at the rest of integrity.
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the sentences go 49ers have shown a blatant the of hypocrisy. i don't have enough time to discuss it, but-that we should not do any more business with the forty-niners. i believe that if given the opportunity, i could explain it further. i also believe that in 1999, the city would have awarded the super bowl. what happened to it? we can't be banking on something that we don't know about, and giving them the option out early, based on the fact that they have a history of not following through on some of these things.
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i am disturbed that i am not getting the full attention of the person that proposes these ideas, but that is the way it is sometimes. i am very upset with the hypocrisy that the city has showed and also to oakland california. the people most affected by the forty-niners leaving and the golden state warriors coming here are black people. this height of hypocrisy must be stopped. >> if somebody is here, they should give those that are commenting their undivided
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attention. it is bad manners that while they get two minutes, somebody is having some side of our stock. i was the proponent for proposition f and there was g. we took into consideration the stadium. they can say whatever they want to, but in the last 15 years, they have not been diligent in maintaining the candlesticks stadium. when i go for the games, i have to be very careful where i walk and how what. i have seen people who fall down. i fell down myself. the bathrooms so what and so forth.
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there are very decent people, i'm talking about dr. york and his son. they don't like people fabricating. he drew a lot of eras in the air, made lots of promises and could not fulfill its. i have the opportunity to debate, and i trust them. we had to deal with or maybe of pulled some of the traditions and do the right things. i wish them all the dust. -- all the best.
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>> ♪ winter spring summer or play ball all you got to do is call i know you'll be there at the stadium and you have a football friend ♪ ♪ to the end you'll play football and you'll be there ♪ and ♪ geto on your football feet go out and make it happen you can make hthe stadium play and have it today ♪ ♪ have some action and make it today you're going to have some play ♪ supervisor farrell: next speaker , pelase. if you'ld like to line up on
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the side. >> i have lived in san francisco for 60 years. there is a new act, and we have to give credit for them for what they have done in san francisco. the disagreements that was mentioned that there was going to be census to the whole city,
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i think realistically, you will be in for a huge for the city of san jose. let's face it, it is easier to use the san jose airport and easier to drive the rather than the other way around. we might want to consider this because we have one game more between san francisco and oakland and delicacy of other over san francisco and san jose. at the rate we're going, i think we'll and the two cities against one eventually. the i have a feeling san francisco is going to be alone. supervisor farrell: any other members of the public that wish to comment on this item?
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we are joined by supervise cohen. we have wells larsen here if we have any questions. the supervissupervisor cohen: thank you. good afternoon, like many members of here, i have a broken heart that the forty-niners are absolutely leaving. i like to thank the rec and park staff at the department for negotiating the lease term. the of us are happy about them leaving, but the decision to move to santa clara, the residents have been working for more than a decade the plan for the revitalization of the community surrounding the stadium. it is no secret that the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium have had a tremendous need had borne the brunt of traffic and noise and impact of
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the stadium for decades. that is why i am working with the general manager phil ginsberg. i am pleased to see that they are planning to spend those dollars on youth recreation payments associated with this please that are in the neighborhood, and to benefit those that have been impacted for years. i believe you have received had a letter that he sent to you. articulating a proposal in which -- i would feel comfortable at the language of this letter was codified in a resolution and i would be happy to work with you, mr. chairman. the weekend debate and discuss this on tuesday that the board.
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supervisor farrell: is there a problem with language here? i don't think anybody has a problem with the substance. supervisor cohen: i can read into the record of the as a key with you, it is non-substantive. supervisor farrell: what the language is specifically -- and they can apply a non-substantive thing. supervisor cohen: what i am suggesting is language be added to the resolution for us to vote on, and this language is strengthening the fact that the money that has been allocated for what is described to be a youth program in the communities that are closest proximity, this is going to be going to the raiders.
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>> and you want a resolution to indicate the funds coming under the lease will be earmarked for specific purpose? supervisor cohen: not the specific purpose, but to be used by the neighborhood impacted by the niners. >> to appropriate that money once it comes in, there will lead to be an appropriation ordinance. if you like, i can read it out loud so everyone is aware of what i am discussing. pursuant to your request, clarify intent for the 1.0 $4 million community payment -- $1.04 million community payment that it
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remains the intention those funds be used to fund recreation and parks department youth programming in san francisco communities that are in closest proximity to candlestick park in the stadium. supervisor cohen: it is important to me that the money stay within the community. thank you. >> without causing a continuance, if you wish, you can. president chiu: i would be happy to make that motion. supervisor elsbernd: i can't go along with that. i am not going your appropriate money today without knowing exactly what programs those are going to, without hearing from the community. i appreciate that the impacts -- areas most impacted are near the
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stadium. i will be with you during the budget process to make sure the dollars go as close to candlestick, but to say right now and put it into resolution is the right way cure for creation dollars. we do that in the budget committee, we ducked jam something like this into a lease last minute like this. even though it is a general statement, it is not the general statement i can support. supervisor farrell: given that this is coming out right now, why don't i make a suggestion that we discuss it before next tuesday and approve it as-is today. people can voice their questions and concerns. the way it can be vetted and we can get a consensus around it. will that work?
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president chiu: i want to ask rec and park a question on this. given the letter, sorry to make you come back up, but we're assuming that it is your commitment to keeping additional dollars from this in the neighborhood and around the park which, i assume, is district 10. >> it was always our intention that the payment be spent in the community surrounding candlestick park. president chiu: it would not displace other dollars that would otherwise be for the others such neighborhoods? >> we don't know how the funds will be expanded, we're talking about 2014-2015 and then budget 2015-2016. what youth programs will be funded and those fiscal years, it would be our intention is to be retained in that community. president chiu: is it fair to say that the forty-niners would be fine with this concept that
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the money be used in that neighborhood? >> they don't care where we spend it. president chiu: from my perspective, the loss of the forty-niners and packed the entire city, but i think it disproportionately impacts the southeast neighborhoods. that is why i am comfortable the difference of opinion on this. supervisor farrell: we will motion -- [laughter] this is going to be fun. the motion, i assume withdraw the motion. can i pass this forward with recommendations to the full board? supervisor elsbernd: as we have been going through this process, everyone has been telling me you need to be quiet
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because maybe there is a chance they will stay in san francisco. now i get to say what i really think. i am absolutely broken hearted and hugely disappointed. it is probably come hundred a little bit by the tremendous leadership that the owners of the golden state warriors say they are going to do this privately financed. it is what it is, the nfl is truly a business. from a perspective of a fan, i know what happens when they build their own stadium. how did this is what we needed a super bowl parade down market street, i have to swallow my pride and suck it up, but i am absolutely broken hearted. it will take me a long time before i am ready to go see that stadium. i am a candlestick guy. maybe my son will go, but not me. i have been holding that for six years.
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supervisor farrell: can we take this item without objection? all right. thank you for those in attendance for four. we will move to item number one, an item sponsored by supervisor wiener who has joined us from the budget committee. >> can i call the item out first? ordnance amending the administrative code to establish a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trends in higher -- transgender seniors task force. supervisor wiener: with campos and olague, i want to apologize and to advance, - -in advance, k
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to the budget committee. in san francisco, we need to grapple with a growing lgbt senior population. the lgbt senior population has some means that are unique. they are not pertinent to the senior population as a whole. the growth of the population is actually, in many ways, a positive thing. for many years, and gay men, we are not making it to our senior years because of the hiv and aids epidemic. people are aging, men and women. everyone. we need to plan for it and make sure that we are addressing issues of stigma, issues of access to health care, issues
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around aging and hiv. all the different issues lgbt seniors face that others may not face. also discrimination at senior facilities, how the increased likelihood of not having adult children. we need to get our hands around this. this issue will create a task force that will expire after 18 months. we have become very adroit at creating task forces that don't go on forever and ever. we want to produce recommendations to the board of supervisors and the mayor. and we can make appropriate policy choices. he the one amendment i want to make is providing for a task force of 11 members, and the
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supervisors and i felt strongly that we wanted to make it larger. since we have introduced the legislation, we have had an outpouring of support and a desire for people to be on the task force, that makes it very challenging. we want to make sure it is truly the verse and rep. that would be the only amendment. i would ask that you adopt the amendment and move the legislation out with a positive recommendation. supervisor farrell: before we do that, when the opening of her colleagues -- public comment. for members of the public that wish to comment, light up on the right-hand side over here.