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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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resolution approving the issuance of tax-exempt revenue obligations by the california enterprise developed authority. supervisor farrell: we have our bond associate. please come forward. >> good afternoon. thank you for agreeing to hold this hearing. the item before you authorizing the sale not to exceed $6.75 million. there is no fiscal impact of the city and the city is not responsible for repayment on the obligation. there is no budget analyst report. i would like to draw your
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attention to a typographical error on page two, line 23, of the resolution. it has 2010 as the hearing date. we held a hearing on april 27, 2012. happy to answer any questions. we also have representatives from live oak available. supervisor farrell: thank you very much. i would like to open this up to public comment. public comment is closed. colleagues, do we have a motion to move it forward. we can do this without objection. >> it looks like we need to amend that resolution to correct the date. supervisor farrell: can we make a motion to rescind that vote? can we have a motion to amend the resolution to reflect the typographical error that was mentioned?
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ok, we had a motion to amend and send forward. we can do that without objection. thank you very much. chemical items #three and four together? >> ordinance appropriating $1,039,600 of fund balance and the marina yacht harbor operating funds to the recreation and park department. supervisor farrell: thank you. these are two items before us. the first is an approval of the appropriation for the marina harbor yacht fund. the appropriations will go towards 36 new berths for smaller boats.
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enhances the west harbor renovation park that is currently underway. the second piece of legislation does a number of things. it codifies the existing fees previously approved by the board of supervisors in 2008. improvises a few other existing fees, clarifies the department's policy regarding the transfers. clarifies the time periods of the license that is now part of the legislation. we engage in a relatively extensive public process led by rec and park. i attended a number of community meetings, as did my staff. this is a situation where no one got exactly what they wanted, but it is something we all can live with. i want to thank everyone from the community, from the yacht harbor, as well as the rec and park department.
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>> thank you, supervisor. good afternoon. i just wanted to add a couple of things to what the supervisor said and thank him for his leadership on both helping us identify the funds for the 36 additional slips and working closely with the voters. -- boaters. the harbor is currently undergoing a renovation funded by a loan from the department of boating and waterways. this 36 additional slips, which is an alternative and was voted by the voters as their most important alternative to find, would generate about $157,000 a year in additional revenue. as far as the other fees, those were born out of changes to the
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rules and regulations that govern the marina, which were last updated in 1991. our goal was to bring those rules and regulations of to modern standards to reflect the modern marine debris will soon have at the end of this year. we are available for any questions. supervisor farrell: we also have the cfo of rec and park. any questions? >> good afternoon. the fees in the legislation are codification existing fees except for the new transfer fees that are being part of the upgraded regulations. because these are existing fees, they do not result in new
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revenue. any revenue increases that would result would be included in the fiscal year 2012-2013 budget. on the supplemental appropriation, the maria -- the marina yacht harbor funds -- we recommend approval of the supplemental appropriation. we considered the approval of the fees to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. supervisor farrell: ok. i would like to open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public who wish to comment? please come on forward, two minutes. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to voice the same objection, like in item number one, for items 3 and 4.
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realistically, just look at who is sponsoring each item. you can kind of include in directly that is being heard in this committee. if we're gone to hold financial items in an audit and oversight committee, it is ignoring some pretty important matters in the city like why there are so many unsolved homicides in san francisco. i felt pretty safe yesterday at the police academy. but then i think most citizens have that same feeling i had yesterday standing there surrounded by officers. i think we should have that for a hearing that justifies this committee. if we're gong to have hearings like this in the future for audit and oversight, it is going to remind me of a certain movie i saw a few weeks ago. had an incredulous plot, i think they were called the three
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stooges, trying to save an orphanage. that is an unbelievable plot. if we're going to sit here and handled budgetary matters, i think that this kind of hard to believe, too. thank you. supervisor farrell: any other members of the public who wish to speak? public comment is closed. thank you for being here. the marina yacht harbor is a treasure. as we think about the america's cup coming forward this year, this project will burly showcase our waterfront in an extremely positive way. i want to thank rec and park. colleagues, can we have a motion to move this forward? so moved. do we have any other items? >> meeting is adjourned.
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>> you probably think you know all about the exploratorium. but have you ever been after
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dark? did you know there was a monthly party called after dark? science mixes with culture and adults mix with other adults. no kids allowed. every week there is a different theme. to tell us about the themes is melissa alexander. tell us about some of the previous themes we have had. >> we have had sex ploration, sugar, red, blue. many things. >> what is the theme tonight? >> rock, paper, scissors. we are having a tournament tonight, but we have also used as a jumping off point to explore lots of different ideas. you can find out about rock, paper, scissors as a game as a reproductive strategy. you can interact with a piece of
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art created by lucky dragon. you can get your hair cut from a cool place called the public barber's salon. they use scissors only. you can find out about local geology, too. >> that sounds like fun. let's check it out. >> this is the most common rock on the surface of the earth. interesting thing is, most of this rock is covered over by the ocean. >> error congested a cool presentation on plate tectonics. tell us about what we just saw. >> we wrapped up a section of a lesson on a plate tectonics, here at the exploratory and -- exploritorium. >> are you excited to see people here having fun and learning about science? >> the people that come here
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are some selected to begin with, they actually enjoy science. i teach teachers to have fun with their kids. the general public is a great audience, too. they're interested in science. >> we have a blast every time. they have different names. >> they have a bar and a cafe. everything i need. we are excited for the speaker. >> it is nice to be in the exploratorium when there are not a lot of kids around. >> before tonight, i never knew there were major league rules to rock, paper, scissors. i am getting ready to enter into a competition. sarah's here to give me some tips. what do i need to do to win it? >> this is a game of chance, to a degree. one of the best ways to bring it home is a degree of intimidation, maybe some eye contact, maybe some muscle.
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it is a no contact sport. sheer i contact is a good way to maybe intimidate to see if you can set them off, see if they throw something they did not mean to. >> i am going to see what happens. >> i got kicked out in the first round. [applause] >> given up for sunni. the rock, paper, scissors champion. >> what are you going to do now? >> i have been having so much fun. i got my tattoo. before we go, i want to thank melissa alexander for having us here tonight. how did you know san francisco needed a night like tonight? >> thank you for coming. everybody loves the exploratorium. we are reluctant to push the
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kids out of the way in the day, so i knew we needed to create one evening a month just for the rest of us to have a good time, the adults. >> absolutely. where can we find out what is coming up after dark? >> that is easy, exploratorium .edu/afterdark. >> thank you. thanks for watching
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>> kids with special needs have
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access to a venture on may 5. over 25 businesses and nonprofit organizations build the music concourse with free refreshments, games, and bluegrass. access to a venture is part of sf rec and park's year-round activities in partnership with activities in partnership with families.
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supervisor campos: welcome to the may 24, 2012 meeting of the joint city and school districts elect committee. we are joined today by supervisor olague, commissioner maufas, commissioner mendoza, president chiu is en route. he is actually at a different meeting today. he will be joining us as soon as the committee meeting ends. commissioner fewer is en route. the clerks are gail johnson and
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-- we want to thank the as of the staff for covering the meeting. madam secretary, if you could call item no. 1. >> it is a hearing about services provided to students and adults and organizations structure. supervisor campos: thank you. i will turn the floor over to commissioner maufas, who requested this very important hearing. i know that we have a number of people here for different items on the agenda. first, i would like to recognize janet riley, the president of the golden gate bridge highway transportation authority, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary. madam president, it is a
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pleasure to have you here. commissioner maufas. commissioner maufas: thank you. i wanted to bring this item for were to our combination of school district and city committee, because it is something that is vital to both of our entities and the city of san francisco, particularly in the exiles your district -- the excelsior district. in areas where health care is not provided in the way that most of us have access to it. the clinic by the bay, i think it is a godsend. i am so grateful it is in that location, serving the community and the neighboring communities. i would like to bring forward ms. riley, who is the president
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of their board of directors. and eliza gibson, the executive director of the clinic by the bay. we have some audience members that will tell us all about it. then we can ask some questions that will help to fill in the gaps of all of our understanding of this wonderful space that is on mission street. thank you and welcome. >> good afternoon. thank you so much for having us. commissioners, especially commissioner maufas, thank you for bringing this item for and championing our beautiful clinic. my name is janet riley and i am the co-founder of clinic by the bay and board of directors -- and president of the board of directors. eliza has joined me. she is the executive director.
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a little bit of history. clinic by the bay opened in november of 2010 and we are part of a national network of health clinics called volunteers in medicine for a -- called volunteers in medicine. i think we have the presentation. there we go. thank you so much. we opened in november of 2010. part of a national network of clinics called volunteers in madison. it is a basic model for these clinics, free health care for the working uninsured and it is run primarily by retired doctors and nurses. there are 90 clinics throughout the country and we are the only one in northern california. what makes us special, we have a pretty robust safety net in san francisco. a few things that make us
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particularly special, we are absolutely free. we do not take any money or insurance. we utilize primarily retired doctors and nurses so the doctors in our community do not have to go to doctors without borders. they can do it right in their own community, they can volunteer. we do not take any government money at all for it i know that in these tough fiscal times, that is absolutely a positive. we also do not just care for the disease of the person, but the entire person. that is really evidenced by our patient visit times, which average about 45 minutes. our mission is pretty self- explanatory, to understand and serve with dignity and respect the health and wellness needs of the underserved in the san francisco bay area.
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our clinic is located in the fifth excelsior district on mission street. we are open 16 hours per week to see patients. we also do health education workshops that are open to the entire community. the other four days, when we are seeing patients for eligibility screenings, we are enrolling patients and working on the follow-up for the 16 patients we see every week. we have a strict eligibility criteria. we are not a walk-in clinic and we do not operate on the honors system. who do we serve? we serve the uninsured and underinsured who lived in the excelsior and outer mission in visitation valley, 94134, and in daly city and colma, 93014.
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we do have a criteria. income of 250% poverty level or below. that is about $27,000 annually for a single individual or for a family of four, and income of about $55,000 per year. we do ask people, when they come to see us, if they are enrolled in health the san francisco -- healthy san francisco. if they are, we send them back to their medical home, so we can -- so we do not duplicate any services. >> when we opened this clinic, we have been seeing patients for about 1.5 years. we did a comprehensive needs and resources assessment. we did a landscape survey, focus groups and individual service. everyone here knows the
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excelsior is a very underserved area. we wanted to open our doors there and serve the community. because we are so close to county lines, we are able to serve uninsured adults and alleviate some of the stress on the safety net for both counties. in terms of who we see currently, about 53% of our patients are from san francisco. 54% are over the age of 4375% of our patients are immigrants. -- are over the age of 40. 75% of our patients are immigrants. it is a diverse area of our city. 49% of our patients are hispanic. 35% of our patients speak spanish and 13% speak cantonese. we do provide multilingual services and we have both bilingual volunteer providers
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and interpreters always available. in terms of our services, janet mentioned we are not a walk-in clinic or honor system clinic. we are a medical home model. which provide comprehensive care. each new visit, the patients received a medical health exam as well as a mental and dental exam. anything from additional employment support to being a care provider for a relative. we have a very strict no show policy. we expect our patients to engage and invest in their health care. if someone does not communicate with us that they cannot make an appointment, they are at risk of being dismissed from the clinic. as a result, we have a very low no show rate, which is good. volunteers are coming in giving their time. as of today, we have almost 800
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patients enrolled in our care. we have completed over 2200 medical visits and we have made almost 2000 referrals. when i say referrals, we have a broad network of medical partners, which danna will tell you a little bit about in a minute. it enables us to provide incredibly comprehensive care. all of the radiology lab work as well as a network of specialists. we also have a very robust preventative care program. we began offering health education workshops for the community before we were ever open for primary care services. our philosophy is grounded in preventative care. monthly workshops are open to the committee, all zero -- all run by volunteers. we have a patient population that we are seeing more folks with chronic diseases. we do have monthly diabetes
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workshops and quarterly asthma workshops. janet will tell you about our volunteer program. >> volunteers are the lifeblood of our program. in some ways, this clinic and all of the clinics are built as much around the volunteer experience as they are around the patient is serious. we want to provide an excellent and meaningful volunteer experience for falls. currently, we of 100 volunteers engaged in clinic by the bay. 65 come to our clinic every single month. that is 10,000 -- more than 10,000 hours contributed. we value that at nearly $400,000. that is why we can operate so well, the fact that we have such incredible volunteers. we need more non-medical volunteers than medical volunteers. receptionists and eligibility
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screeners, interpreters, computer experts. we look for volunteers from all different types of fields. medical partnerships are incredibly important to us, as you can imagine, so we can provide this comprehensive care. we rely on these medical partnerships extensively at clinic by the bakery for example, we get our lab work done by ucsf and labcorps. mri's and ultrasounds, we have a relationship with operation access, who does our outpatient services -- outpatient surgeries. we have an excellent relationship with walgreen's, who do our medications. we were fortunate enough to be able to open our