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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to our regular rules committee meeting. i am the chair of the committee. the committee would like to recognize the staff at sfgov tv. i do apologize. for starting our meeting a little bit late. we did have an announcement with the khmer announcing housing subsidies in partnership with private landlords -- with the mayor announcing house subsidies in partnership with private landlords. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. items will appear on the june 19 board of supervisors agenda, i must otherwise stated.
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item #1 -- hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending march 31, 2014, to the commission on aging and advisory council. supervisor kim: we do have ken prag. if you are in the audience, please step up. we do not have mr. prag in the audience today. i will open it up for public comment. >> you were supposed to have a candidate present here. he is not present, which is a reflection on the supervisors. you should get an answer from that supervisor who appointed this candidate. there he is, ok.
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i was just stating -- ok, i was just stating that a supervisor appointed this candidate, and he has not shown that. you just attended a conference of some sort. what might -- our seniors need good housing. last year, we provided only 235 units of so-called affordable housing. supervisor kim: you do have to speak to the item. >> i am speaking to the item. last year, we created only 235 units of affordable housing. those were the units available to our seniors. this candidate, you are having your sidebar conferences, that is ok. this candidate should be
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educated on issues. when they are educated on issues, they will be here. some supervisors appoint him as a candidate because we need people to work for our seniors. our seniors are on the streets, our seniors are dying, seniors across the board. seniors across the board in san francisco need to be respected. our seniors need good housing. let them do a good representation. thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you. public comment is -- >> i would like to echo the
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sentiments of the previous speaker. it is very disgraceful, first of all, to the public and to you as elected members of the city that someone who is appointed by their own supervisor cannot be present so that the public would know who they are. it is unacceptable. muni is still running after 100 years. they need to be here, out of respect. otherwise, it needs to go back out into the public and someone else needs to apply. supervisor kim: thank you. any other public comment on item number one? public comment is now closed. supervisor wiener: i would request that the committee to continue this item to the next meeting. despite strict -- despite the comments, he is a very good and dedicated member of the community. he is also a senior and
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disabled. i have no idea why he was not able to come today. i would asked -- supervisor kim: we do leave time for public comment. we do not have responses outside of public comment. supervisor wiener: we will be in touch with mr. prag. supervisor kim: we have a motion to continue. i was very impressed with the application. he is already serving on their commission on aging advisory council as well. we are looking forward to seeing him at the next rules committee. we do have a special rules committee meeting next thursday. we have a motion to continue. we can do that without opposition. thank you. >> item #2, hearing to consider
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appointing five members, up four terms to be determined, to the balboa park station community advisory committee. supervisor kim: i know we do have four of the five applicants here today. i will be calling you in the order that you are listed on the agenda. i apologize if i did not get your name correct. the first name is robert muehlbauer. >> honorable members of the rules committee. i'm robert. i live in the ingleside neighborhood with my wife and two daughters. i've lived in san francisco since 1974, graduated from san francisco statement have a
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degree in urban studies and social work vocation. i've been a homeowner since 1979 in inglewood. my public career has spanned 30 years and always involved -- revolved around neighborhood improvement and revitalization. i helped develop ingleside bridges in the early 1980's. i worked in san mateo and became head of a division responsible for neighborhood improvement and housing. i was administering housing set aside. led a diverse number of programs from first time home byears to affordable disabled housing. affordable housing. residential grants for housing rehabilitation and even to cold
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enforcement issues -- code enforcement issues, the car, the lawn, property issue knew sandalses. .com add day labor program in san mateo as well as building hundreds of affordable housing units. why do i want to apply for this commission position? well, i'll tell you in a moment. as soon as i turn the pain. i'd like to serve on the commission because it fits my interests. even though i've been retired from the public sector since 2008, once it's in you it's in you. i love it. balboa park station is literally in my backyard. i walk two, through, and around it every day. i believe the geneva car barn is a diamond in the rough and it should be a neighborhood asset better utilized than it is. my oldest daughter just
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graduated from san francisco state, second generation. i have a high school student in tech. she wants to go to city college. my wife and i attend city college. so we are there in the neighborhood. we've been there for over 30 years. we're frequent travelers and we've seen enough beautiful cities in the world to realize that this is a beautiful city and i think we can contribute in a positive way to seeing some good improvements out there. i wanted to mention that my family will be leaving on a cross-country trip. we'll be leaving for six weeks, returning august 1 so i hope that doesn't present any problem. and with that, if you have any questions i'd be happen to answer them. supervisor kim: are there any questions from committee members? thank you very much. daniel weaver has already let our office know that unfortunately he cannot attend today's rules committee meeting. we do have alexander maleny.
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ok, if not alexander, scott valkon and then katherine hickey. >> good afternoon, committee members. my name is scott falcon. i'm a resident of the mission terrace neighborhood. i live three blocks away from balboa clark. by education i'm an urban planner. hi profession i've worked for a nonprofit developer for nine years and for the last three years i started my own housing consultant firm. i have two kids in public schools near balboa park. i've been involved in several neighborhood improvement efforts in and around the neighborhood and professionally i have been a part of approximately 2,000 units of
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affordable house. some involved mix used components. i think a lot about land use and housing and transportation and the environment and open space and neighborhood improvements. so i could be a valuable member of this c.a.c. for those reasons and i'd be excited to put my energy toward the emplets of the c.a.c. and things that the neighborhood community members want to be a part of and i'd be happy to answer any questions you have. supervisor kim: thank you. i see that you've listed seat seven as a possible seat for yourself. tucked let us know what the maim name of this organization is -- name of this organization is. >> i thought that my virtue of the fact i was the sole pro pritor of a consult can't --
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consult can't -- consultant firm that i could fall into that category. >> do you do work in the balboa -- >> i'm not paid too. i am as part of informal groups and i'm looking for opportunities to start new affordable housing units in the neighborhood. in terms of full disclosure, i may professionally benefit from any future affordable housing that may happen in the future in the neighborhood and to the degree the work of the c.a.c. supports these then i may receive compensation through that so i'm not sure if there should be a connection to call out there or not. i'm also a homeowner, as robert mentioned. and to the -- the degree that zisses boetsch the neighborhood
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i may benefit too. just full disclosure. supervisor kim: touch. we appreciate that. next we have katherine hickey. >> i'm katherine hickey, the executive droor of the benefit district. i represent 150-plus property owners and over 140 business owners so i'm the advocate for the district and working on a lot of revitalization initiatives and the balboa park area station plan clearly falls within the boundaries of the c.ful v.d. and i would like to be part of it as well, the board of the c.v.d. supervisor kim: i see that you are applying for the seat that rebates the neighborhood but i also see that you've recently moved to san francisco and this is a new neighborhood for you so i was curious to learn from you some of the issues that
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they should be priority ties something >> safety. and we are working with san francisco state to start to address that by creating a business launch. and a lot of storefront improvement. that's the other thing i'm starting to hear. more property owners and businesses wants to get involved with the district and really work with the residents to attract more people to the store front and have more offerings that people would like. supervisor kim: ok. thank you so much. >> thank you. supervisor kim: that's actually all of our applicants that we have today that have applied for seats of the balboa citizens advisory committee. we'll open it up for public comment. please step up if you'd like to speak. >> i attend the meetings at the san francisco county transportation authority, and all of the candidates here seems to be very astute and know what they're doing and some of them have a lot of
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experience. i would like to point out to them that they need to look at the 12th streetlight rail which starts at fourth and king and ends in the middle of nowhere visitacion valley. perhaps in the years to come we need it to somehow connect from where it stops now to balboa park station. that way it can facilitate a lot of smooth traffic for a lot of people in the adjoining areas. we keep talking about it. we should have done it the first time around collectly. now it goes to embard dero then downtown then to city college. it goes the other way around. it's cumbersome. people have to wait for a long time. these candidates should look into that transportation
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aspect. maybe attend some of the san francisco county transportation agency or authority meetings. and speak up. that's how this matter came up a long time ago with supervisor john avalos, who got some money set aside to do some improvements for balboa park. thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you. >> well, i see three seconds gone and i haven't even began to speak yet. thank you. i would like to address the sentiments of the last speaker, in particular given my own experience as someone who is not from california but, however, i've used public transportation for many years having lived here in san
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francisco. i think that one of the things i was always told growing up, if you want to know how prejudiced a city is look at its transportation system. well, for san francisco that would be an f because for over 60 years the people of the bayview were denied any type of real transportation other than number 15 bus. it is disgraceful. it is disgraceful that the light rail does not go through sunny dale and then connects through geneva and come to balboa park. it is absolutely disgraceful. furthermore, i would like for this committee to continue the nominees, as such that one of you said doing the selection of new appointees to the sunshine task force you would like to see more diversity. i would like to see this also with in committee. i would like to see people that look like me, that look like
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the previous speaker. i would like to see haves, i would like to see the latino community. i would like to see agencies or also the --ationings and also the people who ride the balboa station and also the youth. the young people who have to catch this bus, the people who live over there. i don't see any of that and if you're going to have a meaningful public transportation system in the city of san francisco, then real and meaningful diversity must be at the table in the 34r57k. -- planning. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. in reference to the comments made by our most recent public speaker, there are actually nine open seats and we have three applicants that are here
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before us and i agree we do need to agree to ensure there is diversity on a body such as this because it's a very divorce neighborhood as well. but we have three applicants that are here before us for nine seats. i appreciated all of your applications that i read through and i thought i got a sense of the commitments to the neighborhood and the interest in serving on the committee and i'm happy to support all three of you to a seat. i maybe need to think about which applicant for miss hickey. i know that you have applied only for seat i said is -- six. it will require a residence si waiver but given your work i think it's appropriate for you to have a seat on this committee. for the others, i think i need a moment to look -- look through. colleagues, if you have any comments on this item, please
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speak up. >> no, for those who were here, thank you for your willingness to serve. given what's going on with balboa park. you said diamond in the rough. i think it has a lot of possibility for making change in the area neighborhoods. i think we'd be well-served by having you there. i'm very happy to support the applicants that came before us. given that there are nine seats and the other applicants aren't here, don't know what we'll do with the other two. supervisor kim: i would like to continue the two other individuals. we do have many seats still available and i'm sure we'll have more applicants coming. this will come back to full committee at some point. so i would like to continue daniel weaver and alexander to our next rules committee where we'll possibly have other applicants. katherine hickey, who has only
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applied for seat six, for that seat that represents community and economic development in the neighborhood. i would suggest scott for seat seven. the appointment must be for a land use and housing group in the neighborhood served by balboa park station and i will suggest robert for seat nine which represents residents in the neighborhood served by balboa park station. >> i make a motion along those lines. one that we recommend robert for seat nine. scott for seat seven and katherine hickey for seat six with a residency waiver. so make that motion. supervisor kim: so we do have that motion before us and we can do that without opposition. i'm glad to see that we have two public school parents on this as well because we have a seat to represent youth and family. for the members of the public
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who are curious we have seats one who represent mini riders, one for bart riders. one for bicycle interest. one must represent the student and staff from city college and the fourth is for seniorses is disabled community. we encourage members of the public to apply. madam clerk, please call item number three. >> hearing to consider apointing two numbers and select three for human advisory group. there are two seats and two applicants. supervisor kim: thank you, and i do believe that both applicants are here today. i will call up first heather. >> good afternoon. my name is heather and i'm a proud resident of the mission district. i was invited to apply by current members of the
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procurement advisory committee. i have over 20 to 10 years of experience with a supply chain of various products, including manufactured and artisan goods. i spent a lot of times in factories in the united states as well as overseas in seeing the factory conditions. i'm doing what i can to improve the working conditions. this will be my first involvement in local government but i did serve the country as a peace corps volunteer in west africa early in my career. in terms of public experience for this particular seat requires experience with public goods. when i was working in the private sector, i was responsible for working conditions for the purchase of university licensed goods from
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public universities. sports wear, and then in my most recent position, i was dealing with work wear, uniforms and connecting suppliers from asia to opportunities to sell work wear to cities and other public agencies here. i have had some involvement with sweat-free purchasing consortium, the national organization, and would love to be involved to promote better working conditions in san francisco's procurement of these times of goods as well as be a model -- have san francisco be a model for other cities as well in terms of how we manage this in our public procurement. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you so much. we don't have any questions from the committee at this time. thank you. next we have daniel maroquin.
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>> hello, how's it going? my name is daniel and i feel i would be a good advocate on the sweet-free advisory group for several reasons. i'm a san francisco district native born and raised and currently living in district 11 in lakeview ingleside. i'm a state student and some of my experience -- i've recently done an internship for the san francisco living wage coalition. and for the sweat-free procurement advisory ordinance as well. unfortunately karl couldn't make it today but working with him led me to create a group at san francisco state university called the students for economic justice, currently at s.f. state. we found out the students
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aren't being paid the minimum wage because it's a state entity. we're being paid $8. we don't feel it's right. we feel it's a loophole. we feel it's our duty to do something about it. my other co-founder richard has come out to support me today. so i have experience. i'm young, i'm 26, but i'm looking for more experience. i'm also a dual citizen of salvador and america. when i've been in salvador i've been conscience of the sweatshops and now i have an opportunity to actually do something about it and be involved so i feel this would be a great opportunity for me and the city, and yeah, -- supervisor kim: good. thank you. >> thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you very much. i'm seeing no questions from