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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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bring jobs to our partners around the city. they will bring excitement, they will show san francisco to first-timers' to the city. they will be able to view this and understand what san francisco is all about. most of all, they will do that in style because of the new facilities that are being built. thank you to all of our partners. we are excited to be here today. we look forward to the future. it is an incredibly new facility. thank you to everyone here today. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you for the personal complement. next, it is my honor to introduce the general manager of turner construction san francisco and oakland operations. turner construction is the
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nation's leading general builder. they do about $800 million each year of construction here in the bay area. turner and 13 have been phenomenal. they have hit the ground running. we have thrown challenge after challenge at them. they have had a terrific, open attitude about it. he leads an excellent team whose unique experiences have really helped us to problem solve. one of the things i am most proud of them doing is, this steel behind me is american steel, produced in arkansas and indiana, shipped to san leandro and fresno for assembly, and put in place. you can see them all around. i hope you will stay around and say hello and congratulate them for being our partner as well. [applause] >> thank you. this is an exciting day to day.
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it is an exciting time american . as part of the construction industry, i can tell you there are some fabulous projects going on in the city, and planned. hats off to the political leadership and industry leadership. with the jobs that are created, the opportunities created are fabulous. let me focus on something that is even more unique to this project, from our perspective. for us, not only is the completion of the project important, but also the journey. our customers are the people that we take with us. i remember at the port commission the contract was approved and i talked about the journey that we would have. the people from turner that helped with the journey, seven years ago, i could not say when i'm about to say.
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one of the reason this is a success is because of the vision of the project. . as part ofcindy is a dpw projec. that is our customer. tina smith, our senior project manager. madison, one of our engineers. nicole. she is one of our engineers. manny is a superintendent. seven people on the job running the show, five of them are women. two of them, denis and pete, they are still men. we will see. thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to the ribbon-cutting. [applause] >> thank you very much for noticing that and mentioning to all of us. it is my pleasure to tell you that i have the only all-woman port commission out of all four
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conditions in the united states. you have come to the right place. mr. mayor, it is finally time. please do the honors.
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[applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the transbay transit center construction site. i am maria ayerdi-kaplan, executive director of the transbay joint powers authority. i want to welcome everyone to our future grand central station of the west. [applause] as all of you know, a transit
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center will serve the nine bay area counties. will serve southern california, and it will be the northern terminus for future high-speed rail. [applause] until today, the transbay construction site in join the distinction of being the only high-speed rail project under construction, but that is no longer going to be the case, and the reason for that is we have federal, state, local and regional leaders, through their commitments and passion and vision and determination have brought high-speed route to california. and it is now a reality. especially gratifying is that by signing today's high-speed rail funding bill, we will be creating thousands of jobs, just like with transbay. since the start of construction, we have created 2000 jobs. we have been working with veterans to provide job opportunities for wounded veterans.
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we are providing internships and mentor should pocket -- opportunities to our youth and disadvantaged communities and women. we are proud of that accomplishment. you will be seeing that as well with high-speed rail. [applause] thank you. with that, i would like to introduce a man that requires no introduction, who is counted among the very earliest supporters of the transbay transit center and high speed rail. i can personally attest to the governors came focus on transportation's critical role in economic development and providing the foundation for california's future prosperity. having met with him when he was the mayor of oakland on the transbay project. gov. jerry brown has had a remarkable career as an elected leader in california. he has been responsible for some of the state's most innovative public policies. and because of his commitment to and leadership of high-speed rail, we know this is the right
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investment for the state's economy and transportation infrastructure and the right investment for people in pursuit of a better future. let's bring a -- give a warm round of applause to our governor jerry brown. [applause] >> thank you. it is an exciting day here, it really is. i sign my first high-speed rail bill 30 years ago. it has taken that long to get things going. i was at union station earlier this morning and that station is full of people. it looks like grand central station in new york. maybe not as many, but thousands of people. people lined up around the corner to get into the restaurant. pretty significant. why? 30 years ago, nobody was in there. it was an empty cavern that you could echo your voice down the corridor, but there were no
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people. now there are trains locally, and now we are connecting high- speed rail to san francisco. yes, it will take awhile. it took awhile to do anything. when bart was proposed, my father was governor, and they barely got it approved. you even had a local county here that says we do not want part -- bart. now they are getting it. a little late, but they are getting it. i know there are some people that want to put their head in a whole and hope relative changes but i do not see it that way. this is a time to invest to create thousands of jobs. the buildings that go up here did not come out of fear. they came out of bold risk- taking. the private sector, along with it, we have to invest in the public sector. golden gate bridge.
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[applause] abraham lincoln started the intercontinental railroad in the middle of the depression -- rather, civil war. i was not around then. i was a run for the end of the depression. in the middle of the civil war, he did it. we had the golden gate bridge in the middle of the depression. when things are not going good, it is not a time to hunker down and hope it all blows over. you have to take the he horns and start spending and investing in things that make sense. that is why we are here. to put people to work. [applause] i am very glad that we will have something that people can come to for generations. for some, you may not be around when it is finished, but i want you to think about those that built the cathedral of europe. first it was the son and then
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the grandson and then the great grandson. it may have taken six generations but they had a vision of a future. it was not about me or the self gratification of today. it was about sacrifice,, endeavor, it was about poland together the resources of a community to make sure, in years to come, the community prospered and the quality of life improves. that is what this is all about. thank you for being a part of it. [applause] >> thank you, mr. governor. he is right. it has taken us over 40 years to get to the construction of the transbay transit center but we stayed the course, we did our hard work, we never give up, we believe in the project and vision, and we made it. that is what we would do with high-speed rail. the next person i want to introduce is a native san francisco serving his -- serving his second term in the state
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senate representing the sixth district, including sacramento. senator steinberg has experience at state and local levels of government, having served on the sacramento senate. his skills have earned the highest respect of his constituents and colleagues, leading to his reelection. please join me in welcoming center and president pro tem steinberg. [applause] >> thank you, maria. thank you very much. i am actually one of those guys that grew up in san mateo county. if i had been of a voting age, i have -- would have voted yes on part. it is wonderful to be here. -- on bart. i want to think the governor for his inspiring words, for not giving up on california, for not giving up on vision in difficult times. i want to acknowledge my
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colleagues in the legislature for doing an incredible job in difficult circumstances, a couple of whom are represented today. the chair of the budget committee, mark leno. [applause] two members of the assembly are also here. kathleen, who was one of the inspiration behind this. norah campos, welcome. [applause] i see art pulaski here also representing organized labor. thank you for making this possible. [applause] very briefly, the people know that we can cut, and the people know that we can patch and mend, but the skeptics certainly wonder whether we have the will to build it. do we have the fortitude to see
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beyond the present moment in time and again something that would dramatically change the way california moves over the next century? we have a choice. we can paint farmland with new roads and blanket skies with airplanes, but the air we breathe will be no better than tailpipes. we have got to build high-speed rail. this note is not just important in the long term. this project has transformed from high speed rail only two and a billion dollar infrastructure infusion into our existing and future transportation networks, and we are here today as evidence that this is about economic vitality , investment, not just in the central valley where the need is great, but throughout all of california. the economy is national and international in scope. a meeting of the federal reserve
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can affect california's unemployment more easily than most of the decisions we make in sacramento. this decision is an exception to the rule. $8 billion worth of investment. hundreds of thousands of jobs. so on behalf of my colleagues, you have done an outstanding job in the assembly. not quite as much, as i had in the senate. 21 votes. it was a piece of cake. but we all worked together with the governor and with all of the stakeholders that care about california to do something great, great today and great in the future. thank you very much. i appreciate it. [applause] it is my honor to introduce the great mayor of the city of
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sacramento -- excuse me. geez. first i was in san mateo -- the great mayor of san francisco, ed lee. sorry about that. [applause] >> that is ok. as long as you did not call me jeremy lin. thank you, everyone. a warm welcome to our grand central station of the west. i would like to begin by just personally, and on behalf of the city, thank governor brown for your leadership. it is a wonderful breath of fresh air to have clarity in the state, clarity and purpose, collaboration, willingness to listen. i worked really hard with the other mayors to articulate what our needs are in the urban cities across the state. i have been lucky to work with
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mayor villaraigosa, the mayor in fresno, major league, as we begin to talk to each other about how we can contribute to the conversation happening in sacramento. we have always been welcomed to participate in that lively discussion about how we can get the whole state moving forward. yes, we have problems, but we know the high speed rail was going to be that connectivity kind of project and development that we could all share in view we can talk about the investments that we want to make in our local cities, but that is connected to our future, and it is the right thing to do. it begins with a great think you to the governor and for your leadership. i want to thank senator steinberg. and so, it is getting hot out
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here. of course, we know what he had to do. in the aftermath, we are laughing at the success because we were able to do it, but in this critical hours when we had to count the votes, we had to ask ourselves, did we have the leadership and told this? daryl, you have been there, thank you. speaker progress, i want to teach -- think each member of the senate and house for suggesting to the people of california that this is a time to make the right decision. it has been so many years. we have seen a lot of battles that did not come to a conclusion. this is the right conclusion. it is so right, when we made the decision, then the federal agencies came in and complemented it. that is why john mccarthy is here, deputy of transportation. it is the same thing we are
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doing in our city. we are coming together with our board of supervisors, malia cohen is here, mta board, we're coming together to make investment. you do not get the investment unless you get investor confidence. so with all the agencies, whether it is caltrans, sfmta, the fed's or regional, local authorities here, we are creating confidence, and we are not waiting. when the public, when the voters say, are you just debating? no, we have made that investment. 2000 jobs already created. and guess what? more to come in a greeley plant way. this is not only the grand central station of the west. when this is finished, you have a hub of transportation that is connected to 4000 residential units that will be built in and around the area. 11 acres of new open space. five of them above ground. these are the transit hub
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residential centers that we want to build which are the future of california, and it is happening right here with private investors along with public investors. so this project means much more than just celebrating a great transit system of high-speed rail. it is a connector for our future development across the state. it is investor confidence building. it begins with these men and women on the job already who are doing a great job, on time, on budget, and they are showing you now that this can get done. investor confidence in the state of california, i want to let you know that this is a larger picture we are creating. that means more generations of people having faith. government, community, and business can work together if we have the right idea and the right leadership.
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thank you very much for your time. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. now i would like to introduce the deputy secretary of transportation. john has been instrumental in ensuring americans have access to a sad -- fast, safe, and effective transportation system. john and secretary lahood have been tireless advocate for california in executing the vision of president obama for a smart transportation system across the united states. they played a critical role in securing the funding for the activity you see behind you. please join me in welcoming in and thinking deputy of transportation. [applause] >> when you see here is a great the senate, speaker of the house, who could not be here,
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with the local leadership, mayor lee and his team, that is how you get things done. president obama and vice- president biden have made some of the most significant investments in our railroad in infrastructure since the days of abraham lincoln. they have helped turn high-speed rail from a dream long in the distance, to reality. with last week's vote, california will help lead the way to bring high-speed passenger rail to america. as many of you know, california will add 700 million residents in the next couple of years but it already has some of the most delay-prone airports and infrastructure. just on airline delays and high with traffic jams along california's credit highway's cost businesses and residents $14.5 billion per year. this rail line will ultimately lead passengers travel from los angeles to san francisco in less than three hours, twice as fast as you can drive.
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the california high-speed rail network is not just a logical answer to the states congestion problems, it is a landmark accomplishment for america. once again, california leads the nation on transportation. [applause] let us not forget this is the state that built the golden gate bridge,ur earliest highways, and was the terminus of the transcontinental railroad. just like those projects, today 's investment will improve people's lives for generations to come. in addition to faster travel, high-speed rail will bring economic development. transportation is a tool for economic development and a better quality of life. there is no better illustration than this project. that is only part of our vision for a seamless transportation never can california. we are investing in urban transportation systems in los angeles, prior role
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transportation option throughout the state, and investing millions in california's ports and waterways. this project at uc was funded with recovery act money. that is economic stimulus that will continue to pay off for generations. i commend the california legislature for taking the historic vote to fund a high- speed rail project. your readership reminds us that californians have always embraced gold divisions and public projects that charts the way for the rest of the nation. the department of transportation looks for to breaking ground with california as we move together on high-speed rail. let me leave you with one thought. look around at the infrastructure here in san francisco or in california, or for that matter, anywhere in the u.s. if you look at it closely and are honest with yourself, you know it was designed and built and paid for by our parents and grandparents. in many cases, by our great grandparents. that you have to ask yourself a
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second question. are we doing right by the next generation, are we paying it forward? will we leave a better standard of living, better environment, and better quality of life? i think you know the answer to that. no. that is why president obama, vice-president biden, and secretary lahood are so energized about high-speed rail. this is how we will lay the foundation for future prosperity in america. so thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. secretary. it gives me great pleasure to introduce our last speaker who deserves tremendous credit for bringing us here today. after being appointed by governor brown to the high-speed rail port, dan richard has made extraordinary progress to make california high speed rail a reality. the skill at building a consensus around high-speed rail
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and commitment and leadership as chair of the board set a new tone to address serious issues in a transparent and purposeful way. and he got results. results that we have the pleasure of celebrating today. the california high speed rail system will be a wise investment promises to generate long-term trends and economic benefits for california. please join me in welcoming the california high speed rail chairman dan richard. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, maria. that is very kind. i want to take a few moments. i wanted to acknowledge a couple of people here from the california high speed rail authority, first, my colleague, the former mayor of redwood city, a superb board member, a terrific guy, jim hartnett. [applause] a a


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