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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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mass education. on the community level, to discredit city college would be incriminating on all fronts. i will personally interrupt business as usual on whoever chooses to impose on the dreams of black youth. city college was not the only item. there is the item before about police being able to accept $60,000. when politicians accept gifts worth more than $50,000 -- if a politician gets more than $1,000 they have to register it. to have it as an agenda item, i think it does not serve the proper purpose of this system does the bureaucracy. just look at the hewlett-packard
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giving the police department -- >> thank you very much. >> i like a few people on the board. but, i want to say, the politicians and san francisco are sending the wrong message. you have politicians that want to implement things to get the guns off of the street. they will not stand up for education which is a clear alternative. it shows an example that you and not for solutions and working out the problems. you have people who talk about job ratings programs. community college is a job readiness program. you can get some real credit. i think we need to think more
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about solutions. we need to invest in our people. i thought city college was a staple for the city. it is one of the largest committee colleges. they have koses the state does not have. i guess i was under the wrong impression. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good evening. thank you for your patience and good humor. >> could you speak just a little more close? >> my name is kathy. i have been a resident of district 1 for 33 years. i am here to ask for your support of city college in maintaining our large and responsive mission and service to the city and in finding new revenues to ensure it can continue. i missed my chance earlier to thank you for it courage for
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standing up for raising revenues to take care of public services. it is a dangerous time to do that. i really appreciate that. it feels to me like an atmosphere of austerity. the time of growth and equity. i want to applaud you for that. i imagine it is going to take just as much courage to stand up for city college. when there is a push to downsize and privatize almost everything you can imagine, we really need your help. i do not know where our students will go if they have to leave city college. i know that when i came in 1973, it was the door with my dreams. i have lived and worked here for over 30 years. it was freed in 1973. it is the main reason i live and work in california. i hope he will take into
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consideration city college. it is a treasure we hold. we cannot afford to lose it. it means too much to our community. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker perry >> my name is best. i am a community college student. i support the resolution to support the college. in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, brought on by the too big to fail banks, local cities have been denied funds for vital services including and especially education. ceos are paid tens of millions of dollars for their mismanagement and corruption. interest rate swap deals made with san francisco and other bay area cities and agencies bram millions of dollars in funds
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from education which go to the same banks that were bailed out with taxpayer funds to the tune of trillions of dollars. not one more penny in tax payer dollars should go for payment for these fraudulent interest rate swaps. san francisco needs to be the leader in declaring these payments and all related fees null and void. every dollar that is being paid for these deals should be reallocated to city services, education, and ccfs, the pillar of educational access. we should not create the economy of the future by outsourcing jobs abroad because taxpayer funds are going to ceo salaries instead of educating the populace. declare these interest-rate swaps null and void. restore all cuts to ccfs that
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workers, students, and the residents of san francisco have suffered. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, a good evening. unfortunately, i am back. i am wondering why there were three supervisors standing in the corner showing disrespect to the previous speakers. unfortunately, i have to call you up. i went catholic school. i consider that an insult to the catholic teachers. the teachers who taught. unfortunately, i have to call you out. secondly, i was out of town on business. i missed all of a excitement. in my opinion, ed lee cannot be
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trusted. if you want to trust him, fine. in my opinion, you do that at your own peril. to the previous speakers, wondering what happened to justice, i will have an encouraging word to say. obviously, somebody is going to make a final decision when they walk in the front door and slap the subpoena on the desk. unfortunately, i do not have that authority. i would advise everyone sitting here, do not lose all hope there are such things as the untouchables. there are some very dedicated people that will get to the truth once and for all. i give you the example, jerry snadusky, guilty, joe paterno, he could not hide it for ever.
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i want to pose a very un-pc question. in relation to the child sex crimes committed by the catholic church. why is it that the press refuses to call them on the sexual -- homosexual child crimes? thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening. in the case of a share for ross mirkarimi, i agree that what has been going on is an affront to democracy. i work for a spanish radio station. we are independent. i have the right to say what i feel. our audience, we have the pulse of our audience. they support mr. ross mirkarimi. they also want to know why an investigation has not been launched into the bomb threat
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that put us all into danger. we also want to know why there has been such a tremendous amount of money spent on this when the money could be spent for such better things. i am a taxpayer. i am very upset about the money that has been spent so far on what i consider -- in 2011, we voted. they voted for mr. ross mirkarimi. their voices should be respected. we also asked the the board of supervisors do the right thing when the ethics committee comes before them with their recommendations. they did the right thing and vote their conscience, reinstate mr. ross mirkarimi. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> good evening. i need to know if everyone is listening. i saw some people walking around. this is really important. i am a community organizer. i am working as a volunteer in the peninsula. i support share for ross mirkarimi. why u.s. support him? i am a survivor of domestic violence. i saw a lot of the processes of violated by the city, by ed lee. the process needs to be present. what do we want? we need family separation. a domestic violent organization.
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i do not think so. the of the thing i support, i want him back to work. because he is working in the peninsula, i cannot let this happen. this is about justice. this is about justice. we cannot let one person to the sdecide the future of a family. the future of san francisco politicians. one person has to decide the direction of this city. if something happens in san francisco, it will happen in state or the country. i urge you, the people who can get back to his work, mr. ross
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mirkarimi. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is vivian. i am a city workers began as a private individual. you must be wondering about public opinion. i can speak to that. from firsthand experience with a large sampling of people. starting in may, i have spent nearly every weekend with ross, in joining neighborhood events where crowds number from hundreds to thousands. people shook his hand or hug him and offered support. the photos. recently, it took over an hour to make our way to a seat. his fans were everywhere. once we stop for a moment.
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suddenly, the entire section rose and clapped it enthusiastically, yelling at his name. what affirmation of his popularity as a public official. one unintentional bruce does not an unfit official make. few would be left in government if it did. you have to live with the lifelong ramifications of your decisions. what it will have on ross, on you, and on history. this is a time to show your true medal. to not feel pressured by the actions of others at city hall. we look to you to be beholden only to justice and the electorate. your vote to reinstate ross with back pay will reflect the will of the voters. in the court of public opinion,
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ross is a clear winner. >> good evening. my name is jenny. these are my friends. we are all practitioners. they are victims from the chinatown attacks. they did not speak english. i am speaking on behalf of them. as most of you know what happened in chinatown. i am not going to repeat the whole story of the nine attacks that happened in the last eight months. the last attacks happened on june 10 and june 16.
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it has been 50 days. i know things are moving forward but slowly. we have the feeling there are behind the scene forces. people want to make the case smaller and smaller. they want to make it disappear. it is a crime. none of the assailants know the practitioners. they do not know the names, what they are doing. they attacked them because they are practitioners. you see that. as far as i know, there are at least 5000 practitioners in san francisco. we have families here. we have friends here. we all worry about our own safety and the safety of our neighborhood and our city.
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recently, for the past three days, we got almost one dozen signatures. lots of people are very supportive. sorry. >> thank you very much. that is your time. the way this works is each individual can speak for two minutes. we can go from there. you can translate for them if they did not speak english. if they wish to speak, you can transit for them. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> we already delivered video tapes to all of this supervisors and to some of the major media. they have already reported a series of attacks. some media, they want to interview us. when we did the petition, we got lots of people asking us, what is the d.a. doing? can our mayor do something to help? can our supervisors do something
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to help? >> [speaking chinese] >> we hope that the president and the supervisors can speak out for us. >> thank you very much. are there any other speakers? >> [speaking chinese]
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>> we got a petition from the d.a. office and from lots of citizens. we did a petition in a lot of districts. we got a lot of support. we hope more people can stand up. also, he mentioned that the chinese communist party, we feel they want to bring hatred to san francisco. we know that one person was persecuted in mainland china. you may know that they are very nice. they are a peaceful people. following the principle of tolerance. we want to follow this principle in our daily lives. the practitioners have a foundation of a peaceful and safe committee. it benefits a lot.
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the chinese people, they benefit a lot. in 1999, this started a persecution. everything changed. they got arrested. people got detained. it destroyed the austerity. there is no fairness, no law. we all come from mainland china. we lived there before. we saw how this happens, they gradually change this society. how did destroy the society. now we see the attacks in chinatown are similar to what they do in china. i also want people to know, to be aware of what is happening. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> if i could restate, we need to make sure you are translating. >> she came from china. her whole family was persecuted. they would not give the belief. the attacks, she came here because this was a free land. so we can continue our belief. she also got attacked. we were told, one of the people,
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the behind-the-scenes forces. all of these theories of the attacks. she also hopes that people can do something to stop this. i know that she has a close relationship with the chinese communist party. the chinese consulate. we hope this will not affect our decision. >> [speaking chinese] >> she says, on july 14 and 15, you were in washington d.c. holding rallies. we also talked to congressman and congresswoman. they are very supportive. there is a picture. can i put it here?
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you can see that. this is part of a picture. thank you. >> [speaking chinese] >> it has been 50 days since the last attacks. they marched to cases into one. >> [speaking chinese] >> he thinks this is related to the people -- it is related to
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the last eight attacks as well. >> [speaking chinese] >> he feels like when we were in washington, all the congressmen and congresswomen, they were friendly. here, he feels like people do not listen. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> he thinks it has been a long time. some of the hearings have already postponed. he hopes that all of the supervisors and the president can help them. the superior court and also the police station to investigate the whole thing. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> sorry, i have some material a want to present to you all. >> you can pass out the material. thank you very much. let's hear from the next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am representing --
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i am here to respectfully ask for three things. one, the restatement of ross mirkarimi as sheriff. we voted for him. number two, please reset date all of his lost salaries. number three, i am asking for the mayor to please stop on this issue. i think -- thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, good evening. thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. i am here to support mr. ross mirkarimi. to me, it is very clear this is more political prosecution. i want to ask you something, how
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would you feel if you were in his shoes? how would you feel if a few people or more than that, they do not agree with you. they would try to put you down, all the way down, and destroy your family. months without pay. how would you feel? i wanted to think about it. please bring justice. reinstate the sheriff. he needs a job. he needs to work for the people. i hope you listen to everyone. it is very clear it was political. it is putting a lot of effort. they are putting attorneys and a
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bunch of energy because he had a domestic dispute. this case is very simple. please don't be part of this political game. i know you guys are smart. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is rebecca. i am disappointed that in the last month i was here. what about us? it was 2 sets of monies.
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nobody tells anybody what is going on. you are supposed to care about everybody here. they do not tell us what is going on. they come back 30 minutes later. i do not think it is fair that they are taking him out. i think this is a big mistake. it is obvious he is lying to us. i think he is very embarrassed.