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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2012 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this is not a marriage made in heaven. there is hope within our community that not withstanding the divisive -- notwithstanding the divisive way in which this individual has approached the idea of same-sex marriage, there is an effort to reach out to be lgbt community, especially those of us who have grown up catholic. we do not believe, as he said, that same-sex marriage is a plot by the evil one to end the world. we do not see it that way. there is an opportunity for the catholic community to engage in a constructive dialogue. it is my hope that is what happens. the second point i will make is about an item i just learned today will be handled and heard
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of the san francisco police commission on wednesday. that is item number three of the san francisco police commission agenda. that is an item that could -- only as a discussion, but as a possible action item. the san francisco police commission apparently is once again considering the possibility of the san francisco police department using tasers. i raise this issue because those of us who have been following this issue over the years, were pleased that at some point, the san francisco police commission took a different route and decided not to pursue this effort. pursuing tasers, creating the
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possibility that on wednesday of this week, it could be approved in san francisco, is a serious mistake by this police department. i personally believe that there are many reasons and the research that has looked at the effectiveness of tasers demonstrates that they are not a good tool for police. i think that even if you were to agree that tasers are a good tool, the process that you follow in implementing that use is really important. that process necessarily requires, i think, the involvement by the community, by the community throughout the city. i do fear that we have on the agenda, the possibility for
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this community to improve that. that would be a serious mistake that will lead to many bad results in terms of law enforcement, but i think if action is taken on wednesday, it would undermine the credibility that i think this police department has worked so many years to develop the trust of the community, that this police department has developed what so many communities. along the same lines that we urge the mayor not to pursue, i hope the police commission reconsiders its current effort to pursue this. i think it is a mistake. supervisor kim: thank you. i am introducing two pieces of legislation. i'm excited to finally introduced an ordinance that addresses an issue that cuts across all of the neighborhoods
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in our district. an issue that our office has been working on since we first came into office. the legislation on bedbugs. my first board meeting, i requested a hearing to examine bedbug abatement issues in our district. we have been spending the past year and half working with the department of public health and the department of building inspection to put forward the legislation you are seeing today. during my campaign in 2010, i heard continuing how bedbugs impact of the day-to-day lives of our residents. after a hearing on march 28 of last year, we saw over 100 residents, advocates, and affordable housing developers to talk about the effects this house on people's lives. my office has continued to work with a broadside of stakeholders.
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i am proud to introduce this legislation. we would like to require the city to provide clear and accessible information on how to properly update bed bug infestation. taking this from a very -- it included -- will require a property owner and property manager to provide a perspective tenant written disclosure of the infestation and abatement history for the previous two years. we extended this from new york's legislation, which only had it for the previous year. bedbugs can live up to 18 months. we would require pass control operators to report to the ph on a monthly basis -- to dph on a monthly basis.
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to prioritize our limited staff resources. this will allow us to have a model of the efficient and data driven use of our resources. oftentimes, we do see that landlords tried to abate bedbugs in their building. unfortunately, there is no way for us to do quality control on pest control operators. i do a lot to thank our community advocates. if you would like to stand, as you have been working so diligently with our office. this group of tenants and advocates have been working on this issue and putting together this legislation that we have. it is a testament to their work. they have pushed this legislation forward. i really appreciate all the work that went into this. i am also introducing an
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ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code to authorize -- adopting these environmental findings. there were discussions on port property and the usage of the porch, we have often talked about whether port property can also be utilized for the development of affordable housing along with market rate housing. this legislation comes out of the dialogue between the port and the mayor's office of housing on how we can ensure to do that. both offices work closely with our office to examine potential sites that can be developed as affordable housing. one potential site is lot 322. the port and mayor's office of housing are pursuing analysis and a public outreach strategy to determine if the site would
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be a viable. in the affordable housing proposal would undergo an eir. this legislation would amend the city's jobs-housing linkage ordinance. it requires developers of commercial space to pay fees to find affordable housing. this will permit the port to offer site suitable for affordable housing at below market rates to the mayor's office in exchange for credits against affordable housing fees owed by the port in conjunction with development elsewhere on port property. it would authorize the port to enter an agreement for release effort port property. the port would lease the land at below market rent for up to 66 years and would receive credits on the difference between market rates and the below market
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rates. the port would be authorized to use these credits to prepay jobs-housing linkage housing obligations. a command and state to build to this local legislation. it permits the port to offer port land that is free of restrictions for these affordable housing purposes. the development of the site may proceed after local analysis. the rest, i cement. -- submit. supervisor wiener: i am introducing legislation to repeal a portion of our parks
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code, which prohibits people from petitioning, demonstrating, or soliciting in designated areas of certain parks. this was adopted by the board in 1981. it is quite prescriptive in terms of four people can exercise their first amendment activities. some of those parks have physically changed since then. it does not even make sense any more air. this provision is outdated, at best, and it makes sense to a lead rec and park said any type of the limitations around where people can protest in order to not disrupt events. supervisor cohen: i ask that we take a couple of moments of silence to recognize the memory
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of those we have lost to gun violence. thank you. i asked that we adjourn the meeting in honor of the memory who passed away at the age of 103. she was the mother of three sons and she is also remembered as the wife of the late john king. he was the namesake of the john king senior center. i'd like to honor her memory. she was a wonderful woman. >> that concludes roll-call for introductions. president chiu: we now go to general public comment. >> the next item on the agenda is an opportunity for members of
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the public to comment for two minutes. items are 63-72. public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. president chiu: this is the time for general public comment to make comments on issues on items that are on our adoption calendar. i know there are individuals who wish to speak with regard to the resolution urging the support of city college as well as the motion establishing a process for the official misconduct hearing related to our sheriff. now would be the appropriate time to speak.
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the speaker shall have up to two minutes. if there members of the public that are either disabled or are seniors or have children they need to attend to, we ask folks to please give them priority in being allowed to speak. first speaker, please. >> [speaking foreign language]
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today is tuesday, the 31st, 2012. we'd like to see you again. good luck to all of you. i hope you have time to see what i have here.
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the newspaper for today in san francisco -- we know that president bashar al-assad wants to kill his people. we are in america.
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each one of you, we need to work together to support our children and our people. for months -- for one month, you were going away from us and we are going away from you. thank you. i wish to understand. that man killed a lot of people.
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i wish, not again. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> i am before you again. my son's anniversary is august 14. my son was murdered anions still, no justice. i want to bring recognition. i am standing for every parent out there who has lost a loved one to homicide, murder, rape, hate crimes. there is more. there is more. there is more. what do we do about these loved ones that have been murdered? i stand for those mothers that are at home and suffering.
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[inaudible] may i use the overhead? there are other family members that are suffering. i want you to see the faces. it is not just people of color. something needs to be done. us mothers cannot be healed if these people are not caught. these are all cold cases. what can we do about it? these could be your children. what do we do? keep going to the graveyards. mothers come down there to see their children's pictures out there. what we do?
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there is more pictures. what do we do about these family members? [inaudible] president chiu: thank you very much. thank you. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible] i stand here today before you, sad because we have had four more homicides in the city.
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we talked about land usage, which was great. we have allocated millions of dollars for trash and garbage. we have allocated money for bedbugs and hotels. we have a family and a community under siege because of violence. you guys wait until the end of the day to acknowledge or have a moment of silence for those families. that is pretty sad. i am hurting today because of those mothers who are afraid for their lives. i stand here thanking you for what work you have done on behalf of the violence. my heart is aching right now. aching because our city seems to ignore this problem that has been going on for too long.
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the violence going on in our community. remember, the bible says, for i was hungry and you gave me a meal. i was thirsty and you gave me drink. i was a stranger and you took me in. i was in prison and you came to me. when did you see these things? when did we see you sick or in prison? you have also done it unto me. i pray for this board of
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supervisors. i pray for our leaders and those parents and i pray for everyone in the city. i ask you join us. i asked to join the healing circle in prayer. we are against spiritual wickedness. this is a demonic force on our city. pay attention to it. let us be in prayer for one another. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. do not give money to the friends of the library. do not accept money from the friends of the library. it destroys people's beliefs and fairness and equality. as you well know, the friends of the san francisco public library made a commitment that it would raise $16 million for furniture fixtures and equipment. the department of public works
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can only account for 300 -- $3.6 million. the library claims there was $5.1 million donated by the friends. the library admits it has no docking mission to support the figure, stating only that no information is available, even six months later. the library department is simply taking the french word for it. what must be realized -- the friend's word for it. as recently as february of this year, they're only $1.1 million for furniture fixtures and equipment and 273,000 of that was from the library's preservation fund. now the library preservation fund figure has disappeared and it does not take a genius to figure out that it is no longer a budget. the library has no income, no indication.
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they add them together to inflate the figures. can you a imagine any other institution for a private organization was given the license to sell naming opportunities in 24 city-owned facilities and no one knows what happened to the money? the library commission has begun to lay a foundation for the claim they were not aware of how great a flock the friends of the library has become. nobody on the board of supervisors can make such a claim. president chiu: there are a couple of seniors and disabled individuals who are seated and waiting. i would like to give them an opportunity to speak. if we could have the next speaker is lined up, thank you. >> you do not know i am disabled. hello, supervisors. my empathy to the mother's.
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i am here to talk about city college. we need your help and your support. ever since 2:00, i have been hearing only about landmarks and corporations. you do not talk about education. that is something that you need to pay attention at this time. city college needs your support in the same way that we support you. 10 years ago, your support is important to us. we need your support. thank you again. i'm sorry that i broke down.
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president chiu: next speaker. >> when i was a single parents, i was disabled and then i got back on my feet. city college, i went there. i was able to find a job. i was able to take care of my two kids and send them to school. after that, i was disabled again. when i went back to work, i went to city college and i tipped classes new mexico -- i took classes and i want to do that kind of work. i could not do it before. i could not pay the money to take care of my kids and go to had a job making over $15 an
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hour that i did not want to go back to. i had to go back to my job to take care of my family. city college has done a lot for a lot of single parents. the situation is that i did not have to live a welfare life. i had a decent address and everything. the kids went to school and graduated. look out for the people who do not have the resources to go to the regular universities. president chiu: thank you. again, if i could ask members of the public. we shall only have one person speaking at a time and that is the person at the podium. >> greetings, mr. director,
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members of the board of supervisors. i serve as the president of associated student council of the downtown campus. i am here to speak and support the november special initiative that will bring that funds that are so much needed to city college budget. it is essential to students that cannot afford high cost education to have high-quality line. city college is a survival tool to distance success. this unique and special school provides some many opportunities for people to
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train for the jobs or to get a better one, to learn more, or to improve their english. to acquire the necessary skills to better their lives. it is crucial for city college to provide those opportunities for everyone who needs them. we have to come together to help in any way we can to make all this happened for the students. please, please support the school of possibilities in life. thank you. president chiu: