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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2012 8:07am-8:37am PDT

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they can get the opportunities to training so when the time comes to do the job, we have skilled workers because this is not only about temporary jobs. we keep saying it again and again and again. we need career jobs so our people can go to a better place. i was that the unions to initiate the laborers union, 761 initiation fees, this come about and the other. -- this, that, and the other. it kind of makes a young man feel proud. this time around, we are happy because they're going to be working for a company who is
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going to keep them for a longer period it. i am saying this, commissioners, because we have to play a role, too. we can come here and express our feelings. sometimes it gets a little bit ticked off, but the good leaders have to do what it takes to take our community to a better place. good leaders know the way. i want to thank you hi, ed. when i come back in october, i have a gift for you. >> [inaudible] president moran: miss jackson? >> good afternoon.
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i am going to miss you, sweetheart. i made a statement when this commission was first set up. i raised the question, because i looked at the salary is of what the staff was getting and i requested, at that time, i would like to see a listing of all of the staff and how many staff that you have and what was the salary of those staff members. did any of them live in san francisco or is it code -- zip code 94214.
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i never did get that information. it was like a secret society. there has been a lot of promises made to our community. none of those promises have came about. none of them. we have a community of benefits bonds, but no one from the group's, people that really worked in the community, was involved with you. i'm about the only person that received calls in the community. we have to talk quietly. let's see what they're going to do. at my age, i should not have to do this, but there are some young men and women that has
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came forth and i know if he'd do not have -- i believe that in january, we formed the black human rights leadership council of san francisco. this'll be the group that will be speaking on behalf of the black people in bayview hunters point. thank you very much. [applause] president moran: thank you. >> [inaudible] >> good afternoon. i had a couple of recommendations today. the turlock but irrigation district, at every meeting they had a water report. i am not suggesting you try to do that every meeting.
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an occasional of state. this is the report from two weeks ago. it shows that the water in the san francisco and water bank is at 535,000 feet. it is pretty awful. this one -- is pretty full. this one shows [inaudible] the three upper reservoirs', the bottom line is head ceci -- heche hechey. 1,100,000 acre-feet in the watersheds, which is enough water for four and a half years. kind of reassuring after this recent drought. the other thing is, i think it would be good for you to have a steady session about drought
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allocation. this is from the san francisco water management plan. it shows what san francisco's obligation is during drought. if there is a requirement to reduce water by 16%, san francisco would get 35.5% of the yield. this shows that in the third year of drought, san francisco's allocation would be 79.5 million gallons per day. last year, we used a little over 68 million gallons a day. san francisco is in really good shape during droughts because there has been a lot of conservation and the potential is hardened. water availability would have to drop by morgan 27% from the 265 cac down to 190 million gallons
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per day. last year, san francisco used 68 million gallons per day. san francisco and not have to oppose the mandatory 10% conservation until water availability dropped 107 million gallons per day. the water transfer is a bad deal for ratepayers. it would be impossible to make the case that the rate payers would need any of that water. i hope you will consider that. baby have a discussion about drought allocations -- maybe have a discussion about the drought allocations. thank you karamatsu president moran: -- thank you very much. president moran: diane smith? >> i am a member of the san
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francisco human rights black leadership council. i am also the co-chair for the housing and homeownership committee. i'm the chairperson of the community relations and law enforcement. i would like to say congratulations, job well done, mr. harrington. i did not get to know you, but i heard good things about you. congratulations. i am here today as one of the community representatives, resident, long time, 60 years, i am saddened to say because my community is in the same condition it has been -- actually, it is worse than it was. nothing has changed in the last 40 years. we are requesting that committee be set of tools. the serious issues and concerns -- be set up to hear the serious concerns. and show that the san francisco
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public utilities commission is sensitive to our concerns. we are requesting a dedicated committee because we cannot express the seriousness of our situation in two minutes in public comment. no matter what you have been told, no matter what you have heard, no matter who you have met with behind closed doors. i say that with all due respect. we do know how people operate. we are looking to help our community and the light of day was full transparency, asking you to show good faith by creating a committee to work with us. we are the largest district in san francisco. we have the largest unemployment, the highest a drug raid, the highest teen pregnancy, -- the highest drug rate, the highest teen pregnancy.
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we keep missing job opportunities. it has to stop and i am sure that you would like it to stop. this is true crime prevention. employment. we are requesting, a very strongly requesting, a dedicated committee to work with us. work with a black human-rights council said that we can talk about the seriousness of the issues. thank you. president moran: thank you. mr. carpenter? >> i am also a member of the new council we have in hunters point. representing the >> in the
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neighborhood. one of my issues is jobs and construction. this is an area that i think improvements is going to be made, can help us economically. we need representation, represent the need and not agreed. that is part of what we do as volunteers. for many years, we have been missing out on economic opportunities. we have been gentrified out of the neighborhood. this is our opportunity to -- improvements are going to be made to let some of the dollar's trickle-down. that is another reason why it is important that we have the committee that can hear some of our concerns. it is kind of hard to express what it is like to be economically deprived when it
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comes to opportunities or to upgrade economical standards in two minutes. that is about all we get. i thought that is what good- faith effort means. the two minutes to get at the microphone. but diane has suggested, the commission should take that into consideration. the committee can sit down with some of the leaders of our community and get some sort of sensitivity of what it is like to be in our place. i wanted to piggyback on what she was saying. we have other representatives to speak on the same thing. it should be an ongoing dialect. it is important to be sensitive to the needs of the community. that is where the sewer plant is located. even before the improvement that was made years ago, we dealt
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with distinct and the odor and everything else. -- the stink and the odor and everything else. economic development is very important. if some of the dollars is going to be spent and construction can go to some of our community based contractors, and some of the job opportunities can trickle down to our residents. thank you. >> good afternoon. a lot of stuff to talk about. you will hear in a moment from our good friend who is now the honorable joshua, a commissioner of the city and county on the commission on the environment. we are benefiting already from his service there. josh is a good friend of all of us. i wanted to make a brief comment about the treasure island
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wastewater plant. i know that is not part of the ssip validation. i am concerned about the treasure island plant because operates its under some strange arrangements in trust for the navy, depending redevelopment. it is a complicated relationship. as the mainland ratepayer, i am concerned that we not be on the hook for any problems that might happen out there. the system is very old and fragile. i am not even sure what the bio solids produce there, what quality there is. i want to be sure we are taking all prudent actions at the commission and staff level to ensure we're both in compliance with the things we need to do. if there is any kind of catastrophic equipment failure,
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we are protected from inappropriate charges to that end. i am not suggesting that anything is going to fail, but i am concerned because that is outside the scope of the ssip. i also noticed recently in the paper that a former member of the cac passed away recently. i wanted to note that for the record. thank you very much. president moran: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i wanted to echo to say thank you to mr. harrington for a job well done. i think even in your previous position, before you were appointed to general manager,
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you were a gentleman. directors come and go in san francisco, but the great ones legacy states because of the work even have done. we anticipate that even -- will be talking about your work and hopefully, see where you are. i also want to take an opportunity to congratulate the new director. for decades, he has worked with our community. when you chose him, you were looking for continuity. you came back, because we know that one of the finest staff in the country are right here in san francisco. as we move forward, you'll be
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hearing more. we will like for you to put as a priority. there are many ways you could help us to facilitate so that we can have the infrastructure in place to avoid any kind of catastrophe. we'll be working to make sure that residents in the community participates in the economic benefits. i also wanted to say that the quality of life really does not rest solely with puc. you have to do your part, but the other departments have to come forward and work in partnership. i know that from the mayor, it is high on his priorities.
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we can really see tremendous improvement. thank you, mr. carrington. -- mr. harrington. president moran: thank you. mr. robert woods? >> good afternoon. i come here not to score in leadership. i come here to plead with your better wisdom. the community has been suffering for over 40 years. i started work in the community in 1972. as a housing development specialist in the city of san francisco, i was assigned to bayview hunters point. we developed the hundred 33 units and i saw the community -- 833 units and i saw the community working. i know what the community can produce.
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it is hard to make up 40 years of not working. you have to see this yourself and to know that they need sustainability. it becomes important to meet your monthly bills. it becomes important to the community and the investment that you are putting in the neighborhood. if you put this type of money into the neighborhood, we have lost out there. if we do not get -- if we did
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not get any type of help, it will be tantamount to gentrification. you have the rate of housing, what it cost for someone to live in the neighborhood. the black neighborhood, even with the lowest amount of money that is put there for them to qualify, it can never qualified. if you do not have the money or the wherewithal to be competitive, there is no way they can meet any demands of the new housing law for them to come in and stay. i come here today to appeal to your better judgment. put an investment in the neighborhood so we can clean up third street. if they do not work, and you
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will end of gentrifying almost stole community. will this be western addition all over again? i asked the question. thank you. president moran: thank you. >> i did not come here to kiss butt. i am not here to congratulate anybody on anything. the situation in my community has not improved. what i want to say, we got our backs against the wall right now. you are forcing us into a corner. we have nothing to lose. we do not have jobs, we do not
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have appropriate housing. we have to fight infant mortality rate in the city, thanks to your waste management plan to and other public utilities. i think you owe us some sustainability. you owe us more than just lip service. you owe us some opportunities, whether it be community-based businesses, such as paint contractors, plumbers, you owe us some training, you owe us better services at southeast community college. [applause] you go down to southeast community college, they do not even have admissions desk. it is the only community branch of the community college that
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looks like a jail house. you always a lot more than just improving the sewage plant. i don't even know what to college, i was smelling it the other day coming from your sewage plant. i do not feel like it should be improved at all. i feel like it should be taken out of our community. since all the waste to the sun sets, were the 20% go. 80% of san francisco's waste comes through our center in bay view. 100% -- you owe us a lot. can we are not going to take anything. we're not -- we will not let anything happen without feeling
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that it is going to benefit our community. we will stand up united and sheds any work -- sheds any work down if we are not properly addressed and talked to and included in the process. [applause] president moran: additional public comment? >> i do not want to interrupt too much. i see some fellow community partners that will touch on some of these issues. i think we're very fortunate that we have had general manager harrington all these years. you have gone right into some of the most vexing challenges. i remember 4.5 years ago, your first day, i learned that you
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can stand up in a public meeting that you can yell "point of order." to help to solve that challenge. he stepped up on local hire. we're one of the most important public officials to stand up and support local hire. i have always cherished the work that we did with you. i'm really excited that the next general manager will follow in your footsteps and add this engineering background. he was one of the architects during discussions of how to formulate the city's move away from the good faith and into outcomes based local hiring approach. we're really excited about working with them. the other thing i want to throw out, my friend mentioned i was honored last kid to get the word from the mayor -- last week
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to get the word from the mayor. i accepted, call to serve -- proud to serve. i guess this is appropriate. we had a little retreat. we have such a talented commission. art director is incredibly gifted and skilled. one of the ideas that came out of that was, why do we reach out to the puc commission and talk about a joint meeting? we have a lot of overlap in the stuff that we track together aroungreenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy goals, sustainable working conditions. one of the things i am excited about is to talk about how the work we do enhances our outreach and our partnership with communities around san francisco. we are creating jobs with
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sustainable working conditions and long term careers. i do not know if this is protocol. you'll hear from archer, perhaps our director. -- from our chair, perhaps our director. we would love to have a joint meeting at some point if your schedules permit. >> [inaudible] >> deferred to the more experienced folks. it has been a pleasure to work with all of you as an advocate. thank you. president moran: there has been some preliminary discussion between the department about finding a date we can have a joint meeting. i think there is some interest on the commission. i am sure we will be revisiting that item. >> i am very supportive of that. there is quite a bit of overlap between our two commissions.
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i think it would be very timely. congratulations to your new appointment. if we could get that scheduled this fall, i think it would make a lot of sense. president moran: any other public comment on matters not before the commission? yes, sir? >> i would like to congratulate mr. kelly. i am asking the puc to invest in the community. since 80% of the sewage -- i think you do of the community. that southeast community college is despicable. when you go inside, it looks a bit on the outside, when you go inside, it is smaller. when you go to the mission campus, it is small on the outside, it expands when you cut it again.
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i represent a certain young demographic. i am not the youngest, but i am still a youth. there are people in the trenches there really looking for work. but there are people like that in bayview, regardless of what you might read in the newspapers. with 80% of the sewage coming through our community, i still think you of the community. -- you owe the community. i do not want to take up too much of your time. president moran: any other public comment? yes? welcome. >> i am here to represent myself