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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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including during public comment at the board of supervisors. if you are offering public comment, your comments should not advocate for or against pending ballot measures or candidates and along the same lines you should not introduce yourself as a candidate for office or as a supporter of a particular candidate or measure. with that, why don't we hear from our first speaker. >> i -- san francisco, david chiu -chiu -- abdulum gay -- bak obama -obama -- [speaking forein language]
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>> [timer sounding.]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, as you see, our supervisor olague today, she give memorial for two people. but, me, as american egyptian native, i come in here to make it memorial for 2,753 innocent people has been killed in same day 11 year ago in new york. thank god that man i can say he is hero, he is tough, when he said something else, he promise on it, he did. here you see in this picture our mayor, when he talk about this innocent people last year in same day. today, after i finish my word
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here, i am going down to vote for obama. he deserve, and i deserve the change, 9/11, to be the vote for obama, and i wish to see how many people like you or other people too in the city going to vote for obama today. we need to change it. to change -- >> president chiu: i'm sorry. as i just said, you are not allowed to campaign for or against any candidates or ballot measures. if i could ask you to keep your comments outside of the campaign season, i appreciate that. >> okay. i can do that. but also i'm going to vote for him today, if you don't mind. i tried to. >> [timer sounding.] -- >> change the day to be a nice day. that the reason you have i involve in obama tee shirt to
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help anyone he love him like me. god bless you, and god bless him, and god bless america. we never forgot everyone who died in 9/11, 11 year ago. we thank you, and we love you, and we love anyone of you guys. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, stop the corporate rape of the public library, don't give money to the friends of the library, don't accept money from the friends of the library. part of the damage done to our democracy by privatization is it destroys people in it the belief of fairness and equality. as you know the friends of the san francisco public library made a commitment they would raise 16 million for furnitures, fixtures and equipment for branch librarieses. with the branch program almost finished department of public works can only account for 3.6 million from the friends. the library administration
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claims that there is another 5.1 million donated by the friends. the administration's budget report contains a footnote that the amount is, quote, reported by the friends of the library, unquote, and the library admits there is no documentation to support that figure, and is simply taking the friends word for it. yet the branch library improvement program's quarterly report for the second quarter of 2012 has -- shows -- which is distributed to the board of supervisors, the mayor, and the capital planning committee, contains no notice that it is a totally bogus figure and they have been unable to supportit with any documents aig in a full eight months. there is every reason to believe it is duplicative because they woch been able to come up with some documentation by now. can you imagine any other institution in the city where a private organization is given a license to sell naming opportunities in 24 city-owned
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facilities and no one knows what happens to the money. it doesn't matter if it is the president of the library commission being guilty of official misconduct, or a private nonprofit that has expenditures of $48 million in an 11 year period, or an increasing mountain of sunshine violations. it is clear that the lack of accountability is what this board of supervisors gives away to private interest. that's why the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker.
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>> it needs to be bigger. ♪
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>> since 2004, san francisco has experienced an unprecedented numbers of homicides. (siren sounding). 60% of the homicide victims are people of color. their loved ones, living in neighborhoods of scarcity and neglect must deal with their personal tragedies, while at the same time facing the crime and violence of the unsafe neighborhoods that surround them every day.
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(siren sounding). >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> before i begin, i'd like to put this up as a public document, and may it remain up through the whole two minutes.
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happened. there are all sorts of prophesies before that time by the command of cyrus at the end of exile to build jerusalem such as the entry of christ known as palm sunday. where we had another prophesy where the profit zek ryeia predicted these words. rejoice greatly oh, daughter zion, shout, thy king come eth, he is lowly and meek. now, as the people led the parade and said hoe sana, blesseblessed is he to come ethe name of the lord the fair sees were not happy. they said rebuke that disciple. jesus said the stones would immediately cry out. what did he mean by that?
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>> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open governme government. this document, on the overhead, is a sunshine ordinance task force order of determination no. 11083 finding city librarian louise herrera in violation of withholding public records related to the finances of the friends of the san francisco public library, which mr. mr. chaffee mentions almost every week. this record request was made in july of 2011 and she has still not released certain public records releasable under both the sunshine ordinance and the california public records act. i've been asked why he would do this, and my answer is twofold. first, the records that have been released show that neither the library commission nor the
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city librarian provide any oversight whatsoever of the millions of dollars raised and expended each year by the friends. louise herrera receives approximately 3,000 a month of, quote, discretionary funds, unquote, from the friends. i think it's rather questionable that a public official would use his office to withhold public records, and would also provide no oversight to a group that is using the name of the san francisco public library, and raising funds in the names of the citizens of this city. the reality is this public-private partnership is 100% private, and 0% public. in fact, it has reached the point where this board of supervisors can no longer just look the other way, as both the city librarian and the library
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commission have done for years. mr. chaffee's been talking to you about it for years, and not one of you will look. and if this is the way public-private partnerships run in the city, we have a major problem. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> hello. my name is vivian imperiali, a city worker speaking as a private individual on my own time. not all of you have been aligned with ross on the political front. now put that aside and vote based purely on what is fair. the manifestations of your upcoming vote have taken on epic proportions. this is no longer about ross. no matter what you think of him personally or politically, the process has been a travesty, and an assault on democracy. ross was judged by commissioners appointed by the very officials
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intent on removing him. that is blatantly a setup. the opponents poll is designed to elicit anti-ross sponsz and the sam was derived how. nobody asked anybody in my world. the answers would have been quite different. notice the much larger sf gate poll. they want ross to be sheriff. he has suffered enough and paid the price for one moment of impropriety. you must vote against a system that has removed a man from his job and his family without due process. this goes against all precedence. officials had a fair -- inflicted violence and even committed murder with no fan fare or retained their positions. there is no rationalization for the disparate treatment of ross. his suspension without pay was
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spiteful politics. your vote to reinstate him can rectify this injustice. don't let the improper handling of this situation become the precedence or we will all live of a fear on a knock on our door that will tear apart our lives. we came to america to never hear that knock. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu, honorable members of the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco, my name is pedro fernández a former san francisco policeman, spent eight honorable years with the police department before deciding to travel the world and live the good life. i'm here supporting ross mirk mirkarimi. i look at you 11 and don't see you having carpenter type experience because mary lee is asking you to build the gallows
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for ross mirkarimi. the bottom line is you're looking to terminate the duly elected sheriff of the city and county of san francisco. having been a former policeman i've dealt with a lot of domestic violence and a temporary emergency restraining order where a wife stuck her husband wit in the face. this stay order was seven months for grabbing somebody by the arm which he's admitted to. and then i ask you, as a board, how important are you 11 human beings, your staff, the people that work with you. we had, during the ethics commission, we had a bomb scare, where only the mayor was let out of the building, or only the mayor was told he had to leave, it only affected him. we didn't count, was sitting there as citizens, we didn't count. you board of supervisors, they
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weren't removed from the building. why only was the mayor removed from the building. it's suspicious. i'm trying to say don't pig up the hammers, don't pick up the nails, don't build the gallows to hang ross mirkarimi. if anything recall the machine of -- i thank you for your time. god bless you all. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is eugene gordon jr. not long after 1776usa revolution its constitutional convention and presidential vice presidential elections political parties representing those elected to legislative constitutional laws outstanding as parties then to date our republican-democrat parties and electric has chosen by ballot to show frequency leadership from
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democrat-republican parties for and against. so when electorate votes for we the people, political administration, legislative process by way of party at the same ballot votes for usa history of chauvinism, capitalism, monopoly capitalism, materialism which surrounds planet earth sovereign nation with military bases. procedure does apply with participation in that divide with protests about internal national issues made by same ballot voters compliments interests of what defines we the people and government logic. majority leadership by ballot republican-democrat parties. witness prop gandza recital usa the greatest nation. education the ballot history
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conditions were a given citizen political party affiliations, one lost numbers and tampering convince the social cultural public that class rank divide gaming is deprived of its human logic in outcome is to cherish inhumane. first usa president racist chauvinist government pride. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for the admonishment not to talk about campaigns david. i'm not running for district 3 supervisor, and i know you are. so good luck to you. i came to talk about a couple of points. number one, i know san francisco is low on the flow, and the flow is coming out of -- at the rate of 1.5 million tons of
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radioactive wait, it's 800 miles off the cost and the government of japan lied to the people about the meltdowns and lied to the japanese people as well. to make up for their lies they've offered billions of dollars to the governments of north america, that includes the city and county of san francisco, so that we can help -- to help offset the cost of payment for cleaning up the radioactive waste that's coming ashore, scheduled for approximately october of this year. so that's one issue. the second issue is i really want to commend the richmond district democratic club for calling to investigate mayor ed lee for the perjury that took place on june 29, in here in city hall, at the mic rimi hearing. i was at that hearing. i was not removed. the sheriff's department, officer sane, who was here
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earlier today, great guy. he didn't move. you know, he said we were not ordered out of the room. but the mayor was. and so -- and the last issue is the issue of violence in san francisco. the communist party in china, working through rose pack is beating up practicing members of fong gong in chinatown. the police department is not investigating, d.a. is not investigating. there will be a rally. the public is invited. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. thank you for letting me be here. i'm from the commission. my name is nancy kyleer. there's my supervisor and i hope he listens to me. ross mirkarimi, there was no official misconduct occurred, none. okay. we have to reinstate him. okay. i've known ross since like 2005,
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january, the pro-choice march out in the embarcadero. i have a huge picture of him and miguel bustos. i remember him. he was a member of this board for a long time. he's part of us. the people voted for him for sheriff. and to try to overturn that in any way is undemocratic. okay. and it was also -- the the decision by the mayor, i mean did we want him to become that powerful and set a precedent? no. we do not. we have to reinstate ross, okay. we have to do the right thing, you all, not the political thing. we will still vote for you, okay. we will let you become supervisors next time around. please vote for ross. i voted for you too, mr. avalos. >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> good afteternoon, president chiu and supervisors. ♪ swanee, how we love you, how we love you, my dear old city mirkarimi. ♪ i give a good to see you again when you get back to your sheriff and that will be when. ♪ swanee, swanee, ross mirkarimi, that's when we want you back again, and the folks up north will see you again, when you get back to the store and be sheriff once again. ♪ sheriff swanee mirkarimi, how we love you, my dear old ross mirkarimi. the folks up north will see you again, when you get back your
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sheriff's den. ♪ all of it, why not take all of it. ♪ all of it, why not -- what about district 6. ♪ i can't live my life without a good budget. sthoat take it all. we'll never use it. ♪ and going to break away the blues it. ♪ you're going to make it fine. ♪ leave me with a district that shines and wins. ♪ that's what we need from you, supervisor jane kim. ♪ you took the part that once was a city heart. ♪ so why not make the district 6, make it the best of all of it >> president chiu: next speaker please. >> honorable board of
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supervisors -- greetings. my name is -- herrera from the -- and the mission coalition in san francisco here to speak on behalf of commissioner mirk mirkarimi, nine month of dishonesty -- the only bravery or civic duty have come up from the sheriff, his wife, who stood up and said this isn't fair, we're not going to bow. and for the city have been ever since fighting, fighting, with honesty because this is a democracy issue. that is a political issue. i said it before. you were placed in a tenuous position. it is very unfair, very unfair, the -- of san francisco was unfair when he -- the member that one. he's being unfair now. you know what, he's unfair in the future. that's a slam-dunk. that's a clinker.
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i'm just here like jack webb used to say as sgt. friday. it's a political issue. and it's very unfair to place before you, prior to election, if i were you, i going to be running, and you will not be waiting, in one side there's the people, want -- the board of directors, the sheriff, on the other side the people, in favor. you have to make that choice. that is very unfair. and you're going to have to think about it because public opinion finally has changed, has changed. the majority of people, so what is going on, you have to -- sense of civic duty, bravery, and you have any doubt or you have any more questions, you have the power to postpone your judgment until after the election. that will be proper, and a very honorable way to assure fairness and -- in your judgment.
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thank you so much. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name's douglas -- everyone knows today is a dark day in history but i'd like to point out one fact that most people don't know is that minneapolis, f.b.i. office, came very close to uncovering the plot, but in the opinion of some of us, political interference in d.c. prevented the full plot from being fully known and eventually the full story will be known, even though some agents have been publicly reprimanded for trying to figure out why the plot was not found out in time. but i would hike to thank the minneapolis office. they came very close to uncovering the plot in time, but political interference in d.c. stopped them in my opinion. secondly, we don't have to worry
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as much about international activities. i would like to say my part to say that another threat in america is public corruption. there are more of us taking part to uncover public corruption. and everybody knows in the room who i'm talking about. and i would like to say that the local press, v, -- tv, radio and print, you have been protecting political corruption way too much. you refuse to follow the stories you ask us about. and you refuse to say anything about the suspects. well i'm warning you once and for all, justice may be slow, but like bin laden, you will be found, and you will be discovered, and eventually, you will be exposed. so i'm warning the press in