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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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that the air was not ripe and it was too isolated. we began negotiations in 2004, th explore torium about moving to pier 70. again those negotiations were not successful for a lot of the same reasons. it found that the two isolated and as we know now they have indicated in the northern water front. but their partners... as well, with the concerns about the lack of plan for the over all pier 70 as one of the draw backs to moving forward with that development. >> so that to bring this to the briefly to the playing process for pier 70. and in 2001, or 2001 to 2009,
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the planning development who was developing the eastern neighbor's plans and which also included a central water front which pier 70 is a part of. to inform the plan and to address the concerns that the developers that we had tried to move forward with in early 2000, this raised which started the process of developing a big plan for pier 70. and so in 2007, we began that what was a three-year process in involving extensive community out reach and led to the plan that you see on your slide. the main priorities are the highlights or the top priorities of that plan related to the historic preservation which really featured the historic buildings along 20th street. the determination that ship
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repair and ba systems, shipyard should be a main feature of plans for the long-term development of pier 70, that there should be two major open spaces that we will discuss a bit later. and that there is an opportunity that was hopefully in the vacant lands that are part of pier 70 to develop a major employment center that could compliment the kinds of activities that were happening in dog patch and the case in mission bay. >> as part of the plan, and as the next step of the plan, we began to take the usage that you can see on this map and create subareas that will be the basis of implementation of the plant. so, you can see the ship repair area, is primarily the
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footprint of the ba systems operation. that 15 acres or so. but it also includes, the large buildings 6 along the eastern edge on the water. the roxberry is the water front site, 25 acres and a lot of them, the significantly the most amount of vacant land for new construction as part of the plan. again, the opportunity for new construction as well as commercial and employment. >> the hill area is the land along undeveloped land along illinois street, south of 20th street and also includes irish
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hill. and the crank area is where the crank park would be located but it also includes, 3 or so acres of development land of both along illinois street, north of 20th street and then land just north of of the historic quarter buildings along 20th street. >> lastly, there is a historic core which features the two historic resources for the pier 70 facility in this plan. >> so, these subareas basically constitute the beginning of the phasing and the process for pier 70. so, we are going to talk a lit about a few things that we were
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able to move forward with, during this process and talk specifically about these five subareas. we are initiated the development process, even while the planning was going on, because we were able to apply for... we were able to obtain the funds to build the first park as the 2008 park bonds. we also began a planning process with bae, specifically related to the ship repair area and the bax, to develop a master plan for their areas while we were developing the plan for the larger pier 70 area. >> and then, with the completion of the plan, we began to offer property, as we did in rsp, for rsq for the
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water front site. in 2011, and rfp for the historic core buildings in 2012. >> so i want to talk specifically about the five subareas and i will be joined by kathleen and david as we discuss those. so, talking about more of what has been happening recently, at the ship repair area... as you may remember, we recently... you approved the releasing and move forward with the sheer power improvements for the bea ship repair area to support their operations and in the future increase their ability to attract larger ships and others ships for ship repair. we begun to discuss with bae as
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well. they begin to have the design discussions about new infrastructure for their facility and how their facilities can relate to the new partners that are coming to pier 70. and lastly we will be revisiting their master plan and having it be informed by the plans that we are beginning to see from orton development and forest city. >> regarding the water front site and the city develop. as you know for the past several months, forest city has been working very hard on the due diligence process for the 25 acres working with them to understand the various soils
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and water conditions on the site and other information that will feed into for the infrastructure and the plans that they will present to you all at a subsequent meeting. there is also, begun, an extensive out reach program to get feedback from dog pest community and other key stake holders that will also feed into their planning and the eventual plans that they will make available to you. the plans builds on the experience that they have and mixed development throughout the country, but specifically, related to their efforts in san francisco, and their admission and development that has a similar approach and will have a good, prototype for the kind of things that they want to do at the pier 70.
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>> in addition, i wanted to talk just briefly about the hill site. now the hill site has not been offered for development. we are not moving forward with that at this time. it is the remnant of irish hill and two development sites. one at the corner and 20th and illinois the south east corner that is owned by the port. but the other at the corner of 22nd and illinois. with all of the hoe down yard but the property is owned by pg&e. those sites make-up the hill subarea. but, we believe that the development of those sites should be informed by what city, in particular, and what orton development group does on
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their developments that are adjacent. so, those, that those two development opportunities should work closely with the other partners that we have selected. >> so i am going to stop there and ask, kathleen to talk a bit about the 20th street core buildings and that will be followed by david to talk more specifically about the park opportunity. >> we changed orders. so i am going to go first to talk about the cove area. >> as buy ron mentioned the cove area is on the northern portion of the site and it does
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not include just cranko park it includes the development parcels in between 19th and 20th street. so the key elements are cranko park, the development parcel and a new 19th street that will provide direct access to both the park and the ship repair operations. here is an arial photograph of the area. illinois street, is the long line on the right. the historic core is the jaged edge on the left along 20th street and the area next to the ships is the ship repair operation. and then the existing ramp restaurant and book works to the north. all areas within the context of planning the cove area. this exhibit illustrates a little bit more planning that we are looking at for cranko park and green. the adjacent partials in a
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browner beige along the illinois street and the core. again, for the cranko park i gave the commission an update in may and i will be coming back to you next month with the comments that we received from the presentation to the community about the alternative concepts developed. we are also as part of the park planning, looking at 19th street and how we introduced that as a new access way. coordinating with both bodi i, and bde, to make sure that those improvements facilitate their needs and the park and the over all ship needs and it could be a route to get to the water front site and so we are coordinating with the forest city on how the park develops, how the programming compliments the programming of their parks and open spaces and how cranko park can benefit the historic core buildings. >> and actually what is also
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illustrated in this, as a part of the park planning, we are looking at how to potentially reorganize the development parcels and illinois street. there may be an opportunity to reconfigure them and relocate them and again we are coordinating with our partners on each of those. briefly here is the schedule that you have seen before, for the planning of cranko park. we went to the commission with alternative concepts in may, and presented them to the community in june and july. we are going to come back to the commission with an update about what we heard from the community in october. and get back out in front of the commission and community with a preferred draft concept of the park master plan. and with the hopes of getting it into construction in 2014. and some of that work will also help us understand the timing of the adjacent development parcels within the code and 19th street. and then lastly, this is just
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the concepts that illustrates 19th street. a concept for cranko park the adaptive reuse for slip way four and some of the development parcel and with that i will let kathleen talk about the historic core. and that was david dupray who was immersed himself as the planner. >> i have led up the development side efforts. the 20th street historic core, when we looked at this project, we realized that we needed to move forward, these buildings were falling down, we really want out and we got extraordinary interest and went through a process. we were here in july and so i am not going to go through much detail whaf is coming from the actual team. what i wanted to point out is that this is drawn very tight to the buildings because we knew that we needed somebody who could figure out that box. but there is a lot of coordination, that is going to
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be needed along the red line, is there a michigan street there, you didn't know that but there will be a reopened michigan street. we are going to have coordination to the cove area to the north and development efforts and connecting to the south and east and that is the water front site. once we are out there, ten years this will be a whole new neighborhood, people will walk from one place to the other. but a lot of the work in the near term is getting us there. so previously in july, you had seen the goals for the project and so i am not going to work through these in much detail and the real... of the work is to save these buildings before they go. what i wanted to step through is the uses and the work that has happened against july with the orton team other than
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negotiating hard on the business terms which you will learn in more detail next month, but has been focusing on what the usage will be. forth of 20th street there were two historic office building to meet the office need that we are growing. the powerhouse building will be a restaurant or some other active use. south of 20th street. the focus here is to bring these buildings back as that funky boutique industrial. like the american can and other places, makers, users and the real way to save these buildings and get them back in use with as light of a hand as possible on the historic structure. >> our hope is that there will be 400 to 500 people working and we will be filling the streets probably with more women from the photos showed from the 40s. and we are excited and that is how the 20th street core fits
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in. shifting back to byron. >> so, we have talked about the history and the planning process, and drilled down a bit on how we are moving forward, some of the development opportunities, i want to take a moment to talk about team structure and how we are going to be able to move forward with this. and as you member, on may 29th of this year, the office of economic and workforce development was designated as a lead negotiater for the water front site, the largest and most complicated of the development opportunities at pier 70. and this decision was made to bring a focus on the mayor's vision for the water front here at pier 70. but it also was an opportunity
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to bring a higher priority and focus on peer 70, and water front development in general. also it was an opportunity to bring more staff to focus on these projects and to be able to keep them moving on schedule and in the expedited fashion. >> so i wanted to as part of that mention the new team that is working on the water front plan in the new expertise that has been brought to this effort. kelley tom is here. >> she has recently joined the office of economic and workforce development with over 15 years of planning and development experience. she is going to be or is the co-project manager for the water front site along with brad benson. who... you know brad. but there he is. and along with brad benson, they will be managing the water
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front project. but also bring a lot of their expertise to the pier 70 wide effort and they will be assisted by emily wisk who is also with the office of economic and workforce development. so in closing, i wanted to talk previously about some of the areas that will really benefit from coordination with city departments and in the ability that economic and workforce developments have to bring in and make it easier for work with other city departments. we are going to be one of the key issues related to the development of pier 70 obviously is the historic pier preserve vasing. we have been working on the draft of a nomination and an application and it is the pier 70 can eventually become added
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to the national register of historic places. and that is going to involve working closely with the planning department, historic preserve ation and the staff and the state historic office and others. but, honestly, oewd will play a key role in bringing in the city departments into those negotiations. >> public trusts, they are, pier 70 is a patch work of trust and non-trust lands that will need to be realigned to make for implementation of a plan that you just saw, there was recent legislation there was state legislation passed that creates a pathway to that. burr it is going to involve, in addition to the ports that the city attorney, the state lands commission staff, of course our
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development partners, again, there will be important coordination that will need to go on there. and infrastructure, financing, we will be working since 2006 and the direction and brad with brad benson's support and developing the financing tools for the public infrastructure. and in particular, the financing districts and the ability to capture tax increment. and to actually put those tools in the play is going to involve working closely with a city's budget and finance department. and departments such as the controller office and the staff such as the public utilities commission. and we believe that with the port staff, already assigned,
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and the new implementation team that has been described here and also with the direction on the direction of... also the workforce development will be able to address the challenges that we will face in those areas and others. >> the orton group we are working on a term sheet to bring that to you hopefully at your next commission meeting. forest city as i described earlier is doing a lot of due diligence working with the community. and in november, or december, we are really excited about the
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fact that they will be bringing that to you for the public presentation and start that review process and lastly as david indicated, we are moving forward with the plans for the first phase of cranko park. we are down to two alternatives and we will be back to you soon with a preferred alternative that moves that development forward. or that or those plans forward as well. so with that, that is the presentation, of course the entire team is available to answer the questions that you might have about pier 70. >> thank you, >> public comment? >> james madison? >> james madson with orton development we are working on the historic portion of the development and i wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the opportunity to work on these buildings to affirm that we are absolutely
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committed to getting these buildings up and running successfully as soon as possible. and we look forward to presenting more on what we have done to the commission soon. and we wanted to thank the staff for all of their incredible support getting us to this point thus far especially kathleen who has spent a lot of time working on weekends and very, very early. and we look forward to working with the other partners on the project and wwd, and the rest of the port to get these buildings done. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? >> commissioners? any questions? >> i did have some, and i think that you have touched on it a bit as did mr. madson. >> but i am curious about the coordination both broadly, but then also the particular with respect to the infrastructure, for example, if we have forest city at one site and they are
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getting their entitlements and they have their ideas, we want to make sure that we have all of the rekry sit, you know, pec and other utilities and all of the needs slide in keeping with the plans. are we doing something that will coordinate all of the different parties that you mentioned? >> yes, what we have been doing so far and brad has been leading a lot of these discussions. we have been going around to the various city departments who will play a role in infrastructure development or transportation. and in sharing with them as much as we know now of the plans, and the approach that various developers are taking to the site and also sharing with them, the plan itself, what uses we have in mind the density of development. and we are working with a planning department as well. and in that level of coordination. so we are bringing the information that we have to the various departments.
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we are meeting with them, and encouraging them in the case of orton and the developers who we know a bit more about their development, we are actually encouraging that there will be meetings between the developer and city staff, kelley cone is going to be as it relates to the water front site, has already begin to have discussion and meetings with the planning department in preparation for cities plan that we have not seen yet. but, we have enough of the sense of directions that they are going in that we can begin to start that dialogue between the planning department and the port staff, and oewd and the developers and so, yes, that coordination is going on. >> okay, we are clearly pier 70 is a very, very important development for the port and it is obviously a combination of
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things, open space, historic buildings and the forecity development and so we will be watching it and hearing the progress rment report and how we will go forward with a lot of interest. >> i want to say that this is a very exciting project and there will be a lot of work that has to go into it, but i want to make sure that we take the dae into consideration and make sure whatever they are doing there they are in line with because our ship repair is very important to us. but this is exciting, it is going to be a whole new community and i am looking forward to working with everyone. >> thank you. >> okay. >> item 9 c, request approval of a fightal mitigated negative declaration and aden um, and the jefferson street, phase one project, authorizing the department of public works to construct a street and sidewalks of a two-block section of jefferson street. between jones and hyde streets. the relocation of one jc decaux advertising kiosk and the agreements with the dpw and new
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nis pal transportation agency as necessary to carry out tree removal permitting and changing to the on street parking and traffic regulations on jefferson street and powell and hyde streets. >> good afternoon, share man woo ho and commissioners. >> dan with the port's planning and development division. we are seeking approval for two blocks on jefferson street which is the first phase of a five block project to reconstruct this street. this report focuses on those two blocks, the remaining blocks could be similar, but would be subject to further approvals. the purpose is to improve the quality of the pedestrian experience in the fisherman's warf and enhance the business environment and balance for transportation access. i would like to touch on the background and talk about the major issues and summarize the requested actions for you today. jefferson street project is an effort led by the city planning
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department who worked with the community benefit district and the larger community where many issues were addressed and shaped the final project. the project manager from city planning is here and available today. the city's department of public works is the project's sponsor to implement the construction, and john thomas of dpw is also here today. the city is supplying $5 millen to fund the work. in 2008 to 2010. the city planning department completed the fisherman's warf plan which includes the proposed jefferson street plan, jefferson street is the main commercial spine of fisherman's warf. the east end is near pier by powell street. jurisdiction includes all sidewalks and up to the building faces on the south side. the jefferson street plan is bold, for the two blocks before