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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> good evening. ladies and gentlemen, good evening for the record my name is emile lawrence and i have spoken before the police commission on many occasions and also a resident of the cancer city and county of san francisco for 45 years now. so i'm well-versed on the police activities the city and county of san francisco in richmond. i'm not here to talk about that tonight. i want to talk about the unsolved murder rate in the city and county of san francisco. it's over 1,000 unsolved murders. i got out of navy when officer mcdonald was killed by a pipe-bomb, which is one
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unsolved murder going over 30 something years. eric mar, went on record supporting exonerate the killers and sponsored legislation because the murders were so long ago she should be forgiven. i don't think any murder in this country should be forgiven under any circumstances at any time. we all run into a problem with the police department and sometimes we have problems with them and sometimes we have battles with them, but nothing justifies murdering a policemen when he is doing his job and letting the murderers go free and then having legislators at city hall at the board of supervisors run on a mandate that doesn't even mention or have the media talk about it. that that man sponsored legislation that let four
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murderers off the hook because it was so long ago. i think anybody here or anybody listening tonight should one, thank you warren hinkle for coming out with an article in his newspaper, the argonaut that goes into how eric mar alone, two that you are going to give out an award, give an award to mr. warren hinkle for writing the story about the death that took place x number of years ago that is still on the books as not being solved. last, but not least is contact your supervisors, contacts the mayor, write letters to the newspapers, write letters to your supervisors that you don't want this to murder to go unpublished. unpunished. thank you for your time. >> thank you.
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>> good evening police commissioners, members of the public and chief of police. i am here to speak about a somewhat disconnection that i feel between the public at a street level and the police department. i have lived in the haight-ashbury neighborhood for gosh, maybe ten years now.
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and you know, i kind of watch the newspapers, so forth, and follow things, and i was disturbed by the sean moffat similarity article saying that he was out celebrating and he came home and looked like he had been in a scuffle and he died the next day. there was a phone number in the newspaper and contacts gregory shi. i tried to follow by going to the hall of justice and i wasn't able to do that. he was thrown out of 4th floor and told not to come back and i feel it's like this type of relationship where it's adversarial, and the public can't really get information
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about the situation. it's like do you have a tip? or do you have information? i said, well, i don't, but i would like to know maybe a little bit more about if there was a description of the suspects? or something like that, maybe i can talk to people in the neighborhood and get involved? but i wasn't treated like that. i was treated like i was a criminal. and i was told get off, get out of this office, get out of here, get off the floor. i mean, it's unbelievable that that type of situation is occurring when people are trying to reach out and help the police department. that is all i have to say. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is donna parker and i live right here in richmond. i was just confused by some of
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the statistics you gave and that was that our district covers part of the park. so i'm wondering when we see this 26% -- when we see these figures, it doesn't include the whole park. but it includes part of the park. could we get those statistics broken down so that we can see the whole park? and then maybe the districts of the sunset, and the richmond? because i have a family in the sunset, so i'm concerned about both districts. and i'm also concerned about people knowing about the safety in the park, which it is kind of hard to do. so i just wanted to say when we get statistics, there are different statistics for residential and for kind of the park and stuff, so i would appreciate a breakdown. thank you. >> that is a very good question. i think the captain will explain the other side of the
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park is covered by park station and another station. thank you. >> my name is paul, and i live on 9th avenue. i want to comment on our police chief. she has done a wonderful job for us and we have been involved, my wife and i, in getting a block party going in our neighborhood. and we have been able to get the barriers set up on the streets to block them off for the block party.
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there is one other thing that just is kind of disturbing about this and i don't know when it falls under auspices or not. for people to get block partis going it costs people $200 to close the streets and what you get in return for that $200 fee is a form letter telling you that the street is closed officially closed. you get nothing else from the city for, i think a tremendous fee. and what i think the city is doing it a disservice to the residents by charging us to do the right thing. to take and get involved in your community and to get neighbors to know one another and it takes a lot of work on all of our parts. we have a wonderful committee
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on 9th avenue that does a wonderful job putting this together. it's our third year of doing it and it's nice, because the next day, one of the neighbors came up to me, she was walking down the great and said hello to some people who lived in the neighborhood that she never met before, but did meet them at the block party. so i'm wondering if there is some way that we can kind of present to the mta, who i believe is responsible for this fee. it's kind of a disincentive for people to get together to know their neighbors. thank you. >> thank you. i have been waiting for you.
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>> i don't think you will have any problem hearing me. good evening commissioners my name is jean lynch and i have lived in the richmond district 40 years plus. came out from new york to get away from the weather and take my chances with the earthquakes and i have. i want too compliment the captain, because she inherited some problems and i have been very involved in this community and many areas of community and have fought for many issues. right now, i am concerned and i know the captain is working on a program.
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but i'm concerned about the traffic, the pedestrian safety, i live on arguello and geary. i have been a victim of the negligence of the sidewalks. my concern and i have had many people communicate with me, right now, about clement street, and the issues there. there is one particular partial that is blocking the sidewalk. their merchandise is taking up parking spaces and there doesn't seem to be anything
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done about it. i am just wondering about the enforcement, who is going to be responsible? i have also been a victim on that street and back in 1993 and ' 94 i was one of the co-founders of "clean up [khr-efplt/] clement street." and we had a meeting at that time at french hospital and we had over 400, 500 people show up. we had everybody there. and we focused on the produce markets, because that is where a lot of the problems came from. and we had many people outrageous about what was happening and we are right back where we were in '93-94. we got an ordinance passed.
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i have it with me this evening. we had an ordinance passed where these merchants were to clean up their act, and make the street safety for the residents of this community. i love this community. i moved away and then moved back because i like the fog and i liked it because it was identified as a bedroom community. but i have concerns about the lack of enforcement. and i have been in touch with many people and i am counting on this lady to help us. somebody has to do something particularly about clement street.
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another issue bless the giants they won. that is wonderful. you know what happened on geary boulevard? fire crackers going off. it was like an exhibition that we would see down at the waterfront. i got a call from a woman with three children who said what do i do, they are landing in my yard? they were coming from two bars and we know where they were coming from and we don't need any more fires, especially in the richmond district. i hope i am not going on deaf ears and please see some of the
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enforcement is put forth. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hearing none, public comment is now closed. captain, a couple of questions from the commission. i guess i will start. i have spent a lot of time on fulton street and notice there is a uptick in the number of campers parking to the park. is that a result of ordinance by the board of supervisors, what is the rule for the the campers? >> we have been working on enforcement for the taverners and, campers. >> all night long? >> there is no camping and no camping in the park and we don't force that.
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it's a complex issue that we're wicking on resolving that. >> i want to thank you for your presentation. it was great and i want to thank the members of your staff and thank the men and women who serve at richmond station. sounds like things are going really well. >> they are, we are like it. >> thank you again for your hard work and we really do appreciate it as a commission. commissioners? commissioner chan? >> thank you captain for your great presentation and for all the people from your station who are here to support you and welcome us. i appreciated hearing more about c-pad and the specific projects you are working on the safe streets project. i wanted to ask any other projects that you have in mind? any of the challenges and goals and just get more of vision of the group. >> i am very fortunate to have them and they are seated over there together. we started right off the bat
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with getting projects going and the two significant projects are the safe streets [r-euplt/] richmond, which we want to start and share cordwood, because we have so many traffic issues. the signs that basically alert people to slow down and not text and it's demographically representative of san francisco. in san jose and marin county it's funded by transit security grants. so we have reached out to the municipal transit agency to see if they could assist us and reached out to supervisor mar's office and trying to work with supervisor farrell, but he had a baby and he is busy --
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actually his wife had a baby. it has a school/educational component. it really brings everything into full circle with the educational component. if we just did an enforcement program without educating our community, you know, we only get a little bit accomplished. if we can do the educational component and the enforcement piece we bring people together. there was a significant accident on fulton street and i reviewed the statistics and there are significant traffic incidents in our neighborhoods. so you know, buying a victim of a traffic accident is very significant and can be life changing and so i thought it was a strong piece that would affect public safety. they have developed a spreadsheet and we have worked on getting a fiscal sponsor if we can't get a hold of transit
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security grants. the grants run at a different timeline and when we hatched this plan we missed the opportunity which started in january and we didn't start until june. we reached out to triple a and safe is on board to help. it's really a minimal cost. you pay $2500 to buy the program and it's just a licensing agreement. you put your name and put it all over the street and it enhances public safety. the other thing is the merchant cameras and we have been watching the robbery trends citywide and my community policing advisory board is very proactive. they always come to the meeting with what can we do? how can we help? what can we get accomplished? last month mark murphy hosted a
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meeting with safe at the jewish community center and we walked through what it entails to have a security system and some of the pitfalls like putting the camera at the wrong place and you don't see anything or a lot of people have old cameras that take poor pictures and you can't identify the person in it. and because technology has become much more affordable, it's a much better -- you know, it's much easier for merchants to grasp and to be able to do that. so the sacramento street merchants' meeting went very well with morgan's help and gary miller has reached out. they want to host a meeting to work with merchants to get those cameras in place, too. >> thank you, that gives me a good picture and seems like they are tackling some big projects. i wanted to ask you about the significant limited english proficiency that you have with the russian community and
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chinese community and you are given us a sense of the language capacity at your station, there is a wide variety of languages. do you have a sense of how many officers actually speak the languages? it's actually chinese, mandarin and cantonese. >> i don't have the exact number off the top of my head, but i know that we're very well-represented in language proficiency. >> do you have any strategies reaching outstanding to the residents who are limited english proficiency? seniors who might spend a lot of time who might have concerns, but not as likely to pick up the phone or to talk directly with the police department? >> yes, we have worked with asian median groups and also we're frequent fliers with the lep program. the safe streets richmond
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district, one of the nice things about it being demographical correct too it would be representative of different languages that we host, especially in our district any program we would have would have to have chinese-speaking, russian-speaking and latin-speaking. so we have taken all of that into consideration in developing and putting message out. >> great. thank you. i think that is certainly really important and i'm glad that you are all working on that. the last question that i had and i think other commissioners might ask about this l the auto theft numbers and what are some of the strategies to address that? >> one of the things that we did during the summertime is to borrow electronic sign boards. we tried to get some more department of public works has several, and the rangers in the park have some. but because it doesn't have any people power, it doesn't cost
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any money to print anything, they can put the electronic sign boards up and post a message, "secure your valuables." "don't leave valuable." we posted that in and around areas of golden gate park and we're working on trying to do that again. the person at the department of public works that was in charge of the equipment was out of town. so we're trying to revisit him to put them along the beach and corridors because it's efficient and free. we have also worked with the academy of sciences and the museum to put a pdf file on their computer page, just a public safety message. i have noticed recently going to restaurants and what not that a lot of people have menu and side boards that is a "please lock your car and don't leave your valuables." when people travel to san francisco,
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to golden gate park, et cetera, with tourists going to those places, people watch them and take their belongings and that is really the lion's share of our car break-ins. >> captain thank you for your report. it was very informative. it's really to be commended. the incidents of traffic injuries the city, particularly those involving pedestrians is
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very worrisome, to put it mildly. i think that the joint effort that has been going on to stem some of that is really showing with the reduction in the injury statistics, which is rather remarkable. it's a very significant decrease. so congratulations to everybody on that effort. and the results that you have been getting. i appreciate your expanding on the theft, the efforts to stem the thefts. i just have a couple of questions regarding the statistics. auto thefts are up 34% in 2012 and then the category of "burglaries/theft from vehicle," that is up 26%. is there any overlap in those types of crime? >> well, we reviewed the statistics and it started really in 2010 is where the
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statistics really started going up. then with some of the major events that we have, there is an uptick and also really during the summertime and christmas and holiday vacation time , we have an uptick because we have so many visitors to the aquarium and to the beach and to all the other places that people bring their families. >> but under "auto thefts," that is actually the auto itself is stolen? >> yes. >> and the items in it aren't then -- >> those are the auto burglaries are the items in it and the actual auto thefts, yes, there is a big uptick in auto thefts. >> so reaming theft regular theft from stores and homes, are they under "burglary?" >> it depends, there is some personal thefts.
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under the first one is the auto theft from a vehicle and that a car break-in, where they take your belongings. the auto theft is they are taking the whole car, the whole kit-and-caboodle and the next one is "burglary." we have a significant incident of garage burglaries. we have done a big educational campaign for people to secure those. there are a lot of older buildings in the richmond where it's easy to break into the garage and take bicycles and a lot of those are bicycle theft and arson, of garbage cans and not inhabited dwelling. >> so theft of electronic
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devices off a person on the streets or in the bus, something of that nature? >> right. those are more robberies. >> pardon? >> those are robberies. >> so they are not reflected in that? >> no, unless like had a burglary that they go into houses and businesses and take computers. >> i thought it was notable that this very significant uptick was all related to autos, with the theft of automatics. thank you for clarifying. >> on that note, we have to reached out to the - i have to think of the acronym, vrt. sergeant cox, our superstar is going to continue would work in that with the chop house we're
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trying to focus our investigative efforts in that area. >> commissioners, anything further? just one quick question for the chief. i know that i missed this earlier, there was a critical incident last night or yesterday at treasure island and i want to make sure that the officer is okay? they were fired upon and witnessed something -- just a brief update on that and i'm sure commissioner chan would like to know if we had one available? >> it was an incident that started on the 800 block of push street, a wanted robbery suspect that had carjacked a vehicle out of benicia phoned his father and said essentially he was going to do