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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> in the auditorium and can we all stand please for the pledge of allegiance. >> pledge one and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> mr. president, i would like to call roll for the police commission. >> please do. >> president mazzucco. >> present. >> vice president mar. >> here. >> commissioner dejesus in route. >> commissioner chan. >> present. >> commissioner kingsley. >> present. >> commissioner turman. >> here. >> commissioner loftus. >> here. >> we're have a quorum and also
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with us is the director much occ joyce hicks and i believe the chief of police is in route. we have a quorum. >> thank you. i am julie and the commission of status of woman. i would like to introduce andrea and we r we expect rebecca soon and next to that is alisa and kay. we have a quorum. >> well thank you very much commissioner and thank you very much inspector monroe. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday december 5, 2012 meeting and it's a joint meeting with the status of women. this is a mo mentus meeting and this is the third time we did a joint meeting and this one is a very important meeting tonight and a
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lot of work has gone into it and i would like to thank the commissioner on the status of women and thank commissioner loftus. she has been proactive. we had several meetings. before we go on we have different types of meetings in the community we introduce the commissioners and who they are during the day jobs and if that is possible i would like to start with dr. marshall. >> dr. joe marshall. i have been on the police commission for eight years, three terms. i am the cofounding executive director of make a boys club. i just want to mention it isn't on the agenda there is a gun buy back program which is happening on december 15. there is a -- there will be a gun buy back in
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oakland and my organization and youth uprising are doing a program that day jointly of the gun buy back in san francisco will be held at the omega boys club on tennessee street. this is a billboard which will go up very shortly. we're going to do what we can to get some disbuns off the street. >> thank you. commissioner chan. >> good evening i am angela chan and at the manager attorney at the program and work on access and immigrant issues and worked on domestic violence issues and i am excited to be here tonight for this historic joint meeting. >> and i am sharing a seat with my colleague here. hello i am susie loftus and the chief
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operating center of wellness and a center in bay view designed to change outcomes to kids and looking at trauma violence. i was a produce cuter here in san francisco and i served as at the attorney general's office. we are raising three girls in the city. native san franciscan and i am happy we are brought together to shine a light on what we have done and what we need to do. >> good evening. i am julie turman and i have been on the police commission for a we're and a half and i'm a labor and employment attorney. i am excited to be here this evening to talk about the issues of domestic violence. i am grateful for the commissioner of status of women for holding the
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joint meeting with us and it's a pleasure to be with you and sit across my my friend. >> good evening. i am carol kingsley. i have been on the police commission for a little over two years. my day job is as an mediator of business disputes. kingsley mediation services. i always for the last 20 years have been serving on the board of the law center to prevent gun violence, a nonprofit organization aimed at sensible gun legislation to reduce gun violence and applaud the upcoming december 15 gun buy back by omega boys club so kudos to them. thank you very much commission on status of women for meeting with us tonight. this is a very exciting event and i look forward to it. thank you very much. >> thank you and i am commissioner tom mazzucco. i
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am on my second term of the police commission and a native san franciscan. i am a partner in a law firm but prior to doing that i spent 20 years as a prosecutor, 10 as a district attorney here in the city and county of san francisco where i handled domestic violence cases and nienl years as an assistant united states attorney here in the northern district of california where ironically handled domestic violence case in the presidio which isn't the typical jurisdiction matter but more importantly i'm a husband and a father of a daughter and this is important and in light of the current events that have taken place it's important that the two commissions get together to affirm our commitment to combating domestic violence and protecting witnesses and
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candidly this couldn't be a better time. today i received the san francisco attorney, the magazine from the bar association, and the cover of the magazine is "domestic violence, not a cookie cutter approach" and they interviewed two attorneys and i know both but no prosecution interviewed, no police department involved in the interview, and it's essentially taking us back 10 steps. all of the hard work put in by the da's office and this article i was bothered by it and i think there should be response to the article and i think tonight is the first response and i think we are disturbed and it's like the knob hill gazette for lawyers but this was a bad article. >> thank you commissioner mazzucco. i would like to introduce nancy rodriquez and
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if you could say a little bit about yourself. >> i spend most of my days doing government relations consulting and served as government affairs for gavin noose som when he was mayor. i served on the commission for a year and a half. it's an incredible honor because i have spent time working on womens' issues in the womens' community and i also spend time working closely with the jewish community relations council which i am a member so it's an honor to be tonight to focus on this issues. >> thank you. commissioner shorter. >> good evening everyone. again thank you to the police commissioners for joining us this evening and i am very excited as well in terms of what we can do together on the issues, particularly about domestic violence. again i am andrea shorter and on the commission for status of women for 12 years now, so during the
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day time i try to do as little as possible, but for reasons the demands don't allow for that. i work as a political strategists and leadership development consultant and that is built on years of working in criminal and juvenile justice reform as well as in the womens' community as well as the lgbt community which i spend a great deal of time serving and it's a pleasure to be here and thank you commissioner mazzucco for mentioning that article. i saw it as well and yes it needs to be addressed. >> thank you. >> commissioner rebecca pratta. >> hi everyone. it's a true honor to be seated here this evening along side all my esteemed commissioners and the police commission as well. in
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my day job i would be remiss that first i'm a new mom of a darling little girl and she's about 20 months now, and i take with me each and everyday her perspective on the world and it really makes the work of our commission very important to me and very real to me as i watch her grow up. but what i get paid to do is working at levy straws and amco on the other side of the city and on the corporate affairs team there and manage the corporate sponsorship and employee engagement and i spend a great deal of time at the office thinking of womens' issues and as they resonate among our employees and men as well so it's an honor to be here thank you. >> commissioner gomez. >> hello i am concur with my colleagues it's a tremendous
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honor to be jointing here tonight with the police commission. i have been on the commission for about a year and a half. i was sworn in at the same time with my colleague nancy rodriquez. my day job i'm an attorney in private practice. i do estate planning and business transactions. in my service i have been on the san francisco la raza lawyers association board for several years. i just left that and while i was on that board of directors i was the liaison with the minority coalition and 30 groups that meet how to coordinate and i will be joining shortly the san francisco bar association board of directors, and so i'm very much looking forward to that thanks.
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>> commissioner golden kay. >> good evening. i have the honorb of being a public servant for 30 years and now retired and my past job was clerk of the board of supervisors and it's an honor to be in the room with the commission and look forward to discussing tonight's issue but hopefully we can discuss in the future more pleasurable issues for women and girls. >> thank you. i am julie soo and fourth generation san franciscan and usually st. joseph's hospital and lowell high school. i am a mathematician turned attorney and i have been employed at the state department of insurance for the last 12 years as an enforcement attorney. i also serve on the board of directors of st. francis memorial
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hospital and the democratic platform committee as the co-chair and i am extremely pleased to be here to work with my esteemed colleagues as well as the police commission. we have a tremendous amount of work to do and we have come so far and we couldn't do it without the community and great leaders are involved with the community so in that note i would like to delve into the meeting. >> thank you. please call line item two. >> line item two consent agenda and support the reauthorization of violence against women act and the project on domestic violence policy reform. >> right now i would like to call up justice encourage project oversight panel, the past and present people who have made it what it is today. and
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if i could have commissioner shorter actually announce the names. >> thank you commissioner. again it's an honor to not only serve on the commission of status of women but especially to chair the justice and courage oversight panel which oversees the domestic policy -- domestic violence policy issues and programs for the city and county of san francisco, so i'm delighted to introduce three of our panel members, beverlyupton who is the chair of the domestic violence consortium, and kathy black who is the executive director of her group and jamal perkins who is just a terrific advocate at large on the issues of domestic violence and i believe that marylee is here and a former member of our panel as
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well as folks such as fionama and former commissioner dora king who was my predecessors of the oversight panel so thank you for being here this evening. >> if i may executive director of the department of status of women emily marassa and chairs the panel. it has been 10 years since the start of the panel. it started because of the record of homicides in san francisco. it was running about 10 domestic violence homicides a year and including in the year 2000 the domestic violence violence of claire joyce tampango by her ex-boyfriend in front of her
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two children and in the subsequent investigation our commission made happen it was clear that she had taken out police reports, got emergency protective orders, did everything she was supposed to do, but it the failure of city averages to respond appropriately so the members. oversight panel for the last 10 years really taken to task the coordination and the policy reforms that departments committed to, and i am very pleased to report that with the help of many, many people in this room to date we have gone from 10 domestic homicides to this year so far 0,0 domestic homicides in san francisco this calendar year so i know commissioners have received a package of chocolates. in it it is an eraser and together we are
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erasing domestic violence homicides. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioner chan. >> slash loftus. >> okay. >> entertainable for these purposes. i just wanted to say to jim perkins and beverly and kathy i feel i will be doing this a lot tonight but as someone that worked in the system as a domestic violence prosecutor and i am sure president mazzucco feels the same way i lived the changes that you all made happen. you improved our system. you created 400 recommendations that kept women and families safe in this city, and as a participant in the system i saw the changes from the dedicated courtroom to the dedicated trained judges