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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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pioneer park and coit tower is really based in public and private partnership. it was the citizens who came together to buy the land to keep it from being developed. it was lily hitchcock coit to give money to the city to beautify the city she loved of the park project worked to develop this south side and still that's the basis of our future project to address the north side. >> director brinkman? >> present. >> principle. director heinicke? director heinicke is anticipated. director lee? >> present. >> lee present. director ramos?
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>> [speaker not understood]. >> ramos present. [speaker not understood]? mr. chairman, directors, you have a quorum. item 3, [speaker not understood] producing devices please be advised that the ringing of nuisance cell phones, pagers, any electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off in the room may be asked to leave the meeting. any person -- any cell phone that is set on vibrate does cause microphone interference so the board respectfully requests that they be turned off. >> thank you. >> item 4, approval of the minutes of the january 15th, 2013 regular meeting and the january 29th 2013 special meeting. >> thank you. is there a motion to approve the minutes? >> motion to a preform. >> second. >> any discussion on it? erctiontion all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> so ordered. okay, thank you. >> item 5, communications. mr. chairman, i know of none. >> well, i would just like to -- members of the board, like to mention the workshop we had on the 29th and it was thai day
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long event. we were in the southeast community center. * it just was an excellent presentation. at the end of the meeting i commented and a number of people had already left at that point about how fortunate we were to have the caliber of staff we have here in this agency. throughout the agency, the people who presented did an excellent job. a wonderful overview. wish all the people of san francisco could have had an opportunity to see that. it just seemed like a very well worthwhile day. so, other members have communications or anything? >> yeah, i just wanted to say i thought the workshop was great. it was a good overview in terms of connecting the dots. and i thought the ta did an excellent job and really showing us the big picture. the other thing i wanted to do was to thank the department for their work with the chinatown flower festival. it was last weekend and it was a fabulous event. there was some moments of nervous us in that we knew we were going to get the [speaker not understood] for the flower festival.
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department did a great job in that [speaker not understood]. thank you very much. >> thank you. director burgess. [speaker not understood]. >> i just wanted to offer my congratulations to chairman nolan for being reappointed by mayor lee to serve another term on the mta board and continue to serve as our chairman. i know we're all looking forward to another four-year. >> are you speaking of everybody here, four more years? >> i think i can safely speak on behalf of everyone. [laughter] >> thank you, it was very gracious, very kind. okay, -- director regis. >> yes. very quickly i, too, would like to join chairman nolan in thanking the staff for a great workshop on last week. it was phenomenal. but the other thing i would like to do and i hope other board members would join me is a salute to the san francisco 49ers. we thank them for a great season. we fell short. a lot goes into preparing for super bowl on season, off season. i would like to salute the san
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francisco 49ers and all those in their organization. >> well said. >> we'll come back next year. >> [speaker not understood]. >> introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> does the board have anything [speaker not understood]? director [speaker not understood]. >> i was hoping that we might be able to revisit or put a bit of sense of urgency on the [speaker not understood] director heinicke had mentioned with respect to the bicycling funding and getting the strategy for that on the way. some point as soon as possible, i mean, i thought that there were some pretty blah consensus among everyone at the retreat that we probably should address it as soon as possible if that's all right with the chair. >> if the members consent we'll ask mr. rifkin if we can get a report back on that at some time in the near future. >> sure. i guess what i would say, and i may have mentioned this at the workshop, we have gotten to a point where we're now
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developing good cost estimates at least at a high level of what the needs would be. we're not entering into a new fiscal cycle for another year now. so that maybe -- we may be somewhat limited in terms of what we can substantively be able to bring to you in the next month or two. we are -- i am beginning to discuss with the mayor's office the scoping of the task force that he announced at the state of the city address and hopeful that we can bring the necessary funding to implement the recommendations that came out of the bike strategy into that process. but i don't think we'll have real tangible results from that probably till later in the year. so, happy to bring back kind of an update in a couple months. i don't know that we're going to have a lot substantive between now and then to be able to report on. the message from the board and from the public is very clear. >> thank you [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. >> other members of the board have new or unfinished business?
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seeing none, [speaker not understood]. >> the director's report. >> good afternoon, mr. rifkin. >> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board. staff and members of the public. just a follow-up thanks for the feedback on the workshop. and i would just add from those in the public who were not able to attend that there was a lot of good information that was provided both a number of different slide presentations as well as the draft of the bicycle strategy and the pedestrian strategy. they are up on our website. if you go to the mta board meeting site and click on, what was it, january 29th. there's a lot of good information there. i would encourage you to check it out and give us your feedback. and in the spirit of the acknowledgment that you made, mr. chair, of acknowledging the great work of staff, i'm happy to start out my report with special recognition awards for a small number of those staff that we want to honor today. so, first i'd like to ask our
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cfo ms. bose to come forward with lauren [speaker not understood]. lauren is a principal administrative analyst on the sf park team. she's been a member of that team since november 2009. she has led the planning implementation of difficult and complex parking policy efforts including policies related to city and sfmta employee parking as well as various neighborhood parking management proposals, all of which have been very popular. her general responsibilities include acting as project manager for on street parking pricing policy and implementation which is really at the core of sf park. she is the coordinator for the neighborhood parking management proposals, including all the technical work and outreach. and let me just say i've been able to witness firsthand in both small community meetings and large that she really has i think an exceptional ability to deal with what can be a very
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difficult and contentious issue and a very professional and responsive and open way. but i think even those who may not be convinced of the merits of what we're talking about, i appreciate the professionalism and the openness with which she approaches all this. so, because of that she has helped advance the parking management policies that we see as essential to implementation of the strategic plan and she's done so and helped make those policies more coherent, transparent, and helped establish that clear linkage to the strategic plan. she works across the agency, very much with the sustainable streets division with the enforcement folks and does that well. and i guess basically is i think a model of the professional thoughtful next persistence required to get even difficult to get projects done. happy to honor you and would
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invite [speaker not understood] to say a few words. >> good afternoon. i'd really love to say a few words. first i want to have everybody stand up who is here to appreciate lauren. we love her so much. [laughter] >> you see lauren has a big cheering section because she provides that much value. unlike me, i'm forbidden to go to community meetings. [laughter] >> i don't have the sense of professionalism and style that lauren does. lauren really has been key to advancing all of the parking projects. and as mr. reiskin mentioned, it would be pretty controversial out there and very personal and negative towards the mta, both individually. lauren has been able to, in her way, diffuse that and calm people down. so, she has a skill set that i think will make her an incredible leader no matter what she does going forward. i'm extremely proud of her and
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she really believes in the mission of the mta which is even more better. so, with that, lauren, a few words of thanks for everything you do. >> thank you on behalf of the board of directors and the entire agency for your outstanding work. and thank you for all your friends who came to support you and your colleagues. great testimony to you. love to hear a few words from you. >> i really appreciate the award. it's really such a treat to have a job where you get to do relevant and interesting work every single day. most of the crew who just stood up back there, the rest of the sf park, they're very talent and had a pleasure to work with. it's also great to have a chain of command that creates an atmosphere where you really can do the best work pottion every day. so, i very much appreciate that. and thank you for the honor. >> thank you. (applause)
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>> mr. reiskin? >> you're all free to leave at any point so we can resume parking management. [laughter] >> next i want to invite mr. john haley to come forward with a number of folks from his organization, too, from our street operation section. one from central control and one from the wits division. one of them is not here, but we're honoring this group as a team. senior lead transportation supervisor james stewart who has been with us 29 years. he's unable to be here today. james flores, who is a supervisor, has been with us for 14 years. william mcmanus who is a central controls has been with us 23 years. and dan nokfam from woods, one of our newest employees, just on the job for nine months. it's an unusual situation, but we've gotten these four here together.
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they displayed steadfast dedication and doing so carrying out strategic goal number one creating a safer transportation experience for everyone. and goal 4, creating a workplace that delivers outstanding service. these two things came together on unusual night, monday, november 26th of last year. the san francisco police department locked down treasure island in response to a public safety incident. so, basically nobody could get on or off the island. the episode began in the [speaker not understood] financial district late at night when a suspect in a stolen auto was firing shots at an officer who was in pursuit. the suspect got on the bay bridge and escaped off the treasure island off ramp and took a stand against the police a few hundred yards from the main gate of treasure island. as anyone knows, there is kind of one way and into and out of treasure island. this activity was happening right in that narrow conduit. so, as a result understandably
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the police shut down all access to the island at this point, which resulted in passengers who were unable to return to their homes. as you know, we have the 108 line that goes between downtown and treasure island. the gentlemen we're recognizing today provided outstanding service to their passengers and demonstrated dedication and teamwork on treasure island which didn't conclude until 7:30 the next morning. this was a very long period of time overnight. the passengers at the transbay term 23458 were faced with difficult challenges in the middle of the night that required quick thinking to address their needs and comfort. for comfort and safe environment in which to wait for the restoration of service. thea passengers have no other way to get to their homes on treasure island because it was in lock down. so, there was not an alternative to muni. they couldn't go home. and because it was so early in the morning or late at night depending on how you look at it, they had nowhere to go. so, our employees provided food, shelter, and made sure that they had access to the
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rest rooms at the temporary terminal at transbay. operator fam was similarly stranded in service on treasure island all night after spending all night on treasure island, once it was reopened in the morning, he returned to the transbay terminal to take the waiting passengers back to treasure island. so, we want to thank all of you. i know that was an extraordinary night and this was -- called for kind of above and beyond anything you learned. an operator or supervisor school. so, want to thank you for the great, excellent customer service, the great teamwork and cooperation with other agencies * in what was a very difficult situation. and make sure that everybody knows that they stayed with our riders, our passengers all throughout this experience. so, i want to thank you for that and ask john if he wants to say a few words. >> good afternoon, mr. haley. >> you heard it's a remarkable story. i think i'll leave it to those
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involved. mr. mcmanus was in the control center, [speaker not understood] and coordinating everything. the operator fam was, as i said, at treasure island. inspector flores was at transbay terminal. so, i will dunkelberg mr. mcmanus, if you'd like to go first. >> first of all, on behalf of the board, entire agent circumstances want to thank you all for your extraordinary service. appreciate you all being here today. terrific representatives of the agency in difficult, difficult circumstances. mr. [speaker not understood]? >> thank you. this award in the name of my lord and savior jesus christ. it's because of his characteristics that i was able to display the characteristics that i displayed during that night. i accept this on behalf of central control and all the employees of central control. it is an honor to be a member of the sfmta. i am actually muni/sfmta. but it's an honor to be an
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employee of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, sir. (applause) >> mr. perry, congratulations. >> thank you, sir. thank you to the director, thank you, sfmta. thank you [speaker not understood]. thank you. >> mr. fam, you have an important guest with us today. would you introduce them? [laughter] >> this is the very first mta board meeting. it's great. [laughter] >> this is my wife and my youngest son. >> thank you. thanks for being here. (applause) >> thank you, mr. haley. good afternoon. >> i'd like to say it's an honor to be here and a honor to
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be a member of the great team, sfmta team. i believe in our work and i believe in our agency. and i think we all really pull together. people were scared. they were frustrated. they were tired, cold, and hungry. and we were a family out there that night. so, thanks once again. >> thank you. (applause) >> thank you all. i'll finally introduce scott jefferies who was the control center manager, [speaker not understood] who was the supervisor at [speaker not understood]. and [speaker not understood] who is in charge of the service [speaker not understood]. thank you. >> thank you all. thanks again. mr. reiskin? >> moving on, a couple updates. as you know, we started the enforcement of the parking meters on sunday at the beginning of the calendar year. we did quite a bit of outreach in communications leading up to that. in the first three weeks we issued warnings only, no
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citations, about 11,000 in total. and then starting last -- i guess the sunday before last, issued our initial round of citations. there were 2,575 issued the whole day, of which 1,7 96, just under 1800 were for meter violations. and we had 20 additional parking control officers on the street on that day. i know that there's probably not a lot of people cheering the fact that we're now enforcing the meters on sunday, but i think that outreach effort was good. and i don't think there were a lot of people hopefully surprised that this was coming. so, i think -- we will be coming back. i think the board of supervisors will actually ask for a hearing on this. after about six months wewill have a more complete evaluation of the sunday parking effort including whether it's achieving the goals we set out to achieve with it and we'll be happy to report back to you as
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well once we have some real data. but that's just some initial, initial numbers. in terms of something else that you did, an adoption of the budget last year, the free muni for youth initiative, just an update. we are gearing up for a launch on march 1st for what ultimately became a 16-month pilot. for the last couple of months, we have been doing outreach with the school district. we have received to date more than 18,000 applications. of which about half included an application for a new youth corporate card. so, half where people already had cards who were applying into the program. the other half were people who depth yet have a clipper card. * didn't so that's great. the great majority of these applications came from the unified school district with whom we work very closely to organize some of the outreach. but we also did reach out to
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the parochial and independent schools as well. to date we have processed almost all 95% of the applications and will be notifying program participants by mail at the end of the month that their applications have been processed and their pass will be active on march 1st. and for those who didn't have one, i'll also be receiving a new card or a card. * they'll we'll have a 30-day grace period for enforcement for the first month of the program to make sure that everybody understands how to use the card, that the agreement from the start with the advocates and supporters of this is that you still need a card and you need to tag on to validate your proof of payment and we want it make sure that everybody understands that. we did get a lot of applications that were incomplete and sometimes without contact information so that we can go back and get the information complete. so, we'll continue to do
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outreach in that regard. we are developing with our partners a plan to evaluate the impact of this program, looking at things such as school attendance, increased rider ship, vehicle cleanliness, security and safety. these are some of the things that we discussed when we first brought the program to you. and we're also working with the school district and supporting their efforts, their program which was their end of the deal in terms of education for students on responsible use of the transit system. we did do extensive amount of outreach on this. we produced 15,000 brochures, printed in six languages. we're actually printing another 15,000 copies. we had cards. i'm sure you saw them on all the muni vehicles. we did a number of press releases. we got a lot of play in the media, both the bigger newspapers and radio and tv,
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but we also went to 13 neighborhood newspapers, went through the mayor's office of neighborhood services, electronic newsletters. a number of the members of the board of supervisors included in their newsletters and held an information session for cbo's late last month and established a website which is muni 4 youth, being the number 4. all in all pretty pleased with how that's progressing. we should have it up and running on march 1st and we'll continue to do the outreach to get more eligible youth into the program. finally, wanted to end with two central subway related items. first, the poll, most importantly the poll to name the central subways tunnel boring machines after historic san francisco [speaker not understood] is now closed.
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we received nearly 1500 votes during the nine days that the poll was open. the public was able to choose up to two names, one for each machine, from bill alma [speaker not understood], margaret mom [speaker not understood], and lilly fire bell hitchcock great and maryellen pleasant. and we will be announcing the winning names later this month. and i thought we were going to announce them today, that was a tease. sorry about that. [laughter] >> we're still expecting the first tunnel boring machine to arrive in san francisco in march and it will be me blaze ened with the name of the winning vote getter. * on a more serious note, when we discuss the central subway back in november/december, you had directed us to pursue the
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pagoda lisa option with all due haste. * lease as reported to you at the last meeting, the agencieses, the different city agencies have been working together to secure the pagoda site at the tunnel boring site. since then and have been making good progress. we will be asking, we're almost at a point -- not today, but at the next meeting -- we expect, we'll be asking the board to approve a 24-month lease for the site. that's assuming that we can finalize the negotiations, but at this point it looks likely that we'll be able to do so. and if we're able to narrow things down in the next 24 hours or so, the planning commission will consider the revised conditional use application on thursday, their meeting on february 7th. if we're unable to come to terms in time, they will continue that the following week. the special use district
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legislation which enables pagoda property owners to retain the existing development rights is planned to be heard at the board of supervisors on february 11th. again, this assumes that we get the lease negotiations done. so, those are the planning commission tentatively on thursday, the land use committee on february 11th. we're estimating that the total cost of the pagoda alternative is slightly above $8 million, which includes up to $2.57 million for remaining amount cost construction costs incurred by project. if you recall when we initially presented this back in november, december, we had given a very high level 6 to $8 million estimate. we're still in that ballpark. the funding will come from various sources including reserve funds, fund balance, interest income from state bonds and operator savings. the component that will be associated with the lease, 2.75
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includes rent payments, reimbursement to the owner for certain costs and fees that he will incur because of the work that we're doing, and that reimbursement amount is capped subject to the owner providing documentation and the cost vetting being reasonable. and the third component is a capped amount which basically addresses the owner's construction risk which is the incremental cost and this also has to be validated between the cost that he would incur to build today versus the costs he would incur two years hence. so, that's where we are. we expect to be able to bring hopefully signed finalized lease for your consideration and approval next meeting on february 19th. and again, just to reinforce the planning commission action and the board of supervisors action and ultimately your action, of course, is
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contingent upon there being a signed executed lease. and before i close my report, we've been working very closely with the board president's office as hethe district supervisor for that district. and i wanted to invite his legislative aide, justin true to come up and just offer some words on his behalf. >> good afternoon, mr. true. >> thank you very much, director reiskin, chair nolan and members of the board of directors. justin true, legislative aide to board of supervisors president supervisor david chiu. i'm going to be very brief, but i do want to say we've come a long way in a short time. and david chiu wanted me specifically to thank the board of directors for your direction that you gave in december to pursue the pagoda option extracting a boring machine to columbus and union. supervisor chiu also wanted me to offer our sincere thanks to the sfmta staff as well as staff from other relevant departments specifically the city attorney's office, planning, and the department of building inspection because although we're not there yet,
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the city staff that had been working on this project has engaged in an incredible amount of work in a short amount of time to even get where we are now. we do -- we are cautiously optimistic that the city will achieve agreement with the property owner and that we will be able to move forward at planning on thursday and at the board on the coming monday. i am available and will be here through the public comment on this item. like to hear from the public and see if any directors have any question. i did want to say our office is working on responding on supervisor chiu's behalf. questions have been raised from muni and also from some other residents and businesses in the neighborhood. the biggest concern that we are -- we will be tracking is the impact of even the pagoda option specifically a small number of adjacent businesses, particularly the restaurant, pelegrini, [speaker not understood] are here.
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the office of economic work force development, the mta steps have taken thus far with the merchants will continue with this process and we're confident it will be. those are my comments. >> thank you, thank you to president exhaust for his outstanding leadership in this matter. >> and that concludes my report. >> members of the public have comments on what the director has reported on? >> first speaker, herbert wiener followed by howard wong and the last person who turned in a speaker card is tina moyland. >> howard wong followed by tina moyland. >> good afternoon, mr. wong. good afternoon. howard wong, save on behalf of save i would like to thank mta board director reiskin, supervisor chiu and all the neighborhood people for engaging in a very, very constructive dialogue which should have happened many years ago. i am here on